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Posted - 2007.04.06 01:41:00 - [1291]

The ability to hide from weapon fire.

Raw Figmo
Posted - 2007.04.06 02:23:00 - [1292]

Salvage drones please!

Jaxom Silpheed
Posted - 2007.04.06 06:59:00 - [1293]

Create a skill for Tractor Beams - Not to be able to USE them, leave the skill set needed to use tractors the same, but make a skill that increases the range of the beam.

Soreye Aziz
Sigillum Militum Xpisti
Posted - 2007.04.06 08:57:00 - [1294]

Very HappyLove the Game as is CCP *BUT* would like to have MUCH less lag when there are more than a hundred ships in a given system. I realize you are constantly working on this but it is the biggest complaint I continually hear.

I would gladly have given up the "built in voice" (afterall most of us use either "Ventrilo or TS) just to have < lag.

Again, love the game!

Posted - 2007.04.06 09:29:00 - [1295]

1. bring capital ships to empire. Make so they cannot attack Players in Empire, but for missions only when level 5 missions come in, or if your thinking of adding capital ships as npc's to missions. last time i attacked a bs in a carrier with fighters it went down in seconds, how do you tank that? 50 support BS with remote armor reps?
To make it fairer for those that will moan, maybe use like the sarbases in empire, need to buy certificates to keep it in Empire space.

2. t2 bpo's / bpc's . how many points and years does it take to get a bp? make it like agent reqrds, x number of points = type of blue print copy / original and whether smal, med or large bp.

3. Tier 3 Minmatar BS. why? it sucks. Make ships optional as to whether you want to have it an armor or shield ship, once the choice is made at manufacture, have to stick with it.
Same probably goes for other ships, where you dont have the choice.

4. More goodies in Empire space, why? to stop the 0.0 moaners, single players, small corps, whatever reason. Thats where i want to play, i dont want to go in 0 space, i dont want to join an alliance, i dont want to fight fleets of BS or look out for pirates everywhere, i dont know how to do this, maybe loot drops based on number of ships involved in a mission, maybe declaring how many will go on the mission to ease calculations. Tricky one this

5. No idea , thinking on my feet lol

GiddeOn Drake
Posted - 2007.04.06 12:06:00 - [1296]

Can we have a list of all our agents and the lp's we have accumulated with them?

If you are going to have a store like system to exchange lp's, this would help a lot to see where all my points are.
Something like the assets window, were we could sort them by region, corporation or quantity of lp's.

And instead of having me take 3 times the offer of 80 lp's for 50 slaves to use my 250 lp's, give us the option to exchange X lp's for Y item. This way we can cash out an agent we won't be using anymore or get an item we need. (like fuel for the POS)Wink

If this list contains all info from the agents, so i don't have to open any more windows, it would be even better.Very Happy

You could still have the occasional offer for less common items.
I know this last idea would encourage mission running and PVE instead of PVP, but you are going to need good rewards and offers from missions done in low sec if you want players to go there. ShockedYARRRR!!

You could make some items specific to some corporations, like oxigen from H2O corp. or ammo from imperial navy, modules from manufacture agents or even bookmarks of hidden belts from astrosuveying or mining agents, even R&D agents could exchange bpc this way (shortage of some module? seed it here) and the occasional offers might be for bpo (they don't have to be T2 bpo's, unless you want to give some incentive to players with a lot of rp's). Agents already offer modules, ships, implants and faction ship bpc's, why not make a similar way for R&D agents to give offers of bpc, datacores, bpo or items for inventions?

ShockedYARRRR!!YARRRR!! is it my imagination, or they seem to be multiplying?

Genetic Flaw
Posted - 2007.04.06 14:33:00 - [1297]

i would like to see a crew on ships. Science officer, weapons officer, medic, engineer and that type of development. You could have different numbers on small and larger ships all with different qualities, they could be hired and the better ones costing more. They could be killed when the ship is destroyed or escape in same pod as you, depending on luck.
The crews abilities would of course reflect on your overall abilities like a skill would.


Genetic Flaw

Posted - 2007.04.06 16:01:00 - [1298]

A Learning skill called 'Curriculum' to implement 'stacking' of training with one additional skill added to training schedule per level.

Romana Zangi
State War Academy
Posted - 2007.04.06 16:53:00 - [1299]

More Complexes off all sorts in Empire and 0.0. ugh

Posted - 2007.04.06 17:32:00 - [1300]

I would like the ability to export journal/transaction/order/jobs/inventory data to files so more external tools can be made for managing orders.

Cr0wbeck Starseker
Posted - 2007.04.06 17:55:00 - [1301]

fix the lag when I leave a station.

Zeon Xero
Posted - 2007.04.06 18:29:00 - [1302]

Edited by: Zeon Xero on 06/04/2007 18:30:37
Sell Quafe in real life again

Genos Occidere
Posted - 2007.04.06 18:55:00 - [1303]

More skills that make use of the Charisma attribute, because as it stands right now, it's considered one of the 'lesser' attributes in EVE.

Posted - 2007.04.07 00:16:00 - [1304]

Can we have Tech 3 already?

Posted - 2007.04.07 05:59:00 - [1305]

Double war declaration costs every week.

Dewayne Hicks
Alcohol Fueled Brutality
Posted - 2007.04.07 09:20:00 - [1306]

How about fixing some of the ship designs already in use. Like maybe giving the raven the other wing that got misplaced when they hit 'save' in photoshop :)

Posted - 2007.04.07 10:58:00 - [1307]

The ability for all your characters to learn skills at the same time >.< Surprised

Posted - 2007.04.07 11:12:00 - [1308]

lets be able to custom design one of ships that embody the best or most desired qualities of all races and warfare philosophies ,ex an ammar punisher with caldari missles, shields , and rail guns and ammar speed and armor

Rabb Darktide
Independent Fleet
Dark Taboo
Posted - 2007.04.07 11:37:00 - [1309]

I would fix the new regions...

Posted - 2007.04.07 17:41:00 - [1310]

Originally by: iqplayer
Finish what you've started - POS's, Outposts, Contracts, Warfare, STORYLINES!! - and stop bringing in new ideas that don't contribute to the above - boosters? rigs? heat? planetary interaction? - until they REALLY work.


Posted - 2007.04.07 19:10:00 - [1311]

Edited by: Karx on 07/04/2007 19:11:31
More systems in empire

Vhoa Gerstari
Posted - 2007.04.07 19:45:00 - [1312]

A complete redesign of the UI to streamline complex actions and support 3rd party development.

Posted - 2007.04.07 22:18:00 - [1313]

Some sort of timer on the mining lasers, especially the Ice Harvesters...

4S Corporation
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2007.04.08 01:36:00 - [1314]

Lagged out systems should step down gracefully to 1/2, 1/4, etc.. speed to reduce node load and affect all players equally instead of attempting to maintain realtime and snarling up completely. Ships would move slower, modules activate for longer and less often, starbases would shoot slower and consume fuel more slowly and so on. Big job to implement I know, but the current optimisation approach is only gradually increasing the number of people a battle can handle without going pear shaped. And that number is still way, way behind what the 0.0 alliances need to settle their scores.

Erana Elios
Posted - 2007.04.08 03:43:00 - [1315]

Edited by: Erana Elios on 08/04/2007 04:12:10
I'd like to see the ability (with a new skill) to alter the destination point when using a gate. ie perhaps increase the possible distance from the target gate you arrive at.

Posted - 2007.04.08 11:38:00 - [1316]

A simple idea to relieve congestion in empire,as the basics for system expansion are in place.Open4 new regions for each existing race in the uncharted lands,or create a 5th race in the uncharted lands governed by and protected by a new npc regent.This would afford all nonpvp and pvp players new ground to establish themselves in.No alliances allowed in new territory as the reigning regent restricts this to encourage industry to move in.Actually have the regent recruit capsuleers,into training to form a player based galactic patrol, instead of the concorde.This would afford a type of pvp for the people who want it and protection for those that dont.Keep missions mining and manufacturing inline with the rest of eve,but with a few major changes.Neutralzones(this could be.00) between races and new territory,basic ore such as veld found in all areas,diff race specific ores begiven to each area ,which can begiven or traded for in neutral territories,encouraging wide spread trade among races.Hostile npcs that do not sit but attack regions forcing capsuleers to patrol and protect,kill bounties shared by all participants to defense.Change pos rules so that a station can be installed at planets considered habitable (by giving those that chose to join the station the planetary title for example (avarians)(beguise)etc. with the appropriate fees applied and standings of course.An actual racial or area ruller elected by capsuleers for a period of 1 year,encouraging political crimes, coruption and intrigue as well as longer subscriptions.And several npc races that actually have thier own ai empires that can be raided by capsuleer pirates, mercs and such in return for thier unwarrented attacks on capsuleers. Allow the hiring of the fighter corps to a specific planet for the lenth of the declared war based on the pay as you go principle as is in eve now,with one exception you must pay or surrender the palnetary assets.The new owners would assume all maintenace and support obligations to its new subjects.I am available for a discussion of any idea that may be found acceptable or interesting and would love to see positive change in eve ,after 8months i findmyself wanting more and more of it.sincerely Argo lighthand.

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2007.04.08 17:12:00 - [1317]

restore the trust, that non-BoB and allied players use to have in CCP

Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2007.04.08 18:57:00 - [1318]

Edited by: Pardack on 08/04/2007 19:00:24
Single sentence: Make trade items more useful by allowing them to be consumed/used in various ways from manufacturing, boosters, ship crews, invention and more.

A few of examples:

1. Quafe, Quafe Ultra, Spirits etc. Allow them to be 'injected' into the POD fluid (kind of like boosters but much less effective and for a short period of time (5 minutes or so, by that time the POD's built in filtration system will have filtered out any residual effects).

2. Allow Marines, Janitors, Exotic Dancers, Slaves etc to be added to your ship's crew, again giving you a small gain for a limited period of time. If you wanted to keep the bonuses for longer, you'd have to feed them (wheat, grain, water etc) and keep them entertained (holoreels, spirits, exotic dancers) etc.

3. On the industry/invention side, you could create some alternate BPOs that require the use of trade goods to manufacture. For example let's take something simple like ammo. Let's say there's a Small Plutonium Ammo BPO that takes some trit and pyerite to make. Have an alternate BPO that uses scrap metal, plutonium and maybe a couple of other things to make the same item.

There's a ton of things that could be done with trade items to make them more useful. As it is, just about everyone just sells them. Some do trade but not many.

There's a ton of trade categories and even more items. Lots of creative things could be done with them. Currently trade items are useless to probably 95%+ of the EVE universe.

There are so many other things that could be done with them instead of simply buy/sell. Yes, I know they're 'Trade Items', that doesn't mean it's the only thing that could be done with them.

Posted - 2007.04.08 23:03:00 - [1319]

Items automaticaly repackaged when stack all selected :)

Posted - 2007.04.09 09:40:00 - [1320]

nerf the corpo/alliances thiefs/traitor in eve, in making the Possibility to buy/sell characters no more anonymous, with something like the actual 'employement history' that would work inter-account, or wathever solution

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