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Matari BackBone
Fate Weavers
Posted - 2007.10.20 10:52:00 - [91]

I totally support this product and/or service.

Dribbling Booster Affected Mess
Matari BackBone

Faatina Lebass
Posted - 2007.10.25 11:32:00 - [92]

Bring on the WHALES!
That thar white one be lookin' at me funny!

Posted - 2007.11.02 05:15:00 - [93]

Just came on to this thread, here's my two ISK:
Space whaling as you've envisioned is basically a form of ratting. The rat is different but the game play is the same. How about changing the concept so that the way it's actually played is significantly different (and thus a valuable addition to the game).

Imagine this. A space whale is an absolutely tremendously huge creature. So big that no person and few corps could take it down alone. Thus the killing of it requires harnessing dozens of players, and the subsequent harvesting is much like mining. What this could do is get players who don't normally interact with one another to start organizing rapidly on local, sending messengers to nearby systems, trying to pull together a flash mob to hunt the whale before it despawns. In highsec, it would be a real social activity. In lowsec or 0.0, it could lead to unlikely temporary alliances and be followed by tense negotiations or heated battles over the whalecorpse. A fundamentally different addition to EVE.

Amarrian Retribution
Posted - 2007.11.02 08:43:00 - [94]

Originally by: Lisento Slaven
Originally by: Kaganis Warmonkey
Hmmm... I'm not sure I'm convinced, but how about a slight spin on it?

You harvest them for organic components, which are used in the construction of Jovian ships (which have some form of bio-tech aspect to their construction?).

OK, it's going to be a long time before we see Jovian ships, but it could tie in nicely there.

Indeed. Originally as I stated previously I suggested that we harvest the organs of whales for the production of boosters, but alas...they went ahead and made it gas cloud stuff (or something like that...all I know is there aren't any whales).

The difficult part to this idea is the requirement factor. I still think it would be possible to adapt whale parts to the production of certain drugs, but there could be many other possibilities.

On another note I don't think we will ever be able to have or fly jovian ships as players.

At the very least we could just have whale parts required for NPC requests (such as agent offers, NPC buy orders, etc.). Space whales are the future. My next idea is space farmer which I have to flesh out.

You my friend are a legend. This is exactly what EVE needs to make it the game that if ppl own it, they only play that game, other games = inferior if this is implemented!

Also perhaps add some kind of cool info thing to them like a sea monster style bio (when u click show info)

Gargantuan whale:

The Alpha Entity of EVE. Only the most unlucky a space traveler has encounterd such a beast. It is so Mighty, that Garagantuan whales have even been mentioned in ammarr religion: "The Demon of our beloved stars. Beware, the beast, it beckons." Both feared, respected and the legend of many a Gallentean child's horror story. Its power must be respected.
Threat level: Un-palpable

Lesser Whale:

Very few whales are currently in exsistence, over-hunting due to the value of the unique organic bio-material they possess have seen them plummet almost to extinction. They are one of few organisms ever to reach the ability to survive in a vaccumm, existing on a specialised diet of liquid ozone and strontium cathrates. If targetted it will defend itself agressively.
Threat level: Deadly

(and yes whales shld only be found in ice belts imo) Cool

Amarrian Retribution
Posted - 2007.11.02 12:03:00 - [95]

Also, Whales attack method is as aforementioned similar to a smartbomb, however a very badass wtfpwn smartbomb.

It deals massive damgae, kinetic i spose is best, but also webbifies in its blast radius due to the advanced sonic pings it attacks with.

A gargantuan whale would deal even more pain and say add some ew, sonic boom, which warp scrambles.

You cld have whales like greater, giga, etc that do different things like jam with sonic etc.

Also, it cant be called a leviathan unless ur planning on harpooing the caldari titan: the leviathan. :P

Posted - 2007.11.04 02:44:00 - [96]


STK Scientific
Posted - 2007.11.06 08:11:00 - [97]

Lisento, are you on crack?

Amarrian Retribution
Posted - 2007.11.06 11:22:00 - [98]

Oh and the "tag" u get should come in the form of a whales tooth, e.g "gargantuan whales tooth"
A useless item, but soooo worth it :D trophies ftw

Alex Langhans
Posted - 2007.11.06 19:27:00 - [99]

Ok, so now we are adding a species other then human to the universe. How does the space whale exist? Is free space a good ecology for it? Or is it better suited for an asteroid belt, planet, moon, atmosphere(higher planetary interaction). Heck, why does it exist and why isnt there other creatures (swimming??) through space.

Should it exist in certain regions? Kind of like it evolved in that area and has grown there. Im not to keen on the whole spawned idea. There should be a risk/reward aspect to the whole thing like everything else. Lets say that there are 300-1000 whales in Gallente Space. Two ideas from this... 1) Everybody goes whaling and kills ALL of them. Extinct, done nothing left. Possibly setting up a defense to protect the herd in your area to prevent poaching 2) Or perhaps we have a new skills of DNA sampling that could "clone/grow" a new one. So an Amarr pilot could come in and take a space whale to Amarr space or 0.0 space with their corp. Ideally Male and female whales would be needed for natural herd growth. Or you would have to keep DNA growing whales which would be much more intensive.

Posted - 2007.11.06 23:16:00 - [100]

Space Whales, Leviathans, Space Worms, ya these things should be harvested for Oil Drums, lubricants, FOOD (whale steaks YUMMY), bone, boosters, medicinals.
Use these critters for getting those market items that have no blueprints (how are those things seeded anyhow?)
Hey remember Star Wars? That big eel thing came out a hole and tried to eat the Millenium Falcon?
Well what if these things can make mining a bit more DANGEROUS!!!!
Heh Here you are mining a large roid and a big space eel takes a chunk outta your ship.
Or they eat all those stupid leftover cans those guys litter space with (I HATE THAT, make a mess of the scenery!!)

Alex Langhans
Posted - 2007.11.07 02:14:00 - [101]

IDK why but I cant stop thinking bout this. Mostly from the ecological impact and how it could be done. But the skills needed or the impact on the market.

It could be the testing ground for ecological life on planets once planets are opened up. To figure out how it all could work.

When i first read this, i thought it was pretty ridiculous. Space whales? But hey it doesnt sound so bad right now.

Amarrian Retribution
Posted - 2007.11.07 09:26:00 - [102]

RazzOh and, gallente space, coz they love whales, shld have the most whales, yet smaller plus tough criminal policies.

Caldari and minmi space shld have the least, yet the bigger ones (bigger ones survived coz they killed poachers, survival of fittest etc etc).

Ammar nuetral and have avg whale amount and size, with only minor standings/status loss or something.

Oh and their shld be two types of whaling modules. One that doesnt hurt the whale yet yields not as special (yet still v.nice) componetns (whale parasites/scabs? i dunno lol), while the other mod completely kills the whale yet yields nicer materials like the tooth tag and whale blubber or sumthing hehe. Of course the pros n cons ae. U kill it, it dies and none respawn in that area for a long time. U dont kill it, u can harvest the thing all the way to dt.

Hehe kinda the same idea as harvesting/saving little sisters in bioshock Razz

Posted - 2007.11.07 18:02:00 - [103]

Ya Big, but mebee they can be Space Crabs (not an STD!Very Happy "Uh, dahlin, I gots sum bad news...) And you harvest Space Crab Legs or Claws then let 'em go. Hey maybe you can have a farm for the critters, like a fishery. Or set traps for em with bait like crab and lobster fisherman......

The RAv3n
An Eye For An Eye
Posted - 2007.11.08 02:20:00 - [104]

In order to take down a space whale 1 a large dreadnought to titan sized ships would be necessary.

Of course now we run into the problem of the supreme power and speed of space whales. To solve this we mix interceptors with titans, then we get a lot of power to pull against the whale. On top of the speed tanking qualities and firepower (Harpoons (need more that 1 and to be able to aim where they go to affect the whales movement)), the ship must be agile to avoid the infamous drone straining baleen which is highly venomous. Space Sperm whales and Space killers have BIG TEETH, but the large big blue space whales (40,000m3) and space humpbacks are filled with the horrible strainers of DOOM. While the whales primarily eat the tiny drones that fly about space, a ship could easily get caught in their mouths.

Another fact to be covered is the blow whales will take the gas clouds and other valuables from the local area and blow them back out 9so you can farm them.

Despite what you may believe to be slow lumbering stupid alien animals, when angered may travel up to 500m/s. When angered to this point the best bet is to poke them in the eye, although that is also a good way to get eaten.

Just think space whales are scary (which they are)...wait till you see GREAT WHITE SPACE SHARKS WITH don't even need to poke them in the eye to make them mad!!! Twisted EvilTwisted EvilTwisted EvilTwisted EvilTwisted EvilTwisted Evil

Chaplain Veritas
The Aduro Protocol
Posted - 2007.11.19 17:18:00 - [105]

dammit! i looked everywhere on google images for the "Whalers on the Moon" from futurama... to no avail! Mad


Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2007.11.22 19:18:00 - [106]

Originally by: Chaplain Veritas
dammit! i looked everywhere on google images for the "Whalers on the Moon" from futurama... to no avail! Mad


/signed muchly

Posted - 2007.11.22 23:17:00 - [107]

2 suggestions.

1. instead of the whale attacking back, they should just be on a timer. So that when you warp to them, they start by trying to outrun you, then prepping a warp, then warping. The catch is, if you are anywhere in the vicinity of a whale warp, you are incinerated.

By having three stages you can have modules for the stages. you'd have to have a ship fast enough to keep up to the whale, if not it'll get away. you'd have to have a warp disrupter that can disrupt it's warp prep (only). If you succeed in blocking the prep then you get a chance to fire your whaler gun.

So the whole battle is based on juggling your items and the whale, and every whale has different tactics. (small whales are really fast and can get away, but are easier to prep block and shoot, large whales are slower but are hard to shoot etc etc)

I think this would keep whalers a bit more on their toes compared to the NPC's now that are very easy to outsmart.

2. Instead of whales appearing and dissappearing every day, have them grow in time. So at any one time there are 300 whales. The freshest ones are small, but the longer they are in space without being killed, the bigger they get.

I just thought of another one: Whales could eat astroid belts, eating up valuable resources.

To the OP, great idea. This would be a really neat thing to implement. I don't know if it would necessarily work as a full time career, but definitly a really fun part time/side career. This idea could really expand too: Astroid worms (someone is mining a giant astroid and a worm emerges to defend it's home. Regular weapons don't work because it will just move back into the astroid, so you need a whaler/monster hunter to fish it out and kill it).

Three WiseMen Association
Posted - 2007.11.24 19:44:00 - [108]

I vote for Space Deers!


Now whales, for crying outloud! ;)

Interstealler Research and Mining
Posted - 2007.11.25 02:54:00 - [109]

Drugs are bad mmmmkay.

CCP Abathur

C C P Alliance
Posted - 2007.11.25 07:15:00 - [110]

Originally by: Curryzia Kinwurry
This is a disturbly good and convincing idea, irregardless of how ridiculous it is.

I think I will wait until everyone is good and drunk to bring this one up. The last time I brought something like this up was when I proposed Space Dragons and a Star Knight profession. The other devs still look at me funny. Smile

Posted - 2007.11.25 10:21:00 - [111]

Hmm what about sharks with freaking laser beams? Surely they have a place in the space whale food chain.

Posted - 2007.11.25 20:26:00 - [112]

I thought space whales were already in-game. I've seen these majestic creatures gracefully orbiting many a Gallente stargate.

Hallofo Honsi
Posted - 2007.12.07 09:02:00 - [113]

/ Support

Let me see if I can sum up some of the basic ideas and throw in a few of my own:

1. "Space Whaling" should for the most part be a solo occupation, with a few exceptions for "superpods" of very large, very angry whales.

2. The skill requirements should be broad, covering a wide range of skills (i.e. scanning, warp scrambling, heavy "harpoon" weapons, ect...) but not be probibitivly high for mid-range chars.

3. There should be a special class of T1 and T2 Whaling Ships. I think starting ships should be along the lines of modified destroyer chassis, moving up to battleship size or even a capship variant. (open to debate, of course) I also think that whaling ships should NOT be empire-specific, along the lines of ORE barges.

4. Whales appear in all sec systems, although they are more likely to show up in low to no sec systems.

Spacewhale Ecology 101:

Spacewhales are a rare, majestic creature found in all sectors of space and have been recorded in every major system at one time. They seem to prefer the solitude of deep space and therefore avoid contact with humans, their ships and inhabited systems, though exceptions occur somewhat frequently. Often they travel alone in space for the adult phase of their life but there have been sitings of spacewhale "pods" where adult females travel in groups to protect their young together, pooling their defensive abilities to form a protective "fleet" that is best observed and not interfered with. Later in life mature male spacewhales will form together in large "superpods" to search for mates and food. An incredible risk to even observe as mature male spacewhales are well known to exhibit extreme levels of aggression by themselves, together with other male spacewhales, the threat level increases by an order of magnitude.

Although very little is known about the details of a spacewhale's lifecycle, scientists from all empires have been able to overcome historical animosities to better understand these mysterious creatures. There are 3 distinct phases to a spacewhales life:

Juvinile: Juvinial spacewhales are small in comparison to adults, usually massing around 500m3 to 3000m3, depending on age. They offer little in the way of resources to whale hunters and are usually left alone to grow up. Note: when first born, juvinile spacewhales are entirely dependant on their mother for food, of the mother dies before its first feeding from ice asteroids, it will slowly starve to death, although if in a pod other females will "adopt" orphan spacewhale pups.

Adult: As adults, spacewhales spend most of their time alone, content in the vastness of interstellar space. They feed on ice asteroids, from which they digest the neccisary minerals for creating jump portals to other systems, and to eat the microscopic plant life found in the cores of some ice asteroids, similar to plankton from Old Earth. Although traveling alone, adult spacewhales can be a fearsome creature. Mostly docile if left to their own devices, spacewhales have a formidible array of defensive and offensive abilities. The most obvious is their sheer size, with adults ranging from 3000m3 up to the staggering size of 25,000m3. With massive tails and assorted apendeges, they can deal crippling kinetic damage to any pilot foolish enough to get close. They also have the ability to create a sonic shockwave usually used for locating asteroids and for navigation, though it deals incredible amounts of damage if used in proximity to a ship.

Mature: By far one of the most fearsome creatures in existance, few things can rival the power and majesty of a mature spacewhale. Massive in size (from 25,000m3 up to 100,000m3, though larger have been reported) they are the true masters of space. Alone, mature spacewhales are invariably lethal to any known ship, in a "superpod" of mature spacewhales, nothing known to exist can stand against them.

more to come....I have to work.Sad

Erotic Irony
Posted - 2007.12.07 09:52:00 - [114]

given that comets and a handful of shiva content hasn't appeared,

Hallofo Honsi
Posted - 2007.12.07 11:25:00 - [115]


Feeding and Living habits:

Spacewhales live on ice asteroids, digesting ice into jump portal minerals and microscopic plant life found deep in the cores of these asteroids. Although normaly docile, spacewhales have exibited a wide range of reactions to humans, ranging from generating a jump portal to escape to attacking anything in sight. Caution is advised when approching these creatures due to the unpredictability of their reactions.

Humans and Spacewhales:

As history has shown us time and again, humans have a knak for finding and exploiting the universe around them. Rich in natural resources and very rare compunds, spacewhales can be an economic windfall for individuals equipped, inclined and insane enough to hunt these lifeforms.

Ships specially modified for hunting spacewhales have been around for some time, though the ORE conglomerante, relizing the advantage of controlling this potentially lucerative resource market, has developed a class of standardized whale hunting ships.

As far as the ship specifics go, i'm sure we can endlessly argue fittings and such.

I hope these ideas might help a bit, I'm also hoping to keep the "make the spacewhales" movement alive! And yes, CCP is tardy on a great many things, but hope springs eternal and its fun to think about.

Lisento Slaven
The Drekla Consortium
Posted - 2007.12.08 01:44:00 - [116]

Hallofo has done a very good job summarizing a nice chunk of the ideas about spacewhales themselves in the thread. Although I implore everyone to read the entire thread because there are a number of thoughts being repeated on page 4 that were already said.

Long live the space whales!

Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2007.12.09 14:40:00 - [117]

One thing though .. their flippers wouldnt work in space as their is no air or liquid .. derrr i spose the could fart their way from a to b ...!

Stupid idea ... better off introducing many different types of aliens ...!


Lisento Slaven
The Drekla Consortium
Posted - 2007.12.09 14:47:00 - [118]

Originally by: banannagirl
One thing though .. their flippers wouldnt work in space as their is no air or liquid .. derrr i spose the could fart their way from a to b ...!

Stupid idea ... better off introducing many different types of aliens ...!


You obviously didn't read the part where I explained that the use of the word WHALE was the closest real life entity to the entity being talked about in this thread. It is not a whale that lives in water. It would be the equivalent of a "whale" type creature (big, hunted for its resources just as whales are) that is capable of living in space.

You're playing a science-fiction game you know =P

Oh and before anyone responds that there are no aliens in EVE, I refer you to the Fedo which I already said before in this thread.

Shadowyn Corp.
Posted - 2007.12.09 17:03:00 - [119]


Torso Appendix
Nihilists LLC
Posted - 2007.12.09 19:25:00 - [120]

An inspiring idea. If I may run with this ball, here's some suggested ecology.

As we know, the Jovians far exceed other races in biological engineering. In fact, their mysterious ships owe their organic forms to the fact that they are living creations. They are raised, tamed, harnessed, and modified, much like the Leviathan class ship Moya in the TV series Farscape.

Jovian ships are rarely seen, and always piloted. However, some of their "whales" escaped their pens and the Jovian Empire in the millennia before the Jovians closed their gates, and now roam wild.

Whales have a lifecycle, and prefer to birth their young in the inky blackness of interstellar space, bathing in the warmth of ionizing radiation. However, they do occasionally make solitary journeys to belts, to nibble on asteroids and sate their hunger for the megacyte and morphite that gives their carapices such immense durability. In fact, once found and killed, they are one of the largest single repositories for these rare minerals.

Only with the concerted effort of many stasis webs working in tandem, can whales be pinned down from escaping to the depths of space. A neurotoxin laden torp is launched with the hope of penetrating their armor and ending their struggle.

At other times in their cycle, which to date still hasn't been fathomed, the are known to assemble in mating herds very near stars. In rut, they are highly aggressive, and no solitary whaler would dare approach them in these numbers. Indeed, one Amarr squadron on routine maneuvers was mauled severely after warping into the midst of one of these herds. Fleet regulations now require scanning for large biomass concentrations prior to peacetime warps near stars.

Love the idea. So crazy it might work.

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