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Posted - 2007.04.27 12:01:00 - [1]

The truth is, EvE is being destroyed as a game due to certain facts these being :-

1) pos warfare
2) Titans
3) Motherships
4) Blobs - restrictions/lag
5) Attitudes

When i started playing eve the first three items above did not exisit, and to be frank the blobs were there but a hell a lot more fun and it was possible to fight 200 v 200 (G and friends v stain as an example).

So why am i posting, well, EvE is a pvp game with other elements such as pve etc. But unless you are in an alliance that can field x number of capitals, x number of titans you are pretty much 'screwed. Blobs now consisit of capitals locking horns, great for the old chracter with 40 mil + sp....

So where is the hope for the new guy, the new players with 2 mil sp. Where is the hope for the new alliances with 1 dread if any at all.... there isnt any hope really... it dawned on me this morning that EvE will be won by a super alliance and its friends (whether it's BoB & co or Goons & co) the point is the little man loses out and we ALL become pets and will never have an opportunity to run the nice plexes becuase they are 'owned' by someone, or mine the nice roids because they are 'owned' by someone. Look at what has happened to the chinese server.... 1 alliance owns 90% or more of the 0.0 systems .... i bet the guy with the bs and a few mill sp isnt allowed to run the 10/10 plexes there ... or mine in the riches of systems....

Have you noticed how many of the more experinced pvpers are steping away from politics, its not fun any more, EvE died with Pos warfare, It died with the introduction of Motherships, it died when the first DD was let off, it died as a result of the disrespectful attitude shown by some forum warriors.... D2 isnt dead, ASCN isnt dead, BoB isnt dead - EVE IS DEAD

So ccp, what you going to do to stop the rot ?

fire 59
Destructive Influence
Posted - 2007.04.27 12:08:00 - [2]

The only thing hurting eve imo is pos and sov being linked how they are. titan's are fine and can be tanked, don't understand the moaning on that front, mom's are great but need support to be used effectively, same with titan's. As pointed out in another thread, people blob up because it's human nature to feel safe in number's . Attitude's vary from age range to personality to affiliation's ingame .

Make a limit on the amount of sov claiming pos's so people are forced to fight and not pos spam and cower, that would be sweet. Also having the stone's to fight in the new age of eve is a good thing. Instead of worrying about getting killed by a supercap for example, worry about how your goingto kill it to death

Eve is moving forward, you can adapt and move on ...... or die ! YARRRR!!

ISD Huitzilopochtli Tlaloc

Posted - 2007.04.27 12:10:00 - [3]

well i have seen various dev blogs about

1) revamp of the starbase (POS) merchanics and goals
2) blobs
3) lag / improvements

so thats a few of your list if you go look through them. As for the time i have played i have super allainces come and go and eve will never be a settled place. New people in time will become valued members of allainces or make there own. Well thats what i have seen from my time in eve. But i advise you check those dev blogs as they cover alot of the things you are worried about.

Major Stormer
MEK Enterprises
Posted - 2007.04.27 12:18:00 - [4]

Even with CCP improving the state of 0.0 warfare, its currently at a state where my playstyle conflicts with the norm. yayayayay adapt or die whatever. truth is when you cant have a small gang combat without a titan or a mothership being dropped on you it sucks.

Ive left 0.0, its boring now. Ive seen nothing but POS warfare and capital fleet combat, kinda tired.

Mabye low sec will being back some kind of interest.


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