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Dark Elf
Posted - 2003.06.04 20:49:00 - [1]

Does anyone else have the problem that when warping to a roid filed at about 78Km to traget everything just freezes for about 10 seconds.

System 1.4 ghz athlon 1024M 2600 ram 123G HD win 2K - 65 Georce 4 Ti 4200.

Its not a very high spec but its not alow spec machine either. Just wondered if anyone had a fix. I only ever run Windows in 16 bit colour 1024*768.

Any help appreciacted

Posted - 2003.06.04 22:46:00 - [2]

I have a similar issue, but it's no where NEAR 10 seconds for me and I run on an AMD 1.2 geforce 3 ti 500, 512 megs ram system.

So it's kinda wierd how your getting longer hangups than me, at most I pause for maybe 1-5 seconds.

The only times I EVER pause longer is when I am warping into an area with LOADS of people in it. Like when my entire corp is strip mining for example, I might pasue for 5-10 seconds, but even then it's still rare.

I think this has to do with the game laoding all the textures/objects and players in the area more than anything else. So it's a form of lag.

You can make this take even longer if you open up a "Show info" window while coming out of warp and sometimes just as you engage warp.

It's not too annoying for me really, but if I was pausing for ten seconds at a clip I'd be worried too...

What kind of connection are you on? that mighgt be part of it.

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Hadean Drive Yards
Archaean Cooperative
Posted - 2003.06.08 19:33:00 - [3]

Connection is not an issue. I have a cable modem. d/l speed is: 2.1mbps to 2.3 mbps (tested on and a few other sites)

My vid is GF2 MX200 32mb, so i thought maybe that was the issue, but your vid cards are proof that it is not.

The time of hang is related to the amount of data it is attempting to load. (more pirates/players, etc) Maybe there is a bottleneck somewhere between the server and the clients.

Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2003.06.09 13:31:00 - [4]

You are all partly correct. But its about 15% server side and 85% client side.
It is having difficulty loading textures / objects.
But also it does take a bit for the server to xmit them.
Even in a field with 1000 roids the server is only xmitting about 3-4k worth of data.. 1 second over 56k

The problem for me was most related to my video card. Upgrding to a FX5200 shortened my time from 10 seconds to 2 seconds (in an empty field sometimes faster)
Previously i had GeForece 2 MX 200.
That is definatly the wrong card to have as it BARELY supports eve.

Overclocking my video card and cpu 20% shortened my times even more except on the busiest of fields. Which is most likely lag at that point.

Sol Basso
World Eaterz
Posted - 2003.06.09 15:39:00 - [5]

I get this all the time, the delay seem to be dependant on how much it needs to render, the longer the pause the more objects in the region so you can judge if there are going to be any pirates or players present in a roid belt by the delay :-)

I cant see this as anything but a client design issue, I have 512MB RAM, a 128MB graphics card and broadband (256/512k) and there doesnt seem to have been any improvement when I upgraded from my Duron 800 to my Duron 1300

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Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2003.06.11 07:11:00 - [6]

can a possible solution be that the game loads the information of the roid belt earlier in the warp?? ie. loads the data of the roid belt just after you have initiated warp?

Or isnt that the problem? is the problem that the rendering of the roid belt takes so long??
If that is the case i need a faster comp :)

Dark Elf
Posted - 2003.06.11 11:15:00 - [7]

Have done some further testing using kit from a few friends machines and it seems it might be a driver/card releated issue. depending what vesion of drivers i use I get between 1 and 15 secs delay in coming out of warp. Based the test on warping to the same .9 sec (when as few players on the system as possible)

I have noticed though that having the people and places open for me at least seems to have no bearing on lag (maybe thats due to the fact that I clear my bookmarks down every day)


Posted - 2003.06.11 18:17:00 - [8]

I do get the same problem which has exactly the same response time either by playing in 56k or by a satelite, my asteroid field loading time is 0,5 seconds when no npc or players around or to 1+ when npc and players near, which is still annoying because I like to hunt NPC with my frigates (triple speed than a common cruiser) and sometimes it gets dangerous as you can find half your shields gone untill you realize the threat and take measures against it.
In this system I use a GF3 Ti500 and a P4 Celeron 2,0 clocked to 2,8 and 650 MB ram. One thing that helped me is allocating all system memory to system instead of a portion to it to the graphic card. i would like to hear if anyone with more than 1 giga ram has the same problems with this asteroid rendering delay.

Posted - 2003.06.21 02:15:00 - [9]

I have a similar problem, but the "freeze" times are much longer. (It's not lag as in "slow FPS rates", it's lag as in "system appears locked up for long periods of time".) Often, when warping into roid fields, I can get stuck for 30 seconds, a minute. It's an extremely long period of time when you consider that the NPC pirates know about my ship and get to shoot at it the whole time.

The issue is not connection, CPU, or graphics card related. All are well above the minimums and most of the time the game runs fine. The game also does not grind to a complete halt. Besides, watching the data light on the DSL modem makes it obvious that the client and server are having a chat -- quite an extended chat. The problem has something to do with updating the client with all necessary information. Sometimes that takes longer than is acceptable.

The problem makes playing in systems dangerous enough to be interesting a crap shoot. I can either fight way below my weight class (and get useless loot), or I can take the non-negligible chance that maybe some random bad programming will have me sitting there in a pod by the time the game comes back from la-la land. Our small corp has already had a member quit because of being killed twice in this fashion, dead before the client even renders the screen.

Having the pause is bad enough, but it's just simply unfair to allow enemies to shoot you unopposed while you are still "in warp". At the very least, a fix is necessary not to announce your ship's "arrival" in a belt until the client is fully up to date with whatever that massive conversation is. No one should get to shoot at you until the client can show them to you. (And if a huge lag is unavoidable, it should at least work in the opposite direction. It'd help solve the gate camping problem, if nothing else.)

Otherwise, the game turns into an overly graphical version of Russian Roulette. Might as well just assign a 1 in 100 chance of having your ship explode when you undock. Fun, eh?

Posted - 2003.06.21 12:09:00 - [10]

i also have this alot, its very iritating :|

Guru Foryou
Posted - 2003.06.22 09:28:00 - [11]

i also have been getting this problem.. the main reason im searching the forum actually. Sometimes (only sometimes freezes in warp for up 5 seconds)

Also my frame rate isnt particuarly inspiring even though my system specs are way above minimum. I dont know why this is?

Amd Duron 900mhz
Geforce Ti4200 128mb (driver version 44.03)
1MB Broadband

am going to try some new drivers (i think there are some new nvidia drivers out now) and see if that helps or not.

Edited by: Guru Foryou on 22/06/2003 09:29:10

Kaseopia Spetz
Posted - 2003.06.22 12:38:00 - [12]

Yeah, this is driving me nuts, I've only been playing for a couple of days and these freeze ups during combat, after jumping, and approaching asteroids is making the game a lot less attractive, I've tried everything I can think of to ease the problem drivers ect and nothing seems to work, my machine is well within spec aswell, a patch to improve this badly needed.

Posted - 2003.06.22 21:34:00 - [13]

The Eve cluster has to look up all the 200 [?] roids in the belt in the database, pack em in some packets, send em over. The client needs to get the data, read it, find/create the 200 roid-wireframes, load textures, apply textures, and draw the belt. Mix this with some lag and packetloss and the whole process simply takes a few seconds.

The fact that some people suffer more from it then other people, is that they have:
* Better connections
* Better PC's
* Less junk runinng in the background/a better optimized windows
* Less packetloss [maybe a better ISP, or just an ISP less hops to EVE server decreasing the chance of a packet getting lost]

Theres tons of factors that can make a difference in these things, and even a simple thing like new drivers can make a difference in this cases...

Posted - 2003.06.23 00:36:00 - [14]

Let me reiterate:

We're not talking about "a few seconds" while the server looks up some roid locations, or running a little slow over a dialup connection. I've timed the entry pause at well over a minute before. (1.4G processor, 256M RAM, DSL; nothing spectacular, but well above spec for the game, not to mention well above spec for handling a mere couple hundred objects.) Thirty seconds is routine behavior. Other times, inexplicably, it's just a couple of seconds. The problem lies in the coding, not in the end users' system, or it wouldn't be so variable.

A minute, as in about fifteen hits from each of perhaps four or five cruisers if you are unlucky. It's a free minute in which the enemy can close and web/statis you before you have any chance to warp out. It's a minute in which your guns aren't even firing to do some damage to a random target. You're just the turkey in the turkey shoot.

There will certainly be some delay in prepping the client for its new location. However, even a modicum of design sense would suggest that you would perform actions in this order:

- load client with new info
- load server with new player position
- start simulation in new location

so that everyone starts at the same time, rather than what appears to be the current method:

- load server with player position
- start simulation in new location
- begin loading client with new info
(changing it every so often) while
the running simulation kills him.

The first method produces a highly annoying, but survivable, freeze in the game. Your mates will miss you for a minute, and you'll miss some of the action, but you'll get there eventually.

The current situation, however, can easily get your ship blown up while you're still staring at the "WARP ACTIVE" screen with nothing moving and no menus operative. It's not a matter of getting unlucky and warping into the middle of some pirates that web you; it's a matter of the pirates getting to fly over to you and web you and shoot you.

If you were really clever, you'd use that two minute downtime warping from point to point to update the client with information for its destination so it'd be ready to go when you "got there". There's plenty of time to get the data set up while the warp effect plays.

Just for comparison, try this procedure with your own ship: jump into a 0.0 roid belt sporting all cruisers (not the local 1 cruiser 3 frigate Corellian jobs, mind you), and then without touching any controls (no shield booster on, no MWD or afterburner, no course changes, nothing). Run a kitchen timer for 60 seconds. Turn the speakers off, and do not loot at the screen until the timer expires. Then start to play. Repeat five or ten times. Then, you'll understand the problem I'm talking about.

Royal Institute Of Technology
Posted - 2003.06.23 18:45:00 - [15]

i have the very same problem with long loading times.
Alvin i salute you, well spoken.

Posted - 2003.06.23 23:26:00 - [16]

Three little letters guys - SQL. Therein lies the problem. The back-end database can't cope once server population hits 3000+. Below that and there's very little lag. Above it and you have all the "bungee" crap where you're almost out of warp and then dragged back 0.5-1 AU. Coming out of warp then takes an age and also you get all the annoying crap at jumpgates too.

I see it every day of the week. Just after downtime it's smooth as silk, then as the server population builds it gets worse and worse. It's nothing to do with your ISP or your machine it's mainly to do with their db.

There still appears to be a memory leak that can cause client-side lag but that doesn't adequately explain the quite abysmal performance at peak server populations.

Ah well I'm subbed until September now - if it's still as bad then, well I'll give it up :)

Edited by: agrizla on 23/06/2003 23:27:22

Cash Money Brothers
Posted - 2003.06.24 05:52:00 - [17]

Agrizla, how come you relate the problem to the database server? I really don't think that is the problem since that would cause an even lag over all server nodes and systems, independent on their population.

I think server side lag comes from the server node handling the location you are in is overloaded. All nodes share the same database so if that would be the problem I would experience the same problems you are when roaming systems with not as much population.

Sushanta Mog
RONA Deepspace
Posted - 2003.06.24 14:25:00 - [18]

Well it has got to be both. This roid "lag" defiinetly goes way up during peek time.
While speeding up your client might help a little, and little is a lot when warping into 0.0 roid belts. I don't care about the lag its bound to affect the game on many levels, what I dislike is the syncronisation problems, the afforementioned they see U but Ur still warping problem. If they do not fix that in the next 2 weeks I going home and the client inot the can.

Posted - 2003.06.24 23:01:00 - [19]

I also experience this same problem....

But the question(s) I have is this: Does CCP ever respond to any of these posts?? Do they ever address these issues? I mean even if they said "Hey we're working on it" id feel better.. but reading through alot of these posts I dont see anyone from CCP addressing these issues??

I really like this game btw!! I hope this all gets fixed!

Edit: BTW by addressing the issues I just mean making a public response to them.. Im sure they are working on them.... I hope!!!! lol

Edited by: Guru on 24/06/2003 23:27:17

Tribunal for Greater Order
Posted - 2003.06.29 01:08:00 - [20]

Many, many people have had this problem (myself included), and I hope CCP pays attention to that!

See the related post on this:

Edited by: Mardren on 30/06/2003 01:12:26

Tribunal for Greater Order
Posted - 2003.06.30 01:06:00 - [21]

Actually I'm beginning to suspect this may be a sound issue.

Every time the "boom" warpdrive sound should happen (does this happen in and out of warp, or just into warp?) I get a lockup (the same behavior as when I warp into a 'roid field).

When my machine "unfreezes" it's usually simultaneously accompanied by that same "boom" sound. Could that particular sound effect be bugged in some way?

Tribunal for Greater Order
Posted - 2003.06.30 01:09:00 - [22]

argh. triple post. Sorry...

Edited by: Mardren on 30/06/2003 01:11:41

Posted - 2003.06.30 06:43:00 - [23]

I recently upgraded my rig. Before the upgrade, load times were between 5 and 30 seconds for an asteroid field to load, or to load an area with lots of players.

My old rig was a Pentium 1.5GHz running on a VLS-333 VIA Mobo (Word to the wise - do NOT get any of the "older" VIA motherboards. The bridged chips are crap for any type of 3D applications. The newer ones seem to work fine though), 640MB PC2100 RAM, 64MB GeForce MX 440 Vid card, 40 Gig 7200RPM HDD, all on a cable modem.

I ripped all the crap out, and installed a Pentium 3.1GHz on a P4C800 Deluxe ASUS Mobo (hyper-threading enabled), 4GB PC2700 RAM, two 120GB 7200RPM HDDs on a RAID1, 256MB GeForce FX 5600 Vid Card, and kept the cable modem.

After that huge upgrade, the load times are basically between 0 and 2 seconds, even for heavily populated areas. So I think it may have quite a lot to do with the client's computer hardware. Hope this helps.


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