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Hypatia Iola
Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2007.05.01 15:46:00 - [1]

Edited by: Hypatia Iola on 01/05/2007 15:52:34
So i have a supertanked drake and it's nice, i enjoy flying the thing in camps and whatnot, it's a blast. I have to wonder however, if that's the only way to fly the things.

So i present to you...

The Apha Strike Drake!

7x "arbalest" Heavy Missile Launcher
1x improved cloaking device 2

2x Lage Shield Extender 2s(it is still a drake after all)
2x Phased Muon Sensor dampeners
2x Sensor Boosters(best named)

3x Multiphasic bolt array (BCU)
1x Power Diagnostic Unit (maybe Shield Power Relay?)

1x Bay Loading Accelerator
2x Warhead Rigor Catalyst(maybe fit damage boosters here)

Lol okay sorry i forgot all about explaining how i'm thinking to use the friggin thing
skip gatecamping in this thing, i'm thinking use it specifically to pick off anything equal or smaller solo, and do heavy gang DPS. The cloak lets you scan down targets without worrying about being probed out so much, and the sensor damps allow you to drop the targetting range of whatever so you can cloak if too much heat comes down... but anyhoo.

feel free to gawk at my glory, or stupidity, or whatever

welsh wizard
Posted - 2007.05.01 15:50:00 - [2]

So a Drake with 2 sensor boosters and a light tank... :E

It'll certainly take down cruisers nice and quickly and it'll be good for killmail whoring.

Posted - 2007.05.01 18:21:00 - [3]

I'm not sure I completely understand how you'll use it. Are you saying you'll cloak while scanning for someone and then try to jump in right on top of them?

Assuming that is the case then have you analyzed whether or not you have the DPS from your missiles to kill your target before they have time to go "Huh! WTF?" and then warp away? I mean, they are going to try and warp away and you have no warp disruptor fitted. I'm not trying to suggest this won't work, just asking if you've run any numbers on it yet.


Posted - 2007.05.01 18:58:00 - [4]

Can you tell me how you fitted out your super tanked drake?
I go with the cookie cutter, 2 LSE and then hardeners in the mids.

Punic Corp.
Posted - 2007.05.01 20:28:00 - [5]

Wouldn't it be better with heavy assault missile launchers and some tackling gear? Move in on them while cloaked to within 10 km, uncloak and hold them, do heavy damage.

Otherwise, it seems the biggest thing you're likely to get while solo is frigates. Maybe destroyers. Anything heavier will warp out before you can kill it.

Flash Landsraad
coracao ardente
Posted - 2007.05.01 22:33:00 - [6]

You can't sensor damp someone and then cloak. You'll move about 30ms after you've cloaked and they can just trundle up to you, decloak you and kill you.

If you were in a gallente recon then maybe if you were nano fitted or something but I still doubt it unless you're an idiot and don't immediately warp away.

Posted - 2007.05.01 22:58:00 - [7]

Edited by: Corwain on 01/05/2007 22:56:39
7x 'Arbalest' Heavy Assault Missile Launcher I [50xTerror Assault Missile]
Empty Slot

Y-S8 Hydrocarbon I Afterburners
Medium Electrochemical Capacitor Booster I [1xCap Booster 800]
Faint Warp Prohibitor I
X5 Prototype I Engine Enervator
Medium Shield Booster II
Invulnerability Field II

3x Ballistic Control System II
Damage Control II

Rigs : Anti-Thermal Screen Reinforcer I \ Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer I \ Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer I \

5x Warrior II

Gank Drake. Crazy resists, low regen, might actually kill something, however you will need to actually risk losing the the other 99% of EVE does every day...

Liang Nuren
Posted - 2007.05.01 23:23:00 - [8]

Wouldn't this be the ideal time for a Target Painter, unless I'm missing something (I don't use missiles. At all.)


Dr Slice
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2007.05.02 00:27:00 - [9]

Hello Hypatia.

I can help you with your Drake setups if you want. I have some great ones for camping. Just evemail me if you're interested.

FYI: Also for Rigs, Calibration = 400 for a Drake, and Dmg/RoF Rigs take up 200 each, so you can't go with 3 DPS rigs.

Better to go with 1 DPS Rig (RoF or Dmg.) and 2 Resist Rigs if you're going with a light tank in med. slots.

Habitual Euthanasia
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2007.05.02 00:56:00 - [10]

go T2 or go home... =]

Hypatia Iola
Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2007.05.02 07:02:00 - [11]

wow i feel like a tard...

yeha, so swap out sensor damps for tackling gear(heck maybe even the extenders) and call me a nub

Posted - 2007.05.02 07:05:00 - [12]

7x HML

1x MWD
1x Scram

1x 1600mm plate
1-0x RCU (if you need)
1x Active explo
1-2x EANM II

--- This setup is more fun. I imagine in a gang, no one is going to prim the drake due to tank, so you can just damp the crap out of everyone around you while having a nice armor barrier between you and a pod. Very Happy

Gyro DuAquin1
Posted - 2007.05.02 07:41:00 - [13]

why 2 sb? I would fit 1 or no, and then distrubtor and web.


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