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Gaven Lok'ri
PIE Inc.
Posted - 2007.03.14 18:10:00 - [1141]

Make single race fleets fully feasible by replaceing racial ECM with a different system for sensor types (I would suggest class based, ie Heavy cruisers have one sensor type and ECM cruisers another) that would still require scouting to use to full effectiveness and would eliminate the problem of one ECM ship being able to alphabetically jam an entire single race fleet.

Posted - 2007.03.14 18:15:00 - [1142]

Have the client not be so single threaded. I think that will fix most of the UI bugs.

Risien Drogonne
Shadow Gypsies
R i s e
Posted - 2007.03.14 19:41:00 - [1143]

Tech 2 easier to acquire.

Posted - 2007.03.14 21:51:00 - [1144]

Edited by: Lanu on 14/03/2007 21:47:35
1. Make the UI less laggy/better ( opening screens like cargo/chats/market/contracts but also the overview updating or opening it ).

2. Kind of like #1. Revamp the drone control UI ( would be perfect. Shocked

Kloro Draz
Ex Coelis
The Bantam Menace
Posted - 2007.03.15 01:08:00 - [1145]

Edited by: Kloro Draz on 15/03/2007 01:05:17
Drones have many issues, but one drone request that I haven't seen in this thread is for named drones, which drop from NPCs.

Make them as good, or even just almost as good as T2 drones, and have them drop as often as Arbalest Launchers or Rolled Tungsten plates.

The prices of T2 drones are sky high without named versions to keep the T2 prices in check. Furthermore, unlike modules, drones can be destroyed in an engagement that the ship survives, which means that demand exceeds that of other T2 items.

Ominus Decre
Imperial Shipment
Posted - 2007.03.15 01:13:00 - [1146]

Dynamically personalized docking hangers which display ships, crates of goods and anything else which you might have in your personal hanger at the station you're currently docked at; a bazillion holographic strippers with HUGE boobies!

Posted - 2007.03.15 09:53:00 - [1147]

nurf nano

Tyr Anasazi
Posted - 2007.03.15 15:28:00 - [1148]

User Interface Overhaul, And Customization.

That includes making new frames and splitting old once. Changing colors/transparency on any element you wish on any frame.

Even a total non script able version like XML or similar would do. Just let us customize our UI to our own specification.

This would also make it possible for users to improve on things that today are horribly bad like the Drone ui in overview.

Posted - 2007.03.15 16:04:00 - [1149]

UI overhaul that gives us full customisability, _1_-key shortcuts, no more UI (f.e. Overview) bugs/lag, etc., because the overcomplicated/bugged UI that we have today has effect on every part of the game and is therfore the most important thing to be fixed imho.

Notnearly OnEnough
Posted - 2007.03.15 20:11:00 - [1150]

Making law enforcement a profession would be cool. do away with how you currently hunt -sec status players.

It would have several features and skills to train.

First, it has several skills and works along side bounties.

Law enforcement skill allows you the profession. training for levels 1 thru 5. each level allows you a negative security level you can hunt and that security level changes with each level level 1 you can hunt (-8 and -10) level 2 (-6 to -10) level 3 (-4 to -10) level 4 (-2 to -10) and level 5 (-0.1 to -10) BUT there is a KEY here. the person needs to have a past that shows they had a previous security level below (-2) this helps prevent chasing people who do accidental crossing into (-) from things like shooiting wrecks etc.

This will require showing 2 new features along side a players security level and thats (past low and past high) it helps a law enforcement professional to decide if the person is really bad.


The next skill is bounty hunter. you train this skill to work with bounty agents. It requires law enforcment to 4. your agents that you can work (level 1 thru 4 same as all agents) determines the quality of the tip. your skill level also determines how far away that tip is good for.

Lets say your a level 1 agent person. and you have level 1 bounty hunter trained. your agent keeps his ears open and looks thru space for players with (-) status and also bounties. If your agents see someone you get an eve-mail from the agent. the level 1 player might get a IN SYSTEM lead that says (playerx with a XXISK bounty is in system X) this is different because you can be anywhere and don't have to see local and especially with future plans to remove local channels.

Level 2 might get a notice that the bounty is 1 jump away 3=3 4=constellation 5=region etc. (similar to how other agents work)

that is how your skill level works.

Then you can go up thru AGENT LEVELS for bounty hunter. level 1 as described for each level of bounty level trained. so an AGENT level 2 might say an additional tidbit. perhaps (PlayerX with a bounty of XXISK is in system X and appears to be in a station .. or in a belt ... or near a moon but not to specific)

level 3 might be more specific perhaps ( appears to be inbelt XX or at station XX)

level 4 might say IS in belt XX or somewhere specific. but gives the additional info (is flywing a (ship group BS, BD, FRIG etc. butnot ship exact name)

Level 5 would be (IS in a ship exact ship type and appears to be alone/in gang/ has corp mates in system/other hostiles in system)

so now we have 2 new skills for the profession. both not causing any decrease of your security to go hunt.


the 3rd skill is bounty gang (similar to other warfare skills) and allows you to LEAD a gang of others to join in. others in the gang WILL NEED to have law enforcement to level 4 and bounty to 1. this helps prevent the circumvention of training these skills by only training one super player as a bounty gang leader.


now the fourth skill is Concord special agent.

this allows you to get help from concord when your scouting out and fighting your bounty.

you need Law enforcement 5, bounty hunter 5 (bounty warfare doesn't matter for this because concord will gang you instantly)

LEVEL 1 concord agent might get you a frigate or two in for assistance
LEVEL 2 gets a cruiser or two, maybe a cruiser and a frigate etc.
LEVEL 3 gets a concord BC or two or some combo of those in level 1 and 2
LEVEL 4 gets a concord BS or something or 2 or 3 from below
LEVEL 5 gets you a couple concord BS and a small fleet from below( but it's a 20 day skill to train )

other things that can happen are tracking modules that tie in to the bounty office and concord police frequencies. this can be used similar to probing except mounts to a HIGH slot. it is a high CPU device and is used to track and find bounty players exactly in a system. training to use the fitting relates to how close your pinpointed to the spot . it also gets a bonus for high end probing skills such as triangulation etc.

it only works once your in the system and for the bounty your assigned to thru the agent at levels 1 thru 4 level 5 lets you assign a target to the computer and you can start your own hunt by going to the bounty office and seing who is online. concord gives youa data core that you use for that target that you've selected and the data set tracks for a week. the data set system gets you a concord bonus multiplier for the bounty.

train the bounty tracking module to level 1 and get 1.1x level 2=1.3x level 3--- up to level 5 is bounty x2 for the concord bonus payment

Artmedis Valben
Posted - 2007.03.15 21:06:00 - [1151]

Streamline the science/research aspects of the game

- make POS labs rentable to the public and have 3 of each type of slot (i.e., 3 ME 3PE, 3 copy and 3 invention)

- Fix the discrepancies in research times of related T1 BPOs (especially true of max runs of copies). Why for instance is 1000 runs the max on medium and heavy Nosferatus, but 300 runs the max on small nosferatus (with the same length of copy times). And why do all ammo have 1500 irrespecive of size (well 1000 for XL), but 500 for regular light missiles and 750 for regular heavy and heavy attack missiles.

- Fix the remaining errors in BPO waste (why is the mining drone now the only BPO with only a 0.05 wate factor? and why doesn't the 0.1 waste factor of Mining crystals generate any waste?). Make it consistent.

- Seed the still missing 11 T1 BPOs listed in the market as well as BPOs for all T1 items of that have a T2 counterpart and make them all inventable (also drones, mining gear and ammo).

- Fix invention, so that research of the T1 BPC has some effect on the outcome, i.e., have good ME/PE at least partially offset the negative ME/PE of the T2 BPC created. Make sure that the skills for invention are the most important varieable, and that decryptors and meta-items only mildly increase the chance. Make it so that datacores are not the bottleneck that prevents invention of all but the most expensive stuff.

This is what I mean by streamlining. Make science/research consistent and coherent.

Gray Man
Posted - 2007.03.15 21:17:00 - [1152]

Make packaged/new mining crystals recyclable so prices are reflected from the mineral prices and manufacturers can make isk from them.

Posted - 2007.03.16 15:43:00 - [1153]

Edited by: Paladineguru on 16/03/2007 15:41:28
Id create a player panel to review charges along with the IA dept as well as being a means to transparent justice due to certain unmentionables.

The Cursed Navy
Important Internet Spaceship League
Posted - 2007.03.16 16:43:00 - [1154]

If I could make one dramatic change to eve it would be as a stepping stone to full body avatar/walking stations - namely an IN SHIP ENVIRONMENT.

"The spacious gallente thorax cruiser sports an open plan lounge & bridge. Upholstered in the finest amarrian slave leather and highlighted by walnut and chrome fittings, tri-D readouts and stunning navigational centre. The thorax is not just a ship - it is a fanny magnet."

It would be nice to see space from a porthole in your ship, do your transactions with other players at a view console, where you can see their avatar - and generally LIVE in your ship a little more. Its kinda inhuman to be eyeballing the infinite all the time.

Posted - 2007.03.16 18:04:00 - [1155]

The tl;dr (too long; didn't read) version:

Fix the "best available price" feature whenever you try to buy/sell stuff in the market or simply remove it altogether, as a last resort.

The justification:

1. Fix things that are as uncontroversial as possible (AKA electronic warfare)
2. Fix things that will benefit as much of the community as possible (AKA drone behavior bugs even though I'm a Gallente fan)
3. Fix things that are simple (AKA autopilot path finding, which seems to be somewhat more complicated than the "traveling salesman" problem)
4. Fix things as opposed to add new things, because a "janitor" cleans up stuff (AKA "interactive environments")
5. Fix things as opposed to removing things, because a "great janitor" not only removes trash but also spit-shines the existing environment (AKA the bounty feature)

So why the market feature?

1. We can safely agree that the default "best price" given is not to be trusted.
2. Everyone, from PvPers to miners to manufacturers, has a use for the market.
3. Perhaps a simple set of lower/upper limits that the user can set will be sufficient. To be honest, I haven't completely thought this out yet.
4. The "best price" feature has been around since the game's conception, yet has been sadly neglected.
5. Removing this is only there for a last resort. It is NOT the only option. I hope.

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2007.03.16 19:52:00 - [1156]

Please fix the fact that when too close to a station and trying to warp out, the ship will just slow to a crawl and keep waving back and forth as if it cannot go around the station. It is very annoying since when you are in an appropriately small ship, you can warp right through a station. Smarter AI in this situation?

Stormlord Battleforce
Shadow of xXDEATHXx
Posted - 2007.03.16 21:12:00 - [1157]

I don't know if anyone has mentionedmy little pet peeve yet, so here it is. I would like to see Tech 1 bpo available for everything. That means ships, modules, probes(moon probes also) even strip miners. If you are going to open up invention to all the T2 areas it covers now, then we NEED these bpo. Not to mention how much easier living in deep 0.0 would be....

"oops, my covetor just got popped, and I'm out of strippers, better go 20 jumps through 0.0 to get some more"

It would also open an entire area of the market for newer players, as they fill in the gap left by removing all these npc only items, bringing us one step closer to a true player-controlled economy. After that, all that's left is trade items.....

Cruoris Seraphim
Posted - 2007.03.16 22:35:00 - [1158]

Edited by: mamolian on 17/03/2007 00:28:57
Originally by: Ravelin Eb
Bring back the little system map in the Directional scanner, none of this f11 nonsense.

(Mini map in the scanner really miss that..)

I personally despise the UI.. and the amount of times I've died due to its design.. Bring in the ability to mod the UI! or at the very least enable/disable/move everything around the screen.

But the thing that I hate most.. is the zoom being set back to zero.. apon jumping through a gate.. !! Mad

Posted - 2007.03.17 00:37:00 - [1159]

Information export, namely "my orders export" and "transaction export". Traders need love too Sad

Caldari Independent Navy Reserve
The Fourth District
Posted - 2007.03.17 00:57:00 - [1160]

I'd really like to see Drones receive the same changes as fleet members in the overview bar since right now they take up a ton of room, especially on a carrier.

Di-Tron Heavy Industries
Atlas Alliance
Posted - 2007.03.17 02:10:00 - [1161]

I'd like to see drones receive the overhaul they badly need- UI, AI, graphics fix, the lot.

Equipment Warehouse
Posted - 2007.03.17 15:20:00 - [1162]

When things go bang, they do damage ....

.... and I mean everything from a pod or frigate blowing up (perhaps a small amount of damage in a 5 km radius), to a battleship (perhaps a moderate amount of damage across 25 km, or more damage if its packed with missiles/ammo - watchout orbiting inti's), and if its a Titan filled with explosive stuff then you better be a drednaught, because anything in a 100km radius is in for a rough time, and the closer to the boom, the worse it is.

Hell, make it real jazzy, and instead of ammo / missiles in cargo adding to the force of the boom, have them fire off randomly and potentially hitting things? Not to mention, could open up the whole tactical option of sacrifice and self-destruct (a badger 2 packed full of cargo expanders and explosives could give a 0.0 gate camp a helluva nasty surprise).

'nuf said, or too much?


Hap MacIntyre
Posted - 2007.03.17 15:50:00 - [1163]

Corp Divisional Wallets!

Pretenders Inc
Posted - 2007.03.17 20:05:00 - [1164]

More space in BIO for enough for a few bunnies, but definitely not, if i want to write a real BIO for char Neutral

Lions Of Judah
Intrepid Crossing
Posted - 2007.03.17 21:48:00 - [1165]

Scrap ISK. No I mean it, scrap it, and the buying of mods and stuff. If you can fly it, you own it. Maybe standing with the factions determines what is available in your hanger and better standings with the factions means that you get better versions, if you have the skills to fly them.

Instead of mods have adjustments, again skill restricted. so want tougher shields, have to sacrifice cap; want more firepower, have less grid. Whatever, just sliders to adjust things up and down.

Mack Dorgeans
Camelot Innovations
Posted - 2007.03.18 02:43:00 - [1166]

I would like to see a new extra-light combat drone class with a volume of 1m3, so even 5m3 drone bay ships can fly a full drone wing.

Rachel O'Reilly
Posted - 2007.03.18 11:46:00 - [1167]

Make ship movement more submersible, allow control via w,s,a,d or arrow keys.

The Armin
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2007.03.18 19:30:00 - [1168]

Take a look on how a Titan's doomsday device is affecting the rest of the people in a fleet, and ask yourself if this is what you intended when you made the Titans. (;

Minerva Radisky
The Arcanum
Posted - 2007.03.19 21:28:00 - [1169]

I'd clean up the backgrounds of space, or at least enable an option to let players see their ships against the murky blackness of a space dotted with only stars and not all these hot pink nebulae if they so choose. Simple, easy, and long overdue. Very Happy

Posted - 2007.03.19 22:15:00 - [1170]

changed my mind. I want a forum search function that works properly.

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