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Raven Kahn
Posted - 2007.04.09 11:58:00 - [1321]

Fix some of the bugs like the new regions

Dreeve King
Posted - 2007.04.09 13:54:00 - [1322]

The option to be able to switch from the current battle view to a first
person (in cocpit view)to fly and fight your ship from (at least for
frigates and interceptors)."

I think the follow on would be that you would see more
formation flying, and less blob warfare.

mini moon
Posted - 2007.04.09 21:34:00 - [1323]

mines and minefields

Elite Force
Posted - 2007.04.10 01:28:00 - [1324]

I suggest a new skillset and the creation of a new mini-profession for Intel orientated map navigators or even command structures that can be accessed through the map tab, currently the details available on the map browser are not accurate and nobody can rely on gate traffic information and most of the other statistics that appear to be available is nothing viable for anyone to act upon. This would be a great benefactor for opening up the game to better command and control of fleet operations. The map is not getting used as much as it could be and what military might would fight without a command center?

The map, combined with the correct skills could prove to be a very useful asset for engagements and help the overall distrubtion of command and coordination, Imagine having the complete status of your fleets health/ammo/cap etc and positioning all available in your solar system browser.

Pls, consider a better command interface that could be intergrated into the map allowing commanders to see where/when/what/how. Such transparency could be determined by placing a relay or two within systems of operation and not galaxy wide. It would be cool to watch a battle in system map as a commander and I am certain that strategy would once again find another level.

Imp Erius
Posted - 2007.04.10 02:13:00 - [1325]

Edited by: Imp Erius on 11/04/2007 21:31:06
A HUD addition, instead of the faint hard-to-see green pulse in the background of active modules. How about an "ON/(Turning)OFF" Word slowly strobing over it, this way you can still see the ammo.

Solita Karasawa
Merch Industrial
We Are Nice Guys
Posted - 2007.04.10 18:46:00 - [1326]

Change local to work like the NPC corp chat.

IE, instead of having people show up in it automatically when they hop into a system, have it so they only show up when they start to speak. That way, those who want to show up in local or speak in local can do so, and those who are trying to be sneaky for whatever reason ( note that this works for both defenders AND aggressors! ) can do so.

No more having the invisible module [Local Superscanner 2000] always fitted and active!

Malachon Draco
Posted - 2007.04.11 09:20:00 - [1327]

Fix the new regions:
- Increase the roid spawns (no more 80 unit arkonor roids please!)
- Fix exploration, we want exploration plexes that work, and of all different varieties, not just gravimetric and unknown sites.

Revy Daidros
Re-Awakened Technologies Inc
Electus Matari
Posted - 2007.04.11 20:34:00 - [1328]

I would like to see more dynamic environments. A few examples:

  • systems with more than 1 star
  • systems with no star
  • systems with comets (that actually move through the system, something you could warp to)
  • system wide asteroid belts, that is a belt so large it has several warp points, but its still one belt
  • new backgrounds, (pahleeeeze!)
  • resize planets when you warp to 0 so they take the entire size of the screen, theyre way too small! Not sure if this is feasible but hey.

Environments that are diverse! Use your imagination!

Posted - 2007.04.12 01:15:00 - [1329]


I would love to see all POS related material/stuff fixed and working properly.

Cash Money Brothers

Viqer Fell
Legion of The Damned.
Posted - 2007.04.13 11:24:00 - [1330]

If I was Head janitor for the day I would make addressing the massive lag issues CCP's programmers' number one priority.

Dead By Dawn
Posted - 2007.04.14 11:09:00 - [1331]

My two pence worth...

1. Large Nosferatu & large Energy Neut, should be bound to the turret restrictions as well. I mean, a 425 rail has trouble hitting a frig, but a large nos / neut can sap it for full juice, theres no penalty from large turret to small target, if u know what I mean...

2. Speed diff amoung races. Yes the minmatar fly their paper thin models and get the big speed boost, but thats its all the other 3 races have pretty much the same speed.
Adjust it in order of tanking styles. Amarr slowest ( coz all armour tanking ) then Galante ( as they are next in the line of armour ) then Caldari ( due to shields which are not miles & miles of thick armour plating all around, and take up less weight being shield generators) and at last the fastest the minmatar which are prob at the best speed as it is. Balance speed of races to reflect their tanking style.

3. Make all Gallente homosexual, let them un-breed themselves out of existance, theres no room for leisure in this universe.


Posted - 2007.04.14 16:04:00 - [1332]

Default Camera Distance that stays as wet even after jumps. I really get freaked out when I see a bestower ass up close Laughing

Posted - 2007.04.14 16:07:00 - [1333]

On Assets and on Market screen - make the default the search (presently set at whatever u last had looked at it). This wil reduce hits on the DB to get the whole asset list (only if intended) or the whole market list.

Insidious Rapture
Posted - 2007.04.14 23:53:00 - [1334]

Make it possible for PvE to be more group centered.
Not change it, but rather add for example group missions, that give 2-3x the payout but REQUIRE 2-3 people (not just 1 uber pwnmobile that can solo it for 2-3x the reward) (and would obviously be harder) than normal missions).

Cade 97
Posted - 2007.04.16 00:02:00 - [1335]

Probably not possible this late in the game, but fix the busted physics of the ship designs. Every time I look at some of the ships, I am reminded I am playing a game. The sense of immersion is lost. The most elemental principal of propulsion has been ignored, especially by the Caldari. When the center of thrust is offset from the center of mass, the ship will go into a tight spin around its center of mass when the rockets are fired. Anybody who has ever built a model rocket (or real one) sees the flaw as a jarring break with reality. This could be fixed for the most part moving some parts on the existing 3d models and removing the asymmetries. Considering the attention to detail in the rest of the game and its mechanics, this glaring inconsistency is very curious.

Rebellious Hans
Posted - 2007.04.16 18:32:00 - [1336]

I'd like to see buyable CCP characters.

My problem here is- as a full time n00b, I'm sick and tired of hearing about all these wonderful things in 0.0 with no way to go join in- "join the war effort, help smash/strengthen BoB etc"- and I think wow, that does sound kinda cool. I mean, things like the fleet actions between coalition and BoB, I'd like to be part of. One problem- I look at them and see its a good 6-9 months of skilling before I can do anything at all.

My Fix to this: let us buy characters or skillpoints.
some options....

1) 9 month old characters buyable from CCP for say, £30. It would remove the oh so slow start to the game that frustrates many new players, allowing them to join a corp and actually do something right away rather than waiting and f*** all happenning; "oh yay, I got mining 1, only 5 weeks till I can get a proper mining ship!"

2) Buyable skill points- buy them at the same rate as playing costs. It costs $15 for a month's play time, so let players pay $15 for the amount of skill points they would train in a month. I know that this can vary, but you could set it to a moderate amount or something.
Actually, I'm starting to like this idea the more I think about it.
Older players will whinge about it, so there needs to be a way of ensuring everybody doesn't immediately skill up to the date the game started. How about capping the max no. of skillpoints you can buy to say, 2 years worth, so the oldest players will still have the jump on others. Or maybe force skill spreading- you can buy them, but have to invest in skills from different areas as opposed to putting three years training time into PvP, or Titan training etc.... This would create more robust players with better flexibility.
Also, make them non buyable on trial accounts, to prevent the ISK sellers using it.

3) ISK buyable skill points, or training speedup- here's another common complaint- you spend your life on Eve, mining night and day, but your mate who logs in once a week to change skill training improves at exactly the same rate as you.
What you could do would be to allow ISK to be exchanged either for past skillpoints, as I detailed earlier, or for faster training times- and I mean signinficantly faster. Perhaps you could join a university school (high sec only and lower end skills only) and for perhaps 10X the value of the skillbook they could give a "tech 2 skillbook" or something, with half the training time. This would allow corps to support their players in a more permanent way, and solo players with lotsa cash could also get themselves up to scratch sharpish.
My one problem with this is that it would make ISK more valuable, which might rubbish the economy.

More experienced players: what do you think of these ideas? how could they be made more workable?

Es and Whizz
Hedonistic Imperative
Posted - 2007.04.17 17:13:00 - [1337]

bring back NPCs handing out drugs as mission rewards, what did we gain from removing them? nothing. just the slow demise of recreational drug dealing as a profession.

Gaius BaItar
Posted - 2007.04.17 21:47:00 - [1338]

Edited by: Gaius BaItar on 17/04/2007 23:08:09
Make LAG primary before it'll kill us all.

The New Eve Order
Posted - 2007.04.18 22:06:00 - [1339]

Increase the evemail text limit to at least double, or triple the current value (1000 chars iirc)

Executive Outcomes
Posted - 2007.04.19 14:29:00 - [1340]

Edited by: sandshark on 19/04/2007 14:27:24
Fix drones !
-dronelag in carriers when holding large amounts of drones/fighters in your dronebay
-general dronelag
-drone launching/docking lag
-drones going rogue
-drones getting stuck on eachother on recalling to bay/orbit
-EW drones returning slow as hell
-allways loosing drones when nodes crash (if you can return m to carriers why not to normal ships eh?)
-just plzzzz give drones some love... they are due to some...)


edit: general spelling errors Rolling Eyes

Posted - 2007.04.20 08:49:00 - [1341]

what I would do is;

In station it should be possible to organise a bet on a speed race, organized by 1 player or corp, this player could drop some kind of beacons in space (similar to a sailing race buoy) at the points where a pilot should turn. Pilots should pass within 10meter of the buoy (it register valid passers) or they take an invalid turn. So once the player put all the buoys/beacons. A minimum of 10 buoys with a minimum distances in between.
Once he made a valid race track,
- he has a certain time (with a limit) to have at least 2 to 10 people confirm in some kind of form that they will race (when not reached within time, it's off)
- when this is done, he can activate the betting, minimum 5 minutes and max 1 hour (no betting, it's off)
- when this time expires and there are bets, the race will start within 1 or 2 minutes, at the first beacon and finishes when the first pilot that activates the last beacon arrives (if no one reaches the last beacon within a certain time (10 minutes maximum) the whole thing is off and isk in the betting is redistributed

Payout percentage to the first pilot and to the betters

Combine that with 'walking in station'

I would go race and bet on myself :-)


The Leeloo
Posted - 2007.04.20 13:25:00 - [1342]

Sorry for being out or rules, but:
In 2003, the game was awarded with 2 IGN 2003 Outstanding Technical Achievement in Graphics, 2003 Gamespy Best Graphics, one in 2005 MMORPG.COM Readers Choice Awards 2005: 'Best Graphics' and one in 2006 MMORPG: 'Reader's Choice Favorite Graphics'. In my opinion, these awards are worthless now, if graphics since 2003 wasnít ever updated. In 2005/2006 we got only new additions with better graphics. Look at those new shiny ships, flying back to back with old, low poly, rusted old-fashion boats. I would replace old models, with new ones. Even if itís expansion that I need to pay for! I really think that EVE has lack of graphics. I would keep up with technology and video card evolution progress. Many games improve existing graphics with their upcoming expansions. Things that affront the eyes:
o Missile Explosions. They suppose to IMPRESS. They did, 4 years ago.
o Ship models. I donít mean to make a totally new look of them. Just make them more detailed, like Brutix is now. Raven is one of the best ships in PVE but itís body doesnít look appropriate.
o Turret models. Missing models for launchers is a notable disadvantage on Graphic Awardís background. And would be rational to make the missiles to be launched from them, not from shipís bridge.
o A year or more ago I saw a video of Caracal (not sure about ship) flying to the atmosphere of planet, Iím still canít wait for that.
o Adding broken or cracked planets. Making all Planets to look more real sized.
o Updating old environment backgrounds.
I would make it more customizable. Like in ďWoWĒ. Make users to be able to make custom add-ons, with information that server exchanges with client would get rid of all interface improvements requests. Ok, not all, but 99% Iím sure. Of course, it may be undoable, because of the gameís engine, Iím not sure. In this case, things that would really improve gameplay:
- Hotkeys for all commands, that interface allow us to use. Itís pretty annoying to lock target with mouse, then move mouse to the modules I want to use, then move it back to lock another target and back to modules.
- Adding a DPS meters/calculator/indicator.
- Add folders and subfolders in cargo/station just for sorting thousands of items.
- I have more in my mind, but I have to think a bit more, then Iíll post.

- Module insurance.
- Skill training. The problem with EVE, is that itís not possible for new players to become as experienced as the old ones. This is a bad campaign aiming for NEW players. For example, I start game with approximately 800,000 SP and face people who have 60,000,000 SP. By the time when newbie will hit 60 mil SP, the old ones will be at 120 mil. And by that time, thereíll be an expansion with 100s new skills, for those, who have 120mil SP. This makes players really unchallengeable. Of course, thereís a lot of new toys for big boys, but what about newbies? How many pure NEW guys starting to play eve and stay with us? I believe not too many.But thatís not the point. I suggest to stop adding lots of new skills. For example, new turret was introduced into the game, or new ship. To be able to operate that ship, it would require an implant, which is hard to get. And every time player gets podded he would need to get it once more. In this case, eventually, players will approximately around the same skill points. Iím personally with 20,000,000 SP and cannot get to 0.0 to solo. Because there are lots of more experienced players than me, than newbies who have even less than 10 million SP. Maybe getting required implant is not so good idea, because it can be destroyed, but letís assume that player needs some blessing. Or to acquire needed skill he needs to complete a mission, or fly to into Ďblack holeí. Or it can be even Brain Mutation, thatís done only in DEEEEEEEEP for billion isk space. This, will decrease difference. And grants newbies a chance to feel themselves someday equal.

The Leeloo
Posted - 2007.04.20 13:27:00 - [1343]

Of course, current skill system makes all players different, but not equal. Therefore, PVP is not soloable. You need to get into corporation, or to form gang and then do the PVP job. BUT what if I canít afford myself playing more than 1 hr a day? This means nothing, except, Iím not able to get at least into PVP battle solo, which is the FUN part of game and Iím willing to pay for it.
- Adding Weapon modifications. For instance, to give a turret 10% additional damage, it needs to be enhanced. This makes losing a ship a deadly hit for the wallet. That is not quite good.
- Balancing the losses. I can save money for a year, just to buy a faction fit for a faction ship. And problem is I can lose it in a minute. So this game part is also becomes unavailable for solo players. I donít have a suggestion for this yet, but Iím working on it. I believe, EVE will get twice more subscribers than it currently have by allowing players to play solo.

I got lots more, but rules forces us to say 1 thing. Oops.
Main char: 'Jao I' on other account.

M LuvsTrouble
The Scope
Posted - 2007.04.20 16:13:00 - [1344]

make low sec (.4/.3) more profitable to bring more players and more devastation into the borders

Posted - 2007.04.20 21:24:00 - [1345]

User Interface customization API.

Ugly Naughty Larvas
White Noise.
Posted - 2007.04.21 02:51:00 - [1346]

New type of station-NPC - teachers, who will assist player to go through skill's 5-th level for per-day payments shortening the learning time according to it teachers quality.

And, please, do something with blob-wars!

Posted - 2007.04.21 04:09:00 - [1347]

Put a time limit on all cargo can's. Even if their secure can's.

Senestor Seberson
Republic Military School
Posted - 2007.04.21 21:12:00 - [1348]

I'd make physics laws to start taking effect.
Real Inertia and Real Acceleration.

Of course that in order to do that i'd have to improve the trajectory planning algorithms so that ships dont just fly through each other or crash right into stations.

And that would enable us to make real docking manouvers into the stations (not so long as to get tedious though).

Posted - 2007.04.22 04:09:00 - [1349]

Update the UI. EVE is a wonderful game but the UI is the absolute worse I have ever seen. I can't stess enough how bad it is. It is awful awful. UI changes I would like to se are.
- Allow a single chat window to recieve several channels and color code the text by channel
- Allow larger and easier to read fonts.
- Reduce mousing. We should be able to hot key target, approach, orbit, and warp actions.
- Move by arrow key not mouse clicky
- I want to move th Overview - let me move it.
- Launching drones from folders. I am amazed that is the game. This a role play game the folders ruin emmersion.

Posted - 2007.04.23 03:01:00 - [1350]

I would give Implants some love... Slots 7, 8 and 9 in particular.

We have Tech II implants for all slots except for slots 7, 8 and 9. I would create Tech II implants for those slots. Perhaps geared towards the new professions: Salvaging, Surveying, Scanning, Invention and Hacking.

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