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Brutor Shaun
Posted - 2007.03.25 17:54:00 - [1]

Edited by: Brutor Shaun on 18/07/2007 19:02:18
Edited by: Brutor Shaun on 27/04/2007 13:54:30
Moved from GD so ships and modules, which is the correct forums section for posting about this even though a drone is neither a module nor a ship. -Hutch

Since the last patch the poor little buggers haven't got a chance unless you hold their hands 100% of the time.

They seem to pull aggro instantly, pop before you get a chance to recover them, and all this is combined with their original stupidity.

I want some sort of leash on them. A maximum range limiter so they can't run off and attack whatever they want. I have them to take out frigs. What friggin' use are they when they're 45km away on a private mission to take out a BS?

Piotr Anatolev
Posted - 2007.03.25 18:07:00 - [2]

Gut the drone code, it needs a rewrite from a new perspectiv alltogether.

I d really like to see some dev input on this particular aspect of eve but I suspect, as usual, there will be none.Sad

Riddick Valer
Posted - 2007.03.25 18:20:00 - [3]

If nothing else, we should be able to set up priorities for drones. Such as, Attack Frigs 1st, Enemy drones 2nd, etc...
Or, if using sentries, Attack BS 1st, etc...

Body Count Inc.
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2007.03.25 19:11:00 - [4]

Totally signed! Things are being left too much over to the players. God forbid I have to issue orders to my AI-less drones. Infact, CCP should incorporate a macro into the game that can play it for you. Then we can just turn on our computer and go watch TV, meanwhile things will be built and battles will be fought. It'll be GREAT!

... oh wait

Posted - 2007.03.25 19:23:00 - [5]

Why the bs. Drones are the only weapon in game that doesent listen to your commands totaly, and can get killed on its own. And they ARE ******ed. If i order them to attack ship A they really, really shouldnt go to two other targets instead.

Mark Of Chaos
Posted - 2007.03.25 19:29:00 - [6]

Another great change to drones would be to attack in a pack at all times instead of spreading out every time. It's kinda annoying to click every little bugger and then the engage button, as having them all selected while pressing engage dosen't work :-/

Marquis Dean
Indigo Fade
Posted - 2007.03.25 19:29:00 - [7]

If nothing else, fix that most irritating of bugs where they mwd back to your ship and then just stop 10-15 m short of scooping range, and no matter how much you slow down, they slow down too, so in the end you have to turn around and go get them.

VERY BAD IN PVP. Evil or Very Mad

Emily Spankratchet
Posted - 2007.03.25 19:33:00 - [8]


A few patches ago, I thought drones were on the way to better things. They returned to drone bay properly for the first time in ages, they didn't get stuck so often, and they did (mostly) what you told them to.

Now, we've gone backwards. They don't return to bay. You have to tell them three times which target to engage and they still don't obey. And they get stuck on each other and pootle along at 5 m/s.

The state of drones is really pitiful.

Zemeckis R
Posted - 2007.03.25 19:39:00 - [9]

Originally by: Marquis Dean
If nothing else, fix that most irritating of bugs where they mwd back to your ship and then just stop 10-15 m short of scooping range, and no matter how much you slow down, they slow down too, so in the end you have to turn around and go get them.

VERY BAD IN PVP. Evil or Very Mad

totally (sadly) true

Sheriff Jones
Clinical Experiment
Posted - 2007.03.25 19:43:00 - [10]

Edited by: Sheriff Jones on 25/03/2007 19:40:20
My light drones, Zzzribit, Tomtom, Jubjub and Jeff have succesfully flown over a 100 missions, taken out numerous frigates and in one occasion, a battlecruiser. They hunt in packs, seem to know exactly what i want and return home in a matter of eyeblinks.

I've had 0 trouble with them.

Well, except for Tomtom when he went roguedrone on me and decided to take a cruiser one on one. Barely made it back that silly thing.

In short, i guess i got the smart ones Very Happy

EDIT: Oh and, for the problem of "one click all and set engage", rightclick on the "drones in space" bar Wink

The Scope
Posted - 2007.03.26 04:17:00 - [11]

How about a couple assignable shortcuts... "drones in space attack selected target" and "drones in space return to bay" - that would be very nice. My other weapons are on the F keys, I want my drones there too. I'm starting to suffer from Drone Disease...

Solar Storm
Posted - 2007.03.26 04:31:00 - [12]

I especially like the fact that I never had them randomly decide to attack targets other than the one I told them to, then there was a patch where they said they fixed them so they wouldn't do that anymore... and now, they do!

It would be nice if they were a bit tougher... they do go down fast when even just one or two rats decide to shoot at them.

PCG Enterprises
Huzzah Federation
Posted - 2007.03.26 05:20:00 - [13]

I LOVE Warrior II's. Yep I dunno how many ships Ive lost or almost lost due to their stupidity.

Drones are like ECM in that aspect, their ability to obey orders is chance based. Me thinks 50%

Daelin Blackleaf
White Rose Society
Posted - 2007.03.26 07:33:00 - [14]

Drones aren't broken, guns and missiles are.

We need these issues addressed quickly:-

-Weapons should change targets at random intervals and never all choose the same target.

-Random reloads every couple of minutes seems to broken.

-Weapons are not occasionally becoming unfitted when deactivated at the end of combat.

/sarcasm off

You can bet your buttcheeks if the situation was reversed and guns and missiles really were as messed up as drones it'd be fixed in a week. Very Happy

Cry Havoc.
Posted - 2007.03.26 07:51:00 - [15]

Hammerhead I: Private Jenkins! Battleship in two o'clock firing at boss. I'll go take out that Hac, you get the BS.
Hammerhead I: I copy that and confirm. Charging.
Hammerhead I: I see a Recon at our six, moving to intercept.
Hammerhead I: Guys, I'm staying and guarding the fort.
Hammerhead I: Huh, I thought we had an objective? Oh, well I'll just go idle.

Pilot: WTF?

Nanobotter Mk2
Posted - 2007.03.26 07:55:00 - [16]



Solar Storm
Posted - 2007.03.26 14:34:00 - [17]

ROFL and Amen to that!

Omega Wing
Snatch Victory
Posted - 2007.03.26 14:43:00 - [18]

I don't even rely much on drones and these new issues are a pain in the ass. I can only imagine how many gallente are crying.

Xs 142
Posted - 2007.03.26 15:00:00 - [19]

Atleast a "We're looking into it" would be nice.

Sinder Ohm
Demonic Corp
Posted - 2007.03.26 15:03:00 - [20]

Yes please CCP fix drones.

drones didnt receive the hp increase like ships did.

drones still need to get thier stupidity cicuit removed.

please CCP fix drones before you add new content.

Brethren Empire
Hitchhiker's Alliance
Posted - 2007.03.26 15:05:00 - [21]

Well, there has been an awesome new drone....err "feature" since the can now use them to kill everything in missions without you or them taking any damage. It works so well it should be illegal. =)

But other than that, drones need some serious currently they well, ohm, lets see...they uh suck. Yup...

Crown Industries
Posted - 2007.03.26 15:06:00 - [22]


...for about the 100th time...

Mastin Dragonfly
24th Imperial Crusade
Posted - 2007.03.26 15:07:00 - [23]

Edited by: Mastin Dragonfly on 26/03/2007 15:08:08
Edited by: Mastin Dragonfly on 26/03/2007 15:05:28
Most combat drones do the MWDing back to ship pretty reliable these days, but for the love of god make Combat Utility drones do it too. Those webbifiers really are very, very, VERY SLOW!!!
Putting in new missions with triggered waves that can and will target your drones does not combine well with drones that take minutes to move back to ship.

BTW: wasn't there talk of a dev dedicated to fixing drones a few months ago, whatever happened to that?

Marquis Dean
Indigo Fade
Posted - 2007.03.26 15:09:00 - [24]

Originally by: Mastin Dragonfly
Most combat drones do the MWDing back to ship pretty reliable these days, but for the love of god make Combat Utility drones do it too. Those webbifiers really are very, very, VERY SLOW!!!

And Maintainence Bots!

ffs my BS was outrunning them at 138m/s when they were returning to the bay...

hitech redneck
Digital Mind Crimes
Posted - 2007.03.26 15:16:00 - [25]

This was brought up before the patch that increase hull and shields.It was ignored then as it will be now. I agree there needs to be some drone and fighter love.

Xs 142
Posted - 2007.03.26 15:19:00 - [26]

I'd like to see drones work as weapons instead...
You target and you tell them to attack, they go for said target and do their thing (NO OTHER TARGET) and then MWD back to ship AND when in a certain range (5,000m?) they get teleported into bay instead, more as an effect rather than an actual process.
For the sake of avoiding bugs.

Posted - 2007.03.26 15:31:00 - [27]

Sometimes forming a gang containing only yourself gives the drones different behaviour: they stop auto-attacking things that have aggressed you. No idea why this is, but it's sometimes useful.

Danton Marcellus
Nebula Rasa Holdings
Posted - 2007.03.26 15:42:00 - [28]

Drone power!

Vivus Mors
Posted - 2007.03.26 15:52:00 - [29]

Edited by: Vivus Mors on 26/03/2007 15:49:54
I said a long time ago that all drones should have a "setting" on them that the player selects the first time they are launched (in or out of a group).

It will be "Standing Orders" for the first thing they should attack if they don't currently have direct orders from the operator.

"Attack Drones", pretty much what it says on the tin, drones will respond to aggressive drones first, then climb class sizes and ONLY after they have completed a kill or the last orders given to them, then will they roll back to "standing orders" AI commands.

"Attack Frigates" covers frigates and down, then climbs the ladder, but doesn't descend the ladder unless there is no other appropriate target. This is EXTREMELY important for heavy drones that can't hit little things very well, but are ideal when you want to crush big things with your big drones.

"Attack Cruisers" attacks standard cruisers or HAC's, then battlecruisers, and on up. once all big targets are dead, small targets then become priority.

"Attack Battleships" of course this would be for battleships, and then up should the case exist.

100% of that AI would literally come down to "If/Then" calculations and programming (we're literally talking about the difficulty of first semester C++ programming), for instance, with "attack frigates" command turned on, "IF" there are any aggressive frigates about, and you haven't given the drones any orders since their last kill, they will automatically seek out frigates; if no, there aren't any frigates, "THEN" it climbs the classes to the next available target if there is one.

The Riot Formation
Posted - 2007.03.26 16:04:00 - [30]

and please please please for the love of god make it so we dont have to rename all the groups every time you patch.....for a carrier pilot its such a killer having to sort out the groups every single time you patch when you have over 200 drones and fighters of each type

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