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Posted - 2007.05.03 04:54:00 - [151]

Started out on Jumpgate and made it level 50 Optimus.Only game i have ever reached top level. Loved the game for twitch flight engine. No point and click in this game. Quit because of the long flight times. When you were loaded it could take over 1 hour to get anywhere. MACK was where it was at. Nothing like seeing 20 tows flying in formation with fighter coverage to provide equipment. Just returned to the game.Loved the sense of community in that game. Former DJ on MACK radio and Jumpgate Pirate Radio. Longest show record 24 hours!!

Joined Eve during beta however quit becuase my son was always training and I was never getting any training time. This was back when MOO was big. Returned about 2 years ago and rejoined my old Jumpgate guild mates playing.

Played Earth And Beyond with my daughter. Sorry to see that game disappear. Loved the cloaking ships and trying to get close to a pilot to jumpstart them and get out before i got toasted.

Moved to SWG. Love the game until combat upgrade and NGE ruined it for me.

Dabbled with COH.

Currently playing some WOW for a change of pace.

Before all of this it was Command and Conquer, Starcraft, and Total Annahiltion(sp)

Nice Thread

Juneau Vespertine
Tech 3 Hotsauce Limited
Posted - 2007.05.03 05:53:00 - [152]

7 years as a top-end logistics leader in Everquest. Beta'd a couple expansions and literally wrote the code to fix a 2 year old quest bug, but after the awful recent expansions and the problems that came with them I decided I'd had enough. Almost went to the first summit they had a few years back, but since I wasn't 21 at the time there wouldn't have been much of a point.

Spent about 800 hours parsing and testing some problems and ended up writing I think 30-40 pages on the subject, now I can't even remember most of what it was about. I did get to leave a few friends some nice info on bugs before I left, because devs decided to ignore numerous bug reports, posts, mails, and even direct conversation.

Eve has an excellent reputation in the gaming community, and I don't regret the move for a second.

o/ Redhenna, I remember you from back when TSW was good. I stopped playing on Luclin in about 1999 though, you probably wouldn't recognize me.

Posted - 2007.05.03 06:04:00 - [153]

you know whats wrong with this thread?

the way the question is posed makes it seem like you had quit all previous games - i still play all my rts

Aizhan Aldeen
Posted - 2007.05.03 06:25:00 - [154]

Before EVE, I have to say best space sim was the game Independence War I and II. These two games had the best in game physics, nice modelling and an intriguing storyline. The dogfights were the best i ever had too.

EVE is fun but it isnt a true space sim its more like a strategy space game. Having said that, EVE is the only space MMO game on the market thats worth playing. If CCP ever moves in the direction of IWAR II style of gameplay it would be the bomb.

SEN 5243
Posted - 2007.05.03 06:38:00 - [155]

Freelancer Smile

WGAnubis Marrith
Posted - 2007.05.03 06:41:00 - [156]

Edited by: WGAnubis Marrith on 03/05/2007 06:38:17
First major MMO was The Matrix Online, Recursion instance. Was there from a bit into beta to launch, was fun for the most part, but then SOE got ahold of it and did its dracula thing to the game.

Trauma Ward
Posted - 2007.05.03 06:55:00 - [157]

Eve is the first MMO ive ever played, and i cant see myself playing another one really. PVP in eve is unmatched, I still get an adrenaline rush sometimes from it, I never imagined a video game could do that.

Most other MMO's just seem to be clones of each other, casting magical spells on elves/dwarves/etc, doing mindless repetitive tasks to "level up". That kinda crap just seems really fruity and boring to me.

As for non-MMO's before EVE i played Live for Speed (a race simulator) and CS mostly. I still play them sometimes, but I almost always play eve instead :) I do still play some Nintendo games from time to time too, Mario 3 ftw!

ry ry
Posted - 2007.05.03 07:03:00 - [158]

Edited by: ry ry on 03/05/2007 07:08:09
Originally by: SiJira
*vague flamey argumentativeness.*

the question was 'what did you play before Eve'.

that's all. nothing about whether you still play it, or if it was your first mmo.

Posted - 2007.05.03 07:11:00 - [159]

Edited by: SiJira on 03/05/2007 07:09:43
Originally by: ry ry

i read that, was halfway through writing a reply, then realised it made no sense.

it looks like it makes sense, it sounds like it makes sense, but it dosen't. like graham norton's inexplicable popularity.

if thats your way of asking for clarification ill grant it to you

your last paragraph clearly states
MMO players are made, not born, so what did you play before you discovered Eve, how do you fink they compare, and why Eve in particular

now - many people answered clearly not trying to comprehend that last paragraph

it comes down to this
-you stated that mmo players arent born hence they arent mmo players from birth but some particular mmo makes them an mmo player
-then you asked what we played before and how it compares

now asking how anything that is not an mmp compares to an mmo would be foolish so we can understand that you are referring to mmos

now my answer was
well your last paragraph confuses me because since mmo players are made not born you would think not everyone played an mmo before eve

such as myself

-meaning that even though you seem to understand that not everyone plays an mmo from the first time they start playing games online - you still phrase your words in such a way as to ask how the mmos people played before compare

-this confuses me
- and i have not played an mmo before eve

ok ?

urgh. stoppit with the weak flamey argumentativeness already. you're not even very good at it.
good at what? im not trying to be good at anything

you still play Dune 2?

My favorite game ever, you know. it was ace back in the day but it hardly stands up to close inspection these days.

any game that was good in its day is still good today unless you jumped on some bandwagon for a crappy game
Anyway the question was 'what did you play before Eve'. that's all.

maybe you dont even know what you posted but your post clearly indicates what i have pointed out unless english is not your first language in wich case you can let me know so i can be fair to you

ry ry
Posted - 2007.05.03 07:13:00 - [160]

bah, i went back and edited that because i remembered you like to just argue some ludicrously pedantic point of semantics upto the point where it destroys the thread.

Imagine my delight that you managed to get a post in first!

Posted - 2007.05.03 07:15:00 - [161]

Originally by: ry ry
bah, i went back and edited that because i remembered you like to just argue some ludicrously pedantic point of semantics upto the point where it destroys the thread.

Imagine my delight that you managed to get a post in first!

and i go to quote your edited post
i bet that makes your day

Posted - 2007.05.03 07:45:00 - [162]

My first MMO was WoW.. I quickly made it to level 36 and grew rather bored. I wandered around a bit playing smaller MMOs and FPS online before a friend of mine told me about eve, ever since then I've been playing.

Posted - 2007.05.03 08:15:00 - [163]

Played most mmorpgs out there, stuck to nothing like Eve thou. Started off a hardcore UT player for 3 years, then my first mmorpg was to be Myth Of Soma :)

Black Nova Corp
Band of Brothers
Posted - 2007.05.03 08:30:00 - [164]

Jumpgate. Started it during the first phases of EU Beta, had a quick visit in the US one aswell. Good mechanics, excellent and challenging PvP, and a collection of very nice ideas overall. Too bad the whole "open end pvp world" which actually serves as the sandbox for politics and wars, was in the end ruined by rulebook-mongering internet game lawyers who howled bans and restrictions for people who chose to make things boom instead of talking pretty. Shame, really.

Had a damn good squad too... :)

Silvana Starbreeze
key tech limited
Posted - 2007.05.03 08:46:00 - [165]

Well well, lets see if i can get this together :)

At first i was into Shooters ...

Quakeworld, Quake2, Quake3 - played on Tournament level, won quite alot of stuff back then :)

I did play Neocron (1+2) for ages with a month not playing here and there but always returning - The clan made all the difference :) Freedom Force FTW

I did play SWG on the side - had some fun there, made a lot of money but when the hologrind started and i got Master Bio Engineer or something i quit

I played WoW too - a few chars to 30-40 and a priest to 60 - went to MC twice, did some BGs - decided the endgame sucks like hell and quit

(insert more Neocron here ;) )

Then we decided to give EvE a go - and woah, what a game :)

Love it - don`t think another game will come close in the next time :)

Erasers inc.
Controlled Chaos
Posted - 2007.05.03 09:10:00 - [166]

Came from Arctic Mud (fantasy Dragonlance/pvp theme), and find Eve sharing the same harsh attitude. Don't believe I would ever like any (non-RP) MMORPG which doesn't penalize death heavily.

At least Eve isn't that addictive.


Cutting Edge Incorporated
RAZOR Alliance
Posted - 2007.05.03 09:22:00 - [167]

Everquest (4 years): Unfortunately I picked a cleric as my main. It basically boils down to sitting on Your ass, meditating to regain mana, while watching the other players health bars… When I finally quit I felt no remorse, only relief.

Planetside (1 year): Great game! But it did indeed lack long term goals, so Yeah… I heard about this Icelandic game and thought why not?

EVE (<1 year): Landed, as a n00b, in what became the GNW, on the PA side. Login traps, repeatedly podded, safespotting for weeks on end in contested systems (BKG anyone?), smack talk, dual MWDs, outskilled and (probably) outclassed, and finally some more smack talk. I was intrigued, by the political backdrop, and the fact that You could pretty much keep evolving Your character forever… But I was disappointed with a number of things within the PA alliance. But first and foremost I was bored and war weary… Then I heard about this Beta test.

WoW (still playing): Was in Beta, and played it since. Really enjoyed the leveling game, but yeah – the end game sure is repetitive. If You have to get 20 – 40 people together to make a dent in the harder instances, it becomes a logistic and administrative nightmare.

Planetside (couple of months): … So I went back to PS for a while. Still loved the game. The continental, or even world, spanning tactics. The frantic fights… but after a while I hit the new level “roof”, and again – no long term goals. It was “same old, same old”, day after day.

EVE: So last autumn I saw on the web that my old corp mates had started up again, and – hey – I’m back in EVE. Very Happy

CCP Ginger

Posted - 2007.05.03 10:05:00 - [168]

Never played any other MMO before EVE. Only played EVE because I had the flu one week and needed something to do besides watching day time TV.

Lifes a bit funny like that. Played WoW since then, didnt really get on with it.

Encad Briht
LifeLine Solutions
Posted - 2007.05.03 10:33:00 - [169]

Edited by: Encad Briht on 03/05/2007 10:32:50
Well, where to begin ...

I think my addiction to vid games in general started very early, at least with a schneider PC thats older then me (and is still working fine) and elite, didnt get much into that as 3-5 year old boy. Played later a lot on a macintosh, those my father had in his company,
which meaned a lot Descent II (Descent Series is still OMG) and starcraft, which i played occasionally online, when we got dial-up internet.

Later then i had a mediocre PC on which i played a lot X-btf and X-T after a friend of mine brought it to me. At the time we got broadband i made a short trial in jumpgate,
after getting an add of them, liked it, but wasnt really my style and i hadnt the money back then to pay for an MMO. So, short before x˛ hit the shelves i took a look after some MP Action on their side and found their page about XOL, which i was amazed of and searched for something similar in the net. Well, i stumpled across more space sim, like I-War 2 (goddamn great, atari should make a fecking sequel), Freelancer and the whole SFC series. in the autumn of that year i searched again in egosofts forums to get some info, if there was a way to play X on MP.
Stumbled across a link to EVEs Page, couldnt find a trial back then, and just ordered
a complete first month with an account creation. First log-in and the first views was like OMFG, was full-time addict since then.

edit : Tried a lot of MMOs and betas since, bit none made it to meet my expectations or to exceed it, like eve did in the first two weeks. (EVE made me kinda incomplatible to lvl grind :-/)

The Rincewind
Galaxos Schild Schmiede
Posted - 2007.05.03 10:40:00 - [170]

I startet the mmorpg-world with Asherons Call, quitt it after the beta.

Bevore and during the closed beta of eve i ve played Lineage2 for almost 2 years. The chronic 2 wich were released 2004 i guess, forced me to quitt that game too.
A developer who force player to hunt/play together (in parties)has no idea how different players can be.

I really can say that eve give me all i ever want when i saw si-fi series. Now i have a lill idea how the realtinships in maybe 2200 can be developed if we have reached the galaxy as a home in big Stations.

But i hope it will be more civil like it is atm in EvE Very Happy
......anyway this is a Game and what we all want is to have FUN FUN FUN

Posted - 2007.05.03 10:44:00 - [171]

Edited by: NeoTech on 03/05/2007 10:41:49

This is my MMORPG history that qualifies my oppinion of thinking that WoW is a total rip off and that its total crap!.

MU Online --> Dark Age Of Camelot --> Star Wars Galaxies --> City Of Heroes --> Saga of Ryzom --> Guildwars --> World Of Warcraft --> EvE Online

Grades: (10 is best, 1 is worst.)
MU Online: 3
Dark Age Of Camelot: 7
Star Wars Galaxies: 3
City Of Heroes: 3
Saga Of Ryzom: 4
Guildwars: 5
World Of Warcraft: 3 (Copycat!)
EvE Online: 9

Per Bastet
Obsidian Mining Coalition
Posted - 2007.05.03 10:54:00 - [172]

Came from Planetside as well.

Seems like ALOT of PS players here.

Sons of Tangra
Posted - 2007.05.03 10:59:00 - [173]

Edited by: Chochko on 03/05/2007 10:57:10
Redmoon (my first MMO - realy liked it, midnight calls for upcoming wars Twisted Evil )
Anarchy Online (not bad in the begining, but become crap later)
EVE-Alfa test (wtf i hated this game)
Ultima Online (Trammel killed it)
Lineage 2 (Farmers - didnt played and liked it much)
MU Online (MMO - vertical shooter or whateeva)
Guildwars (bad, bad, bad)
World Of Warcraft (looks good, smells good tastes like ****)
EvE Online Twisted Evil

Taurus Inc
Mournival Alliance
Posted - 2007.05.03 11:41:00 - [174]

I played ALOT of tiberian sun
Then i played Natural Selection(Little known HL1 Mod)
Then eve

Ryoji Tanakama
Indicium Technologies
Hephaestus Forge Alliance
Posted - 2007.05.03 12:53:00 - [175]

Asheron's Call was first and I sometimes reactivate and play for a month. Harvestgaun server from release, old Knights of Winchester guild (we were pretty big and one of 2 or 3 guilds to be profiled on the original MS Game Zone AC Website).
Other than that (MMORPGs):

Anarchy Online
Earth and Beyond
Neocron (sp?)
Dark Age of Camleot
City of Heros/Villains
Asheron's Call 2
DnD Online
Everquest 2
Guild Wars
Star Wars Galaxies
RF Online
The Matrix Online
Vanguard (Cancelled within a record 30 minutes)
World of Warcraft
Lineage 2
Final Fantasy XI
Savage (doesn't stricly count as an MMO)
Neverwinter Nights (again not exactly an MMO)
Neverwinter Nights 2 (see above)

Maybe some others I've forgotten.
Not going to start on offline games/single player

Hedion University
Posted - 2007.05.03 13:04:00 - [176]


Larg Kellein
Agony Unleashed
Agony Empire
Posted - 2007.05.03 13:37:00 - [177]

Played City of Heroes / Villains before Eve, and still do. They fit vastly different moods and time to play, so I still have my two CoH accounts too.

Played a bit of Ragnarok Online before CoH, but it had a major problem: Sucking.

Mr Monk
Rage and Terror
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2007.05.03 13:44:00 - [178]

Warbirds, from '96 to 00, favourite game of all time.

World War II Online, open to start of 07.

Some EQ and DAoC but got bored after about 6 months.

Eve since late 2004, came very close to unsubbing 3 months ago but new corp has made it interesting again.

The Collective
White Noise.
Posted - 2007.05.03 13:49:00 - [179]

i played planetside for the trial they done, but eve is the first MMO i plaied other than a tiral, i did give wow a try, got a lvl 45 char at the mo, but he just sat in hammerfall for the last few months.

never been out of eve other than when i moved and had no connection to the net :(

Janu Hull
Terra Incognita
Intrepid Crossing
Posted - 2007.05.03 14:29:00 - [180]

My first online game was Neverwinter Nights. I got in with a group running a server, and spent a LOT of time designing the areas in it and scripting.

After three years of getting sicker and sicker of hackers screwing with me because of our popularity, and the nature of the roleplay there turning to some extremely deviant sexplay, I turned to SWG about a month after launch and spent the next almost four years on the Kettemoor server. I sucked horribly at ground PvP, but when JTL took off on our server after the Combat Upgrade, I clawed my way to within sight of the top of the PvP heap. I was never the best, but I was able to hang with the best, and that was pure awesomeness. We treated Deep Space with the same loving regard that PvP players treat 0.0 space in EVE, and thats why I really don't have a problem being shot to pieces out there. Not so long ago, I was in the position of the shooters. I left a few times after the NGE, but the space game kept me coming back until it finally died.

In the interim, I played WoW for almost 8 months. Thoroughly enjoyed it until I hit 60 and saw the light at the end of the 40 man raiding tunnel and figured that wasn't worth it. I PvP'd a bit in both Alterac Valley and in Warsong Gulch, but after maxing AV faction, that lost its luster. I left it behind, but not with an "I'll never return" attached. Maybe someday.

I've also played, briefly, EQ2, DDO, MxO, Entropia Universe, and Second Life. EQ2 was simply too group oriented. DDO was a waste of time that resembled NOTHING of the Dungeons and Dragons I knew. The Matrix was interesting, but somewhat sterile. Almost like SWG in its early days before a lot of the features were added. Entropia Universe was beautiful, but expensive ($700 dollars spent in about 4 months time), and Second Life was just too boring to ponder. A chatroom with avatars.

For standalones, I've always been a huge Baldur's Gate fan, BG2 being an special favorite. I've played all the Neverwinter Nights expansions, and Neverwinter Nights 2 (love the game, hate the toolset). I've played Dawn of War and Winter Assault, and I used to play online Homeworld campaigns from time to time.

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