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Xevan Templar
7th Batavian Squadron
Posted - 2008.06.15 01:21:00 - [151]

Did find this thread after I made my first character in EVE, I still find it very usefull to read. Although it's already in the 'Ultimate New Player Guide Collection' with a link, I think it deserves a sticky in here Cool.

excellent work!

Elwin Ransom
Posted - 2008.06.26 01:09:00 - [152]

Edited by: Elwin Ransom on 26/06/2008 01:48:21

Thank you for a very helpful post. I think I may have goofed up a bit on my custom point distribution.

Since I wanted to play Caldari fighter, I chose the topmost entry on Akita's versitilty chart Caldari/Achura/Inventor. That worked out to PER 7, INT 12, MEM 6, WIL 6, CHA 3.

I never could decide how to distribute my custom points, so I went with +3 PER, +2 INT.

My final base attributes are PER 10, INT 14, MEM 6, WIL 6, CHA 3. I am starting to wonder if there are not far better fighter distributions. Perhaps I should have evened out the spread a bit? It looks a little INT heavy for a fighter and lacking in WIL. I am not sure how to run comparisons and choose the Caldari fighter 'sweet spot.' I thought I had found my attribute bliss, but I am not so sure. Any observations on these stats from a PvP skills oriented perspective?

How do my base attributes (10/14/6/6/3) stack up against 10/10/8/8/3?

Akita T
Caldari Navy Volunteer Task Force
Posted - 2008.06.26 14:52:00 - [153]

Edited by: Akita T on 26/06/2008 14:57:37

Like it's said in the OP, the listing is based on versatility NOT focus on a single type of activity.

To be quite honest, for a heavily fighting-oriented character you would have been better off with Achura Monk, +3 per (for a grand total of 12 base perception) and rest wherever you want (most likely +2 mem for an "even 8" in all int/mem/wil... maybe +1 mem and +1 int, even +1 int +1 wil or +2 int, depending on what you plan to focus on secondarily in fighting... drones, support/T2 ships or ewar).
Yeah, most probably 12p/8i/8m/8w/3c, I'd say should be a good long-term fighter choice.
Heck, even a Khanid Cyberknight 14p/6i/6m/8w/5c (that's +3p, +2m) is a damned good LONG-term fighter choice.

The character you picked (Achura Inventor, 10 per, 14 int) will have a slightly above average T1 ship/weapon training speed, slightly below average drone and T2 ship-specific skill training, but a VERY EASY time mastering most support skills, from engineering, electronics and navigation, even mechanic too.
There's a huge number of support skills you need (and should want) to train, especially in the smaller classes of ships.

So, while the Monk choice might have better skills in the long run (multiple race large T2 guns and L5 battleship or something similar), the Inventor choice will master frigates/cruisers of one single race faster, since it speeds through the needed support skills faster. The Monk will be better suited for fast solo mission-running mastery, the Inventor will be better suited for fast gang PvP assistance.

Elwin Ransom
Posted - 2008.06.26 21:25:00 - [154]

Edited by: Elwin Ransom on 26/06/2008 21:26:51

Thank you. Interesting, and a little disturbing! I am looking at long term only. My question now is: should I reroll? If, in the long run, all will equal out and both will be equally adept at fighter oriented skills, then I am fine continuing as I am; that is, if the support skill advantage the inventor has over the Monk will even out the disadvantage in t2 gun/battleships, etc. But if I am sacrificing long term efficiency for short term gains, I am going to remake immediately.

I tried playing with Evemon to see the true long term time difference between Achura 12/8/8/8/3 and my 10/14/6/6/3, but I am doing something wrong. 1. Is it a huge difference in the long run?

I plan on focusing on Caldari ships, but if I branched into another races ships in the future, I would love to have made an initial attribute decision that helps. The character will make ISK mission running exclusively, so getting into level 4s and a Raven is a priority asap.

2. If you all were making an exclusively Caldari fighter that supports the pvp habit by missioning, what would you think to be the best base attributes? I just do not have the experience you all have to make the long term right decision.

Akita T
Caldari Navy Volunteer Task Force
Posted - 2008.06.26 21:57:00 - [155]

Edited by: Akita T on 26/06/2008 21:58:06
Originally by: Elwin Ransom
I tried playing with Evemon to see the true long term time difference between Achura 12/8/8/8/3 and my 10/14/6/6/3, but I am doing something wrong.
Is it a huge difference in the long run?

Naaah... more like, a couple of months training time difference on a 5+ years plan or so (think maxed-out relevant support skills in electronics, engineering, mechanic and navigation alongside maxed-out relevant ship command skills, across several races).
Basically around 5% slower or so in the really long run.

In the short run, depending on the order of training (ship and weapons first or support skills first, how fast you want to focus on learnings/implants instead of actual combat-related skills and so on and so forth), you could be at a significant advantage with either one.

Elwin Ransom
Posted - 2008.06.27 02:59:00 - [156]

Thank you again. I am almost convinced I should just stay with my current attributes and forget the reroll.

One curiosity though. I went into Evemon with my current stats of 10/14/6/6/3. I have some +3s implants in and basic learning skills at 4 and advanced at 3. Then I created a new plan that is about 500 days by adding to the plan a bunch of Caldari ships I like and the highest rated suggested build from battleclinic (this adds lots of support/weapon skills to the plan). I chose everything from interceptors and command ships to mauraders and covert ops.

Here is the strange thing. When I used my stats verses 12/8/8/8/3 and 9/9/9/9/3, my time was about 3 days better than the former and 14 days better than the latter. What the heck? Shouldn’t 12/8/8/8/3 be more effective in the long haul?

Akita T
Caldari Navy Volunteer Task Force
Posted - 2008.06.27 13:47:00 - [157]

Originally by: Elwin Ransom
Then I created a new plan that is about 500 days [...] What the heck? Shouldn’t 12/8/8/8/3 be more effective in the long haul?

Well, there you have it... one year and a half is not "long run" enough yet Wink
I bet you have a lot of support skills included in your 500-day build.
Now, create a combat-focused 1000-day plan or a 1500-day plan, and you'll suddendly see how things change.

Elwin Ransom
Posted - 2008.06.28 17:50:00 - [158]

Yes, you were spot on: the difference becomes apparent as time increases significantly. It is not so significant as I feared, so I am staying with it. I suppose my base attributes are better than average. Thanks for the help.

Psipher Rift
Posted - 2008.07.07 13:29:00 - [159]

Akita or anyone with some insight on this.
I am new to Eve. I am interested in a combat oriented character. I have zero desire to mine, trade, make gadgets or do crafting of any sorts. I followed Akita's suggestion and went with Khanid Cyberknight. Akita said
"Heck, even a Khanid Cyberknight 14p/6i/6m/8w/5c (that's +3p, +2m) is a damned good LONG-term fighter choice."

I understand these are base stats but once in game my current stats are as followed:
Per - 19.08
Int - 9.54
Mem - 10.60
Will - 10.60
Char - 5.30

My concern is that the perception is extremely high. I was told by several Corp mates that I have a bad character. I know I did some of my homework and I am pretty sure this is right. I am really looking for confirmation here. Keep in mind the above stats do reflect the fact that my basic learning skills are not all at lvl 4 or 5 as I am still learning them (brand new Laughing). I also have no access to implants due to financing. So should I tell my corp mates that I will be fine? Does that look right for a brand new character with a heavy focus on pvp/combat?


Akita T
Caldari Navy Volunteer Task Force
Posted - 2008.07.07 19:25:00 - [160]

Originally by: Psipher Rift
amned good LONG-term fighter choice.

My concern is that the perception is extremely high. I was told by several Corp mates that I have a bad character. I know I did some of my homework and I am pretty sure this is right. I am really looking for confirmation here. Keep in mind the above stats do reflect the fact that my basic learning skills are not all at lvl 4 or 5 as I am still learning them (brand new Laughing). I also have no access to implants due to financing. So should I tell my corp mates that I will be fine? Does that look right for a brand new character with a heavy focus on pvp/combat?

Well, that's where the "LONG term" part comes in. Meaning, in about a year or so. Then you'll be laughing at them instead of them laughing at you.

VERY short term, you will have trouble keeping up with most others in support skills (engineering, electronics, mechanics).
That's why I always suggested to pick Engineer (gives you +4i and +2m from learnings when you start, plus a good deal of support skills, with almost no ship skills).
Engineer gives you a good deal of skillpoints on attributes that are relatively low (int/mem) and also boosts them via learnings, also lets you access the cybernetics skill almost instantly.

+1 implants are so dirt cheap, that you should be easily able to buy a full set just from running some hauling missions for a while. Heck, even a minor loan from a corpmate can get you a full set of +2s.

Let's put it this way - in not such a long timeframe (a month or two tops), you will be having finished all learnings to L4 and plugged in +3 implants (let's say you leave charisma to L3 advanced and only plug a +2 implant there), alongside getting a lot of combat-related skills.

IF you really picked the 14p/6i/6m/8w/5c character, that will turn into 27p/18.36i/18.36m/20.52w/15.12c
In "regular" ship/weapon skills, you will be training at over 53k SP/day (actually, over 1.6 mil SP/month).
That means you can easily pick up any kind of ship and its corresponding weapon type, and train it really fast to a high level.
Navigational and drone skills should also train relatively fast (at almost 46k SP/day, or little under 1.4 mil SP/month). And mind you, this is just with half-decent skills and implants.
True, in engineering, electronics and mechanic you will only get a bit under 40k a day, or under 1.2 mil a month, but then again, you don't really need completely maxed-out skills in there so fast.

And, remember, this is just with 4/4 learnings and +3 implants.
If you do plan on playing longer (like I said, "good long-term choice"), you will eventually also get L5 basic learnings and plug in at least a set of +4 implants (damn, they're cheap nowadays compared to just a year and a half ago), so the stats will change to 29.7 per, 20.9 int, 20.9 mem, 23.1 wil and charisma doesn't really matter anyway.
That's 59.4k SP/day in ships and weapons (almost 1.8 mil/month), 51.5k per day in navigation and drones (aprox 1.55 mil SP/month), 45k SP/day in engineering/electronics/mechanics (aprox 1.35 mil per month).

So, show them this, THEN ask them if they still think your char is "bad".

Psipher Rift
Posted - 2008.07.07 21:05:00 - [161]

Edited by: Psipher Rift on 07/07/2008 21:06:51
Thanks. This is the ammo I was looking for Laughing

I plan to incubate him and work my miner to buy those implants so short term goals are:

1. Sit in Dock and learn
2. Run Ore

So this will work out very well for me

Thanks again.

Eva Klein
Posted - 2008.07.19 07:10:00 - [162]

I wanted a perc/intel focused character with Caldari. I went with Archura female (I'm a guy) since the male is beyond-comprehension revolting.

EVEMon base stats:


I went with Inventors-Industry-Engineer. The base stat 5 point spread went I-3/M-1/P-1, as I remember it. I plan on this being my main account.

Akita T
Caldari Navy Volunteer Task Force
Posted - 2008.07.19 18:00:00 - [163]

Originally by: Eva Klein
C3, I13, P9, M8, W6, Caldari Engineer

You will have a very easy time training just about anything in electronics, engineering, mechanics, navigation and science, you will have an average speed training weapons, drones and T1 ship skills, but a significantly below-average speed in leadership skills.

This is excellent if you plan to focus most on science or gang EWar and non-leadership assistance.
You will speedily go through most needed support skills, so your main focus (if a combat pilot) should be in properly equipping whatever ship you choose to fly - and your best choice is passive shield-tanked boats (you started with shield op 5 and shield upgrades 4, which means you'll be able to equip T2 extenders right off the bat, and have a good recharge rate too)... if a scientist, you can already use 6 labs at the same time (started with lab op 5), so you can already start putting some blueprints into research/copy while you train up your skills for later.

Your trade and social (also corp management) skills will also train below average, so you'd probably better stop at L4s in those if you train any. Things that do make sense early on are Social 4 and Connections 3/4, alongside Negotiations 2/3, since it means you will progress faster in standings. Try to include those in your plan whenever you decide you're ready for missions... since you need something to earn you ISK (mining could be an option, but it's boring as hell, and trading would be also an option, but you need some seed monet for that too, and skills aren't training that great in that area anyway).

As far as a main goes, you could have done a lot worse, but also a tiny bit better, depending on what you want to do with it, and how long do you think you will play.
If you want to focus more on the combat side, a bit less Int and a bit more Per would have served you better, but only later on down the road, when it's time for cross-training - if you only want to focus on a single race's ships (and you can pick any race, although Caldari would still suit you best for the time being Minmatar is not out of the question), then what you picked now is just fine.

Eva Klein
Posted - 2008.07.19 21:09:00 - [164]

Awesome! Thanks for all your advice. I'm planning for this character to become my main, though I'm busy trading with my Amarr (which I started out with as I was learning about the game).

I think my central focus in the game will be trading. I love numbers and economics. Will this character suffice? I could recall her easily. I'll have around 50million ISK to shift around.

Akita T
Caldari Navy Volunteer Task Force
Posted - 2008.07.19 22:56:00 - [165]

Edited by: Akita T on 19/07/2008 23:06:25

IF you plan to focus on TRADING mostly, then your social and trade skills should be a lot more important.
That means you need a much better charisma for starters, and decent memory, willpower and even intelligence.
The only attribute which is not that important for trade will be perception, but if you do plan to haul stuff around, getting into a T2 industrial would be a good idea, so you can't neglect perception too much either.

For a main that's primarily a trader, the best attribute spread would be an even one, with slightly higher charisma.
So, for instance, I'd recommend Minmatar Sebiestor Trader or Gallente Intaki Artist, with custom points distributed in such a way as to even out the rest of the non-charisma attributes (try to get 7 in each except charisma, but 6 or 8 isn't that bad either in any of them - maybe a 6 in perception, and a 8 in either of the others).
Differences of 1 or 2 points in attributes don't matter all that much, but things like 5 to 7 points difference (your charcter's 3 charisma base vs your best choice of 8, 9 or 10 in charisma base as a trader, preferably a 10) do make a significant difference.

My personal choice would be this:

Gallente Intaki Artist, 5+1=6 per, 8 int, 7 mem, 6+1=7 wil, 8+2=10 cha, Bussiness - Entrepreneur.
You start off with Social L5, +4 cha and +2 int from learning skills, +44 market order slots from L5 trade and L3 retail (easily upgradeable to +52 slots by training retail L4), daytrading and broker relations at 3 (so you can still move around 10j and change your orders at slight discount).

Your "skill plan" would best include L2 in basic memory, then L3 science and L1 cybernetics afterwards, plug in some implants (+2 int and +2 mem should suffice for now, but +3s won't hurt either IF you can afford it, add some +2/+3s later in rest of attributes if you want), then train L3 basic int/mem/learning, after that L3 basic in per/wil and maybe L2/L3 advanced charisma if you can afford that too, then train Connections to at least L3, preferably even L4.
After that, your choice.

Eva Klein
Posted - 2008.07.20 00:27:00 - [166]

Well I'm just plain lost now. ^_^
I think I want my cake and I want to eat it too... All because I want a balanced character and a dedicated Trader. Would the Caldari character suffice for the balanced character while leaning away from Trading. And since I'll create a dedicated Trader, then I really wouldn't be missing anything?

Again, thanks soooo much for your knowledgeable and precise imput.

Akita T
Caldari Navy Volunteer Task Force
Posted - 2008.07.20 07:12:00 - [167]

Yeah, if you have a separate trader char, that Caldari should do just fine in everything else you might need.

Jerusalem Eve
Posted - 2008.07.20 11:15:00 - [168]

Since I was talking to Akita about the trade school. I did some number crunching with evemon. Taking most Chr based skills to fairly high levels, the difference is about 6-8 weeks* for dedicated trader vs a "nerf proof" trader 8 in all stats except 7 chr.

*Thats roughly 11 months of Chr focused skills and all learning to 5/4 for the "nerf proof" and roughly 9 1/2 months for a trade focused character. That includes +4 implants. So the gap isn't all that much.

So if you wanted to made a "nerf proof" character as your trader and you intended to keep it training after a year, then going 8i, 8m, 8p, 8w, 7c would allow you to make your trade alt into whatever else you want later as you would have a head full of +4s learnings to 5/4, high leadership skills, nearly maxed out social, trade skills about as high as you probably ever need and high corp mangement already.

So I guess it would depend on how long you plan on training. A short term trade alt with high chr isn't bad if you eventually plan to give up training the character. However, its hard to want to stop training a character......

Eva Klein
Posted - 2008.07.20 16:27:00 - [169]

Edited by: Eva Klein on 20/07/2008 18:11:52
I was just looking over my month-long trained Amarr character and noticed that his base stats are:

As you might notice, I didn't know what I doing when I made him. The total score for him now is:


I'm thinking of doing the Social and Trade training on him for a while and then stick with the Caldari for my main. I'll just use the Amarr for financial. The other to blow stuff up.

Thanks again!

Akita T
Caldari Navy Volunteer Task Force
Posted - 2008.07.21 06:57:00 - [170]

Well, theoretically, you could trade just fine with Accounting, Broker Relations and Retail level 4, if you focus on just a few items and areas, so even a low-charisma character could do it.

It really, really depends on what skill levels you're aiming at.

Posted - 2008.07.21 21:13:00 - [171]

Hello there. I've been playing for about 3 weeks now, paid account and all.I wanted to ask what's the opinion on Minmatar Brutor Slave Child for anything ELSE but ship/gunnery stuff.My only little problem is that Memory is a bit low but, in the long run (1-2 years) does that make SUCH a big difference? I'm looking for a quick answer, because i don't wanna stress anyone with calculations and stuff. Thank you :)

Akita T
Caldari Navy Volunteer Task Force
Posted - 2008.07.21 21:52:00 - [172]

If you placed most of your custom points in int/mem, you should be fine.
If you didn't, you WILL have trouble skilling up for just about anything else... and especially the basic learning skills will be like a walk through slow molasses.
It's actually a good idea to train cybernetics and plug in +3 int/mem implants then learn advanced int/mem soon even if you're kind of short on cash, ESPECIALLY if you started with one of the military school skillpacks (which are quite low on support skills, which you WILL need a lot of for Minmatar ships).

Posted - 2008.07.22 00:08:00 - [173]

ITT akita T does palmreading

Cute Cuddles
Posted - 2008.07.22 08:20:00 - [174]

There's definitely some great info from the OP here.

After messing around with other races including Achura, I decided to be Gallente male in the end; it was the only character I created that I really "liked" aesthetically, which is important to me. There was no way to tank my charisma, so no min/maxing. I just rounded my attributes the best I could at 8/8/8/8/7. This kind of hurt in a way because I come from the Elder Scrolls series where I always min/max. YARRRR!!

But I don't plan on having more than one account and I tend to get attached to one character only, so maybe it's because of this personality trait (flaw?) I made this decision. With 5/4 learnings and good implants I will gain ~52,000 SP/day give or take no matter what I train. I'm already nearing that point and I'm content.

Though I must say, as a new player your guide really helped me to understand the mechanics of SP & learning 100%. I also got the idea that it is completely possible to screw up your character upon creation, but that generally, unless you know ahead of time what you will be specialized in, you can't really mess up with balanced attributes. So thanks to Akita for taking the time to post/update this and everyone else for their opinions; it's a huge help to newbies like me. Smile

Akita T
Caldari Navy Volunteer Task Force
Posted - 2008.07.28 23:17:00 - [175]

Glad to be of help Wink

Posted - 2008.07.29 22:23:00 - [176]

Really a great read Akita, thanks for a great guide. YARRRR!!

I am currently trying to develop a character for PVP only. I like Amarr ships and want to fly those only. I am torn whether to start as an engineer or military soldier. The only drawback for engineer I am seeing is the 'wasted' skill points in industry. The military soldier would have zero 'wasted' skill points. From what I gather, as an engineer I would have more low sp / hr skills decently trained to begin with, but with a military soldier have excellent gunnery and decent mechanic skills to begin with. This will be an alt character, completely funded by a prosperous main (isk is not an issue). All he will do is sit in a station learning for quite a while before I will use him. I would like to get the most I can out of my 2 week trial, so I am asking you directly. I appologize if this exact question has already been asked, I may have missed it.

Here are my goals in order of what I see as most important first:

Spaceship command: HAC's & T1 Battleships, Dreadnaught eventually.
Gunnery: T2 med & lg energy turret spec to lvl 4 + all the support skills to 4/5
Engineering: Energy Systems Operation & Energy Management --> Thermodynamics
Mechanic: T2 Tank + lvl 4 all armor compensations (good head start as engineer and decent start as soldier)
Drones: up to t2 medium and t1 sentry
Navigation: AB / MWD + agility to a decent level, but not intensely trained.

Im planning to have this character be a Khanid cyberknight.

So, my questions are...

* Is there an argument for beginning as the soldier and not having the 'wasted' sp's in industry? Granted, as an engineer starter the total industry sp's is 77,505, which isnt alot, but it is a fair portion to begin with.

* What would the best starting attributes be for this character, falling in line with the above mentioned goals? I dont want to really be weak in any one area so to speak, but I want to train weapons & ships a bit faster than anything else.

Also, I intend to put this char in +4 implants asap.

Thanks alot for any advice & also for the great guide!

Akita T
Caldari Navy Volunteer Task Force
Posted - 2008.07.30 08:19:00 - [177]

Well, for starters, you have to look at the "useful" points and ignore the "useless" ones.

With Soldier, you get Mechanic 3, Repair Systems 4, Hull upgrades 4 (so T2 Damage control and T2 small armor repairer, with some small training needed - Mechanic 4 - for T2 MAR and a bit more - mechanic 5 - for T2 LAR), you also get Gunnery 5 and Small Energy Turret 5 (so you could theoretically train for T2 small energy weapons quite fast, just after you get the prerequisite support skills up ; or you can fast-track for large energy weapons directly), and you also get L3 Amarr frigate and L4 Spaceship Command (you're not quite at Amarr Cruiser training, but you don't need any additional spaceship command training for Amarr battleship). Learning-wise, you get +4 per and +2 wil, which means you can train advanced perception right off the bat, so you can easily fast-track to flying a Battleship (although it will be poorly fited at first, you can get there fastest).

With Special Forces, you get Energy System Operation 5 (one of your "desired skills") and Energy Emission Systems (nos/neuts can't hurt to have, but are not a great deal that early on either) plus Energy Grid Upgrades (T2 CPR, etc), Amarr Frigate 4 and Spaceship command 3 (so you can immediately start training for Amarr Cruiser), on top of the pretty useless Energy Pulse Weapons 4 (seriously, does anybody actually use smartbombs on a regular basis?), and the only gang-useful Remote Armor Repair Systems 4 (which is pretty much pointless for solo work). Getting +4 wil and +2 per in learnings doesn't really help that much either (not like the ones from Soldier if you want a fast combat tranings, nor like the ones form Engineer if you want fast support skills), so all in all the ONLY short-term useful reason to pick Amarr SpecOps is if you plan to fly an Augoror early on and use T2 energy transfer arrays on it heavily (for which this one is an AWESOME start, you can get a fully T2 fit energy dispensing Augoror in a matter of minutes)... for everything else, it's pretty damn bad.

With Engineer, you get Mechanic 5, Repair Systems 4 (so you can already use T2 LARs right out of the school), Hull Upgrades 4 (most hardeners, T2 damage control, all except T2 EANM) and a few compensation skills (useful if you use EANMs or similar, not so useful otherwise), on top of Engineering 5 (great for fiting Amarr ships, and also opens up training for Assault Frigates right out of the school) plus Science 3 (which means you can start training Cybernetics and plug in implants the moment you create your character, you can have a set of +3 implants in your head in half an hour if you have the ISK). The fact you have +4 int and +2 mem means you train the learnings a bit faster (and can already train advanced intelligence from the start too), so this is ideal for longer-term plans that don't need to hurry in the beginning.

Bottom line, for what you want, pick either Engineer (if you don't care in getting to some immediate goal fast but want to reach distant goals sooner - ideal for an alt char that gets funding from the main) or Soldier (if you want to get to battleships fastest regardless of anything else).
I'd definetely recommend Engineer, personally.

As for the custom attribute points, well, it's obvious you're going to need all the perception you can get for your ship and weapon intensive training, and you also need as much intelligence as possible, with memory and willpower taking a back seat and charisma (as usual) mostly useless... +3 per and +2 int or +3 int and +2 per would be the obvious choice... but +2 per, +2 int and +1 mem, or even +1 per, +2 int and +2 mem, heck, even +3 int and +2 mem would be feasable alternatives.

Personally, for your skillplan, I'd probably pick +3 per and +2 int, even if it means a slightly slower early-to-mid-phase (the one where you get basic learnings, support and some drone skills) due to the memory at the base 4.

Akita T
Caldari Navy Volunteer Task Force
Posted - 2008.07.30 08:51:00 - [178]

Edited by: Akita T on 30/07/2008 09:04:24

Provided you are willing and able to plug in a set of +4s in, if you can convince yourself to also splurge a bit for a couple of +3s, and don't mind waiting for the alt to skill up in the early phase without using it for anything a good while... the character creation and skilling up plan would look like this:

Create as Khanid Cyberknight, +3 per, +2 int, Engineer training (Sci3/int4/mem2).
You get 14 per, 8 int, 8 wil, 4 mem, 5 cha, but effective 12 int and 6 mem from the starter learnings (plus 2% in each from learning L1).

Buy and train Cybernetics L1 and plug in +3 int and +3 mem implants.
That gets you 15.3 effective int and 9.18 effective mem in a matter of half an hour or thereabouts (almost 1010 SP/hour in mem primary, int secondary skills now).
Buy and train advanced intelligence to L2, then learning to L2, then basic memory L3, Learning L3, advanced mem L3, basic memory 4 and advanced memory up to L3 too, afterwards learning 4.
Proceed with cybernetics L4, and either destroy the +3 int/mem implants or (if you have a place where you can do that) train L1 infomorph psychology and backup those implants in the newly installed jumpclone (jump to it from a different station), afterwards plug in a full set of +4 implants (except charisma, here you can easily settle for a +3 implant if you want).

All of the above should take in the vicinity of a week or so IIRC (didn't re-calc it, but it's pretty damned close anyway), and you would be looking at 20.52 int and 16.2 mem effective (38102 SP/day in basic learnings, with only L4 basic and L3 advanced int/mem trained up).
It would be now a good idea to spend around 4 more days getting L4 advanced learnings, MAYBE (if you are really in no hurry for the combat skills) the extra two weeks for L5 basic int/mem and learning.
That would mean (at the end of little under one month for all of the above) you have 23.1 int and 18.7 mem effective (43560 SP/day in basic learnings).

Only AFTERWARDS even begin training basic per/wil/cha to L4 (optionally, even L5, yes, BEFORE you even touch the advanced per/wil/cha at all), and finally the advanced per/wil/cha to L4.
Actually, I'd stop at L4 basic and L3 advanced cha, but get L5 basic and L4 advanced per/wil.
This should take a bit over two weeks or so, or a bit over a month and a half total after character creation (if you skipped maxing out charisma).

Assuming you went with +3 cha implant and L4 basic / L3 advanced in cha, but the +4s and L5 basic / L4 advanced in all the rest, then, after those 45-50 days of waiting so far (like I said, didn't exactly re-calculate everything, so the time might be a couple of days off, but not much more), you'd be looking at something like this :

29.7 perception
23.1 intelligence
23.1 willpower
18.7 memory
16.5 charisma

Which is, IMHO, quite damned impressive for a char well under 2 months old Wink

Akita T
Caldari Navy Volunteer Task Force
Posted - 2008.07.30 09:04:00 - [179]

Edited by: Akita T on 30/07/2008 09:09:16

Of course, if you're much more short-term oriented, you might go for +3 mem and +2 int instead (11 per, 7 mem, 8 int, 8 wil, 5 cha base attributes), get through the learnings and such a bit faster (exactly the same plan as above, but it will finish a couple of days sooner).

Then you'd be looking at (assuming same +3cha/L4basic/L3adv but all others +4/L5basic/L4adv) something like this instead:
26.4 perception
23.1 intelligence
23.1 willpower
22.0 memory
16.5 charisma

It could finish a lot sooner, in about two weeks or so actually, if you also skip the L5 basic learnings (all six of them, not just charisma), and you'd be looking at something like this:
24.84 perception
21.60 intelligence
21.60 willpower
20.52 memory
16.20 charisma

P.S. I hope I made no mistakes calculating anything, was slightly in a hurry - but it looks about right, doubt any mistakes creeped there.

Scronix Empyrion
Posted - 2008.07.30 13:58:00 - [180]

Edited by: Scronix Empyrion on 30/07/2008 13:59:03
Oh nice overview of races/bloodlines and such, wished i noticed this earlier.

I picked a gallente, gallente miner for manufacturing, invention, mining and drones.

How badly screwded am i? :(

Rerolling isn't really an answer first character and maxed a great deal of skills (including learning skills) already.

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