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Posted - 2003.06.05 16:26:00 - [1]

I have been looking on the market and i havent found it yet, so i gues ill post it here as an idea.

The ability to cloack...

We all know the series like Enterprise, Babylon 5.. In those series there are ships that can cloack... I am not talking about becoming invisible, but im talking about not beeing able to be detected in space... With this you need to upgrade your ships hull, with that it can adapt its colours like an cameleon. So it will be almost invisible

The skill you need for this is offcourse very rare, we talk about a very powerfull skill so it gotta cost you something. Same goes for the hull.

Also you need to have a previous skill at a high level, lets say level 10 skill in Electronic warfare.

The benefits you will have is:
- You can remain undetected, no mather what happens.
- Targeting gets harder.

The negative points of the skill:
- You need to train your skill to get a better effect from cloacking, the higher your skill the more you will be unable to target and the higher your skill the harder it will be to see you in visual effect.
- At lower level's in this skill, when you move you show yourself more. So Lets say you got level 4 skill, and if you hover in space then you are 99% invisible. If you move people will see a line around you making you 80% invisible...
- Less HP -5% hp if you use these cloacking hull
- not able to shoot while cloacked.
- delay in shooting after uncloacking, lets say you uncloack then it takes 5 to 10 seconds before you can make your first shot.
- Delay on cloacking depeding on level, at level 1 it takes you 20 seconds a level and every level you gain 5 seconds, so at level 5 you can instant cloack.

This was my suggestion, if the skill aready exist i want to apologize. I couldnt find anything on it.

Commissar Gaunt
Posted - 2003.06.05 20:02:00 - [2]

Cloaking tech will be available at some point, although it will be very very hard to get I assume

Spacelane Logistics
Posted - 2003.06.05 20:05:00 - [3]

generaly i thin cloaking would be a bad idea in eve.

But if it was implmented I think it would have to be a thing you use when you are not moving. IE the go silent type of thing.

In lots of SF the p[irates are always waiting with the engines shut down and they are putting out as little energy as possible. This could work for setting ambushes, but moving while cloaked I think should be totaly out.

As they showed in one of the Star Treck movies, any ship that is moving puts out energy. I think there should be a matching skill called scanner tech and it works the same a ECM ECCM which is if the scanner tech has a higher value than the Cloaking tech then you see the other ship... Also a penlty for going to warp and a smaller one to start moving when you drop cloak. this repersents the time to come from low power mode back to full power for manuvering and such.

my 2isk worth.

Posted - 2003.06.06 11:53:00 - [4]

For a ultra rare skill and item, your suggestions are a little too hard.. You still have to gain advantage when you use it, thats why it would be isk to buy the skill and for the hull.. :P


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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