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Stork DK
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Posted - 2007.05.21 12:01:00 - [1]

Allow me to introduce: "Player Owned Stargates"

I would like the idea of alliances being able to build Stargates in their own sovereignty. The gates would have range limits and require fuel like a POS. They would then need power for every jump using ice products for instance.

Mmm example:
A big allience control a region, they operate multiple Outposts and a heap of POS's. They then figure out that it would be ideal to have shorter route from Outpost A to Outpost B. On the galactic starmap the distance is very short, but with the existing gates it takes more than 20 minutes. If they where able to build a faster route they could aid an assaulted system without the huge way around, by using their own gates to deploy fleets quickly to strategic points.

Now im not really that into POS fuelling and ice prices but say that keeping it online would cost the same as 2-4 Large POS's, then all jumps would require another ice product such as Liquid Ozone for the power generation and would be more costly the bigger ship its blasting through space. Like the bigger mass, the higher power generatoin is needed. (And nano domi's would need nerf Laughing)

I havent really thought much about the price of building the actual stargate but im guessing that if its too low we would have gates all over the place and if its too much it would be... Erm dunno really.

Then of course what should be on the negative side.
a) Hostile fleets should be able to destroy it, might be ideal to give it same HP as a Medium or Large POS, but make it unable to jump ships through once the shields are downed and the armor is damaged.
b) Then of course Offlining and Onlining should take forever so that its not possible to just online it whenever you need it.
c) Out of ideas tbh...

pls dont hate me Cool


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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