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Will Nazca
The Benjamin Project
Posted - 2007.04.16 12:37:00 - [1]

I am an industrial player looking to settle down with a good bunch of like-minded people for the duration. I've spent time jumping around with a friend from Corp to Corp and now I am on my own and and ready to serve. I am currently around 5.4 SP and fly a Hulk, training for a Charon. All SP is in industry/mining. NOT a combat pilot. I have been around the block enough to know what I do and don't need in a corp. This ideally will be the last one I join!

My main preferences, in no particular order:

Arrow Empire based (been to 0.0. Not into politics/wars)
Arrow No more than 40 or 50 members (don't want to be just a number)
Arrow Good ISK
Arrow Goals (need a reason to be in a Corp, other than to Chat it up)
Arrow Primarily or entirely US based
Arrow No Socialist Corps (I like ISK)
Arrow Good belts for mining
Arrow Some time for Solo (just need to get away occasionally)

In return you will get a hard working miner. I can mine for hours on end and not get bored. I also would like to take on/learn support roles within the Corp such as POS support, Logistics...whatever!

Start-up Corps are a possibility if you have good goals and experience.

If you're still reading, then maybe we can visit some in-game or just reply with your thread. Thanks for taking the time!!


Fukd up Beyond all Reckognition
Posted - 2007.04.16 12:43:00 - [2]

Hi there, I would like too point you too my corp, we pretty much have all you listed, empire based, definitive goals, etc, you can look at our recruit thread Here,

Or better yet, join us on channel D4CAV in game and have a chat.

m3 Corp
Posted - 2007.04.16 13:29:00 - [3]

The m3 Corporation is recruiting.

m3 Corporation is a mixed batch of races ranging in careers from Mining all the way through to trading and combat. We do a wide range of activities such as mission running at various levels, Mining Operations, Low sec ratting and pirate bounty hunting however we DO NOT participate in any pirate activities.

We are based in a 0.5 system which is in-between two lower sec systems 0.4\0.3 which provides us wish rich mining ops, low sec ratting and also PVP if your into that side of things.

We provide:

- A reliable strong bond within our superior ranks in m3. With the CEO and director working together in real life, the plans of the corp are always discussed daily ensuring a secure and smooth running of the corp.

- Friendly community. The initial plan of m3 was to gain a good bunch of friendly players who enjoy playing EVE together, we have succeeded in this and we plan to keep it that way. Friends stretch far beyond fellow corp members, we are friends with many of the other local corporations who are also a great people and are willing to help and do gang activities such as low sec mining.

- Guidance and support. Every corp member gets 100% support off the other corp members, we really like to focus on what the player wants to achieve and we'll help the player develop their character so they can do what it is they want to do.

- Fun fun fun. As a CEO i'm not going to scream commands and telling how to play YOUR game, our members are free to do as they please but maybe asked to join in corp op's but its not something you have to do. We are serious game players and if you want to push through and make your mark on the corp then that can be done, else you can take the quiet route but have the security of a corporation to call upon if you’re stuck with any issues.

Qualifications & Requirements:

- Character at least 15 days old. while we would like to keep all of our members over 15 days old, we do make acceptations, you may for example be an experienced EVE player and have started a new character, or your might show such enthusiasm as a new player that we'll consider taking you on. Each member is evaluated individually.

- To be active. We appreciate members cant always be on every night or if they are nor for very long, we all have real lives to live and we don’t expect anyone commit an insane amount of hours. All we ask is that when members are online you make an effort to communicate to the other corp members and take advantage of the web-based community we have worked hard to setup. The web-based community includes forums, kill board, image\video gallery and lots of other things.

Additional information:

- Teamspeak. Although we have a teamspeak server this isn't essential for members to use, however a headset is worth investing in as teamspeak is very handy when it comes to PVP situations and for talking general rubbish in the general TS channel.

If you are interested in joining our corp, please evemail me in game or you can contact me via our website which is you can even submit your application on our forums.

Constipated Monkies
Posted - 2007.04.16 13:34:00 - [4]

Hello Will

Just wanted to inform you that Sanctuary might be the place for you..

What we are looking for

Active players – The kind of people who speak up in corp chat, register and get involved on the forums, take initiative to arrange corporate events, and participate whenever they can.

Driven businesspeople – We encourage and facilitate great ideas. We are interested in people who take initiative, see new business opportunities, come up with creative concepts to make isk, and help make them a reality.

Professionals – Must be respectful of others, in and out of the corporation.

Able collaborators – The efforts and needs of many surpass those of the few.

Clean criminal records – We keep company with ethical businesspeople and don't accept players with a history of corp theft or scamming. Members will not be given access to anything that could cripple the corporation.

Age of majority – Players must be 18+, and characters must be older than 30 days with more than 5mil in skill points.

Plugged in – Capable of using voice coms.

You can apply to the corp by any of the following three means

Contact Katz (US timezone) or Tarliah (AU/UK timezone) ingame by evemail.

Join us in the Sanct – Public ingame channel.

Post on our Forum and tell us about yourself and the reason you might be interested in joining Sanctuary.

You can visit the Eve-O recruitment thread Here if you need further information..

Thank You for taking time to read this and hope to see you soon

Or we will be in contact with you in game soon

Will Nazca
The Benjamin Project
Posted - 2007.04.19 20:54:00 - [5]

Just Checking**

hormonal babe
Posted - 2007.04.20 12:10:00 - [6]

Hi Will
We are a production/mining corp based in lower derelik atm. We have a strong industrial backbone with a sister corp working on invention. We have an excellent payment plan for all our members who participate in ops. Our security team is excellent for providing cover for mining low and we basically mine on a daily basis as we have contracts to fill. Training is available for pvp if your interested along with knowledgeable peeps to help you move forward in your industrial field. Chat me in game - drop me a note - or visit our public channel - Phoenix Division. Hope to speak with you.


Tarish Montrey
Free Masons United Inc.
Fidelas Constans
Posted - 2007.04.20 15:34:00 - [7]

The best part of any corp is the guy that can make the PVP stuff and have fun at it. You like to mine we like to npc and PVP. I guess that means you should be able to mine in peace. You could hook up with alliance mates and get your production going. You want to run the corp POS you have total control.

We have a carrier so stuff you need is a couple jumps away. Look me up I need a few good logistics that can get the job done.

Darias Kehl
Posted - 2007.04.20 16:13:00 - [8]

It sounds like Infinity Aeronautics would be a perfect fit for you. We are a small (25 member) corporation in a quiet niche of the Genesis region, with excellent access to Kernite and lower in empire, and we are next door to some excellently secured low security belts, packed with Jaspet.

As far as short term goals, IAN is looking to expand its mining and logistics arms, as well as hire a mining foreman. Next, we will be deploying stations in low security space nearby as a research station, and a POS in 0.0 to provide a safe haven for our combat pilots. Concurrently, we are going to scale our manufacturing base in accordance with our influx of raw materials. We are already able to provide to our members frigates, cruisers, and battlecruisers.

The thing that sets IAN apart from the other corporations is that each member is treated as part of the leadership of the corporation. I don't want mindless drones that I can demand they go mining, and have them drop off the ore and log off... that drove me out of my last corporation. What I would like instead are members that have a personal investment in the security and growth of their corporation.

For more information, please contact me in game, I would be thrilled to speak to you more in depth, and answer any questions you may have.

Cruoris Seraphim
Posted - 2007.04.20 21:20:00 - [9]

Will, the "]v[" symbol is Maelstroms Alliance logo, Id appreciate if if you could refrain from using it.

With that said, I hope your recruitment goes well!

All the best,



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