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Silas Rector
Posted - 2007.03.28 01:04:00 - [1201]

My kingdom for a Faction Dominix!

Rendar Thalidor, drone***** extrodinaire

Posted - 2007.03.28 02:18:00 - [1202]

I would add station containers to outposts.

Posted - 2007.03.28 15:32:00 - [1203]

who won?

The Ratfink
Posted - 2007.03.28 17:03:00 - [1204]

Turret > right Click > Reload all turrets (Ammo Type)

Kishara SalSolo
The Cadre
Posted - 2007.03.28 17:36:00 - [1205]

I would like to have you fix and improve the gang system including the leadership bonus system..I want to help my mates!!!

NJoy Nit
Dedicated Insurgents of Eve
Posted - 2007.03.28 21:13:00 - [1206]

How about random astroid belt placement in new system after belt has been depleted.

Posted - 2007.03.29 00:09:00 - [1207]

Create dis-incentives for massing large numbers of ships. Make Blobs strategically questionable. Basically, when a gang is formed, each additional ship beyond some base number has a negative impact on the stats of the ships in the gang. Say, for example, capacitor capacity. After five ships , the sixth ship causes 10% capacitor drop in already ganged ships. the seventh , 15%, the eighth 20% and so on. The actual stats affected and ratios are not really important. The key is that blobbing will cost you something, making smaller groups more tactically attractive. This should help with traffic lag by making for smaller ship groups and help make small groups less disadvantaged by numerically superior forces. ( Justify it with something like "field interactions create damping affects that grow more pronounced with greater concentrations of energy signatures in a given space".

CSIRO Confuscious
Posted - 2007.03.29 01:47:00 - [1208]

Corp wallet export

5th Front enterprises
Chain of Chaos
Posted - 2007.03.29 08:11:00 - [1209]

Planetary interaction, control settlement atmospheric flight and all the assoicated elements that go with it under the one banner ( call it planetary element) as a single suggestion

D Mackiller
Omen Incorporated
Storm Armada
Posted - 2007.03.29 11:09:00 - [1210]

I would like to see some sort of alliance wallet introduced.

Gregory TwiLight
Phoenix Industries
Intrepid Crossing
Posted - 2007.03.29 19:06:00 - [1211]

Drone UI as suggested here

Posted - 2007.03.30 01:07:00 - [1212]

I would make that tiny (very) irritating freezing when launching/docking drones with expanded views go away ugh

*been away* Embarassed

Won Swunglow
Dead By Dawn
Posted - 2007.03.30 09:51:00 - [1213]

I would very much like to see the lack of Livestock Launchers ingame to be addressed...


EvE Rookie Collective Alliance
Posted - 2007.03.31 08:31:00 - [1214]

Edited by: Nav3EVA on 31/03/2007 08:50:32

I would like everything to be to scale, I want the lil frigates look like peas next to a carrier. I also want carriers and all those things to be big enough to fit Battleships and what not in.

All about looks darn it. IT MUST BE PRETTY.

Posted - 2007.03.31 10:45:00 - [1215]

I'd like to be able to pin items to my wallet in open orders. That way if something has sold out I can tell what it is without going over a list line by line. When I'm trying to find the one order among 200 that I need to remake, having the ability to sort them by quantity and see an item has zero would be very nice.

Alt Anti-defamation League
Posted - 2007.03.31 12:56:00 - [1216]

Make a better search engine for the forums.

Posted - 2007.03.31 16:40:00 - [1217]

make the group drones usefull and have them act as a "group" when launched, like: all drones move to "one" new target when the old one is gone and no specific orders are given

Miner Menace
Posted - 2007.04.01 04:03:00 - [1218]

I'd really like to see the camera stay where I put it. If I wanted to look at my ship after jumping through a gate I would have zoomed in prior to jumping! The resetting to a close setting is not only annoying and makes us poor *******s prone to spacesickness, but it lags a 0.0 jump out. When you jump in, you need to see what is going on around the gate and looking up the tail end of a ship is not the easiest way to do that!

Special Projects Corp
Posted - 2007.04.01 04:49:00 - [1219]

Edited by: raven415 on 01/04/2007 04:52:14
Edited by: raven415 on 01/04/2007 04:51:41
give concord a chance to show up in .4 to .1 space and maybe into 0.0 adjoining empire if in chase of a criminal. or why does it have to be concord ? if the person thats being attacked has a high standing with the empire who's spaces hes in might he not be able to call that empires navy in ?

Special Projects Corp
Posted - 2007.04.01 04:57:00 - [1220]

why does it have to be concord ? if the person thats being attacked has a high standing with the empire who's spaces hes in might he not be able to call that empires navy in ?

Posted - 2007.04.01 19:09:00 - [1221]

Seed agents in player outposts, whether based on the owning corporation's standings or some similar system, so mission runners can live out in 0.0 with their alliances without having to abandon their lifestyle and something they enjoy doing entirely.

Rex Sacrorum
Posted - 2007.04.01 21:44:00 - [1222]

Increase maximum fighting distance.
The current limit at 250km makes the Rokh rather pointless, now if the limit was at 500km or so the Rokh range bonus would actually be useful.

Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2007.04.01 22:22:00 - [1223]

even though i'm on page 41...

i'd like to see a "load all" option.

it is a pain in the butt to have to right click and select ammo on up to 8 weapons individually. i can't remember any scenario where i want to fill my guns with different ammo.

Dr Kojak
Mortis Angelus
Northern Coalition.
Posted - 2007.04.02 12:22:00 - [1224]

Edited by: Dr Kojak on 02/04/2007 12:18:58
Dear kieron

I would boost piracy by allowing pirates to use remote reps without getting sentry for it. Time to give something back to the other 50% of the playerbase...

<3 Dr Kojak

Posted - 2007.04.03 12:35:00 - [1225]

Creating an internal Stock Exchange Software incl. Corp Shares and NPC Shares.

The Initiative.
Posted - 2007.04.03 12:57:00 - [1226]

Edited by: zombu2 on 03/04/2007 12:54:19
Edited by: zombu2 on 03/04/2007 12:53:42
what about controlling tower gunz that would be the shinzniz

Posted - 2007.04.03 16:29:00 - [1227]


Bobby Atlas
Di-Tron Heavy Industries
Atlas Alliance
Posted - 2007.04.03 17:26:00 - [1228]

top down - alliance wallet to corporate divisional wallets with export features.

The Elementary Gentry
Posted - 2007.04.03 17:47:00 - [1229]

concentrate on removing bugs,and get Lag down this will help the game more then add things

Esau Cairn
Bombshell Cartel
Posted - 2007.04.03 19:23:00 - [1230]

Full killmails. Don't cut them off.

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