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Posted - 2007.06.10 16:29:00 - [1]

Edited by: popupp on 10/06/2007 16:28:06
I prefer fighting in small roaming gangs and on normal ships(no capitals, though I can ofcourse fly with one in fleet if needed)
I'm looking for a small corporation that is not involved in any alliance operations or anything like that and is active.
It can not be friendly to BoB nor have many + standings.
Preferably a "wolfpack"YARRRR!! that goes hunting very often (and maybe empire war)
And no noobs, preferably 7m+ sp pilots in the corp

I am a Minmatar character but a gallente pilot
I have 2 year pvp experience in pirating, 0.0 and empire wars.
I can fly Gallente HACs, Command Ships and Recon ships.
I am self-sufficient
I'm not the type to be giving orders, I prefer taking the orders and completing the tasks I'm given.

If you have a killboard please show a linkYARRRR!!

*This is not my main character* please post here and I will contact you ingame.

Posted - 2007.06.10 16:30:00 - [2]

If you would like to fight with some of the oldiest FC in eve like thedragoon & Mang0o let me know ingame. We are focusing on the tactics are talking about below.

wierchas noobhunter
Posted - 2007.06.10 16:30:00 - [3]

talk to me now !!!

Posted - 2007.06.10 16:35:00 - [4]

Originally by: Hapenburg
If you would like to fight with some of the oldiest FC in eve like thedragoon & Mang0o let me know ingame. We are focusing on the tactics are talking about below.

I'm looking for a small corporation that is not involved in any alliance operations or anything like that

Merrick Tolkien
Shadow Company
Posted - 2007.06.10 16:38:00 - [5]

Hey pop, check out Shadow Company. Yes we're in an alliance but we dont get heavily involved in politics and POS and capitals, we're just a roaming killing corp and we're dam good at it Twisted Evil

All pilots are 10milsp +, most are over 20 mil sp Cool

You can contact me or any one else listed on the website for recruiment info.

Hope to hear from you soon


Arcane Velshologies
Posted - 2007.06.10 16:51:00 - [6]

Convo me or caoimhe ingame if your interested

Our kb

Only blues are the two corps we fight with, one of whom is merging into us.

Johnny English
Virtual Warriors
Posted - 2007.06.10 19:26:00 - [7]

hey dude,

dunno if you found a corp already but here we go, Dark Entropy is a eu based corp, we pirate in low sec and roam into 0.0, we dont do the alliance thing, and we only have 2 corps set to +, we roam freely where we want when we want. our killboard

hope you interested, convo me ingame or join channel DOPYCENTRAL

Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2007.06.10 21:06:00 - [8]

While Imperial Order is an alliance, it is a small alliance with 3 pvp corps. I can provide a lot of details on how we do things, just evemail/convo me ingame. KB link

Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2007.06.10 21:08:00 - [9]

Originally by: Hapenburg
If you would like to fight with some of the oldiest FC in eve like thedragoon & Mang0o let me know ingame. We are focusing on the tactics are talking about below.

thedragoon... hmm

Well I've flown with thedragoon, he hasn't logged on for a few months. I learned my FC skills from him in his corporation POKE. If you want original, good, pvp. With 25m+ skill point players only, consider my corporation, The Conflagration.

The COnflagRation

Mortis Angelus
Posted - 2007.06.10 22:07:00 - [10]

Adeptus Gattacus is recruiting all types of players,we are a established corp going for 4 years, we helped create our new alliance which we now run, more info on us is bellow:

Based: Veneal

Likes: PVP



TS:Is mandatory

Friends: Triumvette / Terror in the system
hositles: D2 / Razor (we are neutral with BOB)

We operate NBSI policy.

Take a look at our recruitment thread for more info on us.

Our Recruitment Thread

Regards Tyler

Destructive Influence
Northern Coalition.
Posted - 2007.06.10 22:19:00 - [11]

CRICE Corp is recruiting PVP pod pilots to kick a** and have fun. Our corp has been around for over 4 years and has recently helped form the Vigilance Infinitas alliance. We are one of the premier US Timezone PVP corps in Eve.

Our Corp is recruiting skilled PVPíers. Preferred pilots should be able to fly T2 ships and there is always a need for more T2 snipers or capital pilots. We require that you be mature and can come on teamspeak with a working mic. We run ops both as a corp as well as an alliance so there is always action to be had.

Our Alliance despite being just over a month old is growing fast and already holds two outposts in 0.0 with more to come shortly. We control systems with high true sec status meaning lots of opportunities for prime rats (including faction and officer spawns), complexes as well as some pretty rocks to mine.

If you would like the opportunity to pwn and be a part of something thatís great and still growing please join our in-game public channel -CRICE-Public-

Blood Blind
Posted - 2007.06.10 23:46:00 - [12]

Seems we have our man - anyone else wanting to join Blood Corsairs with the same criteria as this gent posted, we are basically exactly what he wanted. Looking for the same? look us up in game.

Pringles Inc.
No Comment.
Posted - 2007.06.11 07:04:00 - [13]

Hello m8, I'd like invite you to take a look at my Corp. You can find info at EvE-O Post and You can convo me in game or hang out in channel Pringles

Thanks Dark`

Imperius Blackheart
Body Count Inc.
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2007.06.11 10:58:00 - [14]

Trinity Nova Mercenary Services is now recruiting.

Might be worth a look for you, we are mainly EU TZ, but in KIA alliance and with most timezones covered :)

Recruitment threadis here if you want to have a look.

Really professional feel to the outfit, and some really old players in both the corp and alliance. We undertake both Empire and 0.0 contracts.

I wouldn't wanna be anywhere else.

Posted - 2007.06.13 06:04:00 - [15]

2007.06.08 06:05
Cyberdyne Industries is looking to expand its fleet of active PvP pilots. We are a mostly US based corp in the Terror in the System alliance currently fighting alongside MC and other friends in the northern regions.

What we are looking for in potential recruits:
- Mature personalities (18+)
- Used to living in 0.0 space.
- Capital ready/training.
- Tech 2 Snipers.
- Experience with both large scale capital fleet operations as well as small gang pvp.
- Multiple accounts and cyno alts are a major plus.
- Ability to follow orders and maintain TS discipline.
- Ability to earn isk for both themselves and the corp and be self sufficient be it by ratting/missions or industry.
- Willingness to focus on personal, corp and alliance goals and stick with them.

Mandatory Requirements:
- 9 mil SP minimum in pvp related skills.
- TeamSpeak with working mic.
- English speaking.
- Available for regular fleet ops on at least 3-4 days a week.
- Non-hostile employment history.

Jan Riksma
Cosmic Fusion
Advocated Destruction
Posted - 2007.06.13 08:13:00 - [16]

Edited by: Jan Riksma on 13/06/2007 08:17:45

We live in Curse, we shoot everybody, at times we suck, all players are above 20 mil+, TS mandatory, mid sized corp 50+, 50/50 split between Euro/US.

Expertise; small roaming gank squads, royal pain in the butt, from time to time Empire Wars and pirating holidays.

As requested linky

I'll be on around 18.00 eve-time.



Klaus Hauptmann
Ihatalo Navy
Ihatalo Cartel Navy
Posted - 2007.06.13 19:24:00 - [17]

The Ihatalo Cartel is looking to recruit people such as you. perhaps the way our Cartel works and does things may interest you....

You can visit our website here

Feel free to drop by our in-game public channel IHATALO CARTEL and speak to any of our members.

Blake Abadon
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2007.06.13 19:35:00 - [18]

Join us, small pvp only corporation.

Dreadpilot Roberts
Ministry of War
Posted - 2007.06.14 08:07:00 - [19]

Check out our killboard... if you like it and think of joining, contact me ingame for more info.

We're established in Venal and also roam through Tribute. We are an old and very respected pvp only corp.

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2007.06.14 12:03:00 - [20]

Hi I rarely reply to forum post for recruiting prefer to do it ingame as these threads just get high jacked.
Contact me in game or check out our recruitment thread (not going to link it this is YOUR thread not ours)
Having read what your after I think we can help you there.
REPO doesn't do politics any shape or form.

Posted - 2007.06.15 12:09:00 - [21]

found me a corp!

Davin Nix
Posted - 2007.06.16 23:32:00 - [22]

We at VicSi are a very much pew pew orientated corp, and we have just joined Storm Armada (their kb's around somewhere) we offer round the clock roaming pvp gangs, sov over 7 systems in 0.0 and a solid empire base with good market and industrial facilities and much more besides.
heres the promo material, look forwrd to hearing from you ;)

Vicsi is a PVP focused corp, 0.0/lowsec operations.

We are looking for pilots that like to do a bit of everything thou prefer the more pvp inclined. We seek ideally mature and fun AF/HAC/Recon pilots, 5mil SP minimal Preferred 10mil SP. To apply read on.

Ideally you are as follows.
1. Mature and no smack talking.
2. ( not enforced )Have a interest in EVE Roleplaying and polictics.
3. Can support yourself and not whine. ( Thou we do supply frigs/cruisers/mods for the ops)
4. Check out our guildlines, before contacting or applying. ( See below )
5. Aged form 20 to 99 ( and must be mature )
Come join us for a chat today.

Our activites and offers.

Free frigs and cruisers for ops and gangs.
Access to hanger. ( mods and etc )
Wolfpack styled gangs.
Killboard incentives.
Fun and Mature group.


Scamming: There is noexcuse for it. Don't do it.

Smacktalk: Makes both parties look like idiots.

Don't be an idiot.

Jetcan Flagging Abuse: There is no excuse for it. Don't do it.

Loot & Ore Theft: There is no excuse for it. Don't do it.

Logging off in combat: There is no excuse for it. Don't do it.

Forums: Don't go making official statements about the that right or
privilege. Posts concerning operations are strictly prohibited. And no trolling,
smacktalking, flaming and general forum grief of a derogatory nature. Out Of
Game Differences: keep them there.

No: Expression of pregidouses of a religious, cultural, ideological, political,
or sexual nature or of any nature for that matter. The world is a better place
because we are all different, remember that. Open your mind and expand your

Kill board: it is expected of everyone to post their kills and losses on the
kill board. It's for
reference to gauge who may need help and to potentially reward those whom are
performing exceptionally well.

New Members: Will all be subject to a probationary period of 4 weeks.

TeamSpeak provided. A must on Ops.


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