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CCP Oveur

Posted - 2007.04.18 17:30:00 - [1]

We've done threads like these in the past with good results (actually, they were mostly blogs) and this thread is a followup of this blog.

In an effort where you can help us out with identifying in what situations you get eaten by the beaten-with-the-ugly-stick-lag-monster, we have created a special thread for you which we will be monitoring.

However, remember that the format required to be actually helpful requires certain vital information for it to be useful, in fact, it's useless without it:

  • My character name(s): This is part of your forum posts but add it in case you are using other characters.

  • My solar system: Not the one you own, the one you were in.

  • My time: Essential. The forum post only shows when you post, please be specific and indicate timezone you are in.

  • What was I doing: Be very specific. Did you open a specific window? Jumping? Warping into something? Press that red button again?

  • Additional data: Pingplotter and other tools can be very helpful for you to sanity check the internet route to rule that out. The fault can be happening at our end, our provider or some other destination, in which case we've often been able to address it directly or indirectly. Some of you remember our initiatives with this before and they have always proved helpful. If you see a bad route or "hop", just add that here.

In any case, know that you are not ignored, we're quite aware of the situation and you could really help us out. Please keep conversation outside the format above in other threads about lag, this is just for data gathering.

ShadowWalker Nivlac
Quasar Inc.
Posted - 2007.04.18 18:04:00 - [2]

What address should we use for pingplotter? and do I really need to do this to report a problem with Jita?

Kvarium Ki
Igneus Auctorita
Posted - 2007.04.18 18:10:00 - [3]

I have recently been playing with my eve client process set to /belownormal priority and I have not seen much lag at all since doing this.

It may seem counter intuitive but I think the eve client uses so much CPU in certain circumstances that it leaves very little or no cpu for the rest of the systems, firewall for example.

Maybe this is just a coincidence and I could be totally wrong but I just figured I would point this out to you.


Posted - 2007.04.18 18:12:00 - [4]

No , this is the topic, they probably are gonna "pretent" to read. In comparison to the petitions and give you standard reply`s, there is nothing in our logs, there is no lag in eve, its just a matrix effect, etc....

Obvious, Jita is well known, the ten thousands petitions they dont wanna sort out, also. They just want us to do "their" job and list our petitions in a fashioned manner...

Cant blame them...

Kata Amentis
Re-Awakened Technologies Inc
Posted - 2007.04.18 18:15:00 - [5]

Edited by: Kata Amentis on 18/04/2007 18:12:39
pingplotter isn't much use without knowing which ip to ping... could you add it to the post?

dammit, thought i was going to be first ugh

Volatile Instability
Posted - 2007.04.18 18:17:00 - [6]

# My character name(s): This is part of your forum posts but add it in case you are using other characters.

This one

# My solar system: Not the one you own, the one you were in.


# My time: Essential. The forum post only shows when you post, please be specific and indicate timezone you are in.

2 hours ahead of eve server time

# What was I doing: Be very specific. Did you open a specific window? Jumping? Warping into something? Press that red button again?

When in a carrier:

1. Deploying drones freezes screen up for a couple of seconds.

2. When you tell drones/fighters to return, eve freezes for a second everytime a drone hops into drone bay.

3. When unstacking/stacking drone folders with manydrones in them,
eve tends to "stutter" untill you for example sellect something in the overview.

4. Unstacking these drone menu's also freezes eve up for a bit.

5. When a drone/fighter gets destroyed eve freezes for a few seconds.

I think that covers most of the "lag" problems for me.



Kvarium Ki
Igneus Auctorita
Posted - 2007.04.18 18:29:00 - [7]

I think the IP, if i got the correct one from netstat, is:


Natural Inventions
Solyaris Chtonium
Posted - 2007.04.18 18:32:00 - [8]

Edited by: Umbriele on 18/04/2007 18:33:04
Name: Umbriele

System: Oursulaert

Time: 18:24 (eve time) - I am located in Italy

Doing: selling some large shield extender II in the station III Federation navy testing facilities. Had the cargo of my viator opened with 13 items. The sell window took 20 seconds to open (there was a buy order on the station)

pingplotter log done some minutes early:

Host Information
2, -------------- ,
3, -------------- ,
4, -------------- ,
5, -------------- ,
12, -------------- ,
13, -------------- ,

Sample Information
"18/04/2007 20.15.32",0,47,44,50,49,70,69,80,85,86,84,83,83
"18/04/2007 20.15.47",0,46,47,49,47,70,69,81,82,84,83,83,84
"18/04/2007 20.16.02",0,46,46,48,49,70,71,82,81,83,82,83,82

Matzu Kana
Icon Industries
Posted - 2007.04.18 18:44:00 - [9]

Character: Matzu Kana

Solar system(s): Agent missions in and around Jita

My time: US Eastern Time mostly evening playtimes

What was I doing: Agent missions, especially blockade missions, have nasty lag when warping in sometimes resulting in a "frozen" state for upwards of 20-30 seconds. Several of my corpmates have reported the same issue. Basically we warp into the encounter and by the time we can make a move we're halfway into armor. Needless to say it makes the mission unplayable.

Again, this has been reported by several members in my corp, all geographically seperated at various playtimes. It is not isolated to missions in a single system, nor does it seem to be tied to a specific mission although blockades with a significant number of rats in play seem to suffer exceptionally.

Deus Ex'Machina
Posted - 2007.04.18 18:51:00 - [10]

Edited by: Deus Ex''Machina on 18/04/2007 18:48:58
Overview eating 60% of FPS

That should give you an idea on where a big lag problem lies.

Edit: I really hope some devs look over it this time.

Kiell Amor
The Graduates
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2007.04.18 19:07:00 - [11]

My character name:
Kiell Amor

My solar system:
Systems on route included Messoya, Tasti, Otosela & Uemon

My time:
05-April-2007, approx. 03:00 EVETime (4am local (UK) time)

What was I doing:
Travelling with an EVE-UNI/IVY-League fleet of up to 68 ships on a low-sec patrol. Lag was noticable on jumping, but no worse than any other big fleet I've flown in. However fleet decloaking on the other side of the gate (when ordered to align to the next gate) was horrific, slideshows for about 30 seconds.

Additional data:
* For most of these systems we were alone bar one or two other locals, so the lag was definitely from us.

* It also seemed to make little difference if the camera was zoomed in or out, same slideshow effect.

* This happened to all people within the fleet as far as I am aware (cerrtainly many commented in gangchat).

* We were using the fleet system for gang-bonuses, running with 3 Wing Commanders and 8 or 9 Squad Commanders, so our current working hypothesis is that this lag was caused specifically by the re-calculation of gang-bonuses as various people decloaked at the gate.

* We did not have the time to repeat the test using only the gang system (ie without converting to a fleet)

Daryl Scott
Posted - 2007.04.18 19:49:00 - [12]

Agree with the blockade commentor, when lots of things are on the overview eve lags like hell, not like i use a slow system either, i believe the problem with all lag problems lies in the UI personally like another person said, also that IP locates to iceland, the servers are in london

Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2007.04.18 20:54:00 - [13]

Character Name:- TheMantisCH

Solarsytem:- 1) Kihtaled
2) Kihtaled
3) 3-FKCZ

Time:- 1) 12/04/07 21:26
2) 11/04/07 20:16
3) 05/04/07 20:55

All above times are server time.
Timezone = BST (+1 hour server time)

What was i doing:- Jumping a gate into a hostile gang, along with aprox 20-30 others, upon jumping screen freezes for upto 5 minutes, can see space in background and the "jumping" text has disapeared but no overview and grid, chat windows are there. Screen slowly changes to a slide show, before all of a sudden being almost fully playable (15-20FPS). Everyone on the grid experiences the same thing. Seems to be client related as "your logs show no evidence of lag". This also seems to be a new bug since Revelations 1.4

Also see this thread.

- Mantis

Ven Li
Posted - 2007.04.18 21:12:00 - [14]

1, Ven Li
2, Pretty much any, as its in missions.
4, Anytime i try to lock on a new target while i have others targeted eve freezes for a few seconds

Black Necris
Sarz'na Khumatari
Posted - 2007.04.18 22:26:00 - [15]

Edited by: Black Necris on 18/04/2007 22:29:38
My character name:
Black Necris

My solar system:
Providence Region, D61A-G was the last time i had the bug (thats right its a recurrent bug)

My time:
2007.04.14 07:23 EVETime

What was I doing:
Alliance reported 3 hostiles a jump away from my location, i was on a fast ship (Stilletto)so i resolved to investigate to give ship types, went there from 9UY took a look at them for around 20 seconds and decided to turn back after providing the intel, i decloacked activated the MWD with them firing upon me and as soon as i was on jump range i activated the gate, only to recieve the message "Session change already in progress" i pressed the jump button on my overview like crazy and nutting happened same message, ship poped and in pod i tried over and over again to activate the gate and so my pod poped with my 40 millions ISK in implants.

nice pics from the happy moment)
Pic 2
Pic 2

Additional data:
* I have notice you will always recive that message if you are in a fast ship: Jump in a new system and as soon as you are showed on the screen return fast fast back to the gate, i learned that by the force of getting killed several times, cose CCP its not informing anyone about you needing to wait at least some seconds bfore activating back a gate.

* Since i learned that i always hold on the gates bfore returning to minimize the risk of reciving that error, but as you can read its not 100% effective.

* Game Masters claim on the times i petitioned this to be a lag error, but i have a real good internet conection and pc, and im not the only one recieving the error.
Tread 1
Tread 2 Tread 3
Tread 4

Mister Zero
Posted - 2007.04.18 22:51:00 - [16]

CCP, why don't you openly acknowledge that the vast majority of 'issues' facing EVE players isn't their system, isn't their ISP, isn't some spooky DirectX problem or an issue with drivers?

The mechanics of the client/server is at fault. Eve 'lag' is simply an ambiguous euphamism for what is the EVE server's inability to support the loads. Period.

The notion that the players (or their PCs) are somehow at fault no longer holds water. Users are more savvy, we understand network latency, drivers, many have built their own PCs that are *vastly* over-powered for the purposes of EVE.

'Lag' and the EVE slideshow game isn't the result of a user's inability to handle some monstrous CPU load - it's the servers.

I'd like CCP to, once and for all, publicly ackowledge this. Enough with the smoke screens.

Nu RedHunter
Posted - 2007.04.19 00:00:00 - [17]

Edited by: Nu RedHunter on 19/04/2007 00:05:25
Ok you asked for it...

2007.04.18 23:02

Victim: Runsha
Alliance: NONE
Corp: School of Applied Knowledge
Destroyed: Maelstrom
System: Aband
Security: 0.5

That should give you a fair idea of where I was what I was doing and when. Mods and drones were taking 20 - 30 seconds to respond. Your new mission system kept sending in new waves of enemy (at which point I was still trying to kill the first ship) with lag increasing drasticly with each new wave. Lag and responce finally came to a hault and client crashed. By the time I got back online ship was destroyed. Reviewing log I find that during the last second (by timestamp) prior to client crash I was bombarded with 65 seperate combat message!!!!In one second??? No wonder client overloaded and crashed. Lag and traffic congestion appears to have been so severe that only 2 of my 5 warp out attempts even show in the log. I find after the fact that I was apparently warp scrambled (conviently at almost the exact instant the two recorded warp out attempts were made and I dont seem to see any other scramble messages in the logs). I dont know about you, but I cant seem to read 65 messages flashed across my screen in one second so never saw a scramble message and graphics were so lagged that I had no visual indications either.

Not to add unrelated to the a lag thread. But some one really goofed in the mission changes. I never had difficulty like this running a lvl IV before. Now since these latest changes with this multiple wave spawns and unbreakable jammings I have yet to solo a single one and find that even groups of four are insufficient for many. After over 18 months I have just about run out of tolerance for what started as a great game and has turned into an excuse merathon.

PingPlotter stuff:

Target Name: N/A
Date/Time: 4/18/2007 8:07:06 PM

1 1 ms []
2 * [-]
3 10 ms []
4 13 ms []
5 13 ms []
6 22 ms []
7 42 ms []
8 44 ms []
9 116 ms []
10 119 ms []
11 111 ms []
12 113 ms []
13 111 ms []
14 N/A []
15 N/A []
16 N/A []
17 N/A []
18 111 ms []

Ping statistics for
Packets: Sent = 1, Received = 1, Lost = 0 (0.0%)
Round Trip Times: Minimum = 111ms, Maximum = 111ms, Average = 111ms

Posted - 2007.04.19 00:01:00 - [18]

Edited by: Garethjax on 19/04/2007 00:29:23
* My character name(s): Garethjax

* My solar system: Jita 4-4 Navy Assembly

* My time: Essential. 2100 Eve Time

* What was I doing: Undocking. In the time it took the Eve Client to allow me to scroll my overview to select the Perimeter gate for a warp to zero, I was in my pod. This was approximately 20 seconds. I have noticed (and been incredibly surprised) by the fact that Eve "lag" extends so far into what is a very simple client interface. Why can't I work my overview scroll bar on system entry? Why does the screen lag so bad when you launch drones? I can understand not getting positional updates on drones or other ships when I launch them, but why can't I do any *local* UI actions when that is taking place? It just doesn't make any sense. Many of these are not network or server issues at all. Quite frankly I don't care nearly as much if the server takes 3-5 seconds to actually invoke the action, but the client side response should be instantaneous.

Note that I have all the "correct" pvp 0.0 no-lag settings enabled to reduce client side graphics lag and I have a darn good CPU and graphics card, running full-screen, not at max resolution, etc, etc.

Here's pingplotter for completeness sake (my IP is x'd). The jump across the Atlantic was a bit disappointing with the level3 network costing me about 140ms or so. I would have hoped for better, but there you go. Clearly if the client is blocked waiting for a response on a ship by ship basis to populate the overview this is going to cause the client to hang. All server side comm needs to be in it's own thread posting events to the UI thread and all server side comm should be batched (i.e. it should be 1 message for 1 ship or 50 ships).

Target Name: N/A
Date/Time: 4/18/2007 5:24:32 PM to 4/18/2007 5:26:47 PM

1 1 ms 1 ms 1 ms 1 ms 1 ms 1 ms 1 ms 1 ms N/A 1 ms []
2 11 ms 11 ms 11 ms 11 ms 11 ms 11 ms 11 ms 10 ms 11 ms 10 ms []
3 11 ms 11 ms 13 ms 11 ms * 11 ms 11 ms 11 ms 11 ms 11 ms []
4 11 ms 12 ms 11 ms 12 ms 64 ms 11 ms 12 ms 141 ms 11 ms 11 ms []
5 12 ms 23 ms 45 ms 41 ms 47 ms 12 ms 12 ms 12 ms 12 ms 12 ms []
6 13 ms 12 ms 14 ms 12 ms 13 ms 99 ms 12 ms 12 ms 12 ms 13 ms []
7 12 ms 12 ms 13 ms 14 ms 12 ms 14 ms 13 ms 12 ms 12 ms 12 ms []
8 149 ms 150 ms 153 ms 150 ms 150 ms 160 ms 155 ms 150 ms 151 ms 149 ms []
9 N/A 144 ms N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 157 ms 145 ms 145 ms []
10 144 ms 144 ms 143 ms 143 ms 144 ms 144 ms 144 ms 143 ms 143 ms 145 ms []
11 144 ms 145 ms 145 ms 161 ms 144 ms 143 ms 145 ms 146 ms 144 ms 143 ms []
12 145 ms 145 ms 146 ms 144 ms 145 ms 145 ms 145 ms 145 ms 144 ms 145 ms []

Ping statistics for
Packets: Sent = 10, Received = 10, Lost = 0 (0.0%)
Round Trip Times: Minimum = 144ms, Maximum = 146ms, Average = 144ms

Adunh Slavy
Ammatar Trade Syndicate
Posted - 2007.04.19 00:05:00 - [19]

My character name(s): Adunh Slavy
My solar system: Motsu, Aramachi, Salia
My time: GMT -5 (Problem seems to exist in those systems regardless of time)
What was I doing: Numerous things, jumping, running missions, undocking
Additional Data: 16 hops to TQ, no more than 110ms latency on each ICMP return via tracert. (I don't show the output as I don't like to expose my IP unnecessarily.)

Same char in same or similar ship runs the same exact missions in Gamis, Tidacha, Hoth, Alkez with out the same lag, also the local system population is 1-20, versus the Aramachi 100 :)

Dr Aryandi
Posted - 2007.04.19 00:41:00 - [20]

# My character name(s): Any
# My solar system: Any
# My time: Any
# What was I doing: Open up the eve login screen (to enter username and password).

Try and do anything else on the computer.

You can feel that the login screen is eating all the CPU it can get its gready little mits on. To do what? It's just sitting there waiting for me to put in a name and password!

I know its easy to work around (just log in!) but when I start my computer I tend to open lots of things at once then go through dealing with them one at a time (until I notice the lag and switch to the eve login window) and it might be symptomatic of a larger problem.

Audri Fisher
Burning Bush Enterprises
Posted - 2007.04.19 01:21:00 - [21]

characater name: Audri fisher.
Time: jump ins
system: seems to happen a lot more in 0.0 systems.
what happens: Whenever a decent sized gang (20-30) people jump into a system, there is slight lag jumping into a system. If that gang converts into a fleet however, people tend to double and tripple load the system.
Needless to say, this is very bad when you are jumping into a hostile fleet. The solution is to "hold cloak" for about 20 seconds to get people mostly loaded. The mass decloaking causes lag also, but mostely for the opposing team it seems. often only one or two ships will appear on there overview for a crucial 4-5 secs. Even better ( for the jumping in team ) the defensive fleet may not all see the same person on there overeview.

It seems to be caused by gang bonuses. A lot has been said about blobbing, but it can actually reduce lag! There is nothing worse than having a mid sized gang (40-50) concentrated in a hub system with mebers jumping in and out. everytime sombeody in a leadership postition jumps, everyone affected lags for a sec.

A solution that I came up with is to rework gang bonuses. gang bonuses from pure skills ( no command ship gimmekery ) should be slighly nerfed, and always on. Mindlinks and warfare links should be buffed appropriately so that with a command ship with the warfare link and mindlink there should be no net change.
What this does is eleminate a lot of small fleet gang issues, most small fleets do not have dedicated "buffer" ships simply becuase in such a situation, a tank/ewar/ganker would be more effective. Better to have 20% more dps than 8% more armor for the entire gang. As fleet size increases, the percentage of dps gang by having one more BS decreases, while the net hp increase for all ships increases with a dedicated command ship.


While we are on the subject *cough* of "special" ship classes that have generic ship classes, can we please remove the 25% rof penalty from destroyers? why do there tech II equilivents which are not desighned for firepower not have them? There pG requirements are such that you are forced to downfit to high rof weapons. ( 75mm vs 125 mm weps) So, in esense, the tech II versions are forced into machine guns nest, while the tech I versions are painfully slow.

Posted - 2007.04.19 01:30:00 - [22]

Edited by: Adoris on 19/04/2007 01:27:31
Charater: Any charater I play with
Solar system: same, in any solar system
What was I doing: fighting (small gang fight, something like 6-8 ships enganged in a fight)

The fight normaly goes lag free in most of the cases, the problem ocures when my ship gets destroyed, my screen freezes for a 2-3 seconds, and some times I can't warp away with my pod because of it.

Internet Knight
The Kobayashi Maru
Posted - 2007.04.19 01:35:00 - [23]

Edited by: Internet Knight on 19/04/2007 01:38:13
Character: Internet Knight

My Solarsystem: systems between NGM-OK and BQ0-UU, and then from BQ0-UU to 6-1T6Z

My time: I am in CST. Logs for the lag are from 2007.04.15 01:06:00 EVE time (start) until until about 2007.04.15 03:15:00 (arrived at destination system)

Lag type: UI freeze-frame

What I was doing: heh... :)
In a gang of about 200 (at peak), was being gang warped to destination. Lag would occur as each gang ship decloaked in an attempt to align to the next stargate. Lag would occur for about 1 to 2 seconds PER SHIP that was decloaking. There were about 80 people travelling in that group with us, which translates to a lot of time wasted in lag.

This lag appears to only occur in LARGE gangs where there are multiple wings and the total gang memebers is more than can fit in a single wing. An additional possible variable is whether or not there was someone in the Fleet Commander position and whether or not that person has boss: I have been in several gangs that are right around the limits specified here (roughly 50 to 60 people in gang, split among two wings), and the lag is usually nonexistant in those gangs.

Additional data: I have pingplotter and am familiar with its use, but to what address did you want us to ping?

I do keep a command prompt open running a 24/7 ping on my ISP gateway (eg, other side of my DSL modem ... start -> run -> "ping 151.164.x.x -t -i 3 -w 2500"), and it was not showing any abnormal pings during the time.

Edit: cleaned up some stuff :)

Goron Garman
Posted - 2007.04.19 04:00:00 - [24]

Character: Goron Garman
My Solar System: Well, it happens everywhere, but I'm in Zaimeth for now.
My time: Doesn't matter, any time.
What I was doing: Returning drones to bay causes my entire UI to lock up for a few seconds. I don't mean issuing the command "return to bay," but when they actually go from being in space to being in your drone bay, it's like EVE just stops for a bit. It also does the same thing, but not quite as badly, when I launch drones. This also happens not just when it's me, but when it's anyone launching/returning.

Posted - 2007.04.19 04:37:00 - [25]

I seem to get a lag spike anytime I am using the solar system map. Minor issue currently, but if I encountered hostiles while on ss map, it could become a major issue shortly. Occurs in any system that I us ss map in, regardless of local count (including my being the only one in local).

Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2007.04.19 04:51:00 - [26]

My character name(s): Zurtur

My solar system: EC-P8R.

My time: Around 11:30 PM.

What was I doing: Camping Torrinos gate with a gang of 10. Got jumped on by a gang of 15. Everyone from our gang reported lag, my own game froze for almost 45seconds and when it unfroze i was in a pod. Similiar lag happend to all of us, not all in same extend though.

Additional data: In my opinion this was actaully graphical lag/ local client lag. I tryed to take screenshots, didnt work. Same lag as expressed in a few threads before. Not sure if it is client or server related. No internet trouble at all before/after.

Keiko Kobayashi
Celestial Janissaries
Curatores Veritatis Alliance
Posted - 2007.04.19 05:01:00 - [27]

My character name(s): Keiko Kobayashi
My time: GMT+9
What was I doing: I open the market, or switch to the browse-tab of the market, and it freezes my screen for several seconds.

I know this is an oldie, but itís still there and still annoying the hell out of me everytime I need to use the market.

Neon Cranium
Posted - 2007.04.19 05:24:00 - [28]

Edited by: Par''Gellen on 19/04/2007 10:56:57
My character name:

My solar system:
Nordar and Askonak

My time:
04/19/2007 8:00PM thru 12:00AM US Central Standard Time

What was I doing:
Running the level 4 mission "Vengeance" for Isastime Nuboliyen located at Kador Prime I - Kador Family Bureau. I got this mission twice in a row. The first time it was located in Nordar and the second time it was in Askonak. During both missions I experienced several lag spikes that lasted several seconds each. Once I even thought I was disconnected but just as I was about to try to close the client and reconnect everything started moving again. These spikes occured pretty much all throughout the missions. It didn't seem to matter if I was fighting, looting, warping, etc. I was in a Dominix and using Praetor II drones heavily while tanking full agro from all the spawns.

Additional data:
Tracert and pings to showed nothing unusual. No timeouts and the response time was between 192ms and 210ms which is normal for me (USA). I ran the ping with the -t switch so i could get a good idea of what was going on. I experienced the spikes several times while the ping was running but the response time never timed out or changed.

Edit: To clarify something - This wasn't client graphical lag. My FPS was fine the whole time. The type of lag I'm talking about is the kind where I'm being shot and trying to use modules but nothing is actually happening.

Northern Intelligence
Posted - 2007.04.19 06:09:00 - [29]

Maybe CCP should cut down on the information being sent to client whenever a new player enters the grid and system? Run the Log Server to see lots and lots of useless information being sent that you do not really need!

On a side note, I have an alt in a NPC corporation. Whenever I fly my alt, I get around 35 fps in space. When I run my main who is in a corporation and alliance, I get around 21 fps in space.

Aeryn Davenport
Sturmgrenadier Inc
Sturmgrenadier Syndicate
Posted - 2007.04.19 06:42:00 - [30]

Aeryn Davenport

Silen, docked at the Lai Dai station, Silen 3, Moon 9.

06:40 EVE Time. 4/19.

I'm getting a fair amount of lag using the market. There is a lot of lag loading the market window in general, and then when I move around within the market there's a lot of lag.

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