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Sylvus Avair
Posted - 2003.12.13 07:10:00 - [1]

"It should never have come to this," Sylvus thought as he anxiously paced in his stateroom. He sat down at his desk and pressed the intercom. "Tomes, how close are we to the Gallente freighters?" he barked. Tomes was Sylvus' personal valet and XO aboard his Omen-class cruiser, the Gilded Vulture. "We are nearly 40 kilometers away your grace," came the reply. "Thank you Tomes," Sylvus answered. Four months ago, Sylvus never would have imagined that he would be commerce raiding in Athinard. Coming from one of the most ancient Holder bloodlines, Sylvus had lived the easy life of an Amarr courtier. His father was a childhood friend of Heideran VII and the Avair family enjoyed great favor within the Imperial Court. All that changed with the death of both his father and Emperor Heideran. All of the Avair holdings (with the exception of a few token items) had passed to Sylvus' older brother, Daran. Sylvus disliked his brother greatly. Lazy, cruel and rapacious, Daran had a reputation as a monster. By Sylvus' estimation he had probably beat several hundred of the family's slaves to death and was infamous among the harems of the Imperial Court for his violent and sadistic treatment of the courtesans. A couple of months ago, Daran had come to Sylvus with a plan. He had received an insider tip about a new Caldari product called "Protein Delicacies." The food was cheap to produce and extremely nutritious, and by Daran's estimation looked extremely lucrative. He had wanted to reestablish the family in the agriculture business anyway, he had said. Sylvus could care less about Daran's ambitions. He was living an easy life of pleasure amongst the other young Amarr elite and told Daran that he didn't care what he did, so long as he left him alone. "What a mistake," Sylvus said to himself as he thought about the events that had led him to the criminal path. As it turned out, Daran had invested nearly all the Avair capital, including Sylvus' inheritance, in Protein Delicacies. And when these foods were exposed as being composed entirely of human refuse, the Avair family quickly went bankrupt. Sylvus was forced to liquidate nearly all his assets to pay his debts and quickly left court, as he no longer had the means to support himself there. "And here I am," he thought to himself. Just then, the door opened and Tomes entered. "Yes, Tomes?" Sylvus asked. "My lord," Tomes began, bowing, "We are within range of the Gallente merchants, shall we open communications, or commence firing?" "Do nothing," Sylvus said, "I will join the crew on the bridge momentarily, but I need you to notify Captain Kayanaka to prepare his men for boarding." Sylvus rose from his seat as he said this. "Your grace," Tomes replied, bowing before he left the room. "I will be 23 in a week," Sylvus muttered to himself, "I hope that I live to see it." And with that, his lordship Sylvus Avair, Amarr holder, tucked a laser pistol into his belt and stepped into the corridor.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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