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Old Timers Guild
Posted - 2003.06.05 16:33:00 - [1]

1. A shortcut to target nearest non hostile and nearest hostile. Playing pick out the pixel to get to open a cargo container can get real annoying.

Group with a Gallente. Have them get 4-5 drones on a target. Now try to get your cursor on the target so you can lock on and be able to fire. It's almost impossible to do.

2. Cargo containers need to show up. What do I mean? Shoot some pirates in a scenario like this.


Good luck targetting the cargo containers unless you use the scanner. All you will get it the asteroid info.

3. Approach - Needs to mean approach not run at full speed until you ram it. Or keep at 200m if I am approaching a non moving object I would think would mean the ship moves until it is 200m from said object. Not fly full speed till 200m then try to stop.

4. Keep at range should have the ability to set it to variable ranges. It's a startship I would think the computer/pilot could handle keep at 7650m. It already does if I say keep at current range.

5. Why is board ship on the top of the list when I click a ship? This command MIGHT get used once in a while. The order on the pull down menus needs a hard look to make more sense. OR they need to be customizable. IMO approach and warp whould ALWAYS be the top ones since they are the two I use the most.

6. Delete from address book...Why is this an option unless I am in the address book? I don't need it available on the 5000+ people not in my book and if I do have them in my book it's not hard to open it and delete them. Or am I the only person who has accidentally deleted people when trying to chat or send a message?

7. Corp Hangar - more controls, customizable, better security available. I could write a couple pages here.

8. Skill info - Have the time to train to the next level show up without having to start training the skill.

9. Some way to get more than one person on a target well ok besides "everyone shoot the closest marauder." This is more of an issue when fighting NPC's than PC's since PC's have unique names you can use to target them. Maybe a pulldown menu option? Gang leader picks target then you can right click them and choose assist?

10. Active targets - ARGHHHH! NEVER, EVER, EVER, do I want the game to switch my target for me because something activated a module on me. Put in an option to turn this off!

Example warp into an asteroid field. There's a Marauder, Depradator, Depradator. Hmm Marauder is most dangerous kill it first. Lock marauder, then lock the deps. As soon as the dep is locked press F1-6. BUT as F3 activates Dep #2 that I have a lock on now activates a module on me and my active target switches to dep #2. I end up with F1-2 on the marauder and F3-6 on the dep. To switch back I have to turn off F3-6. Wait on the weapons cycle. then spam left click the marauder while turning on weapons F3-6 so I can get on one target. HORRID handicap in a fight. I am quite capable of switching targets on my own. Please make the game stop doing it for me.

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Spacelane Logistics
Posted - 2003.06.05 19:56:00 - [2]

Here Here...

Here is are few more.
1. r-click on drones to launch all of type. ie r-click on a mining drone and select launch all of type. it would then launch all mining drones.
2. When drones are launched have them automaticly be selected, so if i launch 5 drones they are all selected in the drone window.
3. move comon commands for drones to the main r-Click menu.
4. Hot keys for opening cargo and drone bay.
5. Hot keys for having drones attack and mine.
6. a option in hangers, cargo, drone, cargo pods,.. to auto sort by name or type.
7. The ability to rename the cargo pods so you can identify what they are storing. maybe call it edit shipping tag.


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