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Colonel Xaven
RAZOR Alliance
Posted - 2009.02.03 11:57:00 - [241]

Would be nice to have it. Meanwhile I'd look at the Matrox DualHead2Go or TripleHead2Go.

Siygar Frenor
Posted - 2009.02.06 20:53:00 - [242]

Much needed feature. A lot of people have or are close to having 2 monitors.

Posted - 2009.02.07 08:32:00 - [243]

I have 2 Gateway 32" HD1600 I would love to use at the same time with Eve.Cool

Posted - 2009.02.09 11:03:00 - [244]

Found this thread through a google search. Please do it, you can never have too much screen space!

The Fiction Factory
Precision Gears
Posted - 2009.02.12 06:27:00 - [245]

Edited by: SteeleResolve on 12/02/2009 12:03:21

No matter what gfx card you have, download the program called powerstrip (google it).

Install, and add a new resolution that is the combined width of your monitor resolutions, or whatever resolution you want really.

Restart your PC and the new resolutions will be available to select in eve.

I have crossfired ATI 4850's and works great for me. Here is a screenshot

Hope this helps people, he only thing I wish for is being able to control where the centre of the client is, ie where the centre of gravity is of the ships.

Sean Roach
Posted - 2009.02.15 19:27:00 - [246]

No, I didn't read 9 pages before placing this.

Slave client, and slave window. For those who have multiple boxes, and the desire to do so, set it up so two Eve clients can "run" the same character. One can be left with all the HUD clutter removed, and the other can have all the HUD clutter visible, (and completely obliterating the view,) for a dashboard. For dual monitors, do the same thing.
Set it so one view can be locked relative to another, (with overlap if desired, or even an entirely different angle.) For those with multiple machines and the desire to immerse more fully, one could set the first monitor on the best machine as a forward view, leaving only the guages visible, (modules hidden,) the second monitor could host low-latency tasks such as the chat windows, inventory, and the overview.
The monitor on the second computer could then be used to lock in another angle of the same scene. Perhaps blown way out to watch for bogies, or left on the system map, while the main one is pretty much used as a near space view.

Perhaps this has been suggested before. Perhaps not.

And hey, for those who want to go full out and fill their old bean-bag chair with the jel from hundreds of wrist rests, this could allow them to finish their own plywood pod. Twisted Evil

Posted - 2009.02.18 16:04:00 - [247]

Dual monitor.

Fly and pvp on one screen, full map on slave screen.
This is what id like to see.

Oh, and Dramaking wants real jamming devices, like the one they use in Spaceballs.

Ichiro Sanchas
Senex Legio
Posted - 2009.02.19 21:18:00 - [248]


Please implement this. While I agree there are lots of kludge work-arounds, none solve the basic problem of wanting to concentrate all combat/mining/task at hand information on one screen with "everything else" on the other.

Love From Above
Posted - 2009.02.21 00:11:00 - [249]

I saw, at fanfest, them running EVE over two screens, and bragging about FPS. This leads me to think it works.

The only thing I yearn for, in such a situation, is a customisable center-screen.

Allow me to explain.

You can move all your windows, and you can align your sidebar left or right (thus changing which screen it's on), you can move your neocom (if that's what it is, the little thing that tells you how much HP you have, Cap, modules, etc.) and align it top or bottom, and you can move targeting origin, (look for the little crosshair near the first target, mine was hidden under the overview, might help to click in space, then press Tab, anyway, find this crosshair and drag it about. You can align targets vertically, too.)

The only problem with that would be for me, I'd have my chat channels, inventory, market, overview, F11 map, etc., all open on my left screen, and look around space on my right screen, but my ship is split in half across two screens. I wanna choose where the ship appears, and therefore, a center-screen. I'd then place it on the center of the right screen.

The view of space would still persist on my left screen, though, so if I click in space and press Tab, I have an extended viewpoint, which I can think of no use for currently.

Riddick DarkFurian
Posted - 2009.02.26 22:35:00 - [250]

I have 19" dual monitors with vista 64 and my issue is that Eve always start in full screen(mode), even if I set it to windowed (mode).Does anyone know the solution for this?

Thanks for the help

Saelyth Nightwish
Posted - 2009.02.28 06:19:00 - [251]

Wow.. STILL no Dev replys.. They look at it once, and forget about it? How sad. You would think with everyone begging for this, they would take a serious look.


Posted - 2009.02.28 06:39:00 - [252]


Lia Leonadro
Posted - 2009.03.03 11:58:00 - [253]

/signed Cool

this feature would be great !!!

Posted - 2009.03.03 16:20:00 - [254]


Blackwater USA Inc.
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2009.03.03 16:31:00 - [255]

It's been possible to run eve across multiple monitors since the very beginning of eve. We're not asking for that... we can already do it. What we want is control of it. I like the pretty pictures... I want to be able to have the picture all on one screen and then put all the buttons/chat/etc on a different screen.

For you guys that are simply talking about running EVE on 2 monitors though, we've been able to do it forever... the bummer is that since your ship is in the center of the screen, your ship basically get's divided by your monitor beveling which is just plain annoying.

Camilo Cienfuegos
Earned In Blood
Posted - 2009.03.03 16:56:00 - [256]

For you guys that are simply talking about running EVE on 2 monitors though, we've been able to do it forever... the bummer is that since your ship is in the center of the screen, your ship basically get's divided by your monitor beveling which is just plain annoying.

Buy a third screen. The only function you're missing using TH2G and three screens is the ability to have your map open at the same time as your main client. For that, I'm force to use a laptop with client running or dotlan up - no big deal really.

I would love native support for multiple screens, but it IS possible without bothering CCP.

Posted - 2009.03.03 22:24:00 - [257]

great ideas listed in the posts..


Posted - 2009.03.05 19:21:00 - [258]

/signed please please please i want to have two eve clients, both running in full screen mode, one on each of my monitors. currently i have to have two in windowed mode which looks like crap. if i put them both in full screen mode only one will have focus at a time, if i try to bring them both up they just switch =( also the whole have all you extra stuff on one monitor and the important stuff on another that would be awesome to =D

Hatshepsut IV
Posted - 2009.03.07 08:27:00 - [259]

Let us change the POV frame Reference point. So instead of seeing half the ship on the sides of each LCD we can assigned it biased to one side.

Solid Reaver
Ascolon Holdings
Posted - 2009.03.10 17:18:00 - [260]


I dont understand why CCP 'in all its glory' hasnt commented on wether its possible or not. I would love to have a multiple display option to pan eve across my monitors. It aint happend in the latest patch so I hope it does in the next.

EVE University
Ivy League
Posted - 2009.03.16 17:19:00 - [261]

/signed here also.

Eve is just too big for one monitor. Like others, I'd love to be able to put all the chat windows and such on my second monitor. Even the I can stuff all the things I want to in it and still be able to drag it wide enough to read it all.

Memento Mori.
Posted - 2009.03.19 21:30:00 - [262]

Any progress regarding this?



XIII Interstellar Legion
Posted - 2009.03.23 00:30:00 - [263]


Indeed, a worthy cause.

Ivanna Nuke
Holders Of The Cowbell
Posted - 2009.03.23 07:42:00 - [264]


Lemmy Kravitz
Posted - 2009.03.23 11:24:00 - [265]

I would love to be able to throw all my eve windows onto my other monitor.

David LeBatas
Posted - 2009.03.27 10:32:00 - [266]

It is amazing that CCP just seem to be happy enough to ignore this. I guess their main focus is to grow the client base, and they figure little boxes in stores and plenty of new noobs is the way to do it. well ...

Anyway, it can't be that hard to put a little bit of attention to this topic and at least engage into a DIALOG about it? Hello Devs! Anyone reading this?

Apart from supporting the idea of multi-monitor support for one client, I would like a simple feature that stores client window location in the settings. There should be no need for tools like EVE Launcher and EVE Mover (neigher of which work right for me (Vista 64). I use three screens, for three clients at the same time. Way better than using three PCs.
But my screens are not the same sizes and each time I start a window I need to resize it and drag it to the correct screen. It can't be too hard for the devs to store these values in the settings, so at least I can launch each client on its own monitor.

Posted - 2009.04.06 04:04:00 - [267]

For my first post ever.

/signed, please look at this again CCP! :(

Arm Calcaria
Posted - 2009.04.06 11:36:00 - [268]


Bellum Esca
Posted - 2009.04.10 08:20:00 - [269]

a fake fullscreen mode would be nice as well, so the game doesn't minimize when clicking somewhere on my other monitor which has firefox opened

no clue if this has been mentioned before, if it has been consider it to be a reminder :p

Posted - 2009.04.14 17:06:00 - [270]

holy ****, please add this to eve cpp...hundreds of post like this been posted...hundreds if not thousands of players want this damn it!!!!

signed to hell-

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