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Merrick Tolkien
Shadow Company
Posted - 2010.01.15 14:19:00 - [331]

Edited by: Merrick Tolkien on 15/01/2010 14:22:14
Edited by: Merrick Tolkien on 15/01/2010 14:19:58
Way to long to read but heres something. if its been proposed already then oops :)

Does anyone remember the original Pirates of the Caribbean game, the one released before any of the films?

In that you could go to bars and hire additional crew members that gave bonus to your ships/fighting stats. In the event your ship got sunk you lost some of those crew depentant on some random role of the dice thing.

What if crew worked like rigs. You have 3 slots for navigation. Crew could be obtained that gave bonuses like tracking and range to guns, targeting speed and range. The bonus would be random though, you might get a crew man that had a bonus to missiles and guns, which would not be that useful to most ships, or you might get a crew that gave bonus to speed and guns, perfect for a vaga pilot say.

When you get blown up the crew are all killed, like rigs and in keeping with much of the eve chronicals.

To obtain crew you have to do certain npc missions whose rewards are freeing some long lost pod pilot whos a bit too banged up to go back in a capsule but is still very skillfull etc etc. The bonus he/she gives is, as above, say 3 bonuses from random aspects of the ship, some of them will be usless to you, some will be perfect.

You can sell them on contracts or use them your self.

Posted - 2010.01.21 13:51:00 - [332]

I'm currently beta-testing Star Trek Online. I don't like the missions, the non-open pvp or the lack of just doing what you want to do, BUT... The character editor is great and the fact that you have a crew with customizable uniforms and you can beam down with them to a station is a great way to get to know other people. Also you have a bridge and invite other captains there for some diplomatic conversations :) To be honest, after one year of EVE I really miss this in this game and I hate this little stupid avatar you can't even change the hairstyle without paying for it.

I want a crew and the ability to see that crew on my ship together with my ships bridge Rolling Eyes

Gavin Nordoff
Posted - 2010.01.21 16:33:00 - [333]

Seem to remember this feature in frontier back in 1994
12 crew members in that games 20000tonne equal of a titan.
Always annoying finding the right ship to upgrade to but waiting for enough crew to hire.

Cygnet Lythanea
World Welfare Works Association
Posted - 2010.01.26 00:50:00 - [334]

... you know it's funny, but Star Trek damn near ripped off my original idea for officers and how they work. I wonder if CCP (who owns everything we write on this board) could sue Cryptic? That said, CCP will probably never allow it. They've already sunk a similar concept in the form of the abysmal T3.

Here's the main problem with EvE, and why we need to fix it (crews are just a part of this):

Longevity sucks here. Seriously, I've been around for an age. I've reached the point that I can fly nearly every ship in game, most to lvl 5, and there's nothing left to hold my interest. PvP slid into the blob-or-run paradigm a long time ago, and frankly T3 is a joke. All I can really train for is Jump Freighters and titans, since I already have Amarr Carrier V, and I'm just bored with all this. We need to make EvE exciting not just for noobs but for veterans or we'll turn out like Ultima Online did. A handful of aged lords controlling vast swaths of real estate while newbs try and curry their favor until the next MMO comes out.

So give us crews. Give us more interaction beyond pew pew. I want to walk in stations, and land on planets. (And Star Trek does it suckilly). Sink some of your thousands of advertising dollars into making the game better for us old folks that aren't in mega alliances.

Natasha Borges
Posted - 2010.02.10 16:37:00 - [335]

The whole point of the Capsuleer is to remove the necessity of crews. A Pod-Pilot is plugged directly into her ship. She controls the ship as though it were an extension of her body. Like a synth-link if you've ever read In Fury Born. Those systems that aren't controlled by the Capsuleer are controlled by very intricate automated systems.
This is one of the reasons why we are regarded as demigods. We are immortal, but we are also capable of bringing an entire Titan to the battlefield using one single person. We don't have crews.
A Capsuleer is not a captain.
She's a ship with a Human brain. And she is a god among lesser beings.

Sombra Muertae
Posted - 2010.02.10 16:58:00 - [336]

I forgot to mention: The vast majority of NPC ships are not piloted by Capsuleers. Those Rats, Navy, and CONCORD ships you see? Most of them are piloted by crews. That's why a lot of the stories deal with crews, that and some of them are before the Capsuleer Era.

Locasta Tactical
Posted - 2010.02.11 14:58:00 - [337]

Originally by: Natasha Borges
The whole point of the Capsuleer is to remove the necessity of crews. A Pod-Pilot is plugged directly into her ship. She controls the ship as though it were an extension of her body. Like a synth-link if you've ever read In Fury Born. Those systems that aren't controlled by the Capsuleer are controlled by very intricate automated systems.
This is one of the reasons why we are regarded as demigods. We are immortal, but we are also capable of bringing an entire Titan to the battlefield using one single person. We don't have crews.
A Capsuleer is not a captain.
She's a ship with a Human brain. And she is a god among lesser beings.

And you havent read a single eve chronical..... In various offical EVE stroies, EVEs ships have crews, the pod pilot is simply the main control mech/cpu of the ship.

Natasha Borges
Posted - 2010.02.11 20:55:00 - [338]

Originally by: Scouteye

And you havent read a single eve chronical..... In various offical EVE stroies, EVEs ships have crews, the pod pilot is simply the main control mech/cpu of the ship.

*looks back over a few things* *blushes* Whoops.... May have read that wrong... I apologize. I have read a lot of them, but I was remembering something specifically saying that pod pilot ships have no crew. I just went back and read it, and it ... didn't say that. Though the crew is very very much diminished from that of a regular navy vessel, nothing I can find specifically says they have no crew. For that, I apologize.

Destruction Theory
Posted - 2010.02.11 21:20:00 - [339]


CCP I know it's alot of extra programming, but come on.. what do we pay you for :P you can CLEARLY see at least 70% of people want crews, just not overpowered ones. As for pvpers, like some people have said, if you keep losing ships, your crews will stay about the same level of bonuses, because you'll have to buy new crews. Whereas a CNR mission ***** in high sec who never leaves the ship, after a few months, might have quite hefty bonuses. Specialisation is the key. Give someone 15-20% more firepower with an commander class crew - NOT A ONE TIME FEE, YOU HAVE TO PAY THEM PER MONTH, AND IT WILL BE EXPENSIVE. , but don't give them 10% firepower, 10% drone damage, 10% more speed, etc, etc.

Posted - 2010.02.11 22:48:00 - [340]

I would very much like to see crews. Perhaps your can get your crew only through your corporation.

Posted - 2010.02.12 09:20:00 - [341]

The state raven explicitly mentions crew in its description, I recall other crews as well.

(and I believe it should be implemented)

Akillies Berg
Posted - 2010.02.12 18:04:00 - [342]

i agree with most of you that the crews should be like riggs and all that sort of idea... but instead of having to choose between making a crew manditory; I would suggest the idea that if a person wants a crew, they can obtain it and if they don't, then don't.

The Idea of the crews giving bonuses, while not a bad idea, is somewhat greedy for the players. Although they should not get bonuses to systems we already have bonuses, they should get alternative incentives. For example, as mentioned on the first page, they gain bonuses against webbifiers and Neuts and vampire effects. now that would bring more pvp and more history to the ship.
They would also have a date they were hired so you could bring personalization to the ship and so on........

The Initiative.
Posted - 2010.02.12 21:40:00 - [343]

i like the basic idea

Posted - 2010.02.15 01:14:00 - [344]

for any one who has doubts about eve ships has crews or not i will like to suggest you guys the empyrean age novel and eve cronicle prosopagnosia , both are in the capsuleer era, we need crews

Magna Atom
Posted - 2010.02.15 03:14:00 - [345]

I think this would be an excellent idea and further submerse people into the Eve world. I realize this is not just a few code changes, it would have to be major like the introduction of rigs. Though, major stuff like this has to come from the top of CCP.

Marlona Sky
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2010.02.15 11:52:00 - [346]


Even at FanFest (I forget who) said to let you guys know what we want. Damn it, we want crews for our ships. A major majority of the community wants it. Granted we all have similar ideas and some not so similar on what they would add to the game. The bottom line is we want crews.

It would add more immersion into the game. Isn't that the goal? And when said ship goes boom, we want to see crew members dying on the kill mail, but that is somewhat of another subject.

Do an official pole thru a newsletter if you like or on the log in screen but you know as well as everyone else in this thread what the result will be.

You have gotten to see some of our ideas, if there HAD to be crews in EVE, what would some of your ideas (crazy or not) on their function be?

Eye Q
Posted - 2010.02.22 06:17:00 - [347]

Here's an idea to bring ship crews into the game easily.

crewmembers find you or can be found on the market depending on type and skill.

crewmembers represent an ai functionality. like a navigator might allow autopilot that warps to zero everytime. a weapons chief might be able to manage basic combat like killing rats.

it's that simple. it can be expanded on many ways but that's the basic idea.

Jarvis Hellstrom
The Flying Tigers
United Front Alliance
Posted - 2010.02.22 20:31:00 - [348]

It would be a fair bit of work, but I like the idea of crews as well.

Crews could have loyalty and good crews could add to a ship's performance. The longer you keep your crew alive, the more loyal and the more skilled they are. This would reduce the number of 'throw away' ships somewhat as someone who keeps a ship alive for awhile would have an edge in combat. Probably not a big edge, but an edge. Heck it could even BE a big edge if the crew were sufficiently skilled. It very much was in the age of sail and in ancient times, and even, to a lesser extent due to tech, on today's ships.

CCP, please figure out a way to make this happen. It would be very cool.

Eye Q
Posted - 2010.02.22 21:30:00 - [349]

Edited by: Eye Q on 22/02/2010 21:41:42
Edited by: Eye Q on 22/02/2010 21:30:12
I read somewhere that CCP was constructing an ai to test tranquility server loads.

Why not use that ai to give crewmembers the ability to automate their ships. like macroing only given at isk cost to players thru interaction at stations?

Further, automating ships will help optimize the server load system as data transmission becomes predictable. Character AI opens a whole range of expansion options for the game that bridge other other MMORPG genres.

Hey options are good.

Federal Defence Union
Posted - 2010.02.25 04:39:00 - [350]

Crews are an interesting idea.

Every ship would have a crew. Crews would come in different quality:
- Could be upgraded and changed out over time
- Would have to be attracted based on skills and charisma
- Would affect ship performance in the same way that boosters and implants currently do
- Would be lost (like rigs or implants) when the ship is destroyed

It never made much sense that putting an implant or a booster pill in the captain of a dreadnaught would make a difference in the speed and performance of a ship a mile long.

But a crew upgrade that would make the ship respond 3% better. That makes sense. It would also be interesting if crews trained up over time. This would make losing a 10 month old crew more painful than a three week old crew.

Personally, I think this idea would make a great replacement for implants and boosters. It just makes more sense and allows for much more interesting opportunities in the future.

Doc Mexallon
Posted - 2010.03.17 19:04:00 - [351]

I did the Epic Arc with another character which didn't mind failing it, and have now got a cook, medic, engineer and janitor as my crew, even if all they do is sit in my hangar. I love them!

Surda Elysium
Posted - 2010.03.20 08:41:00 - [352]

Maybe they could make it so we can harvest ship crews and ship supplies from planets in Tyrannis.

Feng Schui
Cruor Evertum Dominicus
Posted - 2010.03.22 07:48:00 - [353]

Originally by: Cythe Oman
i'd actually like to take a walk in my own ship at some point. Apparently in 2008 CCP is releaseing the station side of EvE. Eve has always seemed to lack emersion. when i play now I really dont feel like i am part of anything. shure the universe is massive but theres no personality inside the cold grey hull of my hyperion. Hell i really just want to see the brige once.

Perhapse fleshing out whole crews would be a pain in the arse but something as simple as a bridge crew is feasable. have the "pod" expanded to be an escape pod more or less where depending on certin skills or leadership abillitys you can save more members of said crew in the event of a ship dustruction. 5 levles of a skill, 5 crew slots. makes sence in a way dosen't it?

Erik Finnegan
Polytechnique Gallenteenne
Posted - 2010.03.22 15:34:00 - [354]

As an ex-CSM, I would like to remind the audience of a push for a game implementation of ships crews, which CSM brought up in 2009.

See here on evelopedia.

Any further feature idea on that end should take CCP's response into consideration that there was not enough "game mechanic reason" to have ship crews. The people at CCP who were in the conference did unfortunately not at all pick up on the immersive aspects of it.

As the latest version of the request stands (see evelopedia), they see ship crews simply as "yet another module", which would create balancing head-aches but not add to the game play.

Feel free to ask the CSM for a review on that item, once EVE has been approved as being a "role-play" game. Rolling Eyes

Daenna Chrysi
Omega Foundry Unit
Shadows Of Betrayal
Posted - 2010.03.24 19:28:00 - [355]

perhaps not a time based training as such, but skill lvls you install a crew rig, and then through its interface pick one direction you want the crew to train for, and the rig would have 5 lvls, a lvl 1 rig could get the crew to lvl 1, and so on. Small rigs could be lvls 1&2 mediums 3&4 and large ones could be the lvl 5 ones. Once you pick the direction you want your crew to go, you have to destroy the rig (and lose the progress) to change it.

Trimutius III
Avalon Guards
Gypsy Band
Posted - 2010.03.24 20:16:00 - [356]

I'm waiting for this to be implemented.

CCP promised trainable crew on Fanfest 2008... They PROMISED... So i will wait... Like i waited for planetary interactions (since fall 2008), like i wait for Incarna, and so on...

Meeko Atari
Posted - 2010.03.24 22:15:00 - [357]

I would love to have a crew to manage on my ship, i think its a great idea and hope CCP makes it happen.

But i would rather see crews helping mundane tasks on a ship as to not overly upset the current balance we have. Such as speeding up reload times, more agility longer scan ranges etc.

If crews helped with things like tracking / damage and tank, then they should be subject to stacking penalties as well.

Posted - 2010.03.28 01:04:00 - [358]

Edited by: Ahz on 28/03/2010 21:47:30
This topic has come up a couple of times. I'm sure that CCP is going to have to address the idea of ship's crews at some point but I thought I'd offer this suggestion. First a complaint:

Implants make no sense to me. Take the Naglfar. The thing is the size of Manhattan. You're telling me that you can put a couple of implants in the captain's head that will make this thing turn 3% faster, hit 3% harder and use 3% less cap, all at the same time? Makes no sense to me.

I'm proposing CCP replace the concept of implants with crews. They'd work the same in many cases. Players collect crews that effect the behavior of their ships. Better crews can afford bonuses to performance in exactly the same way as implants. A complete crew would be made up of a group which affects weaponry, one that affects navigation, engineering and so on.

If the player elects not to add crew members to his / her ship it will be assumed to have the basic crew in place. Your basic Michigan State graduates, as it were. Adding crews would be an upgrade to say... Purdue for a (+1% bonus) and so on.

This would have several advantages:
  • It's more logical. An implant in one person's head won't make that much difference to the performance of a giant ship. But a better crew. That would make sense.

  • It allows for new types of complexity. Assume that your crews can either be trained up over time or drift away if you don't manage them. This allows for mini-games within the larger Eve in which player devote skills or certain activities to retaining or training a crew from one level of performance to another. Perhaps the pilot wants to loan his skill training time to the crew members. He / she would be able to build out the crew by training them up at the expense of training themselves.

  • Gives Incarna an objective: One of the questions consistently asked about walking in stations is, "Why would I want to do it?" Introducing crews could eventually offer a new mini-game in which the player could recruit NPCs who become members of your crew. When these new NPC agree to join the crew they modify the ship's performance in exactly the same way that implants currently do. This concept could be built out in Incarna for those players who choose to pursue it. Or it could be handled differently by players who could trade crews, hire them off the market or ignore them altogether. If a player choses to ignore them, then their ship responds exactly as it does today.

  • Can be built upon over time: Building on the concept of crews over time allows the game to grow in interesting ways well into the future. Imagine boosters and drugs now that you've got a crew. The benefits and random effects would no longer affect the ship as a whole. Rather they would affect aspects of the crew. The impacts would be much more varied and interesting. Done well, with the right crew and the right skills, a player's ship could be awash with several different drugs at once and perform above that of his fellow pilots. Done poorly drugs could kill certain implants (crew members) or lead to a reduction in performance. Drugs could also lead to other, more interesting behavior, such as your ship locking and firing on random targets when you least expect it.

When the ship dies the crew can safely be assumed to have made it into the pod with the captain. If the captain is podded, the crew goes the way of the implants.

Taken together crews could become a concept that develops into a mini-game allowing players to build, maintain and even trade crews. A player could effectively set up a "university" in which they train up crews and hire them out.

For players who don't care about crews, the game would work exactly as it does today. They would notice virtually no difference.

State Protectorate
Posted - 2010.03.28 01:25:00 - [359]

I'd love to have some crew to fuss over :). now that planetary interaction is coming, we should also see some people from those planets..I like the idea above^, but, I do think implants still have a place. maybe transfer some of the the implant skills and rig skills to a crew..but, think of what you're asking. a frig has max 2-3 plus pod pilot, but, battleships gets into the hundreds of thousands..capitals are floating cities, and titans are.. well "that's no moon" would cover how would you manage that kind of flow from a game mechanic perspective? if they're not pod pilots themselves, do they eat? sleep? are there bunks? a toilet? how much micromanaging do you really want to do? I'd love it, personally, I think it fun gameplay when you're really running systems on a ship and stuff goes wrong, engines can fail etc, but would that really fit EVE? gotta really think about that. in pvp, this would be damn complex to manage..just sayin'..this is probably why CCP is avoiding ship crews like sarah palin avoids the truth Razz

Michael McNeil
Posted - 2010.03.30 00:47:00 - [360]

if you want crews, lets add to the game some realizem, Players being the crew's of cap ships, we dock our combat ships to the carrier, read or other cap ship and we man the guns and or other models.

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