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Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2003.12.09 14:53:00 - [1]

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Mina placed the bracelet around her wrist, flinching as the cold metal touched her skin. She had never worn such a thing before, having been born free, and the very idea of doing so choked her. She fought her repulsion. A neccessary evil, he had called it. Mina's mouth curved in a bitter little half-smile at that thought. Such a pretty, innocuous thing, a mere twist of tritanium, stamped with the insignia of his house, and yet what it signified turned her stomach.

She turned and forced her eyes to meet those of her reflection in the mirror. The light, semi-transparent fabric clung to her every curve of her slender body, leaving very little to the imagination. The sight sickened her, and she lowered her eyes, ashamed to meet her own gaze. For a moment she thought to flee, to forget everything and escape this place with her dignity. It was not too late, she could be out of here in minutes, especially since no one but him knew she was here.

Mina gave a sigh. It was too late. It had been too late since the first time his smile had taken her off-guard. She closed her eyes as the memory surfaced, the pictures in her mind as clear as if they had happened only moments earlier.

She had been in non-empire space, working as a bar-hop in a forsaken station on the very edge of civilisation. The station was a last stop for bistot-miners and pirate-hunters alike, and he had come to trade with the miners. Mina had met many Amarr pilots during her time as a bar-hop, most of whom had treated her with little short of contempt. A free Minmatar was an abhorration, one of them had told her. This one had been different though. And when her shift ended, he'd asked her to join him for a drink.

Soon they had become inseparable, spending every moment they could together. He had even prolonged his trip on one pretext after another, just to be with her. The cares of the world, and questions of race had seemed so far away. Then, the inevitable call from his family had come, and he had been ordered home to take care of business. He had wanted to take her back with him as his bride - Mina gave a short, harsh little laugh at that thought - but knew his family would hear none of it. They would be ostracised for the very thought. And so he had come up with this suggestion. And here she was.

Mina's eyes flicked back to her reflection, and this time she met her own gaze, defiantly. There was no other way, she told herself silently, then turned and crept out of the door.

Her heart was in her mouth the whole distance down the corridor from the slaves quarters to his room, but she was lucky, she met no one. Once outside, she stood for a moment, trying to calm her racing heart and steady her breathing. It would be fine, she told herself. Mina gently pushed open the door and slipped inside, closing it softly behind her.

He was beside her immediately, his long legs carrying him across the room in quick strides. And then she was wrapped in his arms, his mouth covering hers in ecstatic kisses. Mina pulled away, ignoring the question in his eyes.

"I came to say goodbye," she told him, unable to look into his eyes.
"Goodbye?" he asked, grasping her softly by the shoulders and turning her to face him. "But why?"
"I can't do this!" she cried. "I can't give up my freedom and live like a slave!"
He sighed, tilting her chin up so that she was forced to meet his stare.
"But we talked about this, love," he said softly. "It's the only way. My family would be ruined if I married a Minmatar. I can't do that to them. It's not like you have to be a slave, just maintain the appearance."
"We could go away together," she offered, hope welling within her. "We could live out in deep space, where it doesn't matter to anyone what race we are. We could be happy!"
"I can't," he shook his head, "Someone would find out, word would get back and my family would suffer the consequences. They would be put into slavery for my crime. Stay. We can be happy here, you will have everything your heart desires."
"Except my freedom," she said bitterly. "And what happens when your family demand you marry and produce an heir? What then? Will I be expected to sleep alone while you make children with some Ammarian woman?"
"We can cross that bridge when we come to it," he said, lowering his gaze, for a moment. "But believe me, I won't let any harm come to you. You will be well cared for and no matter what happens in the future, you will be the one I will always love."
"That isn't enough," she said, shaking her head with a sad smile. "Much as I love you, it would never be enough. It is best that I say goodbye now."
"But I need you!" he cried, his fingers digging in to her shoulders. "I won't let you go, I can't!"

Mina shook her head sadly. Her brother and his revolutionary friends had been right all along. An Amarr was an Amarr, and no matter how gen

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2003.12.09 14:54:00 - [2]

deep down. He loved her, in his way, but she would never be anything more than a Minmatar in his eyes. He wanted her in his life, but on his terms, and he would not sacrifice his lifestyle to be with her, although he expected as much from her.

"I will not lose you, my love!" he told her resolutely, pulling her towards him. "You are mine."

He brought his mouth down to hers, kissing her gently, then more insistently. Mina moved her hands behind her back, pulling the slender dagger out from the waistband of the flimsy skirt she wore. As he tilted his head back to look into her eyes she smiled softly through tears of sadness.

"I didn't want this," She said softly. "If only you had agreed to come away with me there would be no need for this."
"For what?" He asked, his look of puzzlement turning to a gasp as she plunged the dagger into his heart.
Mina wept as he slumped to the floor, his eyes wide with disbelief.
"I loved you so much," she told him as he clutched at the dagger, then lifted his hand to see the sticky blood on his fingers, a look of complete incomprehension on his face.
"Then why..." he gasped, fighting for breath.
"Because love alone is not enough," she said softly as the light in his eyes died.

Mina stared at him longingly for a moment, trying to stem the well of tears that threatened to overwhelm her. It wasn't supposed to have happened this way. She wasn't supposed to have fallen in love with him. When the revolutionary group she and her brothers belonged to had given her this mission she had jumped at the chance. Now she wished she could join him wherever his spirit had gone. But she could not. There was work to do, slaves to free. She leaned over and slipped her hand into his pocket, taking the keys she knew would be there. No one would question his ship leaving the station with a hundred Minmatar slaves. After all, slavery was his business.

Rampage Eternal
Posted - 2003.12.09 19:03:00 - [3]

aww thats so tragic :(

Very well written though

Shintoko Akahoshi
Risen Angels
Posted - 2003.12.10 03:15:00 - [4]

All the Amarran love stories end with the woman killing the man... That says something to me... Wink

Very nicely done!

Tyrrax Thorrk
Habitual Euthanasia
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2003.12.16 07:19:00 - [5]

Heh excellent story, our males should take the lesson presented here to heart and stick with us Amarrian gals Wink


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