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Posted - 2007.05.25 23:56:00 - [61]

It's unfortunate that we don't have the MSN addresses of devs to talk to when people bump us. Unfortunately we have to use these forums instead.

Oohwha Schipperman
The 5th Freedom
Wildly Inappropriate.
Posted - 2007.05.25 23:56:00 - [62]

Originally by: Blacklight
To be honest I'm more interested how CCP intend to deal with a particular element of the player base who think that just because their personal drama llama is on the loose it's then ok to spam these forums to the degree that they have to be taken down to deal with it.

Well, of course that's what you'd be more interested in. Rolling Eyes

Legion Du Lys
Posted - 2007.05.25 23:57:00 - [63]

To be serious...

CCP much do something or face the reality and the consequence of this...

The end of Eve.

Astarte Nosferatu
Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2007.05.25 23:57:00 - [64]

Originally by: Zy'or Tealon
Originally by: R3dSh1ft
and what about the banning of the ISD reporter (of 1.5 years no less) without an explanation to him?

That's a seperate issue and of no concern to us.

It's off concern to every paying player.

Posted - 2007.05.25 23:57:00 - [65]

What about the issues with Raekhan and people being banned left and right over this? And why didn't this dev contact the corporation in question about this at first? Their petition was deleted too- what about that?

The newspost doesn't address any of the issues adequately, if at all.

Posted - 2007.05.25 23:57:00 - [66]

I'll no longer pay any subscription fees due to this scandal. CCP lost me as a customer for life.

Kasigi Yabu
Posted - 2007.05.25 23:57:00 - [67]

Why are you only addressing one issue and not the others?

Asuka Asami
Posted - 2007.05.25 23:58:00 - [68]

The way these things are handled speaks tons of how unprofessional CCP really are.

No mention of the other allegations - as per usual with you guys - and once again you resort to banning people who expose your true nature. Good job CCP.

Posted - 2007.05.25 23:58:00 - [69]

Edited by: Lavanyaa on 25/05/2007 23:57:24
I call BS. In an earlier post from the former ISD member that got banned, he said ISD had the power to teleport their ships instantaneously. Assuming this was a full fledged GM they have even more power than ISD members do in regards to the game. And why outright delete the petition, the least you could do is set the CEO's mind at ease about it by promptly replying and explaining what happened.

Christ CCP you guys are making some really stupid decisions as of late. A quick response explaining the situation and it wouldn't have even been an issue for DS1 (probably).

Mister Wednesday
Posted - 2007.05.25 23:58:00 - [70]

Also why wasn't the corporation informed of the dev joining it to fix a bug? And why are you ignoring the Raekhan stuff? Why was the petition about the Dev joining DS1 deleted?

M. Corp
-Mostly Harmless-
Posted - 2007.05.25 23:58:00 - [71]

So is BOB gonna split up?

Nicolas Tesla
Posted - 2007.05.25 23:58:00 - [72]

Originally by: Laura Faorun
Why can BoB summon Admiral CHarmarjarajhkjshdf to fire ISD at will?

Just curious, cause you know, it's pretty much the major issue here.

Posted - 2007.05.25 23:59:00 - [73]

Humm Dev Misconduct...

Unforutunatly we live in a corrupt society, however even goverments nip it in the bud quickly, CCP seem to let it roll.

"No smoke without fire" your dealing with an fairly intelegent player base (generaly).

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2007.05.25 23:59:00 - [74]

BoB members blind to the fact that just about everyone is behind this.

Guff Dandy
Posted - 2007.05.25 23:59:00 - [75]

Why did you delete the petition?

Immortalis Inc.
Posted - 2007.05.25 23:59:00 - [76]

Its not just about the Sharkbait incident. That is just frosting on top of the cake. What is bothersome is the fact that you got one of your own ISD's banned for doing his freaking job. And now, to top it all off, you are banning people while they inform other community members of the situation. How can you go around with the ban stick and not expect a public outcry? I guarantee you, several thousand accounts will probably cancel because of your mundane attempt to cover this up. I love this game, and play it constantly. Its one of a kind. But incidents like this will bring it down, much sooner than later.

Audri Fisher
Burning Bush Enterprises
Posted - 2007.05.25 23:59:00 - [77]

Why am I not suprised?

Privateer Alliance
Posted - 2007.05.25 23:59:00 - [78]

I read the letter in its entirety and frankly am disturbed, any player including Sir Molle should not have CCP as their personal ban stick.

Covering it up is going to be the order of the day i guess.

Posted - 2007.05.25 23:59:00 - [79]

Whatever happens, its not going to be swept under the rug.
Its on & (main page) so far.

Empire Assault Corp
Posted - 2007.05.26 00:00:00 - [80]

Why didn't CCP just answer Darkstar 1's petitions? It was a perfectly valid reason for Sharkbait to access director roles, if its true.

Zawa's Fan Club
Posted - 2007.05.26 00:00:00 - [81]

So a developer had to access a corp in order to solve a bug? What's the word... dumb? Yes, that's the one. That's one dumb statement. Smile

Chan Zargrim
Strife Mercenaries Inc.
Posted - 2007.05.26 00:00:00 - [82]

This might be the end of Eve for this account and my other.

CCP, What the hell?

Hail Xenu
Posted - 2007.05.26 00:00:00 - [83]

Edited by: Hail Xenu on 25/05/2007 23:59:36
Originally by: Kasigi Yabu
Why are you only addressing one issue and not the others?
Because that's hard. No explanation on why the petitions were deleted though, or why none of the people in corp knew about the bugged pos, or why a dev needed to join the corp to fix it unlike normal when GMs fix the POS with their magic.

Actually why is a dev doing GM work anyway?

edit, oh i see, short term bs explanation, gg ccp, gg.

Posted - 2007.05.26 00:00:00 - [84]

The fraternizing between the Devs and the players at Fanfests is the main reason for this corrupt behaviour that's been surfacing lately.

Spartan Industries
Posted - 2007.05.26 00:00:00 - [85]

u doesnt need to answer on thsi goonies..but was it a Capital building POs we was talking about or jsut a ordinary Pos? if its the first its definaly fishy.

Posted - 2007.05.26 00:00:00 - [86]

It seems pretty pointless for anyone to play EVE at all if one group of players can just phone up the developpers and get anything they want. Why would anyone want to play a rigged game full of cheats? Hopefully many people decide not to.

Suez Newton
Posted - 2007.05.26 00:00:00 - [87]

How hard is it to get logs of this broken POS and of the letter to the CEO letting him know that a GM was going to be entering the Corp?

Posted - 2007.05.26 00:00:00 - [88]

If we can't trust ISD to deliver news for fear of BoB intimidation, how will we trust the newsposts?

Tananda Vaakaja
Posted - 2007.05.26 00:01:00 - [89]

Edited by: Tananda Vaakaja on 26/05/2007 00:00:29
The lack of response and silence is rather telling, any attempts in general discussions get locked or deleted.
The payment of monies and the eula we have to agree to constitute a binding legal agreement which does NOT include misconduct, misinformation, and outright FRAUD. When you take my money and then misrepresent a service you are committing fraud. Which is at the last time I looked illegal in every country on the globe.. (with the possible exception of Nigeria).
This is shameful conduct my CCP management, and is NOT doing a lot to restore player faith in their abilities.
Will we get an honest answer.. it has been given already.. we will be mislead...misinformed... and hushed up as quickly as possible.
If this in indicitive of business practises in Iceland I'll be dammed if I'm having MY company invest anything there.

General Windypops
The Littlest Hobos
En Garde
Posted - 2007.05.26 00:01:00 - [90]

Edited by: General Windypops on 26/05/2007 00:01:24
Well I guess today is the day that Goons went too far, spammed the forums to the point they were taken offline and lost the credibility of the Eve community.

Pretty pathetic to try to debase an entire game with so many uncorped alts simply because of their desire to win a forum war.

If you read between the lines of the drama bomb there's not a shred of actual evidence whatsoever.

A sad day indeed. I just wish Goons could have conducted themselves with a bit more honour, instead of ruining the game for the entire eve community to further their own political ends.

Deliberately spoiling / derailing / spamming every single in game channel and legitimate thread on the forums was a step too far. Learn to respect your community, Goonswarm. If you want to be treated with credibility behave in a way that people respect, don't grief the game for innocent players.

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