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Rilariel Vanacaris
Demonic Corp
Posted - 2007.06.14 03:59:00 - [1]

This is a creative rendering of one of the more tragic stories in EVE history. It was begun in November 2006, as the Band of Brothers and Ascension Frontier fought at the peak of their might, and spilled the fruit of their warfleets in the Soul of Paragon. It hit a writer's block in January, then straightened itself out 4 months later. This is as much a labor of love as much as it was a nagging annoyance that refused to be completed. For a list of notes intended for the brutal critics, please refer to my original post on Deviant Linkage

Thus I begin once more to walk
Among my hallowed history,
Whom others scorn and heap the shame
Of shattered dreams and misery.

Who else has felt it?

The halls about me guard the past
Now buried by the dust.
We who remain recall the one
Who broke our sacred trust.

Decieved are they who wrongly claim
They chose the better destiny;
Their hearts ne'er felt the torture of
Betrayal and calamity.

Who else still knows it?

I dance between the silent stars,
My somber dirge is faint.
For I remember - and keep alive
The memory of its taint.

Remember! People of the South,
Cast off your bloodstained shroud!
Recall the birth begat in blood
Upon the altar mound!

Recall the armies merciless,
Vainglorious and fell!
With armored mounts, they traveled far;
Their exploits, all could tell.

Who else still whispers of it?

The armies' heads were counted Five,
United in their task,
And set upon a Southern Land
To crush beneath their grasp.

That Southern Land! That Promised Land!
The Five applied their skill;
Against that vast relentless foe
Many a heart grew chill.

Yet one stood fast! You know the name;
'Twas they who fled from sight.
Uncharted stars they claimed their own,
The Builder's Tools, their might.

In peace they built with loving hands,
Their wars were fought for home.
Their Federated purity
No living man had known.

Who still sheds tears for it?

In wisdom was the bond of peace
Their work and toil had forged,
But even they could not hold back
The wolves that came to gorge.

Oh XETIC, how I mourn for you!
Your dream had lacked of sin!
How could you've known your Enemy
Had also lurked within?

Time passed in vain; your loyal men
Called evermore for aid,
And those who came were all too few
To cease the endless raid.

One certain man of noble rank
Had found his Oath a vise,
The men in need were all to scarce
To halt the bloody tide.

Of old he was our right hand man,
Our grand Vice President;
With Conram there, they ruled on high
The Stellar Firmament.

Who still lies guilty of it?

That noble man looked down upon
Our Nation in despair.
And in his mind there hatched a plan
No righteous man would dare.

To save face and his loyal men
In darkness vast he planned,
And brought into his vile design
The Navy Undermanned.

While fighting for our lives and cause
His Oath he ceased to use.
The Five, that man in secret spoke
To claim a separate truce.

Rilariel Vanacaris
Demonic Corp
Posted - 2007.06.14 04:00:00 - [2]

Edited by: Rilariel Vanacaris on 14/06/2007 19:11:39
The pact now done, the Traitor sought
To save his loyal men,
And carve away some soverign land
'Ere precious time was spent.

T' the West and South the Traitor looked,
Impass would suit their need;
And Feythabolis fell beneath
The Traitor Faction's greed.

Who had lost all to it?

The time grew ripe; their squalid news
Struck like assassin's steel.
Ascendant stood the Traitor's ilk
And XETIC's fate was sealed.

Those Traitors said, "Come save yourselves,
Embrace our new accord!
Our great ideal's no comfort when
All our lands are spoiled."

Of this and more the Traitors spoke,
And loyal hearts were shaken;
Now from the North, The Five swept in
To claim the prize they'd taken.

The frontier stars of Detorid
Were lost without a fight;
Scarce there were of Fed'ral warfleets
To stop invaders' might.

The Glory of our Southern Land
Fell also to their Legion;
First among our soverign holdings,
The fair Immensea Region.

Who had borne witness to it?

In Omist, XETIC's citizens
Split from our losing war.
"The Coalition" rose to rule
That Region at the fore.

In XETIC's navy, tired and torn,
Dismay ran through the file.
From the final act of Conram
Our hopes were left defiled.

Pledge of peace with villain traitors!
Our mouths were filled with bile;
It shook the fleet and caused a great
Division in the file.

With great disgust, one part went North
Comitted to defiance;
They settled in the Great North as
N.B.S.I. Alliance.

Who had sworn vengeance for it?

The last of XETIC's soldiers stayed;
The remnant of our glory.
Tenerifis, our final land
Is where I end our story.

Through fire and death the line was held,
In spite of what it cost.
Those wild cats rallied, brave and true
As battlefleets were lost.

They stood for XETIC's tattered dream,
And all we once held high;
Swarmed to the last, those saints held breath
For one last battlecry.

Who stands with honor for it?

Thus were the Southern Regions lost,
And Federation scattered;
But for the wiles of greedy men
Our great ideal was shattered.

We stood for peace and equal rights,
For wealth and home and haven;
Our folly lay in sheltering
The cowardly and craven.

Who else will remember it?

In closing, I implore to you,
For justice you must strive!
For when a man has lost his way,
His Doom, he'll surely find.

Dreams give purpose and meaning to life.
If a man has forgotten his dream, can he claim to be alive?

EDIT: hey I forgot to mention.... please let me know what you think! don't be afraid to post, now! Very Happy

Creed Richards
Xoth Inc
Omega Vector
Posted - 2007.06.24 09:18:00 - [3]

An excellent piece of poetry. One can feel the sorrow in this story.

Excellent work!



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