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Mads Christensen
Dirt Nap Associates
Posted - 2007.04.27 12:26:00 - [1]

Hey EVE:)
When i started this game back in the 06 i really liked it. One of the reasons i subscribed after my trial was because EVE had a really nice forum.

But in the last couple of months, EvE has gotten more players and that is fine (more pvp targetsYARRRR!!) but more players also have a negative side.
There is many more people buying and selling ISK now <- doesn't bother me, since i just see them as weak

But also the forums has goten worse. Anyone else noticed that a simple question most times will be answered with: "Gratz, you fail at EvE" or "You suck bigtime" or "Go **** yourself". I remember when questions, even dumb questions, would be answered too with a good and polite answer. I have no problems with people saying "can i have your stuff?" when people whine about something, andi have no problem with poeple joking, but as i see it, the forums has gotten a more rude attitude.
I personally think this is because we are getting younger and more unmature players in EvE.
Discuss if you wantVery Happy

Ma'Kur Pridar
Slacker Industries
Exuro Mortis
Posted - 2007.04.27 12:32:00 - [2]

Eve hasnt been the same since the number of online players went over 5000, you just get used to it.

Paragon Horizons
THORN Alliance
Posted - 2007.04.27 13:20:00 - [3]

For me it went worse around 12k max users at Sunday evening. I found that a manageable number. There were sufficient players online to give you that warm fuzzy feeling but not too many to feel crowded.

60% of the game is for me athmosphere, you don't get the feeling of vastness of space when you cross into lowsec and see at least 4-5 people in every system.

Besides that, Eve used to be a niche product. You had to be persistent to work yourself through those first weeks and get the damn char going. Unfortunately, that seems to have somewhat disappeared for new players.

... and most important, as a group or userbase grows, the number of asshats grows exponentially. Most people are too immature or just incapable to react in a mature or civil way. That counts in real life but as well in these kind of environments. The posters of old times are still there and many are still playing, but they refrain from posting afaik.

It's a sad thing, but the worst thing that can happen to nifty, quality or classy products is that they could go mainstream or become popular. That's just how it works. Once you get a broader base, you have to pull more compromises to keep them all happy and at the same time more people will be nagging.

The good thing is that CCP at least seems to have struck a nice balance over the years, between playerdriven changes and their own vision. Another positive feeling is that the people that usually complain or whine, usually do the same in real life, which gains them absolutely nothing Laughing

In the end I think your statement is mostly right, but consider it also depends on yourself. If you feel you're becoming victim to the negative athmosphere, look for a change. The fantastic thing in the game is his diversity. You don't like this or that, go do something else. You don't like certain people ? Look for another corp, etc...


Gladia Horusthu
Ordo Pondera
Posted - 2007.04.27 13:38:00 - [4]

Eve isn't mass market. Those without an appreciation for competition for limited resources will eventually move on. Right now there's just a dearth of sci-fi games. Players will leave, and be replaced by new players, and a few of those newer players will enjoy the game, the rest will leave and be replaced, etc.

Eve is constantly evolving and constantly growing, and what you are experiencing on the forum is the result of change and growth. Change will always happen, growth will always happen, but between Vista (every gamer I know whines about losing at least half their games to that monster) and promises with Revelations, and changes with Revelations, and recent events that have left some vocal players very bitter, and people trying out Eve after having tired of other games and expecting Eve gameplay to match their expectations, there has been a LOT of change overall and thus more whining than normal.

I continue to view the forums as one of the big reasons why I am still here playing Eve. I've looked at 3 other games, and tried one, and none of them had official forums. I don't think I will ever try a game without forums again, they are so integral to getting help and finding tips, and getting a range of perspectives.

The Collective
White Noise.
Posted - 2007.04.27 13:42:00 - [5]

i remember logging in once and thinking, OMGZZZ theres like 8k people online tonight!! was a sunday nigth i think, was in recoil over it.

now its unusual for a sunday night to below 30k!

things are chaging, and i think with recent technology and hopfully the introduction of some more blades, better load balencing and a few other tweaks we should see the servers gain some power and be able to support a wider user base.

principle of motion
Posted - 2007.04.27 13:47:00 - [6]

in my opinion the forums have'nt chancged much since 2004 youjust look back with nostalga I do the same of my 2004 times onforum and even feel its got worse but when I really look back I see its just basically always been the same.


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