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Dante Theren
Posted - 2007.05.31 16:36:00 - [1]

Edited by: Dante Theren on 05/06/2007 10:44:45
As stated in the subject, I'm looking to Buy a capital pilot. My only requirement is that at the time of purchase the pilot can fly a capital ship (of any race). Capital fitting skills are not required but would obviously be a bonus.
I do not have a huge wallet and so cannot afford to buy characters with alot of skill points, a capital specialist char that cannot do much else would be perfect.

I do have a 10mill skill point char that can fly hulk, obelisk and covert ops, as well as all tech1 gallente ships who is a great all round char. I can offer him in trade, however I do not know if i want to part with him, and would only really be willing to if your char had extra skills ontop of the capital requirements.

If you feel you have a character that covers my requirements, please contact me ingame or post here with thier details and the price you are looking for.


Dante Theren
Posted - 2007.06.01 21:13:00 - [2]

Still looking for Capital Pilots, if you have any capital-flying characters, please let me know!


Dante Theren
Posted - 2007.06.03 14:43:00 - [3]

Still looking for a capital character!!

Also willing to consider chracters that are only a few weeks from capital skills.

SnowSink Enterprises.
Posted - 2007.06.03 18:24:00 - [4]

i got 1 that is 30 days from flying a minmarter 1

Dante Theren
Posted - 2007.06.03 18:53:00 - [5]

Sent you a mail ingmae thankz. Still looking tho if anyone else has a character they'd like to sell

Dante Theren
Posted - 2007.06.04 17:56:00 - [6]

Up to the top we go!!! Still looking, any capital or near capital characters wanted please!!!

Posted - 2007.06.05 04:07:00 - [7]

I have capital ships to lvl 4. I dont understand what exactly you are looking for here. Just a player to fly it to a station?

Ferrin Palpotine
Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2007.06.05 08:34:00 - [8]

I think he wants to trade toons

Dante Theren
Posted - 2007.06.05 10:47:00 - [9]

Sorry, reading back over my post i realise it isnt that clear :P

I'm looking to buy or trade a character that can fly capitals

Dante Theren
Posted - 2007.06.06 14:44:00 - [10]

bumpity bump, still looking!! Feel free to contact me ingame!

Posted - 2007.06.07 03:30:00 - [11]

Dante Theren
Posted - 2007.06.07 22:07:00 - [12]

Late evening Bump!! Still looking for a capital character, recently/near capital prefered

Dante Theren
Posted - 2007.06.10 12:46:00 - [13]

Still interested if anyone has a capital pilot they want to sell


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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