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mjolnir feaw
Posted - 2007.01.26 15:43:00 - [1]

I'm looking at completing lvl III missions on cruisers (I don't have the isk to purchase a battlecruiser yet).. My agents have given some absurdly easy missions (like 3 cruisers and and BC, period) and then something a lot harder, I had to warp in and out again and again... That's too much time consuming to be worthy!

Is there some cruiser/fitting which would be specially effective?

The Spice Weasels Must Flow
Posted - 2007.01.26 15:52:00 - [2]

Originally by: mjolnir feaw
Is there some cruiser/fitting which would be specially effective?

Off the top of my head, I don't think so. Level 3s are doable in a cruiser, but unless you have good skills, you will find yourself warping out regularly.

My advice is that you should be prepared to change your fitting dependant on the mission. I've found a good number of level 3s can be done in a Thorax with a blaster fitting, but other missions really require the use of rails.

Regardless it will be slow work. You simply won't have the DPS to dispatch the large numbers of NPCs on some missions quickly and won't be able to fit a hard enough tank to withstand fire from such large numbers for extended periods.

I would recommend contuining to train the relevant skills for the BC you want to fly and run missions for a high quality Level 2 combat agent. Human Cattle offered a few times in a row can be very profitable with a high qual agent and you can get some very worthwhile LP offers between 12k and 17k LPs, which sell for quite a lot of ISK.

Terghon Tu
DarkNet Node Fanaticus
Posted - 2007.01.26 17:38:00 - [3]

Sendraks has it mostly right. Most L3s can be done in a cruiser if you have the right skills, but if your skills are low enough that you can't yet fly a battlecruiser you're almost certainly lacking what you need.

A heavily tanked cruiser can survive most L3s, as a battlecruiser isn't that much different. An heavily armed cruiser can put out almost as much dps as a battlecruiser. However, without really high skills and very expensive gear, there's no way to fit a cruiser both ways. A battlecruiser usually has more turrets than a cruiser so you can get more dps without having to up your skills a lot, and without sacrificing your tank (to weapon-damage mods for example).

Each mission level has some easy missions, some hard, and a lot in between. There are some L3s that can be routinely done with a cruiser. There are some L4s that you can do with battlecruisers. There are some L3s that are a challenge to a battlecruiser (especially to a pilot just fresh into one). There are L4s that challenge a solo battleship (except for souped up Ravens I guess).

It's a lot of fun to challenge yourself that way. There's risk as well since in L3s you will run into webbing and warp-scrambling rats that might prevent your escape if you're over your head. I enjoy that, but it's not terribly efficient. For gaining isk, standing, loyalty points and loot/salvage, you're better off sticking to L2s.

What I would do is find a system where you have L2 and L3 agents together. Figure out what L3 missions you can handle and what you can't (this will cost a few ships I imagine). Then, if your L3 agent offers you a mission you know you can't do, turn it down. You can only turn down one mission every 4 hours or so without standing loss, so once you turn one down, switch to your L2 agent for a while before asking your L3 agent again. This should give you a balance between consistent rewards and challenge.


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