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Jonis Sinmaker
Valiant Logistics Inc.
The Purge Alliance
Posted - 2007.05.26 00:01:00 - [91]

Reminds me of old Curse/Stain war....hmmmm nothing happened then that made a difference...why would anything happen now.

Shadow Elk
Posted - 2007.05.26 00:01:00 - [92]

I cant find the words... Un ****ing belivable.. Extremely nice done. Hoooraaay.. So, we need to get our raincoats on awaiting the whitewash?

Demlor McKell
Posted - 2007.05.26 00:01:00 - [93]

This post doesnt even come close to answering the majority of issues raised by the playerbase.

Try again.

Dave White
Posted - 2007.05.26 00:02:00 - [94]

Edited by: Dave White on 26/05/2007 00:02:25

Looking forward to a more detailed 'report' and further investigation results...

Posted - 2007.05.26 00:02:00 - [95]

I realise that you haven't had much time yet, but this response is completely inadequate. Two of the issues raised haven't even been acknowledged.

Posted - 2007.05.26 00:03:00 - [96]

There is nothing to see here, please ignore the blatant cheating and look at the DS1 issue. I repeat, there is nothing to see here.

Posted - 2007.05.26 00:03:00 - [97]

You guys jump to a conclusion too soon and give Arkanon a great stress to do his job. Now that everyone at CCP can monitor their employers :)

We humbly ask our players to trust that the internal monitoring of our employers

Manfred Sideous
Body Count Inc.
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2007.05.26 00:03:00 - [98]

This game becomes more riddled each day with more BS. Im about reaching my fill please ban me and give me a excuse to not play anymore!

Posted - 2007.05.26 00:03:00 - [99]

A lot of people loose trust into CCP, when such things happen again and again.

Can we please get rid of it, by just not allowing employees of CCP to have active accounts in any Corp or Alliance other than CCPs own like ISD, Polaris, etc.?

This will only lead into bad critique and you, CCP, can't get this solved by any chance, as many people wont listen anymore, to what you say defending your actions.

Bad critique spreads alot faster, then you can build up your reputation again.

I've seen this many times allready: Bad critique ruins business, damn fast.

Posted - 2007.05.26 00:03:00 - [100]

The initial response is ALWAYS damage control and information management, isn't it? Petitions get instantly deleted, accounts get permanantly banned, forum threads are deleted without being addressed and people are put under NDAs just so they won't say stuff like that open letter when the find out.

I have said this before and I will continue to say this. Information Management is NEVER going to work as policy. Transparancy and full disclosure of internal events is the only way to work this and you wll have to find a way to work that around the laws that stop you discussing things like the reason someone left the company.

Lady Branwen
Ministry of War
Posted - 2007.05.26 00:03:00 - [101]

well it was pretty obvious what was up last time around, you covered that up (or tried to) pretty shoddily, you really believe this is a suprise to anyone with half a brain ???

what those of us with half a brain are wondering is when you gimps are going to understand the customers pay for a level playing field theory Rolling Eyes

Pax Uranus
ATLAH Galaxywide
Posted - 2007.05.26 00:03:00 - [102]

I'll be the first to point out that, based on previous incidents and responses, the procedural model calls for this thread to be left open with no significant official responses until it hits anywhere from 50-100 pages. At this point, the thread will be locked and noone will ever hear anything else about it. Rolling Eyes

Posted - 2007.05.26 00:03:00 - [103]

I would like to know why the original threads were deleted without reason given, and why the press release is the same generic side stepping and hand waving that was given to the player base the LAST time CCP was caught cheating, then later caught LYING about it. It seems only overwhelming evidence and massive negative media attention will motivate CCP to do anything other than ignore the problem.

Lsf XXi
Posted - 2007.05.26 00:03:00 - [104]

Why can BoB summon someone to fire ISD at will?

Natas Dog
Posted - 2007.05.26 00:03:00 - [105]

I'd feel a lot more confident if there was less sidestepping on the other two issues raised in the open letter. I'm anxiously awaiting the impending thread crapping that happens anytime something negative is implicated towards a certain alliance that trolls these forums more than the goons do though.

Posted - 2007.05.26 00:03:00 - [106]

CCP, You're going to have to let people go for this.. The first time should have been a clear sign to all CCP Employees as to not abuse their roles. You're going to have to let everyone go who is in anyway related to this event (which I imagine would be at least 5 employees).

Sen Xia
Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2007.05.26 00:04:00 - [107]

Edited by: Sen Xia on 26/05/2007 00:05:09
I think some people need to consider that this news affects everybody who plays this game, from goonswarm members to bob members and everybody in between. If this scandel turns out to be true, and that some BOB members are found to be guilty of cheating, it would really suck for the other bob members who have done nothing wrong. They have put in just as much work into making their alliance and to have that work disgraced by this would really suck. I know I would be really upset if it was revealed Goonswarm had dev/isd assistance.

People who come into this thread complaining that the goon response was the more morally offensive aspect of this scandal really need to examine their priorities. They clearly do not care about a fair game if they ignore a potential problem like this.

InterGalactic Corp.
Posted - 2007.05.26 00:04:00 - [108]

Originally by: Blacklight
To be honest I'm more interested how CCP intend to deal with a particular element of the player base who think that just because their personal drama llama is on the loose it's then ok to spam these forums to the degree that they have to be taken down to deal with it.

I would have thought you would be more interested to know if there is indeed any truth in these accusations. If they turn out to be false, then - and only then - should you be interested in what action would be taken against this element of the player base. To suggest that action should be taken without the truth implies you are directing the focus of attention away from the matter at hand.

Being a normal paying customer (ie. not a GM, Dev or anything else), I want the truth first, justice later.

Svaha Norbu
Posted - 2007.05.26 00:04:00 - [109]

Originally by: Blacklight
To be honest I'm more interested how CCP intend to deal with a particular element of the player base who think that just because their personal drama llama is on the loose it's then ok to spam these forums to the degree that they have to be taken down to deal with it.

Well, now that CCP is aware of your feelings on the matter, I expect they will be dealt with swiftly and fairly. ugh

Merch Industrial
Posted - 2007.05.26 00:04:00 - [110]

Why does CCP think we have any reason to trust them after they 're stated policy is their devs can exploit and only get slightly yelled at, but when we bring up legitimate complaints we get banned? Do you honestly think we're that stupid?

Steam Pipe
Posted - 2007.05.26 00:04:00 - [111]

Originally by: Charleton Heston
So, what about the more relevant question, how BOB got a CCP employee to intervein in an ISD doing his job within a minute, and then subsequently fired?

Because that is a lot more important than the GM joining and leaving a corp.

yes, please address these issues directly. I think everyone is quite curious about this.

Chalana Arroy
Science and Trade Institute
Posted - 2007.05.26 00:04:00 - [112]

This is free advice CCP. You, as a company, need to get to the bottom of this and answer these allegations NOW, truthfully, and in a manner that assures your playerbase that problems like T20 won't happen again.

I work in a job that requires me to deal with other people's crises. The worst thing you can do is let this problem fester over the weekend, stonewall it, or have low-level staff (as has already happened in this thread) giving out answers that don't answer the questions.

Bad news isn't like wine. It doesn't get better with age. The longer your players wait without a definitive answer from someone like Keiron, who has enough invested in the game that we can be sure he isn't playing for one side or another in a little internet spaceship wargame, the worse this will get. You're going to be slashdotted soon if you haven't been already. And it will get further than that if you don't solve these problems.

These allegations may have a perfectly reasonable explanation, but whether they do or not CCP as a company needs to answer them sooner, rather than later.

Milano II
Posted - 2007.05.26 00:05:00 - [113]

Originally by: Iwone
I would love to ask CCP ppl to tell us how many more times we need to "trust" them.

You ppl are ruining your own game.


Posted - 2007.05.26 00:05:00 - [114]

Why do i get after repackaging a ship with rigs this message:

"Unfortunately, our reimbursement policy does not cover player mistakes. Regrettably, there is nothing we can do to help."

And other ppl i know get the stuff reimbursement, as example my alt char ?
Is it because my Corp is pro North ?

Charleton Heston
Posted - 2007.05.26 00:05:00 - [115]

Apparently, while it takes normal players weeks to get their ships reimbursed, it takes BOB less than a minute to get an ISD fired, as they seem to have some direct link that summons Admiral CHarmarjarajhkjshdf whenever they want.

The Collective
Posted - 2007.05.26 00:05:00 - [116]

Originally by: Drused
Well, hopefully the member of Darkstar 1 that made the petition will confirm that there is indeed a real petition. That would head off this whole forum drama bomb before it gets started in earnest.

Shouldn't be too hard.

There was indeed a petition. It went POOF!! As in deleted. ugh

Posted - 2007.05.26 00:05:00 - [117]

If the RP events have been rigged repeatedly, will CCP repossess the items which they unfairly distributed? A LV mothership springs to mind.

Shadow Elk
Posted - 2007.05.26 00:06:00 - [118]

Will something be done this time around or will it be more promises of employing more BoB personell for various CCP tasks such as internal affairs, PR and so on?

Black Nova Corp
Band of Brothers
Posted - 2007.05.26 00:06:00 - [119]

I read the letter, I don't see anything in there that would constitute a label of " cheating "...

A careful read will allow one to see that the ISD guy was clearly bias against BoB in the instance he spoke about, he even admitted to Warping within 1 " Foot " as he put it, of the dread.

Come on now, we all know if you warp right ontop of someone, be it a few hundred meters or a thousand, the likelyhood that you're going to bump them is high.

So whats the big deal here? Jerk of an ISD reporter got his privledges taken away, -claps-

CCP being contacted via MSN rather than petition? Who cares? You all wish you could do such a thing, I don't see any instance in that entire letter than says Orange Species did anything to " Cheat " or change the " State of the game " or the " Course of his pvp operation " By reporting that prick to someone he might call friend, who just happens to be on CCP staff.

Come on now people, all this instigating and calling to arms from the community is what will ruin this game, not the fact BoB has CCP staff on MSN lists.

CCP is not a local government, theyre not elected officals, if you don't like the way things are handled, stop paying them, it's not like taxes, you have a choice.

They do NOT have to answer to the customer, simply stop being a customer and go play vanguard or something singleplayer so you dont have to interact with other people.

Bob Socko
Posted - 2007.05.26 00:06:00 - [120]

If it was just to fix a POS, he would have let the CEO know. If he really did forget, it all could have been cleared up by responding to the petition - rather than deleting the petition outright.

I'm very disappointed that the initial response ignores the fact that a BoB pilot got an ISD reporter fired via out-of-game channels because he refused to leave a system. The response also ignores the rigged roleplaying events. I'm very, very disappointed.

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