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Absolutely No Retreat
Posted - 2007.02.24 07:57:00 - [1]

Edited by: Stylom on 05/03/2007 10:34:27
As you will all be aware there was a dev blog recently about up coming changes to the mission structures within eve. As such the premier cosmos exploration and mission runing corp in the game has upped its recruitment limit to 30 player slots. We currently have 10 hardcore corp mates (after the corp clean out of inactive players).

Increasing the target number of members is in direct response to the following dev blog annoucemnet

* Level 4 will become closer to Level 3 in difficulty, the jump up will not be as drastic as it is now.
* Level 5 will be the new level, consisting partly of the most difficult Level 4 missions, but mainly new missions.
* New missions in Levels 4 and up will focus on the escalating warfare between the Empires and factions. This incidentally enables you to engage Dreadnoughts, Carriers and Motherships.
* Levels 5 and up are all in 0.4 security and below.
* Level 6 will be a brand new Agent Level,
* Levels 5 and 6 will be open to certain capital ship classes (possibly all, including those moved from 4 to 5),
* Level 7 is still a possible addition, also a brand new agent Level,
* Level 7 would be open to all ship classes, except Titans.

Dev blog linkage

We are gearing up to meet this expansion to the game by focusing on our key activities which are currently.

Caldari, Amarr, Minmitar and Galentee Cosmos running
Exploration and mini profession sites activities
Joint plex running
Making shed loads of isk

Life in the corp is never dull and isk flows into our wallets. We can help any player that has never ran a mission become a isk making machine in a heartbeat & power level people through standings in super fast style.

Our current members tend to be on the mature side of the Eve demographic e.g. we're all over 30 years old, with kids etc, with RL constraints we are pretty self sucificent and play solo most of the time. We come together at pre-arranged times for major joint operations, like large plexs & tricky solo sites / missions.

We are an extremely specialised corp that play the game the way we want and this means that it has to fit in with our real lives. If you are a hardcore 24/7 Eve player then ANR is not for you. In terms of age, being old is not considered bad in ANR, in fact old is good, hell, if you are over 60 we will probably make you CEO

In short...... we are a self sufficient happy little corp that needs to build on its current strengths to meet the forthcoming changes to the mission structure.

So if you are still reading this post then there are some questions you need to ask yourself...

Are you ready for level 5s, level 6s or even level 7s ?
Do you think that your current corp really has the expertise for co-op misions ?
Is ANR the sort of corp you'd like to meet up with and have a good laugh with ?

Think about the answers to these questions ......then drop an eve mail to Psyman or Stylom and you never know.... we might even get back to you.......alternatively join our public recruitemnt channel ANR


Nama Saya
Posted - 2007.02.24 10:06:00 - [2]

Bump for this cool corp!

Absolutely No Retreat
Posted - 2007.02.28 09:27:00 - [3]

We are stkill looking for people interested in becoming expert mission runners (including cosmos, hacking and archeology mini professions)

Convo me or Psyman in game or join channel ANR for a chat

Build it..... .they will come


Absolutely No Retreat
Posted - 2007.03.01 09:14:00 - [4]

We are still looking for a few more brave warriors

Usual deal applies ;)

Absolutely No Retreat
Posted - 2007.03.05 10:15:00 - [5]

Still a few more places left within ANR

Absolutely No Retreat
Posted - 2007.03.07 11:33:00 - [6]

Closing date for ANR recruitment is this Friday (9th March 2007) after downtime on that day we shall be pulling up the drawbridge and the corp will move back into invite only mode.

As such although there are still 3 places left in ANR... you will need to move extremely quickly to take advantage of this great opportunity.

We are particularily after pilots with the following ship capabilities;

Nightmare & Faction crossover battleships
Onerios & other Logistic support ships
Command Ships, both fleet and field
Carrier ready pilots

We will bump this pump for the next two days only

Posted - 2007.04.24 18:46:00 - [7]

I have been with ANR for a few weeks now and I have not regretted it. They are a great bunch of guys just having fun and stuffing isk into their fat wallets. If you enjoy soloing level 4 combat missions, this is the corp to be in.

One big fat bump for ANR!


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