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Alexander Greves
Posted - 2007.06.06 07:50:00 - [1351]

Edited by: Alexander Greves on 06/06/2007 07:56:39
I'm very new to Eve and love the game so far. From everything I've read and learned Eve has one of the deepest end-games in the MMO business and it's almost 100% PvP based. So it was a huge disappointment to read about the t20 incident and the most recent accusations, IA investigations and dramabombs. I've read most of the responses here and they all seem to boil down to separate camps (CCP, BoB, and GS) attacking each other.

One of the exceptions I'd like to quote right now shares most of my feelings and I'll add my comments to it and the situation as a whole.

Originally by: Lakhthaar

After the T20 incident and CCP's initial response it was hard to dismiss the allegations outright.

A history professor once told me that if an event or situation was recorded once in history it probably, if not certainly, happened more than once. The actions of CCP in dealing with the t20 incident were more damaging than anything t20 did. While your post talks about CCP not pretending to be infallible and not sweeping things under the rug this is exactly what you did in the past and my professor's advice makes me wonder if other situations have gone unreported. By your own admission this incident went unreported to the Eve community for some time and when it saw the light of day you said that you had punished the dev already and would not punish him a second time. Punishment was, however, very swift for the community member who brought this incident to light. While I do not defend his means of exposing t20 or his violation of the Eula I only wonder why it took a rogue member to bring a rogue dev to light when CCP apparently knew about the situation all along.

Originally by: Lakhthaar
However, I too would like a response on what seems to be fact that some players from the community, BoB or otherwise, have CCP staff only a click away on 3rd party software. I want GMs and Devs to play the game. I just think there should be guide lines to prevent conflict of interest scenarios from even happening. Or, even the appearance of it.

If a Corps is unaware of a member being a dev I see no problem with the use of 3rd party software to engage them in conversation. If the Corps is aware of his status as a GM, then this definitely is out of line. Communication is an advantage and though friendship is a good thing it can lead to serious conflicts of interest (re: t20).

Originally by: Lakhthaar
Transparency, displayed in your reply, is the way to go. Not, deleting threads and silencing people. If you don't let them speak, it looks like you are covering something up.

Lakhthaar said it best. Your actions towards people who are accusing you (with or without basis) has been unquestionably hostile and antagonistic. The player who dropped the t20 bomb was banned sending the message that if you catch CCP cheating you'll be banned. While the banning was stated as for being other reasons, that's what it boils down to for many people. Now GS accuses CCP and threads are deleted, prompting a "threadnaught". The result...CCP officially and BoB in this thread flame the living **** out of GS. This doesn't just deepens the impression that BoB = CCP (as they are both attacking GS) but further deepens the impression that if you accuse CCP (again, with or without basis) you'll be a target for banning or now legal action.

I can understand how CCP wants to play, and protect with all due fervor, the game they have created and love. I just don't want Eve to turn into my Shadowbane experience where on my server one guild dominated the world. Worst of all was when we fought back we at times encountered GM scripted events that defended this super guild. Being a punching bag for a super-Corp that has had proven developer assistance is not fun and not worth paying for, but I'm hoping that Eve's promising end-game can be salvaged from the Dramastorm it currently is.

Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2007.06.07 17:43:00 - [1352]

Originally by: kieron
The allegations investigated above by this internal affairs department will also be examined by our legal resources, as we do not intend to sit idly by while our servers, community and reputation are under attack.

uh oh, somebody's in trouble Laughing

glad to see you're taking care of the ambiguity problem; facts ftw Smile

Free Galactic Enterprises
Posted - 2007.06.07 22:09:00 - [1353]

After reading all of this and the responses. Most of us will blindly play the game, and hope that it doesn't happen again.

However, there are coined Phrases that are out there for a reason. "3 strike your out" , " Those who don't learn from the past are doomed to live it again". Or some crap like that.

This makes 2xs that crap has hit the fan and CCP has failed to act accordingly. Its all about perception. I.e. A CPT. In the army wouldn't get caught fraternizing with a Private in the army for perception and regulation.

In this scenario CCP employees are like the commissioned officers. And the Eve playerbase are like the lower enlisted.
However CCP has failed at implementing the proper rules for thier staff. As dianbolic or whoever it was that stated they have friends within CCP and they are not Robots.

I will say it here And I hope that CCP can learn from thier past mistakes but if they don't The next incident that comes up will Kill EVE .

YOU need to put your employees in check. MSN, chat, phone from Players in the game Needs to be stamped out. Whether you acknowlege it or not. This is the largest Conflict of interests you can ever have. Not Because your employees are evil people who cheat for one side. But because The perception of this "Tin foil Hat" stuff will embedd into the Playerbase, And you won't have EVE-online it will become EVE -Offline because you won't be able to afford to keep it online.

Advice would be make a policy to Terminate employment of any CCP employee that So much as participates in activities that give the perception of Favortism/foul Play. OF coarse you will have someone mess up. And when you do Take chopp off thier head. And show it to the playerbase. This will show the playerbase that you won't be accepting this type of behaviour. And will also show the Staff at CCP That either they get with the program or Find new jobs.

Cause If you don't do something about this that makes a clear statement . Then the perception of CCP will Stay as it currently is by the public. And the playerbase you have now will slowly decline.

Anyhow, that all i got to say.

New Hampshire
Eve Independent Builders Network
Posted - 2007.06.08 00:24:00 - [1354]

I don't believe that another incident will be necessary to kill eve. If you look at the map on, you will see that BoB and their allies are really absolutely sweeping this game. BoB is without doubt the premier alliance in the game.

And T20 was cheating for that team . . .

There is strong reason to believe that those two facts are linked. True, T20's confession stated that the cheating was limited. However, the guy who uncovered the cheating, Kug, he stated from the beginning that the cheating was far greater in scope.

And then there's the matter of T20s confession

T20's Confession

In that blog, T20 states that at no time did he help BoB "gain information they otherwise would not have." Okay, so this man who was a cheating liar who placed his position in the game above his position for CCP, this man provided spawned T2 BPOs but didn't provide insider information?

How gullible does he think we are?

The game of Eve will end once BoB and it's allies control 0.0, a state that is not far off if you look at the map at CCP recently announced that they are going to create some sort of ombudsman or a team to travel to Iceland yearly to "check the books," or whatever . . . none of that deals with the matter of the existing taint, real and/or perceived.

The question is, will people pay to play a game that is dominated by an alliance that had a cheating, lying dev on it's team? I say no, not in a single shard, sandbox game such as this.

"Fix the taint, or a paying customer I ain't."

Malcom Hash
Les chevaliers d'acier
Omega arma
Posted - 2007.06.11 16:54:00 - [1355]

Concerning those 3 accusations, i am relieved. Wink
I am now more confident than EVEr in CCP's behavior.
Keeping it simple and clear like this answer is the good way.

/me cheers CCP. Very Happy

Irrepressible Mirth
Posted - 2007.06.11 20:24:00 - [1356]

Edited by: smallgreenblur on 11/06/2007 20:39:27
Good to see CCP responding, however as stated above some things really really need to change.

Stop deleting threads. This only serves to antagonise many of the player-base resulting in the obvious. Just sort it out through the normal channels and you won't have any problems.

Address the issues of players having dev contacts. It's obvious that devs have to play the game, and that they will therefore strike up friendships with other players. There needs to be a professional responsibility on the part of CCP employees not to help out their friends just because they ask, but to send such requests back through the proper channels.

We will never get rid of the tinfoiling but I for one would be happy to give CCP another chance and draw the line under the last year or so. I only hope that GS and BoB do the same.


Xandria Foreman
Posted - 2007.06.11 22:02:00 - [1357]

Edited by: Xandria Foreman on 11/06/2007 22:02:34
Why not just even the playing field once and for all, it's obvious from anyone who takes the time to look that BoB would never have taken control over so much if they didn't have dev help. I won't make any suggestions, but everyone knows this, and it taints the game seriously. Time to do some surgery guys, BoB has admitted their still cheating because they use MSN instead of the correct petition lines. if BoB wants to deny it they can try but they have Dianabolic to thank for that bit of truth coming out. the T20 incident is another thing because they did make copies of those T2 bpo which were more than likely never taken, and they also built those T2 ships which they never would have gotten without good ole T20. when you put all that together it's more than obvious nothing was really done in the first place and the cheat was not removed. So this in and of itself proves BoB is being favored and that their is cheating going on which is not being rectified in any way shape or form.Rolling Eyes

DB Preacher
Posted - 2007.06.11 23:08:00 - [1358]

Originally by: Xandria Foreman
Edited by: Xandria Foreman on 11/06/2007 22:02:34
Why not just even the playing field once and for all, it's obvious from anyone who takes the time to look that BoB would never have taken control over so much if they didn't have dev help. I won't make any suggestions, but everyone knows this, and it taints the game seriously. Time to do some surgery guys, BoB has admitted their still cheating because they use MSN instead of the correct petition lines. if BoB wants to deny it they can try but they have Dianabolic to thank for that bit of truth coming out. the T20 incident is another thing because they did make copies of those T2 bpo which were more than likely never taken, and they also built those T2 ships which they never would have gotten without good ole T20. when you put all that together it's more than obvious nothing was really done in the first place and the cheat was not removed. So this in and of itself proves BoB is being favored and that their is cheating going on which is not being rectified in any way shape or form.Rolling Eyes


Keep on altering stuff said and keep on stirring! It's working, it's wooooorking!

Honest :/


Borg 5105
Posted - 2007.06.12 11:24:00 - [1359]

Edited by: Borg 5105 on 12/06/2007 11:25:06
Yay, lets kick everyone in BOB and GS and all the DEVS and GM's. Would solve the problem. And I will rise as the hegemonic ruler of this universe.

Please folks, get real. Iskies is what this game is about. Combined forces, supporting money and intelligence.

Forces : A BIG alliance controls a BIG amount of space
Supporting money : The more people, the more money
Intelligence : We have sneaky ceptors and cov-ops for this purpose

Last remark on BOB being uber super duper and stuff, CCP altered the Capital warfare tactics by a. Implementing bombs to make blobs less attractive to use b. Having Titan present in the space where they fire their Doomsday device and be stuck there for 10 minutes after firing and c. make Carriers and Titans more vulnerable towards ECM/ECCM.

IF CCP would support BOB, they wouldn't implement such changes in the first place because it means BOB has to alter their (effective) strategies. So it is kind of a moot point to say CCP = BOB ;-)

Another remark : Look at the starmap and you see that Bob's borders didn't move that much. Why is that?? Someone stopped them? Overwhelming opposition? You fill it in... I have my opinion ;-)

BORG 5105

MAX-Fail agency
Posted - 2007.06.13 11:17:00 - [1360]

Originally by: Borg 5105

IF CCP would support BOB, they wouldn't implement such changes in the first place because it means BOB has to alter their (effective) strategies.

You do know about changes to pos warfare that are comming don't you? You do know who will benefit from it most?

Serial Driller
Posted - 2007.06.13 20:50:00 - [1361]

Edited by: Serial Driller on 13/06/2007 20:52:33
My "personal" summation.

Regarding the T20 incident:

- The entire situation proves that developers playing along side players "doesn't" work. The fact that they were allowed to in the first place demonstrates a lack of foresight and common sense. The fact that they still do "after T20" demonstrates either ignorance or disregard for consequences.

- T20 claims BoB shouldn't be held accountable for his actions. True, BoB can't be blamed for accepting/using the BPOs. If God gives you a weapon to fight your enemy, then of course you'll use it. However, any claim that BoB has to being superior or more deserving of any victory based solely on their own merit (without the past, present, or future benefits of dev involvement) are shallow. Even if the items given by T20 are removed, they still existed at one time and aided BoB. In war, even the smallest battles can turn the tide. If these battles weren't fought fairly, then the entire war is a sham. It's called momentum.

- Just the fact that a dev is among them raises their morale; which can do wonders. Imagine going to war and knowing that God is standing right next to you. Conversely, how would you feel if you are across the field of battle and you see angels standing among your enemy?

Regarding the POS incident.

- I won't even go into this too much. It is so incredibly evident how poorly this entire situation was handled that I'm still in disbelief that it occurred. It doesn't matter if the actions involving the accusations were innocent or malevolent. Anything that even opens the door to speculation is bound to turn out poorly; particularly between feuding parties.

- If developer action needed to be taken in a situation like this, there should have been kid's gloves, full disclosure, and trumpets blaring "before" even the first step was taken.

Regarding developer censoring.

- Hey..'s their world, their rules. The can do whatever they want. If I don't like it, I know what I can do about it. Even the Wizard of Oz tried to hide what was behind the curtain and Willy Wonka put Charlie through the ringer. This is their dream world. I'm a tenant paying rent who can leave at any time if the building falls apart.

Regarding personal dev access.

- Another no-brainer. If "any" player has quicker access to a dev that every other player doesn't have then that is unfair. Period. Even the slightest attempt to justify this as acceptable is very insulting to my intelligence.

Personal conclusions...

1. I'm a lone wolf. I tried the corporate world and have since opted for solitary game play. I stay primarily in Empire space so the corp wars haven't really impacted me, but that doesn't mean I'm oblivious to the fact that anything happening in the universe affects everyone. The real flow of the markets is dictated by what is happening outside Empire space. The corp wars are what is keeping Eve's heart pumping.

2. Ignorance is bliss. Unfortunately, I'm one that likes to keep informed. As a result, I've been exposed to all of this mess. I expect players to bash each other and accusations of cheating and what not to be rampant. I don't expect to see God defending himself on the witness stand. The devs are God; plain and simple. When they start interfering in the actions of the general populous, then this game becomes a poorly managed game of chess where two players are watching pieces move outside of their own actions. How can either be expected to treat the outcome of that game with any pride, honor, or sense of personal achievement?

As I wrote.. ..I know where I stand and know my options. Until recently, I didn't know where CCP stood. Now I do. I'm not angry, just a little surprised and confused. I just hope that all my efforts aren't going to get washed away if a second "big bang" causes this world to implode on itself. Time will tell.

Sorry if this is all harsh, but I have a hard time with bad logic.

Sekar casal
The Graduates
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2007.06.20 11:10:00 - [1362]

Utterly unreal.

Skip the internal investigations, the only folks you seem to punish in Eve are folks who show the level of corruption. I cant believe a company can treat its customers with such a level of utter contempt (other than its friends who are going from strength to strength).

You want to regain some trust CCP, stop using your big stick on the normal players, start using it to redress a balance, and quickly. And by that I mean the folks (yup, the corporations) who have benefited long long term from your developer's friendliness. <--- This is constructive advice

In short I dont recall any strong sanctions brought to bear on the corporations involved in prior corruption, why dont you do that, if you want the next time one of your games is released the mud to stick to you corporate name. <------ Trying to point out that the game community will have a long memory if you dont take some positive action, again constructive.

Oh we should leave if you think we are abhorrent ?, I spend money on a game that as it turns out is an ufair playing field. that the folks who have benefited from it carry on and carry on (gooooooo BoB, gooooooooooooooo BoB), how dare you take money off me, of my mates and then tell me tough, if you dont like us treating our mates better than you, sod off, we dont care how much money or time you have invested. <------ No, this is me just hacked off at your utter arrogance.

" If you feel we as an entity are corrupt and abhorrent, we bid you good luck in finding a game and company that suits your interests. "

I hope CCP has a long and succeful future, for your sake cos I sure as hell wouldnt put you in front of a customer in the real world.

Please refer to corps and alliances with their names. -Scyd

Posted - 2007.06.22 16:11:00 - [1363]

Edited by: Nomad2k on 22/06/2007 16:14:35
I already made my peace with Eve when evidence and confessions of a paid employee cheating had occurred, after all, these things can happen.
The issue of online providers needing their customer's trust is not trivial.
And while you can distinguish various levels of customer expectations with an online service, there's just no way you can excuse or cover up employee misconduct.
I doubt there are many more examples of this within CCP, but I guess what leaves me disappointed is that maybe -- (and this only speculation) -- CCP's internal culture is so aggressive or unprofessional that these kinds of things
1) could've happened at all, and
2) keep popping up.
We need to be fair, and allow some time to pass to see if more examples come to light.
But with the the original allegations being sadly true its hard as a customer to fully trust CCP. In any final consideration, this kind of stuff doesn't help anyone, let alone CCP or the majority of its customers.

And while its now common knowlage the Dev's are indeed ingame and amongst the top 10 Alliances so they can keep a "hands on" feel of the changing course of the game, I myself as a "joe nobody" paying customer do not like the idea that the way the devs change the direction of the game, is by using "demi god" tactics and inside information to help their adopted alliance,
and while this is in no way an accusation, I feel That this is the overwhelming position of the community (whatever side you live on). And the past "scandles" only seem to back this up.

Although I do agree that Devs should be ingame so they can keep a pulse on the evolution of the game,
I also think the only people that should know who a dev is, should only be PAID CCP employees,
( non paid ISD or GM's or those not directly involved with "evolution" of the core gameplay should not be entitled to this knowlage)

perhaps its time the devs got new accounts, or have accounts that name switch every so often so that their respective alliances have no info about who is a dev, (or even of they have one within their alliance)
perhaps a new dev rule should be along the lines of "Covert" or "god" in that they do not directly interact with the game/community but simply "observe" - and if their real dev status is discovered, that account is binned in favour of a new one,

as well as this, I also forward the motion that ALL dev, ISD, GM accounts,convo's and actions are logged (time stamped and dated) and only acsessible to IA members of CCP,(after all this is what IA is there to cover.
that the use of 3rd party software (IM Clients) be banned for ingame "Comms" between devs and non devs,
and that only "paid employees" of CCP be allowed access to IRC channels and sensative informations concerning the "evolution" of the game.

Petitions should also be timestamped and dated (on both ends) (I noticed no timestamp on the petitions shown in the investigation report)

CCP please re-evaluate your security protocols concerning such information leaks, this might also keep your "dirty laundry" to a minimum and also contain any more embarrasment to both the company and the community at large.


Antari Shiy
Posted - 2007.06.23 05:39:00 - [1364]

I say strip the assets of ALL players and let us all start afresh.... Keep the skills but strip the whole kit and kaboodle out and start again from the noob ships....then we'll have a nice level playing field.... Twisted Evil


irion felpamy
Assisted Genocide
Unprovoked Aggression
Posted - 2007.06.28 20:55:00 - [1365]

Edited by: irion felpamy on 28/06/2007 21:11:34
Ok.. quick bit of background on me, This is my main, I'm about 6 months on in this game and I'm in empire training my carebear stare. I have no connection to the Goons, Bob or any faction in 0.0. I am not unbiased (nobody is) but I would like to think I can take a resonablly objective view on this matter I have read 170 pages of mostly crap in the first thread and 41 pages of this one.

A couple of points as I see it.

1. Neither the CCP reply nor the open letter have any real proof in them I could create both myself within minutes.

**warning next bit is purely my opinion, tinfoil advised**
CCP replys to the allegations appear to intentionaly skirt around issues and statements that I would expect them to make e.g "We have clear policies against CCP employees using priviliged information to gain an in game advantage". This is the sort of statement I would like to and expect to see, it would also IMHO improve peoples opinion of the company (it would be a disaster if it was shown to be BS, but if CCP present it right that should not be an issue unless they really have there hand stuck in the cookie jar.
**you may now remove tinfoil from your head**

2. CCP are not going to admit to wrong doing, if there is a verifiable corruption scandal it will because someone produces something they cannot convincingly deny. CCP cannot afford another T20 and they were not exactly open in that case.

3. Having CCP employees in key positions in 0.0 aliances is a serious conflict of interests. If you have a dev or GM leading players against their foes its only a matter of time before anger, envy, greed, pride, one of many other emotions or even just a caclulated risk hinging on the fact they will almost certainy get away with it causes them to use the information or powers at their command in an unethical manner.

4. Goons are not out to destroy the game, they play for fun in the same as most of us do.

5. CCPs primary motivation is not to see BoB win. (by this I do not mean they are trying to make sure BoB does not win).

6. Just because you think EVE is the best game ever does not mean the people running it are unbiased and ethical.

My personal take on the whole event.
I don't fully trust CCP and I don't belive that the level of interaction between people with privaliged information and powers currently in this game can lead to anything but a stacked deck and unethical behaviour. At the moment this does not affect my empire play and thats why I am still here. when time comes to move into 0.0 or cancel my account, if CCP can not convince me even a little that the field is level then I will cancel. I have played MMOG past the point I should have moved on before I won't do it again if I can avoid it.

Should you doubt I am who I claim to be or wish to convince me of your point of view over mine feel free to message me in game, I can't say for sure I won't be alt tabbed out and afk but hell, there is always eve mail if you can't wait.

Rush Industries
Posted - 2007.06.29 02:17:00 - [1366]

I cancelled 2 accounts because of what happened with T20. The last one goes with this. The more I think of it the more insulted I get.

Like its been said a dozen times before. It's not just what happened, its the way it is handled. CCP celebrates that its game isn't the general game, isn't the game for idiots who have Wow. yet they PR issues like this as if we don't have the IQ that they champion their game attracts.

For those that blindly accept the reoccuring events. I'd say I'll have the last laugh at strike three but I'm not bothering to wait and see it.


Cyan Nuevo
Dudes In Crazy Killing Ships
Posted - 2007.06.29 17:43:00 - [1367]

@irion: Why oh why did you bring back this thread from the dead?

@Roue: You won't be missed. Have fun laughing while I'm having fun playing.

irion felpamy
Assisted Genocide
Unprovoked Aggression
Posted - 2007.06.29 18:46:00 - [1368]

>>>@irion: Why oh why did you bring back this thread from the dead?
>>>@Roue: You won't be missed. Have fun laughing while I'm having fun playing.

I didn't post this as a form of intentional necromancy, I had something to say and I don't like posting in threads until I have read the preceding posts, I'll admit I skiped a few in this case but nobody is perfect.

Added to that what is the point of posting straight away when nobody is really paying any attention to whats been said and just trolling and having a good old slagging match, there are more well written posts in the last five pages than the rest of this thread combined.

I like this game and I hope that my wish for a convincinly level playing field when I want to move to 0.0 is fulfilled. But that is not something I will get if peoples sentiments are not available for CCP.

As for voting with your feet, really ask yourself what would it take to make you leave? In games like this people have made a huge investment and it is usually a difficult decision to leave, don't be surprised if they don't want to leave quietly when things go wrong.

Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2007.07.03 18:08:00 - [1369]

Edited by: NIkis on 03/07/2007 18:34:13
Originally by: Cyan Nuevo
@irion: Why oh why did you bring back this thread from the dead?

@Roue: You won't be missed. Have fun laughing while I'm having fun playing.

1) A 5 days old last reply doesnt mean the thread is dead. Learn your facts first. Durations between 1 month and 6 months have been proposed to define that, but no official standards yet. You seem to be flaming irion in this case.

2) Maybe he's having fun playing other games you know...

Originally by: Cyan Nuevo

Oh dear, are you really arguing with me over what amount of time has to pass before a thread is really "dead"? ugh You must have better things to do.

Ironically enough, you must have even better things to do, since you were the one naming it necro. As I said, learn your facts first. And let this thread die in peace if you really wish it.

Cyan Nuevo
Dudes In Crazy Killing Ships
Posted - 2007.07.03 18:24:00 - [1370]

Edited by: Cyan Nuevo on 03/07/2007 18:22:49
Oh dear, are you really arguing with me over what amount of time has to pass before a thread is really "dead"? ugh You must have better things to do.

Meanwhile, I was not trying to flame irion, this is just a thread best left behind us and he really didn't say anything that hadn't been said already.

And Roue can have all the fun he wants, that's fine by me.

Edit: Decided not to say something I did.

ISD Kreul Intentions

ISD Interstellar Correspondents
Posted - 2007.07.09 14:09:00 - [1371]

FYI - As long as a post in open in this forum - EIP, you can post in. Kieron or Wrangler have the final decision on when these threads have run their course.

Just giving all a heads up.

Cyan Nuevo
Dudes In Crazy Killing Ships
Posted - 2007.07.09 17:11:00 - [1372]

You just had to wait a few days before saying that, didn't you. Very Happy

Posted - 2007.07.10 14:27:00 - [1373]

What happened ?

Why IA is busy moderating CAOD ?

Cyan Nuevo
Dudes In Crazy Killing Ships
Posted - 2007.07.12 01:48:00 - [1374]

Originally by: Zombak
Why IA is busy moderating CAOD ?

Obviously someone needs to drop more dramabombs to keep them busy. Razz

Everything Financial
Posted - 2007.07.18 21:59:00 - [1375]

I had almost forgotten about this thread.

So are CCP staff supposed to be letting people know who thier ingame characters are or not?

Doctor Serious
Posted - 2007.07.19 22:51:00 - [1376]

Two of these topics are pretty weak. You just quoted what was already said, and said you had proven the allegations false. Someone at CCP said it was false, so it must be!

Aren't you guys supposed to be independent?

You then say that the decision to disable the ISD feller was an ongoing, sustained discussion that had been happening prior. You present - as your proof - a ridiculously infantile-sounding petition seeking resolution on... THE SAME ISSUE. Where is the proof that prior discussions were talking place? For what reasons were you already considering removing this guy? I don't feel any more convinced that what you've said was true.

You do nothing to address the claims that members of the playerbase have the ability to instant message developers and gm's. Therefore of course, you provide no constructive input to those of us curious as to what your policy on these IMs will be going forward.

I personally consider this a metagame exploit that bypasses the normal system for this communication and gives select players a clear and distinct advantage. It also suggests that you're playing favorites. So why is this damaging claim not addressed? Have you no plans of creating policy to limit this behavior?

Also, wouldn't it be somewhat trivial to change the ISD ship so that it physically cannot bump another ship? Couldn't you make the "teleport" ability that you guys have (whatever it is) default to 5km instead of 0m? What are you doing to prevent this from happening again, other than firing your ISD reporters who are seeking to report on events, and then providing a circular reasoning for doing so?

Forgive me for saying so, but you need to do better if you consider your job to be disproving and/or explaining the actions of CCP. The weak explanations in the back half of your document put into question the perfectly sound explanations in the front half. If you didn't fully investigate one situation, why should we put faith in you to have done it right previous?

Ace Dobermann
Posted - 2007.08.10 02:36:00 - [1377]

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When man has finally choked Jesus to death, AntiChrist will step forward, The false god, and this shows how its gonna be. Satanic rule, injustice, treachery and lies. This is the way man is going to go down, till God burns his petty existance to ashes. Microcosmos shows the way, KILL THE USURPER KILL HIM!!!

Edit: If this holds to be true ill be spamming every forum I know with the warning; dont play Eve the developers are cheating on behalf of a guild!!!! Whata bunch of morons lol we dont NEED to play your game fools.

Zimm's Roughnecks
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The main thing that bothered me about the whole thing was the total lack of info concerning the situation. It read like a bad police report "suspect was seen looking suspicious at location" the total lack of info drew me in and made me search the net at 3rd party fourms just to get a basic idea of what I wasnt reading from the EVE forum. and to be honest if only 1/10 of it is true some changes need to be made in game and in house. I do belive if the info was not leaked out, EVE would not have come clean, it would have been kept quiet. I also belive if it wasnt for the 3rd party Forums and blog sites, EVE would never of addressed the situation, or admited it even Happend. What I dont Belive is the MASS conspiracy Blog spaming to discredit Eve. you would need alot of people with a plan to pull something like that off, and if true WHY would that many people be mad with EVE to do that? maybe someday we will finaly get to REAL bottom of this. Is this gonna stop me from playing NO. but as far as im concerned Eve lost some trust and respect from me, and I hope they try and earn it back.Sad

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