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Saartje Sarel
Posted - 2009.09.16 19:56:00 - [1651]

Originally by: Kaahles
So letís have a look at what has to be done. Station interior environments, character creation and rendering, the cloths stuff, the cool lightning thingy shown at the last fanfest has to be implemented, the model all the items, cloths, whatever and of course create a crapload of textures.

Then you have to make some sort of game engine, honestly Iíve got no idea how CCP realizes it technically (a dev blob would be nice) but Iíd say they have either to create a whole new game engine from scratch or heavily modify the existing one because it was never made for stuff like that in the first place (was mentioned on the fanfest too I believe that it was one of the problems besides time and manpower why it wasnít integrated in EVE from the beginning).

So then you come to the server side part. Basically youíve to come up with a whole new kind of serverside code and maybe even build a second cluster parallel to the existing one, extend the database, interconnect anything, test stuff and optimize for good performance on the most different systems. If you still donít get it:

They are basically developing a new game which will be integrated into EVE itself. Developing games from scratch takes time. Usually 3-6 YEARS. Thatís a normal timeframe. Letís look at dust, it has been in development for three years now and still isnít on the market. How can that be? Oh year right it takes time to make a game, even more if you want to interconnect it with another one (once again: basically the same thing WiS does). Oh and btw it was mentioned before somewhere that WiS comes before dust, which makes sense but tbh it surprised me because since dust will be a console project you as a developer only have to optimize it for 2 or 3 platforms while doing stuff on the PC youíve to consider a large number of different hardware and drivers with endless numbers of combinations (and still support old hardware, which takes even more time, because otherwise some of the guys still using machines from before the big bang start whining and *****ing about it all day long until the universe explodes).

So that said letís get to the part ďWhy do it?Ē. Hrm.. Iím just taking a wild guess but you got dust in development, there is that world of darkness mmo in production, both require that kind of technology WiS is using, so you have the technology anyways so why not use it in EVE. It will add to the atmosphere and make doing stuff even more awesome. If you donít like it FFS stop whining and just GTFO. All this crap will bring down the mmo business in general some day, and even more... Mark my words the apocalypse is near at it wonít be a meteoroid impact, a super volcano, global warming or some other predicted stuff noÖ it will be world wide flooding by tears of people who just donít know when to STFU.

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Good post mate. WiS will add another 10 years to eve .. but the sheer number of people who 'dont get' the technical implications of such a mammoth undertaking make my eyes bleed. I'm glad you do, and shared it.

Idle Haven
Posted - 2009.09.16 21:59:00 - [1652]

So, will we be seeing news about it anytime soon?
A dev response to this matter will be refreshing

Professor Tarantula
Hedion University
Posted - 2009.09.16 22:34:00 - [1653]

The fact that this thread is from nearly 3 years ago is the only thing worth discussing at this point, in my opinion.

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This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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