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Wu Phat
Posted - 2011.08.31 18:06:00 - [451]

Crews members where will they come from?

My proposal would be from planetary interaction. On temperate planets you can find humanoid life forms, where you can build space academies near high populated areas on the surface. Depending on your PI skill you can build bigger academies and allow you to train up to 5 crew members at a time.

Will there be better areas to train crew members?

I would hope so. First I purpose levels of intelligent humanoids that you can find on temperate planets, like low, medium and highly intelligent humanoid populations. Depending on the intelligence depends on how fast you can spit out crew members. Think it be hard to teach cave men how to fix a flux capacitor. Also depending on what region you are developing crew members can affect specialties towards curtain parts of the ship. Example you’re developing crew members out of venal where crew members from this region schooled in electronics, missile, shield engineering have a bonus in training time or something. Crew members developed in Great Wildlands region get a bonus if they are schooled in Jump drive, warp drive, and propulsion engineering.

The Resistance Movement
Posted - 2011.09.02 22:28:00 - [452]

The importance of crews is getting more apparent as chronicles go on ...
They impact the performance of the ship.
They are recruited and often get specialized training for different tasks.
They get paid.
They die.

This is actually rather easy to implement ... in fitting screens there is enough empty space.
This are calculated by stacks of effects, adding a new layer on it is not hard task. Like when boosters arrived.
This is a feature that is worth investing time in.
Its something that will bridge the sense of scale with the players.

This can be implemented on PI.
Training crews can become a new career option.
Or an aspect of single player owned structures.

Come on CCP, dont you see we want this kind of thing more then crappy footwear and trinkets.

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This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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