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Posted - 2007.04.24 04:03:00 - [1]

Edited by: Nyphur on 25/04/2007 01:45:00


We have now officially sold out. Bonds will start going out in a few hours and the capital is already being put to work. We'll try to get listed on EGSE as soon as possible so people can trade in the bonds if they so wish.

Thank you all for the overwhelming response. The entire 20 billion isk IPO sold out in under 24 hours. That says a lot of things about a lot of things, I'm sure :D.


Pillowsoft High-return bonds

After much market speculation, discussion with other traders and investors and many long nights writing spreadsheets, I am pleased to announce that Pillowsoft corporation has finally decided to release a public investment scheme to take advantage of what we see as gaps in various markets that we can fill. It is my firm belief that our small corporation can easily put your isk to work in order to generate a significant profit. It is my hope that I have earned the trust of the majority of eve players and that a familiar face in the market arena will help investors to know their isk is safe.

Bonds created: 20,000
Cost per bond: 1 million isk
Isk generated: 20 billion isk
Monthly ROI: 10% (100,000 isk per bond)
Maturity date: 1st June 2008
Starts paying: 1st June 2007

* Premium bond options will become availible 1st June 2007 for current bondholders.
* A buyback option will be availible and bought-back bonds may be re-issued and could be purchased as new bonds or new premium bonds.

Link to sale thread:


20,000 bonds have been created in the investment corporation "Pillowsoft Investment Fund" [PIF] and will be sold at 1 million isk each. We are limiting these bonds to a one year maturity date as the market one year from now could be changed in ways nobody can predict. Dividends of 10% of the invested isk will be paid out each month and at the maturity date, the initial investment will be paid out in full. This means that over the course of a year, your investment will yield 220% of the invested isk.

The first dividend will be on 1st June. After the first dividend has been paid, we will be accepting buybacks and bond conversions. A bond conversion is where you exchange a number of your bonds for an equal number of premium bonds. While a normal bond pays out 10% interest per month, a premium bond is a ticket in a lottery to win a larger portion of isk. Premium bonds can be converted back to normal bonds at any time. See below for more details on premium bonds.

I will be offering a limited buyback scheme. I will accept a total of 600 bonds sold back to me per month and will buy them back at a rate of 90% issue price (900k each). This is to discourage people from using me as a bank account, depositing and withdrawing their isk as they see fit, as this could be too much unneccecary work for me. The bonds which are sold back will be either kept by the corp if the wallet can handle it or re-issued if there is sufficient demand and it's not too much work.


Posted - 2007.04.24 04:04:00 - [2]

Edited by: Nyphur on 24/04/2007 04:04:11
... continued.

Premium Bonds:

This is a first in eve, as far as I know. Once all bonds are sold and the first dividend is out, we will offer people the ability to convert their normal bonds into premium bonds. This will have to be done manually by contacting me and I'll tell you which character to send your bonds to. Each premium bond will be listed on the website ( ) along with the owner's name and a number. Each month, when the dividend is paid out, the bonds in the premium bond wallet will recieve the portion of the dividend that represents the premium bonds. A real-life lottery or share index will be used to pick a number (or numbers) from the list on the website and the chosen winner(s) will recieve the entire wallet.

Essentially, everyone who changes their bonds for premium bonds is entering their monthly interest into a pool and that pool is randomly distributed to one or more bondholders via a lottery. Statistically, the payout on these bonds is identical to the payout on the normal bonds, the only difference being that you're gambling your steady returns for a chance at a huge return each month. A premium bond is like a permanant monthly lottery ticket and you can change it for a normal bond or cash out just the same as you would with a normal bond.

More details of the premium bonds will become availible after the first dividend is paid out. Bonds will be easily convertable back and forth between premium and normal, though I will have to do it manually.

Exit strategy:

These bonds have a fixed 1-year lifespan, after which the investment isk will be repaid to the investors in the form of a final dividend. To that end, partial or total liquidation will occur at the 11-12 month mark to get the wallet up to the initial investment of 20 billion.

In the event of the following list of things occuring, liquidation will occur ahead of schedule:
- I cannot play eve any more for any reason.
- The markets I am trading in crash horribly and suitable replacement markets to trade in cannot be found.
- The total capital employed by myself and my corp falls to below 25b for some ungodly reason.

How to purchase bonds:

Bonds are being sold via this thread in the Sell Orders forum:


Q. Who are you?
A. I'm Nyphur, forum wh-- er.. I run, write and help with guides for EON Magazine and was on the ISS core management team for what must have been a year or at least six months. I've done a lot in my three years in eve and it's about time I put my potential to work managing large sums of isk in industry. I have been liquidating my assets and investing it in various things such as tech 2 bpos and have very little liquid isk left to take advantage of some large potential markets. Therefore, I'm asking for public investment to the sum of 20 billion to invest in my businesses.

As part of ISS Management, I maintained the providence region and managed 1-2 billion per month for the ISSPO IPO wallet. My corpmate Naliana managed the stations themselves and our tiny corp at one time managed about ten POS in 0.0 by ourselves. Our little corp is quite experienced, well known and well respected.

Q. What is a bond?
A. Bonds are a secured investment like shares except that they do not entitle the owner to participate in votes regarding the company and they have a set maturity date, a limit to the duration of the investment scheme. At the maturity date, the investment scheme closes and the invested isk is paid back to its investors.


Posted - 2007.04.24 04:05:00 - [3]

... continued.

Q. What is a premium bond?
A. As is discussed above, a premium bond is a secured investment just like a normal bond except that instead of paying out interest each month, all interest on every premium bond will be added to a pool. The pool is given out as prizes in a lottery, with each premium bond being a ticket in the lottery.

Q. Why 10%?
A. Typical IPO returns are 5% or less because for any business to actually earn 10% profit per month requires effort and high return markets tend to be small and mostly filled up. After seeing the response to Ionia's 10% high return bonds, I set myself to work trying to find a set of markets that I could trade in to achieve a reliable 10-20% profit margin with a large sum of isk. I finally settled on a set of plans to achieve 20% on 20 billion and decided to pay 10% as a monthly dividend. 10% interest per month is seen as the holy grail of public investment schemes and I'm glad I can provide it while still making a good profit for my own corp.

Q. How are you making 10% profit on 20 billion?
A. I won't be giving away the way I'm making isk but I have discussed the idea with Ionia and run a lot of very conservative numbers on the ideas I have. Investing in multiple markets, 20 billion isk can be put to work to make a fairly reliable 20% profit. It will require time and effort on my part to make it work, but it will work. In paying out a 10% dividend, bondholders are assured that this high rate of return will remain steady for the entire 1-year term of the bonds.

Q. Why only 20b? Surely you could use over 20b.
A. This investment scheme is for a set of markets that I have investigated and researched into recently. I am confident in the returns but only up to 20 billion isk worth of investment. Any more and returns may suffer. If, at a later date, I find other opportunities that use more isk, I may issue more bonds in that venture. For now, this is all that I am confident I can manage.

Q. Will dividends ever be above 10%?
A. Unfortunately, no. 10% is already a very high level of monthly returns. While most companies start with 5% and either increase or decrease over time, Pillowsoft will deliver 10% reliably over the entire term of investment.

Q. Aren't you that guy who lost a dreadnought while mining?
A. Shut up _;

Posted - 2007.04.24 04:52:00 - [4]

Upon request of a potential investor, I've decided to disclose the vague idea behind my business plan. Disclosing the business plan itself is one surefire way to ensure that it does not succeed, as it may invite a ton of competition. The markets I'm working in are high-effort so that is unlikely but as the CEO, it's my job to protect the profits no matter what.

30% of the invested isk will be invested into production capital and 70% into minerals and logistics to feed that production and the production of other corps. Projected monthly profits are in the 20% range and in the case that the markets I trade in collapse or something, as is stated above, premature liquidation may occur and no investor isk will be lost.

Advanced Manufacturing
Posted - 2007.04.24 05:17:00 - [5]

Congrats on the launch, I know youve put a lot of work into this over the last few months and I'm sure it will be a great sucess.

Posted - 2007.04.24 05:30:00 - [6]

Originally by: Ionia
Congrats on the launch, I know youve put a lot of work into this over the last few months and I'm sure it will be a great sucess.

Thanks. Most of the work has been over the past two weeks but I've been liquidating and watching the markets for a while now. A great deal of my own personal isk is going into this project, so I'm going to give it my best.

Posted - 2007.04.24 11:47:00 - [7]

I must say, I'm impressed with the response so far. It's good to know eve players trust me with their isk and trust me to make them 10%/month on it. I'll do my absolute best.

The bond went live about 6-7 hours ago and already 7,770 bonds are sold or reserved out of the total of 20,000. I have a feeling these are going to go fast. Since we have an extended downtime at the moment, I'm going to take the opportunity to get some sleep. I was up all night finalising the IPO details, triple-checking my spreadsheets and freightering what I could buy with my own isk into place.

Bonds will be actually transferred within 24h, the vote to create the shares in the bondholding corp was done at 3AM this morning.

Auri Hella
Downwind Trading Guild
Posted - 2007.04.24 12:28:00 - [8]

Steady income that I don't have to do anything about? Yes please.


Motivated Prophet
Zerodot Schools
Posted - 2007.04.24 16:01:00 - [9]

Originally by: Nyphur
premature liquidation may occur

There are products you can purchase to help with that.

I'm also a little disappointed that this wasn't named PIllowSOft Funds, as I was looking forward to the [PISOF] ticker.

Other than those two minor issues--good luck! Smile


Posted - 2007.04.25 01:13:00 - [10]

Edited by: Nyphur on 25/04/2007 01:30:25

This is your last chance to purchase these bonds for the IPO price. At the time of writing this, there are 604 bonds remaining at a price of 1 million isk each.

I suspect that once we're listed on EGSE, these will trade for more isk. Expected upper and lower limits place bond value between 900,000 and 2,000,000 isk per bond as I offer buyback options for 900k and if you bought at 2m, you'd still be recieving 5% dividends on purchase price, which is still a competitive rate. It will be interesting to see how the market for them goes.

Once again, this is your last chance to grab some of the last 604 bonds.

EDIT: Now only 54 34 bonds left!

Posted - 2007.04.25 01:48:00 - [11]

Bonds are now sold out. Thank you, everyone, for investing. I will do my best.

Advanced Manufacturing
Posted - 2007.04.25 02:46:00 - [12]

Congrats, these went FAST. I'm sure youll do well.

Posted - 2007.04.25 11:10:00 - [13]

Originally by: Ionia
Congrats, these went FAST. I'm sure youll do well.

Thanks, things seem to be going well so far.

All bonds have now been delivered to the appropriate wallets and every investor has been mailed to let them know. If you didn't receive a mail or shares, contact me in-game and I'll look into it. Everyone who paid got their shares so there's no problem there and I counted the numbers perfectly, ending with 34 exactly as I thought.

I had a quick word with Omber Zombie and we will be listed on EGSE on the 1st June, most likely, as a month's dividend is required to be paid out before shares can go on EGSE.

Remember that if you wish to sell back your bonds at any time, you can do so at a rate of 90% issue price (900k per share) and I will only guarantee that I will accept up to a maximum number of 600 bonds per month returned. Convo me to do so or if you have any questions or problems relating to the IPO.

I think that's everything there is to do. Time to get this isk to work.


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