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Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2007.05.07 16:31:00 - [271]

Neocron 1 - (Pluto, FA) From launch to finish
Neocron 2 - For about 1 or 2 months
Planetside - On and off since release, left shortly after BFR's
Eve - 17 months in
COH - For about 2 months

Other trialed mmos:
SWG, Auto assault, Guildwars, EQ2.

Im really a big FPS fan and have played the following since way back.
Team fortress, Quake, Tribes, War rock, Unreal series, CS ect ect.

Looking forward to Tabular rassa and Team fortress 2 Very Happy

Posted - 2007.05.07 16:58:00 - [272]

EQ was my first MMO, played that for a few years, then tried SWG but left it before JTLS came out, just couldn't get back into it, DAOC never liked it, EQ2 and WOW, though I like EQ2 much better then WOW, WOW just didn't seem to have as good content like EQ2. Tried Vangard for about 15 minutes. EVE may not be perfect, but I like it as a great sci-fi game. If I need a break from EVE, I tend to play EQ2.
Nice topic.

The Collective
Posted - 2007.05.07 17:39:00 - [273]

Edited by: Hatsim on 07/05/2007 17:35:56

MMOgamer For life untill i got a gf xD and befor that CS freak Diablo2 nerd battlefield Desertcombat BF2 and during all that time Playing difrent crap like

DAoC-WoW-SWG-Shadowbane-Vangard-EVE-EQ Waiting for and random **** games.

1989 Sega master system hits my television and i was hooked with gaming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! then the rest came ^^

J Valkor
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2007.05.07 17:55:00 - [274]

One day I logged on and I was kicked from my guild. I was informed it was because I ****ed around in ZG too much. (The night before we did the fastest run of ZG we have ever completed.) It was probably because I called our guild leader a fat ****** one too many times. Because, well, he was really fat.

Reactivated me EvE account a few days later.

State War Academy
Posted - 2007.05.07 18:00:00 - [275]

Guild Wars
Saga of Ryzom
Americas Army
Delta Force Series
Battlefield Series

Ive played tons of FPS/MMO/RPG's

Still EVE isn't my only game, theres been times i've spent over 60 a month on subscriptions. As i find sticking to 1 game will multiply the chances of gettin bored an either never returning or wasting precious grind/training time. And even with all that I have an outside social life better than ever. Amazing what you can do in 9 hours work time, 6 hours play/social time :P

Li Jhakarra
Posted - 2007.05.07 18:16:00 - [276]

I play this along side lotro currently.

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This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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