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Black Eclipse Corp
Posted - 2007.04.23 09:05:00 - [1]

Edited by: DeadProphet on 23/04/2007 09:01:17
This is a bit of an odd statement to make i realise, but I can't for the life of me remember WHAT exactly it was that made me stick at it those first few weeks!

The reason i ask is, i have a mate from another game who is trying eve. He's one week in and is getting really bored already. All he does is run missions on his own (that'd bore me to tears) and wants to know what else he can do right now with his SP (doesn't want to pvp right now)

I advised him to join a corp (eve uni sprang to mind) however they have so many members talking constantly in corp, it seems to just be confusing him.

so err yeah, help me save the noobie!

*edit* typo

Posted - 2007.04.23 09:13:00 - [2]

hmm no pvp and newbie..

mining , plex running , do missions with gang, do minin and plex running with gang, get a bigger cargohold and trade npc , trade player items, get really into it and start placing buy and sell orders for trading.

oh and you cant save your friend, by the sounds of it he wont even train learning skills because he wants ACTION ACTION NOW NOW

Hennry Fromer
The Radiated Space Gerbils
Posted - 2007.04.23 09:17:00 - [3]

Farjung videos - that and some talking on TS about skills/ships/tactics.

Something has to drive you over the learning hump - and you need a coule of diversions as you skill towards ships and fits.

Eve Uni or any group that has people he can talk to and help him set some short and long term goals will help.

Don't let him grind missions till he gets sick of them - they have thier place but it can ruin the game if you are focussing on it as a Missioning/Mining/Yarring/anything else game.

Get them on a voice server with people to talk to and listening to people enjoying thier game time.

Wild Rho
Silent Core
Posted - 2007.04.23 09:20:00 - [4]

Setting my sights on different goals (some easy to obtain, others much harder and long term) as well as being in a good corp of people.

The goals gave me a direction and the corps make it fun.

Vanishing Point.
The Initiative.
Posted - 2007.04.23 09:23:00 - [5]

I Started because i had a week's holiday between jobs, and typed in "free games" on google, eve was one of the top links.

Within a week i had 2 mates playing too, but they've since stopped playing as it was slowely taking over their lives, (says me, looking at the forums whilst at work).

Get him into a corp, much more fun when you get to know people, esp when starting. I wouold segest Os Lobos, but we're mainly 0.0, and i doubt he's rdy for that yet ;)

Erasers inc.
Controlled Chaos
Posted - 2007.04.23 09:26:00 - [6]

Originally by: DeadProphet
I advised him to join a corp
Which is the essential part I think.

Best such corp would in my opinion have:
- Some RL friends of his if possible
- Bunch of newbies similar to him (with who he can hang with, without feeling being subpar)
- Some more experienced mates, who could now and then help with some details

At least that worked for me: figuring and doing stuff together in empire (2 thoraxes remote shield boosting each other do fine in missions..) It took a while to realise the amazing complexity of this game, but it kept impressing everytime I figured new aspect

And don't be too generous with your gifts towards him..

an old Elite fan

Pellaeon DuGalle
Deep Black Industries
House of Mercury
Posted - 2007.04.23 09:30:00 - [7]

I personally tried to get the best ship I could, which at the time was a Merlin. Laughing

I did a whole bunch of missions to pay for a T2 tank and I felt like a GOD! So to me, missions weren't bad at all. It was a case of shooting stuff -> get isk for better mods -> shooting stuff better -> etc.

Perhaps the problem is you're in BoB (couldn't resist), and I'm guessing you're flying around in a pimpy BS with lots of isk etcetc. Having a wealthy friend kinda takes the wonder and fun out of EVE, at least it did for me, which was why I kept away from my rich friends, and the only contract I had with them was via a chat channel we set up. I just loved exploring the unkown in EVE. Heh. Remember losing my beloved merlin to the end room in a 2/10 guristas deadspace. Good times.

Gladia Horusthu
Ordo Pondera
Posted - 2007.04.23 09:34:00 - [8]

I got my start in Eve when a couple people I knew socially were involved in the beta. I hopped in when it went to open beta, and just immersed myself in the complexity of the game-- exploring every little bit, trying to find ways to break the game (we WERE testing it at the time). I think I was partially responsible for jetcans being temporary, I spent an entire day mining in a noob system in my Bantam, jettisoning each hold-ful separately, not even wondering if perhaps I could add ore to a can already floating in space. I remember others complaining about how laggy the system felt, but I didn't attribute it to the hundreds of cans trailing behind me....

But most of the people I know who play Eve love the whole research aspect of it-- digging through the forums and devblogs, experimenting with various cross-region trading runs, creating spreadsheets and databases of seemingly random stuff to see if they can start to predict patterns that will prove profitable. I myself have strong OCD tendencies, and Eve plays very strongly to that personality type.

I've never been a fan of encouraging others to stick it out if they aren't inspired by it. People stick around because even though they may not recognize it, they enjoy it. But Eve is a niche game, in the end, and I wouldn't recommend it to many of the people I know irl because they lack the patience for it.

If it is a matter of goalsetting... well that is something a good corp can help with. If nothing else, start mining for that first capital ship!

Posted - 2007.04.23 09:36:00 - [9]

- I like Sci-Fi a lot
- I had(and still have) a friend from another MMO with me, so we did a lot of teamwork. After a few weeks we went into low sec ratting and mining. It was very fun to discover the EVE world this way, also, pirate attack and outsmarting them was awesome!

This was around 1 year ago, maybe longer. I do think that EVE has gone backwards. Many bugs and I don't even care about getting killed in PVP anymore with the 0km warp.

Syrus Speculations
Posted - 2007.04.23 09:38:00 - [10]

If all your mate does is run missions then yes he is going to get bored. What kept me going in EVE was having goals. When I started playing, me and a friend had actually started playing at the same time, and decided we would start building and selling Tristans in Oursulaert. So we worked towards getting that started and inside three days we had accomplished that goal and could call ourselves shipbuilders. After that it was what other stuff could we build. How to increase our profits.

Set yourself short-term goals. Flying a battleship in PVP is not a short-term goal for a new player, for example, but getting a cruiser and fitting it effectively for a level 2 agent is.

Raem Civrie
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2007.04.23 09:56:00 - [11]

EVE felt all new and tingly in those first few weeks. Even when just mining in 0.8

Otherworld Enterprises
Otherworld Empire
Posted - 2007.04.23 09:58:00 - [12]

Veldspar but lately I've started to battle between that and Chondrite which also kicks butt.

The community is also a strong reason why I stick around.

Ministers Of Destruction.
Posted - 2007.04.23 10:34:00 - [13]

Being in a corp doing lots of stuff together rocked, havent looked back. ugh

Jayne Tamm
Posted - 2007.04.23 10:44:00 - [14]

i wanted a big ass titan Very Happy

and by the time i realisd that would be a near impossiblity, or at least it is for the near future, i was already havin a great time with a corp and missions and trading i didnt care about the titan anymore!!!

i still want one tho Wink

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2007.04.23 10:46:00 - [15]


Manfred Sideous
Body Count Inc.
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2007.04.23 10:47:00 - [16]

I originally joined a mining corp and they gave me a Bestower" OMG I thought I was pimp" So I like hauled ore for the miners and made like a million isk per day. I thought I was so cool.

The Army of The Ori
Posted - 2007.04.23 11:19:00 - [17]

He may not like the idea of pvp at first DP, but make him download some videos of the action, probably MC's history video as well as any outbreak video and I bet he gets intrigued.

When I started, everything was new and everything was a mystery to me. I loved finding out information and what this module did, what skill did this and that. At one point I was thinking of doing the RP bit. But I decided to give my old gaming syndicate Sturmgrenadier a call and promptly found out they were low sec/0.0 based. I had heard of POS's and was very intrigued by them (OK, this was my first couple of weeks damnit! Give me a break Razz)

Joining SGHQ was my first taste of pvp. When I first started this game, I was intent on mining and making things. Reason was that Star Wars Galaxies made a turn tot he worst and one of my favorite things to do was create stuff in the game with it's crafting system. PVP in SWG was mainly consensual and I didn't care for it much because it was level-based majority of the time unlike EVE.

But being in SGHQ at the time meant that our adversaries were BoB/HUFF/assorted others. And there is nothing like being thrown into the deep end of the pool to get you used to pvping. Once I got that first taste of pvp, I pretty much forgot all about mining and building things (with Buxaroo anywaysCool).

My advice, tell him to join a pvp corp and get thrown into the deep end. He may love it to death. Face it, where else can a 3 week noob make a difference in combat? Not EQ2Twisted Evil

Black Eclipse Corp
Posted - 2007.04.24 01:26:00 - [18]

thanks a bunch folks, some great ideas in there

anyway he's doing something different today and is liking it a lot more - he's also starting to realise how vast the possibilities are in eve, which is a very good thing :D

there's hope yet!

Tek'a Rain
Collegium Mechanicae
Posted - 2007.04.24 02:51:00 - [19]

still in his starter corp? tell him to talk to people, for goodness sake. cant speak for them all, but I know at the least that CAS was a great place for me. learned, met a lot of people, made contacts that still help me today and even paid the community at large back a bit by helping train the generation behind me.

start working on that tight mesh of friends about yourself and Eve is no longer about what am I going to do, its what am I do, what are they doing, do that the other way, hey lets go do something.. and so on.

Black Eclipse Corp
Posted - 2007.04.24 11:56:00 - [20]

nah he's in eve uni, although thus far he's just finding the experiance with them confusing (its a huge corp afterall) and has no fecking idea what they are all talking about.

Lords 0f Ruin
Posted - 2007.04.24 12:32:00 - [21]

I think what kept me going was the prospect of all the larger shinier ships I would get to fly and pwn people in (at the time I joined, bigger was better, end of story).

I bet the evil Bobbit here has lured his friend to Eve with tales of Titans and massive fleet battles Razz. IIRC, I was lured to Eve in the same way, and have since lured others in too Twisted Evil.

My advice: Join a small corp, ideally a rather generalist (ie. not specialised in any one thing) corp that is newbie friendly. Joining a large corp can be confusing (hell I know I was confused when I joined a 200+ man corp a few months into the game), it feels like being one little cog inside this huge machine you can't understand.

Sheriff Jones
Clinical Experiment
Posted - 2007.04.24 12:34:00 - [22]

Someone promised that pleasure hubs could be accessed one day...still waiting... Crying or Very sad

Ridley Tree
Posted - 2007.04.24 12:52:00 - [23]

I tried a bit of mission running and I said 'hell no'
I tried some ratting and I said 'this isn't enough iskies and its boring'

So I started ore thieving, and all was good in the world.YARRRR!!

Cheyenne Shadowborn
Noob Much Inc.
Posted - 2007.04.24 13:20:00 - [24]

Edited by: Cheyenne Shadowborn on 24/04/2007 13:16:11
Originally by: DeadProphet
remember WHAT exactly it was that made me stick at it those first few weeks!

That'd be a combination of the following:

- a friend playing Eve at the same time who left soon thereafter (yes CCP, he stopped paying and playing, omfg the horror) because he had no interrest in PvP (same here, but I still trying to avoid it)

- the satisfaction of having grinded enough cash for a new ship once in a while (which gave way to no satisfaction at all looking at about two months of skill training for the next ship class) and then more.

- the idea of doing something big with a corp, which however faded to the realization that you'd either have to have no day job and suck up big time to someone, or be in a small corp that doesn't really have a shot at the really juicy stuff, but not both.

- later, the desire to beat Eve playing solo, and at least own one titan by living about twentythousand years due to future advances in biotech, all the time mining veld every evening.

Is your newbie friend still arround? Newbie? Its a good game ... really! Rolling Eyes

Jali Prince
Posted - 2007.04.24 13:33:00 - [25]

I just got hooked.... Even when I PvP which is not often and I usually end up podded! its the endless possibilities. Oh and the new Shiny Ships to fly. Makings thing. OH and the New shiny ships to fly! Ok so i fly all the frigates, about to start the other races cruisers. I love flying ships, how fast i can get them to go!
Zoom.... Penny Pitstop is my Interceptor!

Ad Astra Vexillum
Warped Aggression
Posted - 2007.04.24 13:37:00 - [26]

The anticipation of getting the next big ship is what kept me going, and the fun of being in a great corp. Now the next big ship will take about 4 months ugh


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