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Marcus TheMartin
Posted - 2007.02.16 21:43:00 - [121]

how is it possible though if you can't target anything within a pos shield unless the shield is down?

or am I missing something?

Jin Entres
Malevolent Intervention
Posted - 2007.02.16 21:43:00 - [122]

Cunning and well executed. Good sport in standing up and admitting it without resorting to excuses, aswell. As for the majority of replies, however -- not so intelligent.

Beasts of Burden
Posted - 2007.02.16 21:43:00 - [123]

Trying to understand this... How does anyone shoot a Titan situated in a POSQuestion

Caffeine Commodities Company
Posted - 2007.02.16 21:43:00 - [124]

Originally by: Attak
I see, so the plan was to use a spy to flag the titan. Anything to win, right? Just goes to show how down and dirty winning can be.

If you didn't have an excuse to wipe them off the map before, this is a pretty damned good one. GL D2, you rocked before you had a titan anyway.

Considering they are fighting D2/Ragoon who used an OFFICIAL CCP website ( to find out who BoB spies were by matching IP's, getting spies to flush out the info on whats being built in a capital ship yard, and getting spies on everyones teamspeak, I really don't think you can say "anything to win" about just BoB. And if you do you are obviously missing out on one of the biggest parts of eve, imo, the ability to completely infiltrate and decimate your enemies from the inside, aka GHSC...

Everyone knows spying and dirty little tricks are a part of eve, they have been since beta, and if people cant take it they should cancel thier accounts, imo.

Posted - 2007.02.16 21:43:00 - [125]

I hope all the huge alliances get banned for trolling the forums.

devil's reborn
Posted - 2007.02.16 21:44:00 - [126]

why cant people play fair.

every titan lost and mothership etc has been with dubious tactics haks etc.

this game and tactics seem to be getting worse.




Useless Inc.
Posted - 2007.02.16 21:44:00 - [127]

Originally by: Chi Prime
I must admit, I would love to see apologies for all the accusations of cheating in the other threads today.

Anyway, condolances on the loss, congrats on the kill. Good luck and have fun to everyone (it's a game, after all)!

You wont see them, because this doesn't make them look much better.

On the other side props to whoever made up that plan, because it is definitly brilliant if it was managed to pull off within legit mechanics(i still doubt there).

On the other hand the titan is just another tool and will not effect the outcome of the war much.

Shamis Orzoz
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2007.02.16 21:44:00 - [128]

The kill looks legit.

I guess all of digi's spying finally paid off.

Gabriel Aaron
The Executives
Executive Outcomes
Posted - 2007.02.16 21:44:00 - [129]

Edited by: Gabriel Aaron on 16/02/2007 21:41:13
It is not possible to lock a target inside a POS shield, even with a Passive Targeter. I just tested this and it will not let you.

Shin Ra
Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2007.02.16 21:44:00 - [130]

Nathin Ames
Insanity's Serenity
Posted - 2007.02.16 21:44:00 - [131]

hey war is war, you do what you got to to win.....sorry bout the loss but GJ BoB

Hookers From Mars
Posted - 2007.02.16 21:44:00 - [132]

WHERE THE FK does it say he was in a POS

Alice Cholmondeley
I Am Legend
Posted - 2007.02.16 21:44:00 - [133]

Originally by: Chrome Coyote
Congrats to CCP for allowing and encouraging incredibly cheap tactics like this that are the only way to take down a titan!

******* pathetic. Hard to disrespect BoB on this, as CCP has shown time and again they'll cater to those who fight the dirtiest rather than those who fight the hardest - so why do otheriwse?

Because taking down a titan under construction by crashing the node with 1000 people is the cool way to do it, right?

State War Academy
Posted - 2007.02.16 21:44:00 - [134]

Originally by: Ovaron

We always knew it was going to be a dirty war, but once again, Band of Brother prooves, it can always get more dirty.

What do you class using non D2 related forums to gain IPs to match against ts and d2 forums reacords as?

Victor Vision
Central Intelligence Service
Posted - 2007.02.16 21:44:00 - [135]

Edited by: Victor Vision on 16/02/2007 22:16:55
Edited by: Victor Vision on 16/02/2007 21:41:29

Seems the titan kill was legit.

A question that remains is why aggro timers are not shown for the pilot of a ship to see. Maybe someone wants to start a topic on that question in general discussion.

As I said in the first D2 Titan thread,
I am sure D2s determination to fight BoB has only grown due to this incident.

Best of luck to D2 and all the others in the coalition,

The Collective
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2007.02.16 21:44:00 - [136]

Maybe SirMolle can answer this one (after posting that they only fight for a challenge):

Where is the challenge in killing 2x Offline Titans?

Ace Frehley
Mercenaries of Andosia
Northern Coalition.
Posted - 2007.02.16 21:45:00 - [137]

go sneaky, Im on your side ugh

Xeno Metamorph
Posted - 2007.02.16 21:45:00 - [138]

Originally by: "Ovaron"
...jumped back from the front line to a more secure system...
...Scouted by an internal spy...
...Used a passive targeter.. fired a single shot.. Titan pilot logged...
...So the aggro timer was increased without our pilot noticing...

Thus, all cries to people of "Re-Imbursement" No mention of being logged in a POS forcefield mentioned. Nothing more than an internal being bought off to catch out their titan. Dirty deeds for sure, but its a war after-all. As much as it seems an unfair kill, its well within the game mechanics as far as I can see. (Unless someone wants to point something ive missed out to me)!

And to second a number of other comments within this thread - ty for the clarification that will hopefully shut these damn people up who are screaming "omgwtfbbqhax!" Just don't let this single loss make a significant impact on your alliances' morale!


Metatron Celestia
Posted - 2007.02.16 21:45:00 - [139]

I have no love for BoB, and would love for them to die, but this is a sound legitimate tactic. No exploits, just a spy from within, and a well thought out, well executed plan.

Just take this as a lesson, that capital pilots turn back on graphics effects as well as damage messages when they go log out so this won't happen again in the future.

Cutting Edge Incorporated
RAZOR Alliance
Posted - 2007.02.16 21:45:00 - [140]

Edited by: Fred0 on 16/02/2007 21:42:51
The next time I read about how frustrated you are internally about AAA/RA metagaming i'm just gonna laugh.

squirrels of wars
Posted - 2007.02.16 21:45:00 - [141]

ok i dont usly read or post on forms but i see a lot of you saying bob is fighting dirty .

spy in real life are use in war every day to help win wars spys are part of war every country use spys so why would this game be any dif come on guys suck it up and get back out on the battle feild and quit wineing

Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2007.02.16 21:46:00 - [142]

If any of you BoB apologists think this will derail The Train, you have a nasty shock coming.

The loss of one ship, no matter how big or expensive, is an irrelevance.

Useless Inc.
Posted - 2007.02.16 21:46:00 - [143]

Alright after looking at the shot(assuming the shot is legit) it was a kill within game mechanics and the plan was brilliant and well executed.

It was seriously a very lame thing to do it this way though.

Xriss Ravana
Galatek Industries
Posted - 2007.02.16 21:46:00 - [144]

Edited by: Xriss Ravana on 16/02/2007 21:43:15

The 5th Freedom
Gentlemen's Club
Posted - 2007.02.16 21:47:00 - [145]

Well Done BOB.
D2 sorry for the loss, but its not over yet, go get them!

Steve Minh
Old Detroit Crime Syndicate
Posted - 2007.02.16 21:47:00 - [146]

This has to be the worst case of the pot calling the kettle black by you "*snip*" folks that I've ever seen.

Excellent job BoB. AMAZING use of planning and game mechanics. Good kill. Nice to know its completely legit.

As for all you coalition folks whining. You'd be singing a different tune if the situation were reversed and you know it. Stop being hypocrites because you know there would be no cries of "OMG LAME!" if you all used the same sort of thing to kill LV or BoB's titan. Hell I know I've seen Goon/RA/TCF/CA etc... members praise the use of spies before.

Get off your high horse. It was a great kill with great planning involved, good use of a spy BoB.

Flinx Evenstar
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2007.02.16 21:47:00 - [147]

Originally by: Imode
Dirty indeed, but that is the state of the game at the moment.

Only for a select few Wink

Next time BOB says fair fight...omg...I will laugh hard Laughing

Eron Lygera
Sharded Awareness
Posted - 2007.02.16 21:47:00 - [148]

Edited by: Eron Lygera on 16/02/2007 21:44:27
Originally by: SNeAkYbRiT
Again this shows that BoD can't and will not fight fair, We hope that D will continue and laugh in the face of BoD and to all the other pets of BoD.

They are ruining the game for all the fair playing peeps out there who want to fight fair, we know there is no point in calling on CCP/BoD to make this a fair game...who knows why, they must have a "we don't give a damn attitude we have made enough cash"

We all hear CCP/BoD calling for peeps to leave empire...I think what they are saying is join BoD! who really wants to play a game where CCP favour 1 alliance? CCP/BoD you must have a self destruct button and you love to press it, what is it? you embarrassed that you are pants at your own game?

If a nice little BoD puppet (MOD) wants to delete this and warn me or ban me from the forums, crack on cause I don't give a smeg anymore!

Do you believe that yourself?

First, why would a game developing company favor a certain player alliance over others?
What could they possible gain from this?

Second... step away from the PC, look in mirror and repeat 10 times "its just a game".

From a empire dveller to all you 0.0 jockies - what is wrong with you?

Kernel of War
Tau Ceti Federation
Posted - 2007.02.16 21:47:00 - [149]

Evil job BoB, but legit.

Aperture Harmonics
Posted - 2007.02.16 21:48:00 - [150]

Edited by: Fedaykinn on 16/02/2007 21:46:52
Lol you know what the funny thing is RA took shrikes titan down to strucure 3 days ago while he was logged in. Then bob jumped in 3 motherships and used cap exchangers to let it jump out.

At least we have the balls to fight a titan pilot while its logged in.

Meh anyway there will always be spies and things like this will happen its not exactly a lawful kill but nvm.

Praise the day when a Titan is taken down while its pilot is logged on, then you can oficially say "We killed a Titan"

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