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Knight's Cross
Posted - 2007.03.19 18:21:00 - [1]


Knights of the Round is recruiting. We are a 0.0 corp looking for characters with 4 million skillpoints and above. Home systems have great ores such as Mercoxit, Crokite, Bistot and Spodumain. Also Home system is Guristas Rats. If you are interested in joining you will need at least one of these ships.

Battleship, Any Elite frigate to an Elite Battlecruiser. Or Miners with a tier 2 mining barge and above

NPC Ratters will want to tank Kinetic//Thermal
PvP is to be expected. Pilots are required to defend home system.

Other Information

KOTR requires its players to use Teamspeak. We are a very friendly group of people seeking more members to join. We have big plans for the corp but need more people to make the plans possible to accomplish.

We are currently at war with the privateers in empire and fighting YouWhat and Triumverate in 0.0

If you like what you see join channel KOTRR in game or Evemail//Pm me.

Look forward to seeing everyone!


Dakaris Zulu
Awww Diddums..
Posted - 2007.03.20 17:05:00 - [2]

Don't worry about Stealth (he's not mad honest) but a good bunch of guys and quick bhump for y'all from alliance m8


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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