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ry ry
Posted - 2007.04.27 16:15:00 - [61]

Originally by: Talkie Toaster
Fantasy is cool

err, are you sure?

Sheriff Jones
Clinical Experiment
Posted - 2007.04.27 16:17:00 - [62]

Originally by: ry ry
Originally by: Talkie Toaster
Fantasy is cool

err, are you sure?


Where'd you get my..err...THAT image?!

ry ry
Posted - 2007.04.27 16:18:00 - [63]

your MySpace.

Sheriff Jones
Clinical Experiment
Posted - 2007.04.27 16:20:00 - [64]

Edited by: Sheriff Jones on 27/04/2007 16:16:47
Originally by: ry ry
your MySpace.

Wow...i didn't know i had one...must be one of those MyTime MySpace continuum Shocked

I'mA Geezer
Friends Of Derek
Posted - 2007.04.27 16:25:00 - [65]

He he, he is a silly elf.

I am a real tough man and have made a pod pilot costume that I wear while playing Eve in my silence of the lambs basement house.

Infinity Research
Posted - 2007.04.27 16:41:00 - [66]

The other day my roomate who doesnt play video came in and asked me if i wanted to go get something to eat. I said i was in the middle of something. After having looked at my screen he promptly said; "Pft if it were WoW i might understand" I about died laughing.

Posted - 2007.04.27 16:55:00 - [67]

Edited by: Ahz on 27/04/2007 16:55:38
This is a good question and I've done some thinking about it myself. The reason it's interesting for me is that I want to know that EvE is profitable (the more so the better). That way there will be a continued incentive for CCP to invest in the game. If they're investing their money in the game then I feel safer investing my time. I don't want to put months into a game that's going to go belly up becuase of insufficient subscribers.

So here's my list of the differences:

  • Artwork: WoW has a very engaging artwork with varied environments. Compared to EvE's vary spare, empty space scapes. I think this makes for a slightly skewed player base. It's an unusual kind of person who's content to spend their game time staring at these sterile environments.

  • Population: At 8 million players its base is larger than some 1st world countries. It becomes a self-perpetuating system with whole families playing together. Additionally this makes the game more girl-friendly with a larger social componant.

  • Friendliness: It's very friendly to the new player. Casual players can pick it up and get into it without a big time investment. Additionally, they are protected from more advanced players whereas there's very little protecting them in EvE (they can get blasted the very first time they blunder in to 0.4 space and lose everything). Also, losses aren't as catastrophic in WoW. Finally, the EvE learning curve is immense.

  • Marketing: It's not just the marketing dollars but it's also the distribution model. Having the game sitting in the store in a box that people can pick up will bring more people to the game. EvE's story is told mostly by word of mouth. You've got to hear of it from a magazine or another friend because you won't just happen upon it in the Electronic Boutique.

  • The Ding: Wow's "ding" comes more frequently that EvE's. I think it's possible to skill up a character to maximum in less than two weeks in WoW. Research has shown that the "ding" you get when you progress to the next level is a powerful incentive to keep playing. In EvE it doesn't take long before they start coming slower and slower...

For these reasons Eve is going to remain a niche compared to WoW for a long time. Not that that's a bad thing. Most every other game is a niche compared to WoW as well. The real key is that the game have a large enough player base to remain viable for years. That's less clear.

Gladia Horusthu
Ordo Pondera
Posted - 2007.04.27 16:58:00 - [68]

Originally by: Talkie Toaster
to be honest one of the biggest drawbacks for eve is that its SciFi. Fantasy is cool, scifi still isnt. Its the same with any media across the spectrum. a couple of my mantes wont watch Battlestar Galactica because its "obviosuly" scifi. the fact that its a damn good drama doesnt even get a look in. Science fiction is still a taboo to a lot of people.

Actually deep in the Bible Belt of the U.S. anything featuring magic is often touted as "tool of the devil" while sci fi is considered much safer. And for those of us who don't feel that way, sci fi is still much more popular than fantasy-- I know many many people who love the tabletop Star Wars game, but almost nobody plays fantasy rp games; Warhammer 40K outsells Warhammer by a large margin around here; anything with a scifi edge seems to be much more popular than fantasy. Tolkien, of course, is still tops but high fantasy generally is not. World of Darkness is also very popular but that tends to be more sci-fi than fantasy in flavor.

Dunno how widespread this is, I just know what I see in the local gaming area and what I'm told at the gaming stores.

Nanobotter Mk2
Posted - 2007.04.27 17:44:00 - [69]

Simple WOW is just a very good game. It is well designed, runs well on most any system, it has strong appeal to the general public. EVE on the other hand is very much a niche game.

Posted - 2007.04.27 19:05:00 - [70]

Forum burped.

I like both games. That said.

I am more drawn to the cold brutality of life in Eve with only a slim chance at glory in some far corner of space, than in glowing swords and a dungeon grind to a scripted instance.

Dal Thrax
Posted - 2007.04.27 19:13:00 - [71]

Edited by: Dal Thrax on 27/04/2007 19:14:03
Originally by: Acronikosvz
Not a whine before you scream, but why is there some what million subscribers and only 200,000 EvE subs.
Just for intrest, Is it because of 1st looks, and the colourfui surroundings... Any MMO'ist with a fair mind would say that EvE has many more aspects of MMO and therefore is a far better MMO, but why so less in EvE compared to WoW... Because if it is appearences they are looking for, I regret saying the station designs is a bad idea, it will probably attract alot of WoW diseased minds to the light.

What do you think?

Blizzard makes a HUGE effort to insure the "fun factor" of their game, for example CCP dosn't have a psychologist review additions to the game before they go live, WoW does. Not trying to know EvE but EvE tends to be "does this fit the games vision" and WoW tends to be "is this fun".


Caldari Independent Navy Reserve
The Fourth District
Posted - 2007.04.27 19:33:00 - [72]

Originally by: Alexi Borizkova
No one loses, everybody is a winner. No hard feelings, no sense of fear, or dread, or loathing, pvp is painless and cheap fun.

There is no stress, no need to be unique or driven to succeed in the game. The biggest challenge is assembling the required characters to perform a scripted (on both sides) battle with npcs where you know exactly what to do.

There are no calls at 04:00 saying that towers are in reinforced, no having to sit docked because you're out of cash and can't enjoy pvp any more, no having to alter your entire playstyle and way of enjoying a game because of the choices of others.

It's a magical mystical sandbox where nothing can hurt you and you can hide from the mean, mean people in the world and not have to worry about... well, anything, except maybe the minor inconvenience of walking back to where you were from a respawn point.

For the general populace, what's not to like?

That's exactly right too. EVE's exciting, but certainly not fair, and as far from forgiving as it can get. The latter two in conjunction can be a spliting deterent.

Example - your kid comes downstairs and tells you she just threw up in her bed. While you're cleaning up the mess so she can go back to sleep, someone pops your frieghter/mining barge/T2 fitted BS, costing you billions of isk, the equivalent of a hundred dollars in game time cards.

In WOW when **** happens you get back together in 5-10 minutes and try again. In EVE - you're boned. It depends on the experience you want. Most people don't want to pay out 15 bucks a month to get boned. Those of us that are left - well we're just a bunch of masochistic puppies I guess:)

Posted - 2007.04.27 19:34:00 - [73]

wow :

25% of kid with character like "lhegolhassss" "and "im the so beautifull aragorn".

25% of kid with character like "dark over killer of the black dark night".

25% of ppl who still dont know what means mmorpg.

10% of *snip* "your guild is great do you need a tank ? or i can make a priest if you want".

7.5% of hardcore gamer "lolz i pwn this nab with one critical hit".

5% of military player "u didnt farmed the 400 little blue flower i asked today, you are fired"

2.5% of mature player who only play and only talk and only interact with their own guild mates"

believe me i got a character on wow with more than 200 days of played. i left eve in 2004 and i come back right now. I will never play wow again.

So why ppl play wow ? cuz wow is made by Blizzard, and blizzard is a legend. CCP is still unknow.

please keep it polite - Jacques

Omega Wing
Snatch Victory
Posted - 2007.04.27 19:40:00 - [74]

wow has boobz.

Biggest boobz I've seen in eve is Barbarella's avatar.


Blue Pixie
Posted - 2007.04.27 19:44:00 - [75]

Why is World of Warcraft popular?

1. Because the game has universal appeal (and significant content) for carebears, avid pvp'ers, casual players and hardcore powergamers alike.

2. Because the production quality (UI, graphics, sound, content, server stability, game balance, etc.) is exceptionally high (not flawless, but considerably better than average).

3. Because Blizzard is a relatively well-known and respected brand within the industry.

4. Because their client works on both Macs and PCs.

5. Because you touch yourself at night, and often fantasize about elves and fairies in the process. Very Happy

Grumpy Old Men
Posted - 2007.04.27 19:49:00 - [76]

In wow you have no death penalty
In wow you cannot get pked everywhere
In wow scamming is not something that is accepted
In wow they try to make a real effort against bots/macro's
WoW has a lvl cap.
In wow you dont have to give up your life to be able to enjoy yourself in the game.

These are things most mainstream people want.

As you can see alot of these contradict with Eve.. Also EVE is hard to get into when you start.

Posted - 2007.04.27 19:53:00 - [77]

a wow thread Shocked

Bistot Kid
The First Thing You'll Ever See
Posted - 2007.04.27 20:01:00 - [78]

Originally by: MissileRus
a wow thread Shocked

I always misread your name as Missiles'R'us! Embarassed

Posted - 2007.04.27 20:14:00 - [79]

wow howd you do that ' thingy? i never figgured it out lol Laughing

Posted - 2007.04.27 20:14:00 - [80]

Edited by: Theronnos on 27/04/2007 20:12:03
play testing.. more play testing.. and even more play testing.. until one day, it was the perfect product for there target group. Testing is everything, without testing your game sucks.

edit: just to get my point clear. WoW is so good because they did millions of tests.

Vadoc Trax
Posted - 2007.04.27 20:23:00 - [81]

WoW also spent 50 million dollars or more in development and such. Which is far more than all the previous MMO's combined.

Volar Kang
Ragged Rock Industries
Posted - 2007.04.27 20:44:00 - [82]

In WOW you can play for a few hours and get to level 10. Once there you can go to battlegrounds and most of the time get fair PVP, (meaning 10 on 10 with others in the same level range as you). You cant get that in EVE.

In WOW you can fly to a different zone relatively quick and start playing there. In EVE it takes time to fly long distances and every dork (and his mother) who thinks he is a strong PVPer is trying to camp a gate along the way because they couldnt take you in a fair fight.

In WOW you can change the look of your char by wearing different colors and styles of armor. In EVE everyone flying a Raven looks the same.

If you only have a short time to play WOW because you have a RL you can get on and run a quest in safety. You cant do much in EVE safely other than sit in a station and shop the market.

Dying in WOW costs nothing.

Dont get me wrong, I cancelled WOW a while ago and play EVE now because WOW was not for me. But there are lots of good things in WOW that keep people there.

Celestial Janissaries
Curatores Veritatis Alliance
Posted - 2007.04.27 21:35:00 - [83]

Number one sign that EVE has grown to much:

-There are now people in our community that feel compelled to post "Compare XXXX game to WOW" on our forums.

Probably the single most annoying thread topic in MMO forum whoring today.

Versatech Co.
Posted - 2007.04.27 21:39:00 - [84]

the Hype, it's the Hype. It's like a snowball rolling down a hill. WoW get so much attention it draws in new subscritptions like flys to the light.

I mean, just a few days ago I read an article on a Games MAg website about the Grass in computergames. They featured WoW on last place, even tho WoW has probably the ugliest grass in any MMORPG currently in existance, but they even commented: Well this is WoWs grass, so it needs to be mentioned. I stopped reading that mag 7 years ago, and this article reminded my why.... but you see what i'm getting at.

Forum Alt
School of Applied Knowledge
Posted - 2007.04.27 23:00:00 - [85]

Edited by: Forum Alt on 27/04/2007 22:57:09
Originally by: Sheriff Jones
...lots of things in many replies...
I read this entire thread and have to say I agree completely with everything Sheriff Jones said. Good replies! Glad to see there are people like this in Eve that have good sense Smile

Native Freshfood
Posted - 2007.04.27 23:04:00 - [86]

Edited by: Skunrah on 27/04/2007 23:14:28
1. Learning curve in wow is about 1000% easier.
2. Everything in Eve takes forever to someone who plays FPS' all day. (I would be willing to bet most eve potentials leave the game within 24 hours of installing it)
3. This as mentioned before, the huge brand power of Blizzard.
4. Death penalty in eve is pretty harsh. (also mentioned earlier)

Blinking Wallet makes me happy
Posted - 2007.04.27 23:18:00 - [87]

Originally by: Volar Kang
In WOW you can play for a few hours and get to level 10. Once there you can go to battlegrounds and most of the time get fair PVP, (meaning 10 on 10 with others in the same level range as you). You cant get that in EVE.

Lvl 10-19 Battlegrounds used to be the most unfair pvp ever. A lvl char twinked to the gills could easily kill the whole enemy team without breaking a sweat.

Dorah Hawkwing
Old Galactic Earth Regiment
Dragoon Federation
Posted - 2007.04.27 23:46:00 - [88]

Originally by: Amphetaminer
In wow you have no death penalty
In wow you cannot get pked everywhere
In wow scamming is not something that is accepted
In wow they try to make a real effort against bots/macro's
WoW has a lvl cap.
In wow you dont have to give up your life to be able to enjoy yourself in the game.

These are things most mainstream people want.

As you can see alot of these contradict with Eve.. Also EVE is hard to get into when you start.

did you check out today's dev blog.. concerning macros?

Posted - 2007.04.28 11:09:00 - [89]

Originally by: Volar Kang
In WOW you can play for a few hours and get to level 10. Once there you can go to battlegrounds and most of the time get fair PVP, (meaning 10 on 10 with others in the same level range as you). You cant get that in EVE.

Low lvl battleground = twink, who can take 1v5 without a probleme. In low lvl battleground you are one shooted by everything or you are a twink too.

At high lvl, same thing, player with stuff from "The new super boss" pwn you in 0.2 sec.

cap lvl means nothing in wow, u need months and months of farming to do something.

Imperial Academy
Posted - 2007.04.28 11:15:00 - [90]

Originally by: Sheriff Jones
Edited by: Sheriff Jones on 27/04/2007 11:55:47 fav subject again Very Happy

First off, don't worry, i'm not a 13 year old WoW fanboi, actually i'm a middleaged white, single EVE lover as the rest of you perverts Razz

What brings people into WoW is kinda layered cake:

1: Warcraft. It has a HUGE fanbase compared to EVE's...err...none. There is no prequal to EVE universe. If this was X-Wing Online, then it would have.
2: Best MMO around, in fantasy that is. It simply is one of the best, largest, working and versitile fantasy rpg out there.
3: The fanbase for Warcraft was big, this brings a starting number of subs big, which brings more customers. Not to mention that blizzard is known for good service, good games and all around good stuff. Warcraft, starcraft, diablo series...all hits. WoW is no different in peoples eyes.

EVE is in no way an underdog, as this is one world, and in no need for additional servers. It's just growing slower and the clientbase a bit more, not adult(in NO way), but "non-old fashioned" Very Happy

Oh and, EVE has better things then WoW, WoW has better things then EVE, it all balances out quite nicely if you play both with "vigor".

When i'm bored with EVE, i play WoW, when i bore of WoW, i go to EVE and so forth.

Until tabula rasa comes... Sad

Ive played the previous (real imho) warcraft games etc, i do enjoy MMO's/RPG's etc, but WoW does nto appeal to me, it just screams of cartoon/kids game, id rather go play NWN2, thats more my taste, i did enjoy the saga of ryzom before they A) died off and B) made the game stupidly harder to lvl up.

I also used to play Knight Online US, a lot of these i left simply because of macro/lvl up abusers, it felt like the game was patched to make it harder for them to lvl up and near impossible for some at specific levels without cheating, and in the case of KO, way too many Duped items kicking around.

So i cant say its just the fanbase of games that attract people, i love the warcraft3/other games, i just dispise WoW, so in the end, who knows, probably just more word of mouth, or "i play coz my mate plays".

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