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Aliza Snow
Posted - 2007.03.13 19:08:00 - [1]

I wrote this quick guide in the Missions forum, for a fast and easy way to get started in EVE as a brand new player. It will net you about 1.5 million ISK and 2 implants for <2 hours of effort. And anyone can do it regardless of what starting skills you took.

It's suggested I post it here, so here's a link to the thread Missions forum:

Hope you find it useful. :)

Billy Sastard
Life. Universe. Everything.
Posted - 2007.03.13 19:30:00 - [2]

Freedom Guard
Posted - 2007.03.14 12:50:00 - [3]

A good walk through of what to do next after finnishing the guided tutorial. Simple to accomplish and gives you a good "leg-up" when starting out. Nice work Ms Snow.

Cygnus Zhada
Posted - 2007.03.14 12:59:00 - [4]

When you end the tutorial and the training missions you get the Graduation papers, 4 of them. Rightclick them, go to the agent specified in there and hand him the paper, he'll give you a series of missions to do and at the end you'll get a nice implant.

I did all 4 of them (one for each race) and ended up with implants worth 15 million total, I did this on my second day in a (non-newbie) frigate, took me a couple of hours but 15 million for a 2 day old char is quite something. Mind you, these aren't normal straight forward missions, they do require some puzzling.

Posted - 2007.03.14 13:01:00 - [5]

Well done Aliza Snow.

Wil Ricker
Posted - 2007.03.15 19:42:00 - [6]

Needs a bump


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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