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Stellar Vix
State War Academy
Posted - 2007.05.28 04:25:00 - [1]

Daedalus DuGalle
Infomorph Technologies
Posted - 2007.05.28 04:32:00 - [2]

Newbies ftw!

Stellar Vix
State War Academy
Posted - 2007.05.28 04:35:00 - [3]

Edited by: Stellar Vix on 22/06/2007 17:44:45
The program's purpose is to teach SWA, SAK, & STI players the harshness of pvp and to be familair with it in preperations for:

Factional warfare,
Lvl 5 missions,
and ultimately a real player corp where pvp and wars are more involved.

Classes Include:
PVP Philosphy and PVP Aspects
Module Usage both Basic and Advanced
Ship Anatomy, Roles, & Outfitting
Tanking Concepts
Fleet Commander Training, Threat Priority, Threat Level
Communications Methoodology (Teamspeak and Vent)
Small Gang Warfare, Fleet Movement
Skill Training Advise

and Ultimately
Hands on Training

Our ultimate objective is to remove the panic that usually occures or the fear of PVP.
Our secondary goal is to make pilots effective in pvp though knowledge base and tatics.

We are currently seeking new students and new instructor veteran(alt) pilots to join the classes.
We are also looking for STI and SAK representative to pass news onto thier corps.


Must be a member of SWA STI or SAK.

Outside Parties not in a rookie corp WILL NOT BE ALLOWED to fly with us to help preserve both our and the involved corps neutrality status. Flying with us leaves open the risk of war declaration from those we pew pew against.

Recommended that you have completed and understood majority of the Tutorial
Recommended that have completed the Inital Rookie Missions
Recommended that you have at least a lvl 2 or above agent and a ship for those missions only
Recommended that the ship you have for your lvl 2 and above missions NOT to be used in PVP training
Recommended that you download and use Teamspeak and Venterillo for the pvp training.

Alts Pilots of Allaince, Pirate, Mercenary, Coperations are more than welcomed as these pilots make up 100% of the current voulenteer staff. Alt pilots please be professional and keep all argument to the main channel keep them out of the PVP channel despite affiliation with any allainces and politics outside of SWA STI or SAK.

New Pilots of any age are also welcomed, if you can afford please bring a ship you care nothing about, because chances are you will eventually lose that ship. Just bring an open mind and eager talent to listen, ask questions, and follow directions when out in the field.

SWA PVP will NOT BE A RECRUITING OUTLET, the whole purpose of SWA PVP is to train pilots, not to hand them off to corps who needs the numbers only to mess them up in the end.

SWA PVP will NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR corp members who are not enrolled in the class and voilate any of the above terms.

SWA PVP Currently needs a:

Representatives from STI corp
Representatives from the SAK corp
Signature Artist
Additional "Classroom" Instructors
Additional Fleet commanders for other time slots.

Join the channel for details.

For more details ask me though via evemail.

Mistress PewPew
Repo Industries
Posted - 2007.05.28 04:38:00 - [4]

Edited by: Mistress PewPew on 28/05/2007 04:41:11
It was a good operation, and the offending Myrmidon pilot paid his dues. Lost his Myrmidon, and paid a 20mil fine for crimes against another SWA pilot. It was a shame, but we lost one of ours in the battle.

edit: left out a part

Imperium Technologies
Sodalitas XX
Posted - 2007.05.28 04:44:00 - [5]

Congratulations to the volunteers who responded to the call of the Caldari State, risking life, limb and ship in hostile territory to hunt down the traitor SWA pilot. These new pilots showed tremendous promise in executing their roles and duties to the fullest of their abilities, proving once again, teamwork and tactics outclass sheer skill points any day.


"Hell hath no fury, like a noob corp frigate rampage."

Rhys Onasi
Posted - 2007.05.28 04:48:00 - [6]

*snip* Don't troll. Thanks, Rauth

Posted - 2007.05.28 05:13:00 - [7]

When you say "fined and turned over to proper authorities" I'm hoping you don't mean you ransomed him and then killed him anyway. People don't take very kindly to that. Especially when it's an overwhelming blob of players, no matter how new they are or what ships they're in Neutral

Imperium Technologies
Sodalitas XX
Posted - 2007.05.28 05:19:00 - [8]

After the conclusion of combat operations and with his Battlecruiser in ruins, the traitor offered 20 million ISK to the shocked pilots, as restituiton for his evil ways. He was then released, free to go, with a fully intact Pod. Proving once again, no one is more trustworthy than the loyal pilots of the SWA.


Stellar Vix
State War Academy
Posted - 2007.05.28 05:28:00 - [9]

Edited by: Stellar Vix on 13/06/2007 23:33:24
State War Academy to Caldari State Navy
First Battle Report

Training Pvp Squadron Program & Incident

Appox 0100 Eve Time
Central command gives reports of a Pilot of notoriety had began a string of attacks on shuttle craft and other civillian craft flying though a low security sector of space.
Even a worse atrocity he has flying a ship belonging to our long hated bigots a Gallentian Drone Battle cruiser, the Myrmidon we assumed this was the work of the Federation.

Although the initial reports didn’t give name or ship info the reports where however true, the pilot attacked indiscriminately that wandered in his crosshairs of anything that would seem to be an easy prey.

Caldari State issued an order for SWA to organize a PVP training session with veteran officer instructor pilots assigned to the Academy to train and outfit newly graduates on the concepts of war and combat and the practical instruction of on hands teaching.
The training session managed to comprise of 24 volunteer instructor and student pilots willing to learn how to defend their state.

0200 Eve Time
The class briefed and prepared went on their patrol with one veteran pilot leading the scout effort. Another veteran field commanding along with three more instructional pilots including one advisory one tactical load outs and one navigation officers.
The students where described as eager to learn and willing to follow orders followed their field commander to the dot and perform precision maneuvers as they ventured to the dangerous lower security space where the reports pointed to.

Appox 0215
We received another report of the Rouge SWA pilot another attempt of destroying another caldari civilian craft and the field commander believing this was the target diverted the patrols.

Appox 0230
We arrived to the last reported location only to find a fellow SWA pilot we sent the scout to hail the pilot but what happened afterwards called the rest of the group into action.

Not only was the Pilot SWA but he was flying the myrmidon that similarly matched the reports. When he started to lock the group's scout down, we knew we found our pilot, none of us would thought it would have been a traitor. The group attacked with only small ships which included Ibis Kestrel Griffin Condor and Cormorant Class vessels.

Knowing they where outclassed and possibly out skilled the field commander bravely charged the advanced battle cruiser and committed the rest of the forces into the attack. Soon the Rouge Pilot found himself with more targets than he could manage, his drones failing as they where destroyed by specialist anti-drone cormorants, the condors intercepted the vessel effectively shutting down his warp core and engines offline, the Griffin denied the traitor any target locks on the group thus protecting the entire group from harm. Then the Ibis and Kestrel attack squads moved in with precision arms and began hammering the shields, armor, and hull away.

When the wreckage cleared we held the Pod pilot captive and interrogated him, he was fined by the Caldari State and turned over to authorities for crimes of piracy and traitorism.

Caldari State was pleased with the operation and granted the fee to be used to jump start the advanced training program of new SWA combat PVP pilots.

Although the program is volunteer only there are strong hopes that many more will see advantages to take the opportunity to enroll in the squadron’s lesson plans and patrols.


Mistress PewPew
Repo Industries
Posted - 2007.05.28 05:31:00 - [10]

Again, glory to those in the State War Academy. The PVP program is off to a great start. =)

Spider Iarus
Posted - 2007.05.28 05:37:00 - [11]

I'm confused. You're gangbankling solo pilots with newbs in frigates? Seems kind of one sided, I agree...but leaning a bit toward your side...24 pilots...I'd cry.

Stellar Vix
State War Academy
Posted - 2007.05.28 05:42:00 - [12]

Edited by: Stellar Vix on 28/05/2007 06:01:35
Altough the report was in prospect of role play the pvp op did happen.
We did organize, and we did instruct the rookies on how to pew pew better and gave them a pvp code of conduct to die by which includes everyones favorite dont fly anything you cant afford to lose and my favorite dont panic. We also instructed on ship fittings and flight charaterestics needed for certain weapons.
The patrol went smooth and we spotted another SWA pilot which we did indeed though was a late to the party person, but he locked and attacked our scout, FC made the call and the gang enganged.
For the purpose of the pvp operation all pilots where reminded NOT TO POD ANYONE, as this would cause major security status hits and we arent not willing to leave any rookie in low sec because of this.
The pilot was indeed a myrmidon and ganker of sorts and was setup to kill battleships and any single small craft he wasnt expecting 24 frigates to overpower his drones nos and armor.
We captured the pilot to ask him a few questions on why he didnt know that we where going around for the operation, he offered 20 million isk and declared that he will not be playing anymore because we destroyed his only ship and took the rest of his money, its unfourtuante we didnt train this pilot earlier on the concept of not flying anything you could afford to lose. Laugh all you want but this sorta things happen to the best of us.
The second report was as it seemed the Hawk engage thinking he could own all of us most of us are less than a week old, he severly underestimated us and the first ship he locked was the last one he locked. had he fired on the griffen he may have caused far more damage. But team work shone though and the new pilots, despite the loss of a veteran officer, took down a far more dangerous opponent as it was one of the major allaince pilots flying a tech 2 fitted ship. However at a note to late he did realize there was no victory and offered a ransom payout however the order to stop shooting came far to late. Afterreflection would have most of us agreeing the ships destruction was more important than the ransom payout as he could have easily recovered and destroyed us all and of course his friend can be nearby. Nobody got poddedon either side, and SWA rookies had some fun.

SWA looks forward to more PVP training sessions however all SWA pilots are welcomed to join in the weekly patrols and near daily instructional classes on module usage and combat philosphies.

Posted - 2007.05.28 06:02:00 - [13]

Floreat SWA, esto perpetua.


State War Academy
Posted - 2007.05.28 06:04:00 - [14]

Was definatly a fun night, looking forward to more SWA opperations

Recreation Of The World
Posted - 2007.05.28 06:08:00 - [15]

THIS is how a eve tread should be :D

nice job there.

Rhys Onasi
Posted - 2007.05.28 06:19:00 - [16]

SWA.. now if only yu could get all 1000 pilots to fly together at the same time... take down BOB.. well, not if they brought their titan... LOL

Mistress PewPew
Repo Industries
Posted - 2007.05.28 06:20:00 - [17]

We called it a night as our numbers began to dwindle. We (myself) made a mistake of warping into a POS in low sec, which quickly ganked one of our Kestrel pilots. Since it was my fault, warping gang into a POS, I reimbursed the pilot for more than their ship and fittings were worth. My first big mistake, FCing these runs.

Posted - 2007.05.28 06:24:00 - [18]

Hell, I'd make a new trial account just so I could join in on one of these. Laughing Sounds like good fun.

State War Academy
Posted - 2007.05.28 06:24:00 - [19]

It looks like the State War Academy's pvp training is off to an excellent start.
I think the ideas of making regular lessons and patrols is excellent to help keep a high standard of pilots in the corporation.

~ Lakie

Stellar Vix
State War Academy
Posted - 2007.05.28 06:28:00 - [20]

Edited by: Stellar Vix on 13/06/2007 23:32:36
Amendment to Previous Report from State War Academy to Caldari State Navy

Further Evaluation Training Pvp Squadron Program

Appox 0330 Eve Time
Cadari Navy congratulated the cadets and instructors on a job well done with no loss of life among of the elite pod pilots, and being able to settle the incident without death of the criminal. After reporting this to the SWA student body the glory and tales of the battle inspired even more pilots to take up arms and show their ability to learn. Although time was shorter the instructors showed their superior ability to teach the pilots on a short hand notice and set out on an investigation.

Apoxx 0400 Eve Time
SWA PVP squadron with the quick debrief set out again to patrol the lower security sectors of space in search of confusing reports of outer empire movements, although the Caldari Navy knew that the SWA was no match for a full fleet engagement, they could still see and probe the defenses of the outer alliances movements to help the Caldari Navy better monitor them.

Apoxx 0430 Eve Time
The light patrol ran into one of these outer empire patrol scout and despite attempts to evade, fleet engagement could not have been avoided. The scout pilot however made no distress beacon and was flying alone he would soon quickly learn that he sorely underestimated the SWA training task force.

The Fight ensued against the highly technologically advanced Hawk Class Assault Frigate, the odds where against us as this ship can easily fight the numerous Ibis' Cormorants Kestrels and Condors with frightening pace.

The field commander however kept a cool cold caldari steel resolve which reinforced the student pilots to do the same. The Hawk's highly aggressive tactics barely dented the SWA patrols moral, no panic ensued, only combat, these pilots performed with the likeness of hardened veterans who’ve seen the horrors of war.

The Hawk's initial attack destroyed one of the Instructional Officer Vessels as it was easily singled out of the group, it was the last victim the Hawk would claim as the griffin’s jammers and condor's interception disabled the craft allowing the numerous Ibis, Cormorants, and Kestrel craft to overwhelm its superior defenses.

In matter of moments the Hawk was no more and the Fleet Commander knew his welcome was overreaching and recalled the forces before anti-frigate patrols belonging to the outer ring empire would reply to the loss of one of their own. Although there wasn’t much intelligence to be given to the Caldari Navy they where still pleased at the fact the training of new recruits into the defense of the state and they are know more informed on the extent the hostile empire is willing to go to see things their way.
The Pilot who lost her craft is recovering quickly and will return to full flight status, with two pvp patrols with no loss of student pilots further puts the need of a sponsored pvp training squadron in SWA and proof of effectiveness.

In theory if we can train SWA pilots early not to fear war or combat the better off we will be if ever relations break down with our neighboring empires as we wont have to retrain older civilian pilots into the needed combat status.


Acacia Everto
Posted - 2007.05.28 06:32:00 - [21]

Edited by: Acacia Everto on 28/05/2007 06:47:46
Edited by: Acacia Everto on 28/05/2007 06:47:04
For the glory of SWA! :D

Shows what a rag-tag band of frigates, and a couple assorted destroyers and cruisers can do.

Petrothian Tong
Posted - 2007.05.28 06:38:00 - [22]

hmmm, I thought the ships....errr I mean, I thought only the design are associated with the empires.

*checks label on his Raven*
"made in amarr"

*checks label on his Domi*
"made in amarr"

hmm I thought matari slaves in Amarr made everything?

and what about those of us who are born of Gallente and Achura union....

can we sign up?

Stellar Vix
State War Academy
Posted - 2007.05.28 06:57:00 - [23]

Edited by: Stellar Vix on 22/06/2007 17:40:24
State War Academy PVP to Caldari State Navy

Operation Gate Cramp

Intel reports started to pour in that a star gate in the Nonni System was under seige.

SWA PVP took it upon itself to test thier might a meddle and began assembeling the fleet.

Most of the fleet comprimised of passerbys though and our regular students that had some training previously before where not available at the time. All in all 19 Pilots voulenteered for the dangerous mission code named Operation Gate Cramp.

The fleet holding position by the gate took advantage of the fact a automated Freighter and a Caldari Drake Battlecruiser entered into system despite the warning issued by CONCORD. The fleet unable to stop the two civillian ships from entering into the battle took it upon themselves to try to make the most of the sitiuation and attempt to save a ship or two.

The battle was intense and fast and didnt last long, During the fire fight the hostile forces reinforce thier gate camp with two more battleships and various other craft bringing thier numbers to 12 vs our 19, we managed to destroy two of thier highly prized and well fitted craft before we deemed the battle unwinnable and recalled the forces friendly losses where under 50% but the value lost is estimated to be far lower than that of the enemy. After battle intel stated that the camp became far more reinforced with more anti cruiser and anti frigate capable ships.

After withdrawing from the battle there was a thought to bring up a second wave but was decided against as our opponent is human and is probably preparing for the next assault. A short Debreif was made to anaylze what when right and what went wrong and come to the common agreeance that we where just simply out classed and out gunned.
Most pilots however in SWA and SWA PVP agreed it was very fun and exiciting what they participated in and an honorable attempt to dislodge the hostiles and a good effort. Ultimately the operational goal was failed but our objectives where meet. We had fun and we pew'd pew'd and surprisingly got somewhere. SWA PVP would love to continue our operations and to thank all those that helped out and support us. I would also like to thank our hostiles for being good targets for us and what a gate camp is.


Mistress PewPew
Repo Industries
Posted - 2007.05.28 07:37:00 - [24]

I didn't do half bad, flying a Griffin ECM rig, and flying an alt account on a Damper Maulus setup. We had a pretty well diversified gang, with a few ECM, a few Tackler/Scouts, and a good few DPS. End result? Over 50mill in damages, and lost less than 1mill ourselves. Not bad odds, I'd say.

ISD Rauth Kivaro

Posted - 2007.05.28 07:56:00 - [25]

This thread now has too much mixed in and out of character content for me to move it Wink, but for your future roleplaying needs, may I recommend the Intergalactic Summit forum? It is in-character only and, along with the Corporations and Alliances Summit are the RP forums here and IGS would probably be a good place to report these types of operations in the future.

Thanks and good luck,

Rauth Kivaro (

Kitt Zehn
Wings of Redemption
Posted - 2007.05.28 08:25:00 - [26]

Proud pilot of a Condor and prouder member of the State War Academy. Didn't think we could pull this off with so many newbie pilots (including myself), but I couldn't have asked for better results. Or time better spent.

Can't wait to make another run with you guys, and definite kudos to Stellar Vix and our FC, Mistress PewPew. We couldn't have accomplished this without you.

Oh, and always for the glory of SWA! *grins*

Mistress PewPew
Repo Industries
Posted - 2007.05.28 08:41:00 - [27]

Ah yes, Kitt, our ever-faithful Condor pilot. She wouldn't even downgrade to a free Rocket Kestrel, instead she insists on flying her beloved "Baby Bird". I see her flying a Crow for the glory of SWA in the future. ;)

Faye Valerii
Exeunt Omnes
Posted - 2007.05.28 10:46:00 - [28]

A big WELL DONE ! : )

Nice write-up, too.

Posted - 2007.05.28 11:06:00 - [29]

i got baited by SWA, ohhhh the embarrassment, Embarassed

well, i suppose have fun, plus it was a fun fight for me untill the raven warped in :P its always fun fighting numerous enemies and knowing your winning, untill the raven warps in :D i could have escaped after their tackler went down but decided to stick it out and see if i could trash the hungin too, failed at that but w/e

anyway, have fun in SWA, atleast when some dudes come out of SWA they wont be completely incapable, oh, if anyone wants a lesson on pvp go to SWA, theyll teach you about how rank 5 skills are a waste of time, tech 2, is a waste of time, dreadnaughts are great at wasting BS', ravens should go faster than megathrons because theyre smaller (theyre a great big block for crying out loud!!!) and other such ridiculous claimsWink

ReviveX Fleet
White Noise.
Posted - 2007.05.28 11:09:00 - [30]

excellent thread :D

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