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Solar Wind
AAA Citizens
Posted - 2007.04.03 19:33:00 - [1231]

Since I doubt we would be able to do anything earth shattering, here;s an easy one:

With 2 Battlecruiser models for each race in the game now, use 1 of each model for the 2 racial command ships, instead of the original BC model for both. So example, use the brutix as the Astarte, and since the EOS is supposed to be a drone ship, use the myrmidon model with some new colors, etc.

Resaec Fitsuga
Posted - 2007.04.04 00:36:00 - [1232]

I think one way to expand game play would be to have NPCs fighting eachother. Ex. Caldari Vs Gallente or Serpentis Vs Gallente. This would gieve you a way to create mission opportunities etc. Well I've spoken enough.

Mortis Angelus
The Church.
Posted - 2007.04.04 00:54:00 - [1233]


I couldnt find where there was an end-date for this contest. Whats the good word Dev-holios? Whos the big weener?

Chevy Prefect
Posted - 2007.04.04 20:11:00 - [1234]

Eliminate Jita station camping by having pilots exit from stations anywhere from 1,000-10,000 km from station.

Posted - 2007.04.04 20:14:00 - [1235]

Make a War Declaration a little Harder! Remove the Declaring Corp/Alliances' Ship Insurance invalid. Make war cost MORE for those wishing to avoid 0.0 and wanting to shoot at something anyway. Concord could enforce a littering fine ..... Oh wait... Damn! Pop goes another noob.......

Blesk Ziebens
Posted - 2007.04.04 20:18:00 - [1236]

Per faction/alliance/corp separated market-based pricing, discounting, and subsidizing.
If you're in the group you get lower prices for group items and/or financially aided when it comes to non-group items. If you're not in the group, you pay normally, unless you have a discount code or account with the group that has how much you can buy at what discount of the normal rates.

Posted - 2007.04.04 20:21:00 - [1237]

Bring more realism to the game. I.E. Damage taken when hitting objects, CEOs having full control over corp, Jammers work by how strong ship equipment is (not by chance). Stuff like that. Add that touch, to make it seem like we are actually out there, its what most games lack. The reality check.

Xor tacnell
Posted - 2007.04.04 20:40:00 - [1238]

Non space ship hazards; Mines, meteor showers and gravity wells. Eve space without rats and enemies, is entirely too safe to travel in.

Posted - 2007.04.04 20:40:00 - [1239]

I would like to be able to have a list of training skills so that when the one skill at the top of the list finishes training, the next one begins automatically. This would assist greatly in training short-timer skills. If a skill training time is under 12 hours, I have to train it while actively playing. I would like to select 5 skills to train and have the game display the total training time. Also I would like to be able to train the same skill thru different levels, like Scanning, Levels 2,3,4 for instance.

Rali Redclaw
Posted - 2007.04.04 20:44:00 - [1240]

I have one request to add to Eve's functions which everyone can use:

To be able to save multiple fitting arrangements to ships. A maximum of 5 per ship would be adequate.

Archo X
Posted - 2007.04.04 20:59:00 - [1241]

Make NPCs lag. I'd like to see an enemy fleet that can't move or activate mods. Then at random intervals they should get disconnected. Either that or make it so my ship stops doing that.

Isanamo Sam
Posted - 2007.04.04 21:28:00 - [1242]

How about training for a skill that would allow an individual to ACCEPT CONTRACTS out-of-region? Even if it took 3 months to reach lvl IV or V, it would be worth it to me.

Vortex Incorporated
Posted - 2007.04.04 22:07:00 - [1243]

if I must name one thing...
(I like playing against the Gameworld, not other players, and that means going to 0.0 is pretty much out of the question... which means I miss out on a big chunk of the game (ships, NPC Pirates, ores, and whatnot)).
and thus: "give us old pve players a reason to stay in secure space other than 'it's safe'" would be my One thing.

Ogdru Jahad
Timetravel Enterprises
Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate
Posted - 2007.04.04 22:08:00 - [1244]

Multiple player hangers. similar to that of corp hangers. maybe use it as a form of isk sink. 1m per week per hanger to a max of 5m a week.

Mr Spartan
Posted - 2007.04.04 22:29:00 - [1245]

The ability to walk around in stations with your character, no ship required (I saw this in an official movie).

Invictus Australis
Northern Coalition.
Posted - 2007.04.04 22:54:00 - [1246]

Edited by: Danari on 04/04/2007 22:52:45
1. Divisional wallets
2. Sell directly from Deliveries
3. Wallet export (and more identifying detail in wallet journal)
4. Nerf logoffski: Aggro timer if you log gate cloaked in a bubble; increase un-aggro time in space to reasonably allow a gang with a good prober to kill. Specifically: 0.0 isk farmers that immediately log anytime they're not alone in local must die.
5. Nerf hiding in empire: Kick experienced players out of npc corps into war-deccable 1-man corps (eg Danari Corp) after x months or y SP. And make it harder to run from a 1-man corp to another one to avoid a wardec.
6. Ramp up research slot pricing in empire similar to office pricing. Tight supply should be resolved by higher prices rather than stupid queue times.

Jae Dahler
Posted - 2007.04.04 22:58:00 - [1247]

Make the drone control a HUD widget like the scanner is, meaning it's no longer slaved to the overview and fleet stuff.

Secondus Dawkins
Fade to Black Inc
Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate
Posted - 2007.04.04 23:07:00 - [1248]

Make a downloadable file for our wallet transaction logs. It should be easy and would really help.

Posted - 2007.04.04 23:08:00 - [1249]

Fix the Amarr, Dont "fix" pulse lasers by gimping all lasers, fix Khanid ships - we dont need halfarsed sheild tanking ships.

Posted - 2007.04.05 00:01:00 - [1250]

Usability of the whole user interface including but not limited to overview, drone, action shortcuts.

I got a few improvement suggestion but oh well, don't mix idea before the brainstorm right ? :)

Good luck!

Dragon's Rage
Ethereal Dawn
Posted - 2007.04.05 00:46:00 - [1251]

Edited by: Fragito on 05/04/2007 00:43:53
Edited by: Fragito on 05/04/2007 00:43:28
Make missile launchers visible to where they pivot like weapons already do, but add smoke coming out of the pipe. Missile Launch, only the first 20 seconds. Unless of course, there can be no smoke in space.

Algorithm 5
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2007.04.05 01:10:00 - [1252]

One small user interface change would make my life SO much better.

On the list of my Orders in the market section (at least for the ones in my current region), I'd like to be able to see the market orders for my orders, to see if I'm still "winning" the lowest-price etc.

Currently it's a total pain in the ass, have you ever tried to manage 100 orders by manually searching for each one?

Something like this (you'll need to cut/paste into an editor with fixed-width fonts.

My Orders | Sell Orders
10/15 Warp Core Stab |
100/390 Thorn Rocket |
| Buy Orders

Alicina Goodbody
Posted - 2007.04.05 01:18:00 - [1253]

Please add the current skill being trained to the top of the character pane

GeorgeBush Hero
Posted - 2007.04.05 02:17:00 - [1254]

Fleet battle without lag!

General Defence
Last Stand Bank and Trust
The Last Stand
Posted - 2007.04.05 02:46:00 - [1255]

Short and sweet...I would love to see the corp UI addressed. I think there should be a "simple" setup as well as the complex one currently in place. This would be welcomed by many smaller corps as well as newer players starting corps. Oh yeah and the divisions still do not show up under players info when set. My 2 cents for a wish :)

Posted - 2007.04.05 03:36:00 - [1256]

Add the ability to 'lock in' a module. This would grey out the icon and make it so that you cannot remove the module even if the ship is repackaged. In return the module is optimized for the ship and works at a 5-10% high efficiency. You lose the ability to change your ship setup in that slot, but can a more specialized ship.

Viviana Senescallus
Posted - 2007.04.05 03:37:00 - [1257]

Fix exploration in the drone regions.

Quantum Industries
RAZOR Alliance
Posted - 2007.04.05 03:52:00 - [1258]

Allow for better control over corporate membership using the last login feature, as to allow auto-filtering of inactive/dead players, to reduce corporate clutter, and improve alliance controllability, instead of just the filtering being left to the ceo to try and "hope" to get all the dates right. Email me for details if you choose this (pleeeeeeease!).


Kurull Skullsplitter
Citizens of E.A.R.T.H.
E.A.R.T.H. Federation
Posted - 2007.04.05 04:17:00 - [1259]

Make server changes (jump gates) and other actions (station ingress/egress) where the games pauses with a black screen appear a seamless action by employing a realistic graphic in place of the black screen for example show a scene of my ship being tractor beamed out of the station by Scotty (show him at the controls!) or another example a realistic ship at jump gate transition to through and out of jump warp instead of the hold my breath and pray its not crashing black screen AND such "graphical fillers" should be triggered as far in advance as possible for making the event appear seamless such as triggering the client for the action prep when the ship is sent warp to zero for a gate next on the autopilot path with the most likely result being going through the gate or Dock with warp to zero to a station again the most likely action to follow being ship docking that is all; whilst within the guidelines; thank you.

Science and Trade Institute
Posted - 2007.04.05 05:04:00 - [1260]

It would be nice if peaceful Empire based corps could deny or choose not to be agressed by a war declaration (able to say NO) because nothing makes a miners day go bad and want to log off than to get shot in Empire.

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