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Interstellar Brotherhood of Gravediggers
The 0rphanage
Posted - 2007.04.05 05:11:00 - [1261]

Edited by: Bentar on 05/04/2007 05:12:39
Salvage Drones, heavy tractor beams with longer range, fix removing probes from the launcher in space, currently they disappear when you unload to change probes. You can change probes in station and they will reappear in the cargohold or your hanger if you drag and drop them there. I never load more than one at a time to alleviate this but it shouldn't be that way, should be just like when you change missiles or crystals.

Dia Chi
Posted - 2007.04.05 05:46:00 - [1262]

Build a more dynamic economic system based on station & planetary labor models & flows of goods to / from stations / planets.

Posted - 2007.04.05 06:04:00 - [1263]

I think it would be great to get a list of implants and hardwirings on the podmail like you get items destroyed on the ship killmail. Would add an extra level of MUAHAHAHAHA when you see the guy's lost a full set of snakes!!!!

Posted - 2007.04.05 06:09:00 - [1264]

Skill queing. At least up to 5 skills.

State Protectorate
Posted - 2007.04.05 07:16:00 - [1265]

No more lag.

Vahur Kahur
Posted - 2007.04.05 07:32:00 - [1266]

UI must never let the player down, not by ignoring of button-click (lag, slow system, doesn't matter), not by shuffling overview so you target the wrong ship (more enemies came in), not by having weird two-layered selection with border and spinning arrows with the possibility that these are active on different targets (which one gets hit by activated modules?), not by lacking shortcuts for drone control, not by having active module indicator flash in too faint green so I toggle it off accidentally. The list goes on. Get some usability experts on this thing.

Konin Grim
Orden der Grim
Posted - 2007.04.05 07:57:00 - [1267]

Remove Empire-Wars or increase fees for them.

Old Timers Guild
Posted - 2007.04.05 08:16:00 - [1268]

In the fitting menu a load all and unload all to cargo option. No more dragging for each individually.

Posted - 2007.04.05 09:20:00 - [1269]

An Flexible, economic Inshurance system....( or also called : STOP THE INLFATION )

What i mean with this? Simple...

Eve inshurence is- like everyone knows- an "ISK in Game keeping thing" ..

I dont want Eve Economie (and on long time view the game itself) get ruined.. cause i really to like this game... and there is no chance by keeping money spend on "more and more expensiv stuff" just by getting new, and of course expensive Items, into the game..
Rigs have been a good start, cause ones added, they get lost like implants, when u remove em, or det destroyed...

So what i am begging for, is a Profit Orientated Inshurance system... which means to pull out isk from the game...

MIllions of inshurances world wide work that why, why not also eve inshurance..

Get an economist working on a system, and then programmers implanting it into the game.

Its quite easy in theroy... Prices for inshurance rise, if to many ships blow up and as a reaction to that, to many inshurances get payed out... if pl manage to stay alive in there ships..., inshurance gets lowered...

Inshurance "corp" should make isk, and pull it that way out of the game. It doesnt make sence, keeping it like this, and letting it be an option of always not loosing THAT much, when u get poded...

It might even be possible to change rates of inshurance, wheather u subcribe it in 0.0 or empire...

This might take some CPU work for the servers, but i believe it might be even worth building up 2 or 3 blades, just keeping that running, and even if it would take 5 or 10 minutes to get an inshurence offer from the "corp" it doesnt affect gameplay itself...

Or simply take inshurance out of the game.


I hope u really take a look at that, casue we all know what is gonna happen, if infaltion goes on like this...

cheers Meninha

Federation of Unsuitable Individuals
Posted - 2007.04.05 10:48:00 - [1270]

Allow docking at all POS for neutrals ..... makes life in 0.0 a bit easier for us singletons!


Jacob McAllen
Posted - 2007.04.05 11:08:00 - [1271]

PvP missions, given by new agents of two rival factions where at a sertain time in a Dead Space pocket mission runners for the rivals must fight it out, or where one mission runner must hall large cargo from A to B while the other hunts them et al. This could build to factional warfair and alow a consenting PvP for people in empire to try out when they wanted to.

Tranka Verrane
Mentors Administration
Posted - 2007.04.05 11:18:00 - [1272]

Skill queuing, even if its only one more skill.

Insidious Existence
RAZOR Alliance
Posted - 2007.04.05 11:20:00 - [1273]

Make Sov/Pos wars exciting and less laggy. Perhaps primary, secondary and tertiary objectives(pos's and/or other). Primaries cannot be engaged unless the other objectives are destroyed and/or are actively being engaged.

Primary/secondary/tertiary objectives dont neccesarily even have to be in the same solar system, maybe just the same constellation < would certainly reduce lag.

I can describe in more detail.

Terran Robotics
Posted - 2007.04.05 11:21:00 - [1274]

Make the Chimera Carrier look like a other words make it larger to match the likes of the Thantos and not like an Amarr Battleship.

Also to be able to see what your Fighter Drones are doing by toggling between them to see what they are fighting or where they are going ( as they do have minds of there own at times and wonder of )

Skill queing would also be a great idea if only for 2 skills at a time.

Posted - 2007.04.05 11:23:00 - [1275]

I would like to see the inside of my ship as well as the outside.

jens lynux
Sylph Alliance
Posted - 2007.04.05 11:23:00 - [1276]

More drone commands - like 'stay together', 'attack those nearest my ship', 'attack those closest to drone' etc.

ps. and of course all the drone-bugs would be nice to go without.

Vincent von'Skrechi
Posted - 2007.04.05 11:38:00 - [1277]

better keyboard shortcuts system. More options like assign keyboard shortcut for ammo/crystal change in turrets/missiles or for choosing what ammo next to reload to all/specify turrets. Or keyboard shortcut for broadcast target for gang bosses etc. There are still a lot of options in the game (like those two that i give as example) that can be assign by a player to custom keys and improve game play.

Posted - 2007.04.05 12:47:00 - [1278]

Ship Drive Heterodyne Device.
Destroys or damages all nearby ships, destroys firing ship, podkills firing pilot.
Causes the drive fields of all nearby ships to heterodyne and interfere with each other.
Scale it so that 10 ships in vicinity - mild damage, 20 significant damage, 30 or more annihilation time

Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2007.04.05 13:33:00 - [1279]

Create: POS compatible Jump Gates which will require fuel for each use, a 2-3 hours cool down, but will jump you within 20-25 Stars in an Instant (between other POS's Of course) Manditory cool down of the ship of 5 minutes. So no jump engagements can be done without difficulty

Rising Star Empire
Posted - 2007.04.05 13:38:00 - [1280]

Make all 6/10 and higher complexes non-static. If you want to make loads of isk you will have to find them.
Make sure there is always the same amount of complexes per region/constellation.
This should cut down the isk farming a bit and make sure the players who want to make a bit of isk still have the chance to do so.
And it makes it harder for people to just take over one system and be sure to be in the plex every day a few minutes after dt, so noone else can enter.


Ekir Atari
Posted - 2007.04.05 14:25:00 - [1281]

I would like to see addressed the lack of any gameplay related slash-commands (ie: /activateAllHislots, etc).

Cry Havoc
No Guts No Glory
Posted - 2007.04.05 14:59:00 - [1282]

Improve the fighter UI.

Inform the carrier pilot of who/what the fighter is attacking. Hell, put a camera onboard the drone so the carrier pilot can get a taste of the action.

Sitting off in space while other people are killing stuff is really boring, please give me some details.

Poon Fleet
Posted - 2007.04.05 15:23:00 - [1283]

I would like to see an entire UI overhaul, making it much more easier to navigate, lag-free, and one that isn't oriented around clicking right-click 4 times to go anywhere.

Also, some documentation on the difference between "target" and "selected item."

Eragon Sabrin
Posted - 2007.04.05 16:09:00 - [1284]

I would like to see a continuous training system.

Start a skill and it continues to train until it has done lev 4. To train to lev 5 is an active choice that has to be maid by you.

This would be nice if you want to start training a new skill before you log.

ryn tier
Posted - 2007.04.05 16:12:00 - [1285]

a rig to give an extra hi or medium or low slot with draw back of 10% reduction of power grid or cap or no draw back as it uses up rig slot.

Posted - 2007.04.05 16:15:00 - [1286]

Edited by: ZeroCoolmining on 05/04/2007 16:13:57
Not being allowed to fly through planets.

alt character look for ZeroCool327

Posted - 2007.04.05 17:38:00 - [1287]

Create some sort of personal ship lockers array for corp pos's: secure AND doesn't require pos roles to access.

Etunim Diam
Posted - 2007.04.05 17:48:00 - [1288]

Allow repackaging and selling within Station Containers.

Posted - 2007.04.05 18:13:00 - [1289]

Include a way for players to transport each other, whether by allowing them to become passengers on another ship, or ship to ship towing, thus allowing us to bring all our stable of ships together.

Sanctus Maleficus
Lambent Enterprises
Enforcers of Serenity
Posted - 2007.04.05 23:16:00 - [1290]

My idea: ban all these fools who couldn't follow very simple rules.

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