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Cpt Angus
Posted - 2007.05.02 19:46:00 - [121]

Ultima online

-Europa server
-Near vesper town

Cpt Angus, Fury, (the almost mighty) Falcon, Morning wood.

Come to felucia fight me!!!

Posted - 2007.05.02 20:01:00 - [122]

Freelancer / X2 Cool

Axiom Empire
Posted - 2007.05.02 20:02:00 - [123]

Shadowbane - really cool concept if anyone ever heard of it. The market system certainly wasn't as complex, but players could own NPC run shops, build cities/castles, and destroy other castles. It was very much about PVP, since the PvE component didn't last long - you could hit max level in less than a month. Too bad the game had horrible lag/bug problems and the graphics were dated.

WoW - I took a break from EVE and played WoW. After 6 months I had hit lvl 60 and got tired of raiding, so I went back to EVE.

Posted - 2007.05.02 20:02:00 - [124]

<brag w/ e-peen> Jumpgate, I had the world's best kill ratio :) People feared me so much they were commiting suicides when they'd see me on scanner!

In Eve your "skill" is time you spend, experience and dedication. No situational awareness needed here, I've never been trying to know what's behind, beside or over me at which angle with what speed compared to mine that all might change within the next 5 seconds while trying to keep the target in your gunsights... In Jumpgate it was ability to maneuver with close-to-space-like physics and situational awareness. It wouldn't matter if you played only 30 minutes the day :( I miss it :(

EVE is way bigger though, has conspiracies, the biggest player guilds ever seen and a much bigger social factor. No room for single heroes, but it still rocks.

I also played Planetside as SL in DRUCKWELLE, best european guild. Vanu! Wh00t. </brag, thank you for reading>

Posted - 2007.05.02 20:16:00 - [125]

Edited by: Soporo on 02/05/2007 20:20:55
My first MMO was City of Heroes/Villains, which I still play. (on Virtue, join my SG/VG!)Very Happy

Before that it was always games like
Mech Commander series,
Mechwarrior series,
BF series,
Ghost Recon series,
Rainbow Six series,
and various other games that I played with a group of about 6-8 friends.

To be perfectly honest COH/V's boards are vastly superior in content, information and tone comparred to EVE's.
It was quite a shock coming to these boards from there let me tell you.ugh
The general tone on Virtue server is invariably helpfull and finding a team is quite easy. A lot of people Solo their whole career which is actually viable there.

In COH/V, also called CO-X, the pvp is pretty good; but its by pvp Zone or Arena which of course is completely different from EVE.
For the most part it was designed as a PVE game, but people play it strictly for the PvP as well.

Regardless, EVE has it's worth and depth in a very different way, but it's getting a bit stale to be honest.

IMO, small Alliances and small Corp's are greatly limited in EVE, the world seems to be shrinking, and Metagaming is the word of the day.
Huge time sinks, Macro-miners, endless alts, macro-ratters, 'plex farming, capitals, super-capitals and all things POS and Sov are frankly quite boring/assinine/aggravating.


sniper unlimited
United Abominations
Posted - 2007.05.02 20:31:00 - [126]

Online games before EVE would be:

Neverwinter Nights the online part - played and Game-mastered on a Lord of the rings server for years
magic the gathering online - tried the free trial
Knights Online - tried the free version
2 stupid Korean MMORPGS that dont deserve naming
anarchy online - played the free version
Lineage II - still have an active account and play a bit on weekends
EVE - 2 accounts

Vortex Incorporated
Posted - 2007.05.02 20:41:00 - [127]

hmmm... started playing EVE at launch, and hadn't played that many MMO-games before that...
but here's the list of games I've played so far:

Earth and Beyond (Defender)
Anarchy Online (Adventurer and Shade)
Starwars Galaxies (Commando with optimal range of 0m)
World of Warcraft (lvl 70 cow druid)
Asheron's Call 2 Grrrrr! tremendous waste o' cash.

Posted - 2007.05.02 20:50:00 - [128]

GemStone IV, but that was a text basted deal that I've been playing since 1996 (and the game itself has been around since 1987). Graphics wise though, Earth & Beyond. When that was shutting down, saw a trial offer for EVE on the main page.

Tried it, and though I took breaks, I never tried anything else.

Posted - 2007.05.02 21:01:00 - [129]

Legend of Mir 2 - beta about 5years ago now, when i was 11ish lol, had no way to pay, and was on 56k. Got BB, played mir again for about 1.5 years (I still spam thier fourms, after quitting about 1.5 years ago ;p)

Then to RF Online - I still have an active account, pvp is very good on it, but service is awful, and private servers have more updates, which sucks.

EVE. :)

Gralg Merglen
Roving Guns Inc.
RAZOR Alliance
Posted - 2007.05.02 21:05:00 - [130]

Edited by: Gralg Merglen on 02/05/2007 21:02:35
Originally by: Erim Solfara
Various phases,

started out late on games like Baldur's Gate and other single player RPGs, a couple of SP FPS titles too, but not many.

Then I got into CS 1.6, joined a clan, played online casually. After that a bunch of mates got a Call of Duty: United Offensive clan together, played that prolifically over the massive summer holiday after year 11, doing like 45-50 hours a week.

That carried on for a long while, we fell apart when CoD 2 came out though, half the members wanted to migrate, half didn't =/

Then came Guildwars first, and I finally subbed to EvE after playing through half a dozen trials over the previous 2 years.

Now I'm on EvE, or when I get bored, I can still blow someone's head off on CoD.

\o/ i was a big CoD:UO player, still am occasionally. i tend to only play on the GITS server or the lord of the rings maps one.

Aside from that my soul has been owned by Guild Wars for about a week, Neverwinter Nights, Neverwinter nights 2 and tbfh the best game ever invented: Theme Hospital ^_^

Ketora Kitana
Polaris Project
Curatores Veritatis Alliance
Posted - 2007.05.02 21:09:00 - [131]

Apart from various muds of old, I've been past:

Everquest (trial)
Motorcity Online (beta)
Jumpgate (short time)
World War II Online (4'ish years)
And now Eve

Posted - 2007.05.02 22:03:00 - [132]

Games I've played.

Ultima Online
EQ (played for years)
10Six (only seen one other person in this forums said they played this too)
WoW (beta tested and played until recently)

Over all I liked 10Six the most with EQ a close second.
However i really like EVE but I have only been playing a month. I have actually quit playing WoW to play EVE.

Neon Cranium
Posted - 2007.05.02 22:07:00 - [133]

Asheron's Call 1 from beta all the way to the present (I still play it a bit from time to time). Best PvP ever!

Started Eve in 2003 after it hit the shelves.

Black Nova Corp
Band of Brothers
Posted - 2007.05.02 22:14:00 - [134]

My first MMO, if you can call it that, was probably Utopia, then I played some guild wars(my guild was one of the top pvp guilds for a while) and some planetside when it became free. Then I found eve and never looked back.

Though I am addicted to CoH atm.

Tides of Silence
Posted - 2007.05.02 22:16:00 - [135]

Originally by: Par'Gellen
Asheron's Call 1 from beta all the way to the present (I still play it a bit from time to time). Best PvP ever!

Started Eve in 2003 after it hit the shelves.

Which server?

Posted - 2007.05.02 22:16:00 - [136]

Edited by: lordopic on 02/05/2007 22:13:51
Edited by: lordopic on 02/05/2007 22:13:33
A whole host of stuff from my first SX-Spectrum up to the Consoles of today but it was Elite then

Elite 2 frontiers ( killed my Amiga 500+ playing it so much ) that sent me into the world of space games, played most of them.

Had/have the consoles old and next generation.

Jumpgate for 5 years and counting its still going and the updates are coming Soon ( Tm )

Now Eve 5 months and counting, this feels more like Elite than anything I have played since Elite.

Lavinrac Krad
Posted - 2007.05.02 23:05:00 - [137]

In order the MMORPGs I played:

1- EQ. I played this for over a year or two, very boring.

2- SWG. I played this from release on June 26, 2003 to the "Great Catastrophe" the NGE on November 15, 2005. Was a wonderful game, would still be playing it today if it still existed. (I may play a emulation of the pre-NGE game to be quite honest)

3- DnL. Ha ha ha ha ha, I'm a tool and a moron.

4- Saga of Ryzom. A lot like SWG, but missing a lot as well.

5- Eve. I truly wish instead of playing SWG, I played this in 2003. The "Great Catastrophe" could have been avoided and I would be better off now.

Games I tried but never played for any long period of time:

WoW- the REAL EQ 2...
LotR- Meh...
Vanguard- Too much leveling...

That is my MMORPG pedigree, am I saying I'm like a dog? Well I do like to ----- a lot on the forumsLaughing

Tai Otoshi
Zion foundation
Ultima Rati0
Posted - 2007.05.02 23:50:00 - [138]

Only games I ever played with more than passing interest were:

Everquest - 4 years
Everquest II - 1.5 years

Spent way too much time in both than was healthy and eventually gave up mmo's altogether .. until i tried eve. Being able to advance while offline when my playtime is low is a great benefit!

Removal Tool
Unleet Industries LLC
Posted - 2007.05.02 23:52:00 - [139]

Edited by: Removal Tool on 02/05/2007 23:49:32
Before PC games: Hard Sci-Fi books (Asimov, etc.)

Homeworld 2 years of the best online PvP ever.

Then Homeworld 2 didn't take off.

Warhammer: Never seemed to have any depth.

Then was referred to EVE-Online's 14-day trial.

It's been over 2 years in EVE now.

The next game I will look into will be Sins of a Solar Empire, which is being made by the creators of Homeworld and looks very much like it.

Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2007.05.03 00:47:00 - [140]

Freelancer, the ultimate in space games (before Eve that is)

Oh, and Gazillionaire Deluxe. The ultimate in OLD space games. Anyone who doesn't have it, get it. Great game that will keep you busy for hours on end and simple to understand.

IT Alliance
Posted - 2007.05.03 01:00:00 - [141]

Originally by: Verone

I was a console and single player PC Game biatch before I discovered Eve.

I've barely played a console since...

Sounds very familiar.

Audri Fisher
Burning Bush Enterprises
Posted - 2007.05.03 01:00:00 - [142]

SWG, it was cool before the new breed of devs :(

The Bones Brigade
Posted - 2007.05.03 01:12:00 - [143]

I played Asherons Call for roughly 6 years...played SWG till it got nerfed, also played a bit on Never Winter Nights online servers. Now I play EVE.

Nerogk Shorn
Posted - 2007.05.03 01:19:00 - [144]

The first online game I played was Homeworld 2. I played the first one religously, though not online. Most of my HW2 clan PSA|RN moved to EVE, and I came along. We became the Royal Hiigaran Navy, after the initial split from Paktu Sjet Armada. (PSA and RN from the original HW2 clan). Been in EVE for 2 years 4 months now.

I still play HW2 in bursts, and I've played SWG and WoW for about a month each. They are fun breathers for EVE, because they are pretty stress free (and equally unrewarding).

-Bulbasaur Wizard

Jane Vladmir
Eu Allstars.
Posted - 2007.05.03 01:22:00 - [145]

Tribes 2
Quake 3
Counter-Strike 1.6
DotA (WC3)

Posted - 2007.05.03 01:24:00 - [146]

Originally by: ry ry
Edited by: ry ry on 02/05/2007 11:10:39

There's a rich vein of WoW hatred running through the forums, which can easily be dismissed as fanboism just like the assumption that eve is so complicated that you're instantly proving yourself Clever by installing the client. equally other titles like Guild Wars are also kicked in the balls as regularly as possible.

But it did get me thinking.

MMO players are made, not born, so what did you play before you discovered Eve, how do you fink they compare, and why Eve in particular?

well your last paragraph confuses me because since mmo players are made not born you would think not everyone played an mmo before eve

such as myself kkbye

Paxton Industries
Paxton Federation
Posted - 2007.05.03 01:35:00 - [147]

Edited by: Darkwingd on 03/05/2007 01:32:02
For MMOs WoW was my first, played that since beta, while waiting for expansion to come out was bored and looking for stuff to do, got told by a guildmate about this game called Eve...

WoW account now cancled and I wish I had found Eve first, wouldnt give up the people I met in WoW though.

Before that War3, Starcraft, Myth, Moo2, Civ etc etc

Dark Star Cartel
Posted - 2007.05.03 02:08:00 - [148]

It all started with Starcraft. Back then, I was thinking "ahh, RTS. Best gaming ever. forget FPSes and all!"
Then I got sucked into Halo. At this point, I was like "okay, maybe FPSes are pretty awesome. But wow that World of Warcraft stuff, lol how stupid. MMOs are so not for me."
Then i got introduced to EVE.

Live and learn, i suppose. Surprised

I played a bunch of other games inbetween, such as GTA, BF2, NFS:MW, and Shattered Galaxy, but those were quick phases. I still play Halo regularly, and I would play Starcraft too if my CD still worked. Oh well.

Posted - 2007.05.03 03:43:00 - [149]

I played Everquest for over 6 years(was actually an invitee to thier last community summit, but had to miss free trip to San Diego due to prior commitment) untill I had basically run out of things to do. Tried a few other games, which ran the gamut from pretty decent(EQ2, AO) to the painfully bad(WoW), then found Eve, which reminded me of old Everquest, where you where thrown into the world and expected find your own way.

United Space Aillance USA
Posted - 2007.05.03 03:54:00 - [150]

Edited by: Pooka on 03/05/2007 03:54:01
Earth and Beyond Orin Server from release until sunset.

United Space Alliance and Brethen of the Wolf guilds. ( JE 150, JD 150, Tradesman 137, Sential 137, plus 3 storage mules)

I would play EnB if someone would released it again! Can you say Cooper and Fish Bowl FTW!!!

Before that all of th C&Cs from Westwood.

Before that NOTHING Wink

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