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Feronia Agrona
Nexus Analytics
Posted - 2007.04.20 06:07:00 - [1]

This discussion will ask you two things..

First one is a simple question.. is chaining still possible? I'm a returning player.. and from what I could remember you could *somewhat* chain spawns.. Is it still possible? Even if I kill off everything (cept a frig) then wait for the respawn.. and it slowly over time respawns faster and faster..

Second off.. I'm interested in speed npcing.. I've got my alt to follow behind to salvage/haul.. so i'm not worried about picking up the loot. At the moment I'm in Sansha territory.. but that could always change. Anyways, I can fly a Hyperion.. but I've started to train to use an Abbadon.. I figured an Abbadon would have some quick damage.. but others where telling me to just stick with the Armageddon since I've got extensive drone skills also..

My Domi/Myrm has no problem with these spawns.. but I want to just zip through these belts.. because now I currently only warp in for triple BS spawns or hauler/faction/officer spawns. Other ones just aren't worth the time it takes to kill them.

Maelstrom also seemed to have some nice and quick damage as well..

Give me your opinions :)

Gor Kraon
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2007.04.20 06:36:00 - [2]

Raven for ratting... other ships might have better DPS if the moon and stars are aligned a certain way and the gods favor you that day, but the Raven is simply F1 F2 ... F6.

Darkill Corp
Posted - 2007.04.20 06:41:00 - [3]

Chaining still works...

Queens of the Stone Age
Black Legion.
Posted - 2007.04.20 06:50:00 - [4]

Edited by: Aramendel on 20/04/2007 06:46:24, it doesn't. At least not in the old way. You can still keep a rat alive and wait for the respawn, however thats not the "chaining" the OP was speaking of. The point of it is that the respawns got faster and faster over time, which does not happen anymore.

They changed it because people figured out that if you do it right relatively weak frig spawn + large smartbomb BS = multiple millions/second.

North Face Force
Posted - 2007.04.20 06:52:00 - [5]

Its good to kill the bad spawns, even tho its might not be the best time/isk activity.. it does make room for better spawns.

Irrepressible Mirth
Posted - 2007.04.20 08:18:00 - [6]

Speed npcing = range + dps.

Geddon with tachs will do you nicely providing you are in an area where the rats are vulnerable to em and therm. Don't bother with drones, just warp in at 60ks or so from the spawn. If it has a decent amount of bs leave a frig, if not kill everything and move on to the next belt. By the time you cycle through all the belts, if you're on your own in a decent size system, there will be a respawn at the first one. If you're clever and lucky you can get at least 4-5 bs spawns in a system going at once.

The downside is you are very vulnerable to people ganking you in a long range setup and always have to dock and refit / swap ships in order to pvp.



This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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