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Posted - 2007.03.18 11:08:00 - [1]

Why have i been killed twice tonight while jumping into a system, STILL BEING CLOAKED, and targeted, I CAN'T MOVE , I CAN'T DO ANYTHING EXCEPT DIE!

What the heck ?? why would I be targeted and killed WHILE CLOAKED, after jumping in a system???

Posted - 2007.03.18 11:14:00 - [2]

any u PVP people had this happen?

Shimizu Taiki
CaeIum Incognitum
Posted - 2007.03.18 15:40:00 - [3]

Please don't spam the forums. I saw this same post in the Q&A Newbie area.

Posted - 2007.03.19 02:09:00 - [4]

I have had this happen a couple of times. One of those times I was hauling 15mil worth of isogen.

Syllke Aronstein
Le Moulin Rouge
Posted - 2007.03.19 09:14:00 - [5]

I had something similar to this occur jumping into a system and uncloaking and instantly take damage from a camp, i put it down to bad luck, i expected to die anyway.

The camp had an interdictor generated bubble in place as the system loaded, and camp had support craft of 2 Lachesis, Vagabond, and a Dominix.

However lock times were so fast i didnt see them happen, both on my ship and on the POD. I didnt see any graphics for sensor boosting or similar active on any of the ships, and I waited for system to load fully due to fact bubble was allready in place. The Lachesis were cloaked before I uncloaked, and only became apparent once i had revealed myself.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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