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Demona Diabolicus
Posted - 2008.01.18 21:33:00 - [121]

I have Vista and Nvidia 8800GT and 2 monitors with 1280x1024 resolution and EVE does offer only 3 screen sizes: 1024x768, 116?x???, 1280x1024. There is no option to set the EVE's window to something like 2048x960 something.

Btw. as I play EVE only in windowed mode (because disabling Outlook, Firefox, Excel, MSN, Skype, etc etc isnt an option when playing eve fullscreen) and I would like to benefit from 2 screens, I would like 2 separate EVE windows for one client. So I can view the normal space view in one and have starmap or solarsystemmap constantly open in another. Another good use for those 2 (or more?) window mode is that if you actually happen to have more than 2 monitors, you can freely move them to whatever monitor you desire.

And rightclick on any of the eve's windows header should allow to "send to screen X"

extra use for 2 views option -> the normal 3d space view should be allowed to render from slightly different angles so one could use those 3D glasses or helmet so that for both eyes are rendered separate picture.


1. Please make the EVE window borderless (or give us option to set them borderless). Borders are horrible and specially horrible in Vista. They serve no purpose for EVE, since you can't actually resize the EVE window anyway from them. Just for having the minimize and close button on the titlebar is good enough reason. Also for moving the window around you could assign other regions of screen for that.

2. Give us more (or even better, with self configurable X and Y variables) window size options.

3. not sure if this is doable at all, but I would like to move EVE's in-game windows OUT of the EVE window. What I mean is that I would like to move, for example, market/chat/items/cargo etc. windows to another physical screen out of EVE's window...

Demona Diabolicus
Posted - 2008.01.18 21:36:00 - [122]

Edited by: Demona Diabolicus on 18/01/2008 21:36:48
Originally by: Vinnessa Andrusia
In Your case, what you need to do is create a custom resolution at 3520x1200. Don't actually use this resolution, but just having it in the list should make it available for choosing windowed mode size.

and how exactly you do that?

Good Rock Materials
Posted - 2008.01.19 04:21:00 - [123]

Originally by: Demona Diabolicus
extra use for 2 views option -> the normal 3d space view should be allowed to render from slightly different angles so one could use those 3D glasses or helmet so that for both eyes are rendered separate picture.

This is already possible using NVIDIA's Stereo3D drivers. Just about any DirectX 3D game will work with them, the only complications arise from how the game uses 2D elements (like the HUD, target reticle, etc) which eve does just fine.

Good Rock Materials
Posted - 2008.01.19 04:24:00 - [124]

Originally by: Demona Diabolicus
Originally by: Clansworth
In Your case, what you need to do is create a custom resolution at 3520x1200. Don't actually use this resolution, but just having it in the list should make it available for choosing windowed mode size.

and how exactly you do that?

The easiest way is to use a tweaking program, like Powerstrip. It has the ability to create custom resolutions. You won't be able to actually USE this resolution, as your monitors don't really support it, but it should add it to the list of available window sizes in Eve.

Saelyth Nightwish
Posted - 2008.01.25 18:26:00 - [125]

I completely agree with this idea.

In fact i think this should pretty much be top priority. My screen is completely cluttered with UI junk (chat, people/places, overview, drones, fleet & broadcast, system information targets, quick buttons, ship readout, mods ect..)

Thats a lot of junk on the screen. Would be nice to move everything movable and not combat related to an other screen.

Shaka Quatuic
Posted - 2008.01.25 22:32:00 - [126]

Edited by: Shaka Quatuic on 25/01/2008 22:34:28
I hereby slash my finger and sign with blood. Ive got 2 monitors and not being able to use both of them just for all the extra little windows - chat, system and starmaps, market, corp etc. - is annoying the hell out of me

all those windows should be independent of the main GUI as it is.

Eragorn Shadowkiller
Posted - 2008.01.25 22:50:00 - [127]


It is a shame that EVE STILL does not support multiple monitors Embarassed

Krxon Blade
Posted - 2008.01.25 22:51:00 - [128]

Signing this again.
Although it is much better playing experience on 24'' @ 1920x1200,
than on 19'' @ 1280x1024, which I had when signed this post last time :)

Posted - 2008.01.26 08:16:00 - [129]

I also agree
I would love to have 1 sceeen ONLY with the space / station view and the OTHER screen only for all the windows inside (chat, market, char specs etc) and be able to tell the client where to place things.
I wouldnt even care if it was a separate client to do it! I would make the experience of eve so much nicer.

Posted - 2008.01.26 09:19:00 - [130]

Edited by: Sanduleak on 26/01/2008 09:22:34
OK, for the nVidia 8800 Series on XP, I just figured my own out. Very Happy Yes, custom resolutions are possible! Very Happy

Note: My instructions will read as if I'm a little gruff, but that's because I don't write operational orders to be poetic. Here's the salt:

Note: You will, from this moment forward, run EVE windowed, not full-screen.
Note: Only a cherry runs it full-screen anyway.
Note: What you're doing is fooling Windows into thinking that your monitor supports whatever resolution you're about to create.
Note: EVE is dumb. It simply interrogates Windows to find out what resolutions to offer you for EVE's client window.
Note: This is why you're going to tell Windows you have a custom size, so that that custom size will be available to the EVE client.
Note: What you're doing is telling THE EVE CLIENT WINDOW to use that resolution after you start EVE.

So, here goes:

1: Install the latest nVidia drivers from the site.
2: Install the nTune driver from the site.
3: Install Coolbits ForceWare registry modifications from
4: Reboot now just because I said so.
5: Open the 'nVidia Control Panel \ Display \ Manage Custom Resolutions.'
6: If you have more than one monitor, pick one.
7: Click the 'Create' button, then the 'Advanced' button.
8: Drop the 'Timing Standard' droplist down and select 'Manual.'
9: Remember the current setting for the 'Desired Refresh Rate.' Change the 'Desired Refresh Rate' to something like 56.
10: Then change the 'Horizontal Desktop Pixels' and 'Vertical Desktop Lines' to the resolution you want the Window-Mode EVE Client to run.
11: Before step 12, know that you can potentially damage your monitor (unlikely) or see a black screen (not very likely) when you do step 12.
12: Click Test, and hopefully you will see a confirmation box whose 'OK' button you can quickly click so as to return your monitor to a proper refresh rate.
13: Now go return the 'Desired Refresh Rate' to whatever it was before you changed it.
14: Now click 'OK.'
15: You will be returned to the nVidia Control Panel and you should see your new resolution in the 'Custom Resolutions' for that monitor.
16: Rinse and repeat for any other monitor.

Note: I have two monitors, a 24" and a 22". I made my custom resolutions such that the EVE clients running on any given monitor have EXACTLY the dimensions that fit the available space remaining after the other things I want visible (such as my Windows taskbar).

SO THIS WORKS or I wouldn't be running 1914x1072 on the 24" or 1674x1022 on the 22" monitor.

Note: If you have more than one monitor, then you have more than one logical display adapter in Windows - one for each monitor. When you start EVE, go to the 'Display and Graphics' tab and drop the 'Display Adapter' droplist. Notice you have more than one logical display adapter. You will select, for the EVE client window you've just started, the proper logical adapter corresponding to the monitor upon which you'll be running that particular EVE client window. Once you do that, voila, you'll see the custom resolution(s) you defined available for EVE to use on that monitor. They'll be different for each logical adapter if you have different monitor sizes like I do.

OK, so now, to all the smart arses who answered people meanly about this process: If you had any dalls, you'd try to help people. Only an insecure, rubber-spined fartknocker tells people 'you should know how to do it.' I've been in IT for 15 years now and I had to figure this out with my new box. I guarantee I know more about Windows than you do. So next time you go to post, make sure you're not wasting forum space.

To those with the 8800 issue, I hope this helps you. I'm running three copies of the client concurrently at weird-arse resolutions as I type this. Rock on!

Xindi Kraid
The Night Wardens
Posted - 2008.01.26 09:20:00 - [131]


I like to have the market and ship info open when traveling but it blocks the ship and interferes with navigation and would cause me die if I had them open during combat.

Also when putting together a new ship I end up getting lost on the way to pick up each part so being able to have the starmap up on the side would be a plus. Then I can see where I am going AND use the stargate/watch the activity in the system at the same time

Posted - 2008.01.26 09:46:00 - [132]

When CCP? When are you going to give us multi-monitor-support for EvE?

Like so many others said, just make the second screen a blackboard, where we can put our chats, market, etc...

I run different resolutions on my 2 screens, so the split-thingy was never an option, and who likes to have his ship and UI splitted anyways?

Posted - 2008.01.26 21:19:00 - [133]

definately singed for dual monitor setups.

The Rotten Tomatoes
Posted - 2008.01.27 03:23:00 - [134]

Edited by: neamiah on 27/01/2008 03:24:34
Maybe someone already said something like this in this thread but I'll just reinforce the comment if there is...

With the way EVE is already moving with having the ability to move in-game modules (windows) around, it seems that a second monitor should be able to do a few different things. Being able to choose which monitor you want the ship centered on would be nice. This might leave a blank screen on the secondary monitor or better yet a nice "module background" with some sort of EVEish textures.

no matter what is chosen, I would still like to have option of having whichever modules a player wanted on the flight screen as everyone has different playing styles.

My two cents... Idea

Zev Torban
Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2008.01.31 11:46:00 - [135]

Agreed on the multiple monitor support (not just dual).

Anyone who's used Photoshop has probably noticed that your palette windows can be moved around, independant of Photoshop's main window, even if Photoshop is maximized. AND, those palettes will remember their location next time you open PS. Not sure if that's do-able with a 3D game, as I have not seen ANY 3D games that will let you bounce between apps without the "OMG, we lost focus, minimize the game quick and flickers the screens annoyingly" affect.

But if you could just open the game, and then move the chat window clean off the Eve client window to anywhere on your desktop, that would be workable. You can move every palette window from Photoshop to as many different monitors as you want, so that the entire Photoshop main window is uncluttered except for the image you're working on.

Not as good as having a checkbox for declaring monitor x as the "Hud" or "Utility" window, dedicated to map, chat, etc, but it would be a step in the right direction.

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2008.01.31 12:04:00 - [136]

Edited by: Thargat on 31/01/2008 12:05:10

It would be nice with multiple monitor support (like photoshop).
I'd move chatwindows, overview, fleet, broadcasts, drones, scanner, starmap and cargohold windows and arrange them on the other monitors (if I had the chance).

Also it would be sweet with some kind of savable worksheets that one could easily switch between.
Say that for combat I only want certain windows open and on certain locations (like scanner, fleet, overview and such, including specific overview setups). I could arrange the windows and save them as "Combat" for example. I could then arrange other windows (trade, map, contracts) and so forth and save it as another worksheet.
Switching between worksheets could be linked to keyboard shortcuts or small buttons in the interface.

So if I press "hotkey1" then all windows would re-arrange, new ones would open and my overview would automaticly load the overview settings saved in the worksheet.

Arrow edit: added worksheets and corrected spelling

Posted - 2008.02.11 10:49:00 - [137]

Edited by: Trade1 on 11/02/2008 10:53:15

i am looking for a solution to make tiny windows un eve online like 800x600 or lower.

trying ntune, powerstrip, riva turner, softth, changing resolution in pref.ini. i can have those resolution in windows but nothing works in eve online client ??

someone had solution ?

Posted - 2008.02.13 22:51:00 - [138]

For me it also would be nice if there is a camera offset mode for keeping the 3d action stuff away from the center (where actually my monitor frames are). Maybe controlled by slider to define the offset direction and distance.

IIIsun trackerIII
Posted - 2008.02.17 18:22:00 - [139]

Originally by: ISD Victor Spade

Could you please be more specific about your question? Eve already supports dual monitors to an extent. Do you mean with increased functionality? Do you have any ideas of what some of these functions might be?

If you are simply asking a question, it probably belongs in General Discussion or possibly EVE New Citizens Q&A

It has now been over ONE YEAR since a Dev has replied in this thread.
I think the community has been specific enough regarding the question at hand.

THIS is what we want.
Seriously -- No more elaboration is needed.


Ryo Jang
Central Defiance
Posted - 2008.02.17 23:02:00 - [140]

my eve screen is far too cluttered. i would love to be able to display all my overview, ship status displays, everything that isnt the space around me, on my secondary monitor.

Ryo Jang
Central Defiance
Posted - 2008.02.17 23:09:00 - [141]

Originally by: Demona Diabolicus
Btw. as I play EVE only in windowed mode (because disabling Outlook, Firefox, Excel, MSN, Skype, etc etc isnt an option when playing eve fullscreen)-snip-

install evemon and use the fullscreen window mode option. works wonders.

Dancing Sun
Posted - 2008.02.22 18:01:00 - [142]

Showing my support of the multiple monitor option within EVE!

Anita Blonde
Posted - 2008.02.25 22:18:00 - [143]


Strykr X
The Priory.
Posted - 2008.02.29 18:07:00 - [144]

I'd like to start a petition to allow choices of different FOV angles. If not a selectable choice, then please at least a specific default FOV for each resolution.

Problem: Using a triple-monitor display on 3840x1024, planets all look like flattened eggs if not directly in the center of the middle monitor. A wider default viewing angle on higher widescreen resolutions would be immensely appreciated.


Emil Vakk
Posted - 2008.03.27 00:13:00 - [145]


Inconstant Moon
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2008.03.27 16:29:00 - [146]

Here is my setup: desktop screen is 1440x900, main screen is 1680x1050. I have it apparently round the wrong way due to having the main display switchable from PC to TV, but still needing to see my windows taskbar etc on the other screen. I'm using vista and do not have nvidia nview because it's not yet available.

Unfortunately this confuses Eve somewhat. I play in windowed mode, and Eve starts up on the desktop screen, sized to fit. If I'm not watching TV then I'll drag the Eve window to the main screen so I can see it better. Now it is too small, being sized for the small screen I use for the desktop. The problem is, I cannot make it any bigger. There is one higher resolution but it's not a widescreen one and hence doesn't fit. If the 1680x1050 option was available (and windows already knows it is available), or I could resize the window by dragging the corners, that would be great.

Posted - 2008.03.27 16:32:00 - [147]

Yes CCP this won't die until we get some sort of dual screen support.

The ideal situation would be:
1) That my ship isn't centered across the whole 2 screens - just centered on 1 monitor of my choosing
2) That the other monitor is used for window management. With the UI getting more complex each patch, it is becoming VERY difficult to manage the UI effectively.

Astria Tiphareth
24th Imperial Crusade
Posted - 2008.03.28 14:45:00 - [148]

I wholeheartedly agree with the idea.
  • At a bare minimum I'd want to have the system map on the second screen, ala Supreme Commander default.

  • At a second level, I'd want to move UI portions off the first screen onto the second e.g. chat, overview, any floating window.

  • Ideally, I'd want what Supreme Commander does but better, which is where both views are the exact same 3D view, with interchangeable 2D UI on top, with independent control. In other words, in that game, I can zoom in to two entirely different areas of the map independently on either screen.

It's important to note that spanning is not dual monitor support, at least not by any usual graphics definition, as that requires no support in the application and just ends up with a widescreen version split across several monitors - in the case of two, your ship ends up split down the middle of the screen.

Lord Bleu
Darkstorm Command
Ethereal Dawn
Posted - 2008.03.28 15:37:00 - [149]

I like the idea and would personally welcome dual support but my concern would be that daul screen players would have a significant tactical advantage over non dual screen players. (Just like in supreme commander btw)

The Lone Patrol
Tactical Narcotics Team
Posted - 2008.04.08 10:39:00 - [150]

/Sign, As a 2 month old EvE player I gotta say that i like the dedication and resources CCP spends on EVE just really surprised by the lack of Dev. feedback on an issue like this.

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