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Amun Seth
Helios Gryps
Posted - 2007.03.03 11:06:00 - [451]

I think it will be useful to make more options for overwiev, for ex, create variable background for it (some systems are so bright that you cant see nothing in overwiev), with the option of changing its transparency etc, sorting overwiew columns (as it was said here), like deviding the owerview window to some parts each shown information about different cosmos objects - one for ships, one for structures , other for asteroids etc.... so make owerview performance better.

Timotheus Siberius
Federation Navy Shipyards
Posted - 2007.03.03 11:09:00 - [452]

- Improve the scientist profession (make available the encryption methods and interface bpo's at the npc market, allow researchers to trade in their RP's for tech 2 bpc's and bpo's).

Federation Navy Shipyards
Posted - 2007.03.03 11:10:00 - [453]

search interface for corp items

Segmentum Solar
Intergalactic Exports Group
Posted - 2007.03.03 11:11:00 - [454]

Jove ships would be nice

Quilan Ziller
Posted - 2007.03.03 11:14:00 - [455]

Fix T2 BPOs and science (make the playing field level for current BPO owners and inventors/scientists).

The Echo Underground Project
Shadow of xXDEATHXx
Posted - 2007.03.03 11:14:00 - [456]

Please nerf the log off tactics at bubble camps cause this has little to do with game meachanics

PS when you use an alt char of the same account your ship dissappears from scanner within 20 sec --> seems like an exploit to me just to give you an example :)


Elise Masutra
Tleilex Manufacturing
Posted - 2007.03.03 11:15:00 - [457]

corp improvements to help the ceos and directors

Spielberg inc
Posted - 2007.03.03 11:19:00 - [458]

Auto redirecting solar systems with >100-200 players to dedicated cluster-sever.. for less lags in big pvp combats
please no more lags... capital ships takes down without even one shoot...

Posted - 2007.03.03 11:26:00 - [459]

I'd like interdictor ships to become more 'sig' functional.
&rebalance interdictor class

I'd like the 'invention' to become a proper substitute of the tech 2 bpos.

It could be also a good opportunity to enable the creation of faction items. For example, by combining 3-4 faction prototype gauss guns u're able to create a guristas one.

Posted - 2007.03.03 11:29:00 - [460]

New mail agent whith group sort
and mark as unread !!!

Spilberg +5

Internet Knight
The Kobayashi Maru
Posted - 2007.03.03 11:31:00 - [461]

Originally by: kieron
What would you do if you could sit in the Senior Producer's chair and make one change to EVE?

Add bounties to drones.

Flapp Corp
Posted - 2007.03.03 11:31:00 - [462]

Fix the GUI by removing click-through, adding a transparency slider for the Overview and freezing the Overview update on mouseover.

Miranda Duvall
Saberick Interest and Development
Free Traders of EVE
Posted - 2007.03.03 11:33:00 - [463]

Combat chars have ships to fit and pimp, give industrial characters personal factories and refineries to pimp and scientists personal labs.

Add items to the game that modify the way a factory/lab/refinery works (speed, materials, cost, outcome etc) and allow us to fit them to personalised station services or POS arrays

Pimping is the best part of most games, currently scientists/manufacturers dont get to pimp anything :(

Series of Tubes
Posted - 2007.03.03 11:33:00 - [464]

Allow stealth bombers to warp cloaked.

Stealth - The act of moving, proceeding, or acting in a covert way.

Bomber - A combat aircraft designed to carry and drop bombs.


Prosta Toots
Posted - 2007.03.03 11:33:00 - [465]

Simply put, make combat last longer. I'd like to see changes to the way combat works in this game, even going so far as to limit the number of ships that can fire on any one target so combat becomes more like the sci-fi movies than a "first frame: shot, second frame (1 minute later): dead".

Heck, I'd even consider PvP then and I've been a hard-core carebear for three years.

Teokoona Leto
Space Plague
Ultima Rati0
Posted - 2007.03.03 11:35:00 - [466]

Fix camera reset on jump, please! Is it so hard to do, finally?

Posted - 2007.03.03 11:38:00 - [467]

Client and server performance, compared to this nothing else matters!

Karu Manara
Posted - 2007.03.03 11:42:00 - [468]

Fix science & industry to make research take less time and invention take a lot less time, ISK, and effort, and allow it to be used to invent t2 bpos, as well as t2 bpcs.

ffs, invention is a crock, and you guys know it.

Izo Azlion
Veto Corp
Posted - 2007.03.03 11:45:00 - [469]

Have the nodes actually cope with the load. Several ships have been lost and reimbursed, putting excess load on the GM's, because of Session lag.


James Potkukelkka
Imperial Republic Of the North
Posted - 2007.03.03 11:46:00 - [470]

fix Interdictors :)

(Interdictor bubbles stop working when in vicinity of mobile warp disruptor bubbles, and the launcher is still bugged)

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2007.03.03 11:46:00 - [471]

Implementation of corporate tools dedicated to industry.

Imperial Republic Of the North
Posted - 2007.03.03 11:50:00 - [472]

I'd make can flagging last for a week if the can is a "boss" lootcan of complex.

Posted - 2007.03.03 11:51:00 - [473]

Edited by: KardonHarman on 03/03/2007 11:50:47
Make stealth Bombers actually useful.

At the moment they can kill AFK shuttles at a gate.. if they are lucky..

Give them a huge Alpha strike potential, but a long recharge time as negative (5- 10 minutes dependant on skills)and long recloak times AFTER they have bombed- gauged in minutes (3-5 minutes dependant on skills), so they dont become long range pwn mobiles.

Stealth bombers should be able to be used as in RL... in a first strike on the enemies command and control quickly followed by the main battle fleet.

Enemy fleet sighted by recons/coverts
assemble fleet while recons keep eys
Stealth bombers warp in cloaked at range.. uncloak take out or cause enough damage to a command ship that it has to leave the enemy fleet.
Stealth bombers leave fight and they are extremely vunerable to attack ( No tank, no cloak) and cannot inflict more damage for 5-10 minute minutes due to the weapon recharge time.

Simularly Stealth bombers can be used in defensive mode to remain unseen and provide an alpha strike on the inital enemy fleet warping in.

At the moment Stealth Bombers have no role that they can actually succeed at. and their only job is to look pretty in hangers

BH Runner

Interstellar Services Department
Posted - 2007.03.03 11:58:00 - [474]

I'd like the defect list numbers slashed :)

Doomed Predator
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2007.03.03 11:58:00 - [475]

Make a way to counter focused fire in large scale fleet battles.

Linda Duane
Bluestar Enterprises
Posted - 2007.03.03 12:02:00 - [476]

I would stop T2-lottery NOW, change half a year later all T2-BPO out there to maximum run BPC's and then sit back observing, how market comes up with falling prices for datacores, rising offers of T2-BPC's and more and more players becoming involved in producing T2-Stuff, so that wealth is spread more and competition drives prices down (if the whole supply chain from datacore- till moon-mineral-supply is tuned during one year).


Nikita Fontaine
g guild
Imperial Republic Of the North
Posted - 2007.03.03 12:05:00 - [477]

Item #1 I would like to see:

I would like to see JAVELIN ROCKETS boosted, as they are currently very useless and not at all 'precise' agaisnt fast flying small ships like rockets should be i believe, for example my precision rockets which i have at lv 5 etc are hitting inties for a mere 0.1 damage when they are only travelling around 4km/s

Item #2 I would like to see fixed:
Currently Warp disrupt probe bubles do not work at all if on the same grid as anchored mobile warp bubbles. They both should work to be honest.

Amarrian Missionaires
Posted - 2007.03.03 12:06:00 - [478]

1. Ability to give members roles that applies to one specific POS.
2. Ability to track input/output in Control Towers. Possibly other pos modules too.
3. Ability to drop stuff in members hangars remotely.
4. Allow remote buying of datacores from agents. Keepthe daily limit.
5. Improvement of asteroid npcs AI.
6. After node-crash: Freeze all actions 15 minutes after node up again. No moving. No shooting. No nothing.
7. Tier 3 faction battleships :=)

Thats all I can think of right now

Shao Lyn
Posted - 2007.03.03 12:06:00 - [479]

If the following is not taken care of quickly, I will start a petition with the Iceland government making it illegal for any member of the CCP staff to consume alcoholic beverages until such a time when all items have been addressed and preferably remedied: Corporate Interface and Tools

Posted - 2007.03.03 12:13:00 - [480]

Improve first-time player experience (FTPX) with detailed descriptions of career paths new users can embark on.

Longer version: It is very difficult for new players to see the point of playing the game from the beginning, a first-time user experience will improve the retainment of new players.

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