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Aiyleena Iluvatar
Posted - 2007.01.26 02:49:00 - [1]

i completet the mission agent that was told to me when i got the certificates from the gallente datacenters...
in the last i got a Token..

"This token should be given to Boismevier Mals, when he is ready to see you."

ive searched this agent in the nearby region but couldt not find it

can some1 tell me where i have to go..

ps: i tryed to find him with ppl&places and when i start to convo him i get the msg "this is not an agent!" Confused

Posted - 2007.01.26 03:59:00 - [2]

What level mission is this?

What's the exact name of the mission?

You may want to check this site out, it has a bit of information (not all updated, so beware) on missions;

Ennis Metara
Posted - 2007.01.26 05:03:00 - [3]

Boismevier Mals hasn't been activated yet. Hang on to the token; his missions will get written sooner or later.

You can get a locater agent to tell you where he (presumably) will be, but he does not yet appear in the agents list at that station.

Aiyleena Iluvatar
Posted - 2007.01.26 05:42:00 - [4]

that makes sence that he isnt active..

tryed the locations service and was told he isnt in the agents "zone"Shocked


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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