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Akira Zendragon
EVE University
Ivy League
Posted - 2007.01.27 16:24:00 - [31]

1. Kill T2 Lottery, fix Invention, creating a viable Scientist/Researcher carrer

2. Metagaming is bad: Logoff exploits, login traps, Alt spies, alt corp theft, alt high-sec suicide gankers

3. User selectable font/font size PLEASE! Current font is crap, too small to read with high res (mabye some more UI customization too, to cope with wide range of screen resolutions/sizes)

4. Skill training queue, 2 skill-queue would be sweet

5. Less combat on gates and stations, more tactics.

6. Balance low-sec risk: boost sentry guns to combat low-sec gate ganking (and high sec suicide ganking) make pirate-hunting viable.

7. Major drone fix to AI and UI.

8. More exploration content, a bit easier to find. Not all of us can spend several hours scanning and THEN do the actual sites. Current time-sink is not very friendly to more casual players

9. Fixes agent clusters/lag, an idea:
You don't have to be in the same system the agent is. Agents can be contacted anywhere within the same region, and give missions near the player's current location. Each corp would only need to have a few agents, ensuring an even-ish distribution of agent level/quality over several regions. E.g. Caldari navy L4Q18 agents available in Forge/Citadel/Lonetrek, instead of a single region. This eliminates mission hubs and resulting lag issues. Make LP pool with corp instead of agent to promote mobility of players. Make LP store instead of offers. Sec-related bonus based on player location, not agent location.

10. More missions, more dynamic, less boring and with gang-rewards. Dynamic difficulty adjusted to gang size/composition, maybe?

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2007.01.27 18:41:00 - [32]

1. Modernise the UI look and feel. Today it is clunky and very crowded. Rethink the user experience and need of it.

2. Client FPS increase. When it comes to PVP, flashy artwork, graphics and high poly counts to make you go "ooooh" are really neither here nor there. Wire frame graphics with red and blue dots for hostile and friendlies Elite style is all you need to see the battle field. The average PC (define average however you will) should be getting renders of 60-70+ frames in all situations, including in blob battles.

3. Gang mechanics tuning. Remove the high administration of the gang hierarchy; it's a job unto itself right now and is no fun at all.

4. Remove the T2 BPO lottery 100%.

5. POS management. Make it simpler, dumb it down and less time consuming.

6. Skill queue. Provide a very simple queue to alleviate the micro management of this from players lives and schedules.

7. More low sec population initiatives.

8. Variable complex spawn times and locations. Predictability means people keep a monopoly on its resources, just like used to happen with the original market being populated at server boot.

9. Rethink sovereignty / claiming of space for alliances.

10. Alts accountability. If its insisted that they are valid for espionage, at least make them traceable to an ultimate owner, that includes across accounts being paid for by the same person. Use of alts for all things is out of control, give us the tools to find them.

Ironfleet Towing And Salvage
Posted - 2007.01.27 20:05:00 - [33]

1 ) Private asteroid habitats for individuals. One approach: basically a private safe-spot with a few benefits. Take a roid, put it in its own little hard-to-scan deadspace like the grav-sig exploration roids, let players build roid habitats on their private roids. Allow them to install very minor POS-type services -- a sentry gun or two, a small hangar for storage and ship fitting, maybe a one-slot lab with very slow times, minor stuff. Have there be a maintenance cost, but not one requiring daily hauling. It's OK to require a few charters from the local power, but implement that so that folks with 0.0 sovereignty can sell charters too; that way they get a measure of control over these better-than-average safe spots, having earned the right. Also make them (weakly) defensible and (with a bit of effort) destructible. Concord response in empire.

2) Fix exploration: No more barren exploration sites. We *get* that there are some escalating path mega-rewards available, sometimes. But when you spend hours scanning down a site and get *nothing*, not even enough to pay for the scan probes, it's a fun killer. What's wrong with having a few millions in loot at every site? Random loot is good, but random loot tables should not return "zero loot" routinely. Zero loot should be a bad luck thing, not the norm.

3) Salvage Improvement: Make it possible to probe for wrecks. You've got the "scrap" category already, please make it do something?

4) Salvage Improvement: Dedicated salvage ships please. The trend is toward lower values for salvage parts and thus, cheaper rigs. It's a good trend, but I see it getting to the point where a dedicated salvager can't make a decent living out of it. So please give us toys to (1) push back that day and (2) help us keep doing it for the fun of it. Especially useful would be range bonuses for tractors and salvagers, speed bonuses for salvagers, specialized salvage drones, that sort of thing.

5) Fix Bounty System: We desperately need a bounty system that works. Best suggestion I've heard is to give a percentage of the base price (local average market price would be even better) of destroyed tonnage and material for folks with bounties, to be subtracted from bounty amount. Transferrable kill rights would also be awesome. Being able to "put out a contract" on someone would also be sweet.

6) Make low sec attractive. Right now there's *nothing* there to make me want to go there, and the extremely hostile environment makes it not worth considering. To accomplish this you'll probably have to give players better tools for countering the pirate "I always get to attack first" advantage.

7) Give us a mining support ship. Capital or not, I don't care, as long as it can be used everywhere. Refining, massive ore storage, small docking bay for swapping ships during the mining op, capital mining lasers, roid crushers, ability to launch swarms of mining drones, tons of good goodies you could put on it. A big toy for mining ops, please!

8) Fix Invention: This was supposed to be Tech II access for the rest of us. It's insane that invention is only available to the same deep 0.0, cosmos-complex-running, research-alt-farming, crazy-rich groups that already have Tech II BPOs. It's even more insane that invention costs huge gobs of cash, more than it currently costs just to buy the items in question.

9) Let ancient unused Giant Secure Cans come adrift from their anchors. Salvagers can do the rest.

10) More, bigger tractor beams.

Galimiy Portret
Exploration Inc.
Posted - 2007.01.27 23:02:00 - [34]

1. Client - graphics hardware support.
2. Client - UI performance. The UI is not smooth, does not behave smoothly.
3. Client - rethink the UI - the current RClick menues are not aesthetic nor easy to use. Customizable RClick menu's item's size.
4. Gameplay - work against micromanagement (i.e. POS management, large corp management), work on micromanagement/corporate tools to increase fun time and decrease work time.
5. Gameplay - POSes needs rethinking. POSes are way too unflexible.
6. Gameplay - remote inventory management.
7. Gameplay - T2 BPO lottery should be removed. As an alternative all T2 BPOs should be removed, Invention should replace the source of production. This should introduce full free market forces on to the t2 market i.e. decrease artificial cartel price raising.
8. Flexibilty - training queues and/or access to skill training through web interface.
9. Misc. - Container BPOs.
10. Misc. - Docking array for freighter at POSes.

Mercurialis Inc.
Wildly Inappropriate.
Posted - 2007.01.28 07:01:00 - [35]

1. Bubble Overhaul
With warp to zero and the increasing prevalance of ctrl-q, bubbles of both the dictor and anchorable variety should catch players more effectivly but with the addition of a better way to avoid/get out of bubbles. Bubbles should be to pull people out of their warp to zero/insta invulnerability mode, but they should still need players to do the actual locking down and killing. Alternativley bubbles should stop emergency warps aswell, logging should not be the best way to exit a bubble.

2. 2D Scan Map
Having the 2d system map on the scanner was an invaluable tool for basic system scanning. You could, without map delay or lag, quickly identify a scanning target (say a group of belts around a planet) and initiate the scan, knowing your scan arc was not accidentially hitting another group of belts. The F10 system map is still nice for probe scans and pinpont positioning, but the speed compared to the 2d map is horrendous in addition to hiding the enviornment around your ship.

3. Altless scouting
If I leave behind the benifits of group pvp in exchange for descreetness and mobility, my resourcefulness should not be so easily stifled by a semi-random gatecamp because I don't pay for a seperate account. There needs to be reliable (the map is not reliable), and very intensive, way to avoid random ganks by a 20 man gang traveling around. Getting activley chased down and destroyed should not be included however, and the scouting should be intensive enough to deter casual travelers.

4. Personal inventory orginization
Since secure containers are not always available *cough* 0.0 space *cough* I'd enjoy making tabs for orginization in one's personal hangar

5. Bounty Hunting
This is one of the first things that pops into most people's heads when they start thinking about a space game, mainly because its so romanticized in numerous other space based fiction. Please make it viable, maybe an extended most wanted list with permanent location finders.

6. Overhaul Low and Nosec Rewards
Currently there is little to make low-sec and low end 0.0 profitable. Increase the spawns in low-sec to 500k BS and the ore to low-grade mega/zyd ore. Broadly decrease the true security of 0.0 systems to compensate for the overcrowding of 'hub' style ratting and mining systems with a greater selection of high reward systems.

7. POS Fueling
Make it less of a chore to maintain a pos for sovrignty, for a novice corp it is awfuly intimidating to maintain and for an expirinced corp horribly boring.

8. Cloak/Cyno Fix
Self Explanatory.

9. Complete Drone Overhaul
New (hopefully mobile) UI, New Commands, Fixed AI logic.

10. More Tech II Production
The EvE playerbase has more than doubled since I joined the game and tech II module/ship prices reflect that. As the population which activley uses Tech II grows larger each day so does tech II demand. We need a lot more production to balance out the tremendous demand, invention and the reseed have done well with such items of Cap Recharger IIs, but even more needs to be done to bring prices down a notch.

Dudley Beekle
Posted - 2007.01.28 16:18:00 - [36]

Edited by: Dudley Beekle on 28/01/2007 16:24:29
Edited by: Dudley Beekle on 28/01/2007 16:23:45
Edited by: Dudley Beekle on 28/01/2007 16:17:11
1.Dynamic rewards systems.
Relocate these to spread people around in response to load. Probably need to incorporate a random drift factor.

2.More sound effects. Forget realism and just make space interesting. While you're at it...

3..fix the sound engine.

4.If a wreck doesn't have a chance of giving salvage make it a can or at least have it popped when looted.

5.More ingame export options. Things like market export, journal export, assets export etc.

6.Courier missions! Please, give us some seriously hard missions with an appropriate reward. The old 'shuffle these containers around' was a good example. Maybe you can't make travel hard for courier missions but something that requires route planning and logistics would be good. Increase the number of items that need to be moved around and give them a good scatter factor.

7.Lvl 5 agents. These should absolutely, unequivocably require team play. If you have to put some kind of lock on the gate that requires multiple keys to be used. Put these agents in low-sec only.

Actually that's all I can think of for now. Amazing :)

Illudium Space Products
Posted - 2007.01.28 17:33:00 - [37]

10) Corp wallets
9) Get rid of the T2 lottery. It is a horribly broken concept. Make everything inventable with only BPCs as the output and increase the chances of success. Right now, owning a T2 BPO is a license to print money with zero effort involved.
8) Customisable manufacturing. One of the things that I really loved about SWG was that the raw resources had quality values and that then effected the outcome of the manufactured item stats. It doesn't need to be as complex as the SWG version, but some ability for manufacturers to differentiate themselves on something other than price would be great.
7) Combined with 8 - all items should be manufacturable, including all the named T1 stuff.
6) Remove all static asteroid fields complexes and make them all discoverable through exploration. Grade this such that very basic skills can easily find Veld fields, but also allow very difficult to find the rare stuff. The chances are modified based on the security status of the system. With a lot of perserverence it may be possible to find a mercoxit field in a 1.0 space, but may take several tens of millions in probes and several hours, but veld can be found with a single beginner probe launch. Static complexes are trivially prone to farming. Witness the countless stories here of corps that all log on at exactly the same time every day, farm their complex and log off again - making large amounts of cash and never allowing any other play a chance.
4) More dynamic worlds. Right now most is extremely static. Put agents in space, not just stations. More of the Data center concept. Have them spawn like rats do in the asteroid belts, but obviously at a far slower rate.
3) Customisable ship skins. Allow us to have a corp logo or insignia on them. ie when we create a new corp, in addition to the logo, have another image which is the insignia. I'd love to have my ship with a set of roundels on it :)
2) NPC corps. Limit or progressively higher tax someone that is in it. They are being abused extensively right now by farmers due to the inability to war dec them. If you won't do the policing, at least give the players the option of it.
1) Small freighter. The jump from a large indy/transport to frieghters is huge (not to mention the cost - 1mil straight to 900 mil!!). Also allow these to dock at POS.
1) Capital Carebear ship. I know it has been mentioned by Oveur, but I still want to put a vote in for one.

Zaphroid Eulthran
Imperial Visions
Posted - 2007.01.28 18:06:00 - [38]

1) haulers are to small (even with rigs) freighters are too big (and expencive) for small industrial corps.

2)bio and notepad character limits, if it has to have a limit tell me when i have reached it, dont just dissapear my words.

3)hi-sec material research slots, not enough of them

4)exploration, fixes

5)invention, currently interface owners are just as elite as T2 BPO owners

6)lvl 5 missions

7)rewards for gangs doing missions together

8)lp reward "shop"

9)dynamic missions and intelligent rats

10)more specialisation, less alts

i'm done.

Azure Horizon
Coalition Of Empires
Posted - 2007.01.28 18:07:00 - [39]

Edited by: Fusaiyuki on 30/01/2007 19:04:51
Edited by: Fusaiyuki on 29/01/2007 18:26:46
Edit: Reordered

1. Fix the damn Chimera. Oh, and Wyvern either doesn't show the right bonus in description, or gets the same bonus as chimera, while the other motherships get an upgraded carrier bonus

2. More visible scrambling/jamming etc on overview

3. New logistics capship. Not quite a capital carebear ship, but what carriers could have been. Remove almost all combat ability from the carrier, increase ship bay and corp hangar size. The idea is that it could be used as a kind of mobile base, so jump drive is essential. Similar to some other ideas here.

4. Dockable section at a POS, can be linked with corp hangar array and ship maintenance array for facilities available when docked. Bit like player housing, but only possible for corps. Maybe a new kind of mini-outpost.

5. Upgrade the sounds in game, so no or less lag is caused, and we have new sfx. I turned mine off ages ago because acceleration gates in missions made a constant and irritating buzzzzz....

6. Visible launchers. Maybe even have missiles appear to come from them? It's been done with guns.

7. Ability to sort ships in some kind of folders, bit like station containers, but for ships. You can put ships in containers with the help of a corp hangar, but then they live in the items panel, and cannot be easily accessed.

8. [Make it possible to manufacture modules from moon-mined materials. Say you have most of a corp based in a small area in 0.0. To get minerals you need to freight them in from empire or send out a corp mining squad. Allow moon minerals to be turned into normal mined materials somehow. The cost is in the POS, and the reward is being able to build stuff without constant mining expeditions.

The Littlest Hobos
Posted - 2007.01.28 19:36:00 - [40]

1. UI optimisation: it needs to run faster and generate less client side lag.

2. UI Improvements: Customisable UI skins, More information displayed in a more intelligent manner (warp scramble indication anyone?)

3. Greater class distinction: For my tastes a lot of the ships in eve are being normalised, generic interceptor, generic ewar ship I would like to see this changed, even if a few ship classes have to get axed in the process

4. T2 ship lottery: Needs removed totally, base everything on the invention system thats running currently

5. AI improvements: if the ai knew what it was doing you would struggle to do a lvl 2 mission in a raven, make the ai better, bring on npc's that actually use modules, ammo, tactics and common sense against you.

6. Local Chat: Needs to stop being a recon tool, we need scanners and common sense to survive. not having any hostile information presented to us in a handy to use interface.

7. Trade Hubs: add a dynamic market tax based on the amount traded is a system, if people want to trade in a hub they'll need to accept the profit loss that's associated with it. This also makes like for the module and ship traders much more intereting.

8. Security system: Needs totally overhauled, pirates should be flagged based on recent actions, grinding npc's for sec status should be removed totally, give the bounty hunting profession a very needed boost.

9. Alts: Characters need a way to be connected with there alts, to much scamming and crime occurs with the faceless alt, the scam isn't the problem the fact that the alt then transfers the money to his main and his action are totally un-traceable is.

10. Shiny graphics: are always nice make more, visible hull damage, better shield and armour effects, nicer gun animations, actually missile launchers and drone bays...

Cerwyn Taraman
Phoenix Tech Industries
Apoapsis Multiversal Consortium
Posted - 2007.01.29 19:52:00 - [41]

1) Drones haven't worked properly 100% of the time since day one, please work on this a lot.
2) T2 Lottery (invention doesnt help that much)
3) Agent LP reward store (get stuff you actually want) or LP going to corporations as option
4) Level 5 agents (group oriented, possibly allow capital ships)
5) Stock market - is handled by players OOG, do an in-game trading system. Stocks are really really fun and could be an integral part of the non-combat oriented pilots gameplay.
6) Lag in missions when NPCs lock you (Shipyard Theft lvl 4 storyline for example)
7) Lag in General
8) Combat still way too short
9) Nos is too powerful, needs stacking penalty
10) Stacking penalty should be added to nanofibers and i-stabs

Encina Technologies
Namtz' aar K'in
Posted - 2007.01.29 20:07:00 - [42]

Edited by: Smagd on 29/01/2007 23:35:13
1. Keep working on less fleet lag. MASSIVE Multiplayer!
2. Graphics Overhaul - keep going!
3. GUI needs an overhaul right after that.
4. Finish open storyline, like Amarrian Emperor or Thukker standings changes.
5. Repair ECM again. Dampeners replaced ECM, and ECM is worthless.
6. Seamless map fixes. Ctrl-Mousewheel happens during combat. And it lags.
7. Add more incentive to go to low sec. Pirates will love you, and so will the residents.
8. Seed non-financial agent rewards again. Those 150k of soil were FUN, and R.A.M.s by cheap blueprint suck.
9. Give faction ships some love. Want to fly faction Thrasher or Typhoon.
Edit: 10. No beer, fix Logoffski instead. [was: Get yourselves some beer. You deserve it.]

Cker Heel
The Graduates
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2007.01.29 20:29:00 - [43]

1. Eliminate daily downtime.

2. Bling slot.

3. Make Eve Time Codes an in-game item or contract to eliminate scams.

4. Create events to introduce new content. Coulda made the new region stargates only found via exploration.

5. Have a 'repeat' option on contracts. When a contract is completed, have the option to create a new contract with all fields filled in just like the old contract. Allow shares to be traded with contracts.

6. Restore ability to warp to arbitrary spots in system. The RMR probes made this possible, but it is not possible with Revelation probes. Now people who have those RMR BMs far away from warpable objects have a huge advantage over those who do not.

7. Allow a secondary skill to be trained. Double training times while a secondary skill is in training.

8. Reduce memory usage of Eve client. Players with 2GB memory have a big advantage in combat.

9. Make fleet heirarchry easier to rearrange. Let commanders see Ship or Ship-class of subordinates.

10. Make wallets regional. Only way to move wealth between regions is by hauler. (CCP will never ever do this but an econo-geek can dream :-))

Trom Zatagnia
Ars ex Discordia
Curse Alliance
Posted - 2007.01.29 20:58:00 - [44]

1) Client UI issues - the amount of lag caused be the client UI hurts, especially in fleet combat. It should scale a lot better than it currently does.

2) Make warfare across a constellation more useful. Too much fleet combat revolves around control of a system.

3) Fix cloaking. Cap use of a cloak should be proportional to ship mass.

4) Fix bubbles. Allow them to catch ctrl-q, and allow them to catch those already in warp.

5) Star Wars style interdictors? Yes please.

6) Divisional Wallets

7) Upgradeable stations.

8) Fix POS warfare. Unfortunately, I don't know how.

9) Sovereignty bonuses.

10) Allow players another method of stopping a ship from cyno-ing out. Currently, all it takes is some common sense to keep a mothership or titan alive.

Nisse Owned
The Order of Chivalry
Posted - 2007.01.29 21:38:00 - [45]

Edited by: Nisse Owned on 06/02/2007 17:39:09
Edited for some reason really many times Razz

  • Nerf logoff tactics

  • Add some kinda LOD system, so you can configure it after how good your computer are, especially with graphics update coming

  • New pos system, maybe so you could assemble smaller bases that you could fly inside with hardpoints and so, smaller, weaker and cheaper than the current

  • Mining capital ship, mobile refineries etc.

  • Capital kitten launchers

  • Separate guided and unguided missiles and fix stealth bombers, at the same time

  • The gui needs some pimping Razz

  • Second tier of destroyers

  • I know its been said before, but as im caldari, i still think they are overpowered at PvE in general

  • Bling slots

Setenta Corp
-Mostly Harmless-
Posted - 2007.01.29 22:10:00 - [46]

1) Module balance - but I can't believe that those are the top ones and not the Amarr issue. There are more Amarr "whinage" threads than anything else out there.

2) Remove instas - this has worked out fantastically in my opinion.

3) Remove T2 lottery - make prices reasonable for all

4) Factional warefare - I love the idea of the anti-blob warefare. Giving small groups something to work toward is great.

5) More corp tools

6) Environments/exploration

7) Dynamic content - for the role player in all of us

8) Warp core stabilizers - although I think none of the haulers should be affected by this or at least to a lesser extent

9) Local chat - is this really that big a deal? So ya you know people are in system, do you know where or what they're flying? I can see the point people have but I just don't think it's that big a deal.

10) More prime fiction - how about a ship mobile to put over my sons crib, get him started early.

Kaylana Syi
Coreli Corporation
Posted - 2007.01.29 22:10:00 - [47]

1) Sever Performance - Its absolutely horrible in empire and in 0.0.

2) Artillery needs a fixing YARRRR!!

3) POS management need more fine tuned roles for fueling and upkeep. Also the ability to assign access to one POS and single out services on that POS.

4) Carrier corp hangar access role

5) Divisional wallets

6) Tactical Celestial Objects - like nebulas that span entire systems that affect your ship stats that you must fight in.

7) Exploration needs to be more profitable. Equal atleast to the static ones.

8) Capital Named Modules and [eventually] Tech II

9) Tech 2 Battleships that are simply tech 1 Battleships with 2.5 lightyear [base] jump drives.

10) Resources in 0.0 needs a rework. NPC ran zones are more profitable than Player ran zones. This effectively turns Fountain, Stain and the others into the 'wild, wild west' of EVE. Player owned regions should be rich in mining and NPCing to sustain the habitants. In other worlds... return the reward to the players who deserve it.

Galactic Shipyards Inc
Huzzah Federation
Posted - 2007.01.29 22:12:00 - [48]

2. outpost upgrades
3. multiple wallets
4. more hangers for corp and personal use
5. no more lag
6. kill the bugs

Crimson Moon Society
Posted - 2007.01.29 22:54:00 - [49]

I tried to keep this as short and concise as possible.

1) Bounty hunting. Needs more tools to get the job done, needs to be profitable. Sec hits should be reduced if the target has a bounty and maybe a sec raise if the target is -5 or worse.

2) I want to paint my ship. I want a super-pink Enyo and black stripes on my Drake. And I want the option to switch on or off the corp or alliance logo on the ship. If the corp logos are too ugly to place on ships, fix it so they look good.

3) Graphics/client optimizations and modern graphics options. Eve's the only game I have where I can't go into the graphics menu and just choose my level of anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering or levels of detail.

4) Skill queue!

5) Emergency warp button. Limited use. Would potentially help with the logging off 'epidemic' while still allowing pursuit of the fleeing party.

6) Nosferatu is too good against small ships. While a heavy nos should still pose a large threat to a small ship such as a frigate, it shouldn't be the i-win it is now since it tends to force people into a 'battleship is king' sort of mentality.

7) More places to fight and even more reasons to fight because right now it's mostly a killboard-o-rama.

8) Bring the sound engine into the present. I can't play with sound because it makes my PC bluescreen, and if it's not bluescreening it causes a noticeable amount of lag.

9) Planetary interaction with RTS ground combat but only if it has a purpose.

10) Station combat but only if it has a purpose.

Posted - 2007.01.29 23:12:00 - [50]

Edited by: Xorv on 29/01/2007 23:16:02
1: Move Combat away from gates. Remove the ability to camp gates on the 'jumped in' side OR give a non metagame method for a player to detect what's on the other side. Camping on the scanable 'warp to' side of a gate is fine. Once this is done then do something about any Ctrl/Q still going on.

2: Remove Local Chat, or at least its intel gathering aspect.

3: Improve Invention. Needs to become a genuine alternative to T2 BPOs.

4: Follow through with the Stealth Bomber improvments already mentioned.

5: Follow through with plans to break up the Blob. More PvP opportunities/roles for solo and small group players.

6: Implant harvesting from player corpses. Part of adjusting the imbalance I see in the risk vs reward in PvP combat. Needs to be more reward.

7: Remove space junks' ability to decloak a ship, only player/NPC controlled ships, drones, and fighters should do this.

8: Give drones the same feature you gave fighters, if you disconnect they go to your drone bay assuming there is space.

9: Begin to remove static PvE content like complexes and belt rats in favour of dynamic content like exploration.

10: Keep fleshing out mini professions as you have been.

Posted - 2007.01.29 23:15:00 - [51]

1. Improved UI, faster fps with gpu acceleration etc.

2. Enviroments that effect combat, eg, fighting near a star lowers your em/thermal resistances.

3. Better collition detection

4. More frigates/destroyers, tier 4 ships and sub capital class ships.

5. Improve drone UI, and behaviour.

6. Cheaper rigs

7. Have PvP missions

8. Make empire wars actually mean something

9. Change the scale of planets/ships, improve the interaction/graphics of planets, make them more real and tangible.

10. Subsystem targeting (I like ubermicro)

Ben Derindar
Dirty Deeds Corp.
Posted - 2007.01.30 00:50:00 - [52]

Edited by: Ben Derindar on 02/01/2008 02:32:35
OK, here we go...

1. Do not cave in to whiners. Recognise the difference between genuine game imbalance issues and people selfishly whining for the game to be adapted to suit themselves rather than learning to play the game. Stuff like consentual PvP, WTZ on AP, skill queues, local changes, just say no!

2. Address the lag. This is an obvious one, but ultimately I don't see it going away without some sort of dynamic load balancing system. Good luck with it.

3. Ingame penalties for forum infringements - the recent changes still don't go far enough. Maybe it's a cultural thing, but where I come from, posting for the sake of posting is not funny, personal attacks are not funny, and mocking the dead is most certainly not funny. I want to see the mains of alts, I want to see isk fines, I want to see people being muted in-game, I want people to be banned outright and I want to see evidence that it happens. We're all human beings, and it's time people started acting like it.

4. Boost low-sec by allowing positive security players to shoot negative security players in low-sec without being sec penalised themselves. Suddenly bounty-hunting becomes viable, and pirates get more of the targets they currently struggle for. Win-win!

5. Speed is the new WCS. There are too many ways to increase your speed that aren't stacking penalised with each other, and the only effective counter requires training in a specific race, which is wrong. Solutions: introduce a non-racial feature such as webbing bubbles, increase speed stacking penalties, increase MWD cap/sig penalties on all ships except ceptors, disallow the fitting of multiple ODs/nanos as ABs & MWDs are now, etc.

6. Cloaks are overpowered. They are being found fitted to all sorts of PvP ships now, which again means the penalties are insufficient. Solution: you can't currently fit a cloak and a cyno simultaneously, expand that rule to apply to cloaks and any offensive high/mid slot modules.

7. Nerf macro miners and NPC farmers by disabling the use of barges, battleships and all tech 2 ships and modules (including cloaks of all types) from all NPC corp members.

8. Make NPC standings mean something. If I have -8 standings to Guristas for example, why am I allowed to dock at their stations in Venal? And whatever happened to faction warfare, anyway?

9. Marketing improvements. I want to restrict my market activity by my standings so I don't have to trade with my enemies if I don't want to. Also, scale NPC taxes to system activity - you want to sell in Jita, be prepared to pay more for it.

10. Make ambulation useful. If you're gonna do it, tie in some unique features such as isk gambling etc, instead of just more boring eye candy that I'll probably skip/disable at the first opportunity.


Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2007.01.30 00:56:00 - [53]

Edited by: mazzilliu on 30/01/2007 02:26:57
1. remove local chat as it is and replace it's capacity as a recon tool with something equivalent. i also dislike being more or less forced to see what other people say in local, so give us the ability to minimize the chat area to zero.

2. fix log off game mechanics, especially fix logging in bubbles and the extreme difficulty in locking someone who's logged off. make it safe for someone who's unaggressed and legitimately must leave for the night, to log off, but not let it be used by npcers and such. maybe 'anchor' your ship which takes 2 minutes beofore you log

3. give amarr something to make them suck less

4. more optional corp division hangers, divisional wallets, make it less necessary to create shell corps just for organizational purposes.

5. client problems, please make there be less of them

6. inability to put something directly from corp hanger into trade window. and for that matter, the 'dissapearing items in a trade' bug

7. the map, please make "unflatten map" return the map to its default position rather then its most recent orientation and zoom level. it's very easy to read the map upside down.

8. make events and what ISD and aurora do more transparent, or at least make GMs interfere much less with gameplay then they do now, and be much more harsh with reimbursements

9. do something so logon traps take as long to get the gang to target as it takes to jump in from the next system

10. fix the interdictor sphere launcher timing bug

Hedron Industries
Red Dwarf Racketeering Division
Posted - 2007.01.30 02:06:00 - [54]

1. Removal of Logoff/logon as a game tool.
2. More keyboard shortcuts like approach, orbit, warp to, maybe drone control etc.
3. Return ability to save login password in client.
4. Rebalancing of Nos.
5. Removal of 30sec stop to undocking, jumping etc after joining gang.
6. Fix interdictor related bugs (like spheres not working when combined with stationary bubbles, relaunch time bug etc).
7. Mail organizing. Sent mail, folders etc.
8. Removal of all modal windows, no window should ever stop you from using the rest of the UI
9. Viewing the content of containers remote stations and the ability to move items in and out of them remotely.

Miraki Alsento
Nutz N Boltz
Posted - 2007.01.30 02:07:00 - [55]

1. Add a "Reply to sender" button to Corp, Alliance and mailing lists in the mailbox. You'd amazed at how many mails get sent to corpmail thats intended to be an reply.

2. Divisional corp wallet

3. Exploration could be easyer and/or faster

4. Fix Invention, whats wrong seems to be covered

5. Better eve mail. Folders, sentbox are two things that pop into my head.

6. More love into fixing drones :)

7. Gang reward system for missions

8. Some sort of skill training queue

9. No more T2 lottery

10. probarly something I just cant think of right now... :)

Lobster Man
Pigs On Teh Wing
Posted - 2007.01.30 02:57:00 - [56]

Edited by: Lobster Man on 30/01/2007 07:30:36
Edited by: Lobster Man on 30/01/2007 02:54:50
1. Local Chat - This is a huge hindrance to people like me trying to solo gank deep in enemy territory in my recon ship. People see me in local and have time to radio ahead and warn their pals that I'm coming. I don't necessarily think that people who are cloaked should not appear in local as much as I think local should truly only provide a way to communicate - as in completely remove the playerlist and number from local and make it be used only for people in said system to chat.

2. Nano/inertia stabilizers - This has gotten out of hand since the release of kali. Now everyone is flying nano-this or nano-that, and certaing ships like the nanodomi are absurdly overpowered (I've gotten many ganks in mine that I should not have been able to get in a million years). Hell, I saw a nanosleipnir on singularity the other day, and no one could touch him. I think they should have some sort of serious staking nerf, or other significant drawback like the previously "abused" WCS now has.

3. Lag - I'm not saying that things haven't improved significantly over the past few months, but there are still some things which need to be addressed. For example, Jita. I was podded the other day while there were 1000 some people in jita, where my clone was. I had to file a stuck petition on my alt before I was able to play on my main again. I think getting the belts (and hundreds of cans along with them) out of main systems is a very good idea.

4. T2 Manufacturing - I wasn't totally against the lottery before as I 100% support a free market, but it was getting to the point where there were a few corps monopolizing just about all of T2 production. I'm glad to see this is being addressed with re-seeding of BPOs and invention, but it's still too early to tell how much things are going to change (hac prices are already starting to drop Very Happy).

5. Nosferatus/Neutralizers - It has gotten to the point where PVP is almost just about who has more nossing power. I think that nos's, like many other mods, should have a stacking penalty of some sort. For example, if you fit one, it should keep 100% of it's transfer amount, if you fit 2, they should both be reduced to like 80% efficiency, 3 would take them all to 68%...etc, to the point where spamming nos's/neuts would be useless as well as seriously gimping your setup.

6. Personal ship customization - I've been wanting for as long as I can remember for pilots to make their ships (almost) as individual as their portraits. Maybe allow significant re-coloration, or even a way for us to put our own logos or whatnot (maybe corp/alliance logo) on the ships too. Not only would things be cooler, but it would probably make calling primary/secondary targets a bit easier if all the ships didn't look the same. Maybe there could even be skills associated with visual ships mods and people could make a profession out of it.

7. Skill Queuing/multiple training - I cannot even begin to guess how many SP I have lost as a result of not being able to get on to change my skills. I would really love if I were able to queue up multiple skills one after each other, or train more than 1 at a time.

8. Scanner - It worked somewhat ok before, but now I REALLY miss the little integrated minimap. Hitting F11 causes me 15 secs of lag and I can't do this in a combat situation or if I need to scan in a hurry. I think the scanning interface is kind of clunky overall, and could use some streamlining.

9. Drones - My drones have been behaving erratically forever, revelations helped this slightly, but they still get stuck together in groups of 2-3 way too often. I believe fighters are still broken too.

10. Loggoffskis - This is a huge problem, and too many should-be-dead people get out of (dictor)bubbles by simply "pulling the plug". I'm not really sure how much can be done to address this, but it is a huge problem in my opinion.

Posted - 2007.01.30 06:57:00 - [57]

Edited by: Gamae on 30/01/2007 07:18:19
Edited by: Gamae on 30/01/2007 07:16:27
1. Give the Khanid ships something different and interesting for a role. I know, it's hard, but I have faith in you, CCP.

2. Local chat issues -- cloaking, etc.

3. Lasers or Amarr ships need some fixing. Noone should ever be tempted by or benefit from fitting autocannons on an Amarr ship. (An extreme statement, but RP wise very valid. I mean, slave guns on the master's ship? Blasphemy!)

4. Alts -- somethings gotta give.

5. The entire industry side of things is still lots of work, little play. I don't know how this can be fixed.

6. Skill Training -- Multiple skills, a queue, a 'skill to train when this completes' option. Something. I wouldn't mind decreased skill training time up to 20mill or so either. Wink

7. Nos. Nerf it or give us some counter that isn't Nos. Especially for smaller ships.

8. Make Factional warfare cool.

I may think up some more, but for now, (edit) 8 will do. Very Happy


Interstellar Brotherhood of Gravediggers
Privateer Alliance
Posted - 2007.01.30 07:35:00 - [58]

T2 BPO lottery and invention. Seed all T2 BPOs and maybe increase the building requirement (stuff and skill) so producers can compete on skills and logistics, not on who few owns a T2 BPO.

Lag for large scale engagements - it's horrible and breaking the game

Let corp set alliance-wide standings - there is NO reason why this should not be in game already

Defences for stations/outposts

Fix the POS warfare. It's boring for both sides. I read a post some time ago, where some guy recommended that old POS'es would be much stronger than newly erected ones. That would help the POS spamming, and make it difficult to take over space. It shouldn't be too hard ofcourse, station defences would also help.

Allow ECM specialised ships their former strength back and remove the low slot boosters from game. In the same breath boost all other EWAR particular the target painters could do with a massive boost (+100-200%) to be interesting.

Fix the bubblelauncher bug on the Interdictors (ya the cycletime). Maybe it is time to change the Interdictor ship boni altogether so that their bubbles last longer at higher level and their sig radius gets smaller as interceptors to increase survivability.

Ensure that interceptors are the fastest ships in game. Something isn't right when BS's outrun interceptors - 6-8 lowslots or not. Shouldn't there be a stacking penalty on nanos/iStabs? That wouldn't effect the small ships too much, but hurt the Battleships.

Remove all static complexes and replace with the dynamic types from exploration.

Hit exploiters and isk sellers harder.

Ren Tales
Carebear Collective
Posted - 2007.01.30 08:33:00 - [59]

1. Low-Sec repopulation. (and no, I don't think factional warfare will be enough. Higher rewards.)

2. Drone fix, AI and UI. PLEASE!

3. Get rid of the t2 lottery 100%.

4. Local. Fix it. I don't know what else to say, but please.

5. Stock market. You know you wana.

6. Logoffski/Logonski fixing.

7. Stealth bomber need love.

9. Bounty Hunting. As a pirate, I'm asking you to please fix bounty hunting. I want people after me YARRRR!!. I like the idea of getting a % (make it high, like 50-80%) of your ships "average regional" value hacked off your bounty when it pops. Maybe that and have it give half/all of bounty when podded? Then theres still incentive to pod pirates, but you still can make a living as a bounty hunter without doing so.
Also, maybe fixing locator agents or making some kind of simpler system to find outlaws. Locator agents are cool, but they're more usefull for empire wars than bounty hunting.

10. More keyboard shortcuts (orbit and aproach are mainly what I want)

Lynn de'Marco
Divine Power.
Wildly Inappropriate.
Posted - 2007.01.30 09:19:00 - [60]

1) Corp Wallet divisions. I dont want to share the whole corp wallet to be able to get help in selling/buying stuff for corp.
2) Clone Wat module to fit on a POS. I would love that, especialy now with the new regions.
3) More "tabs" in corphangar.
4) Logon/logoff tactics
5) Outposts. Able to upgrade and damage modules. A outpost should just be a docking "egg" and then u add diffrent modules to it (like refinery, labslots, factory slots, office slots, sentrys?). The enemies can then damage these slots to make them unusable till they are repaired. Gives something to to for small gangs
6) Pos warfare (and new more cool modules, See 10)
7) Blob warfare. I saw someone with a cool sig that said it all. Add as many players as possible till the lag decides who will win
8) Low sec space (0.1 - 0.4). Is there any use for it atm?
9) Bounty hunting. Would create a new trade. Use it togheter with the new contract system. U should be able to set a price on any player no matter of sec standing.
10) Use of planets and moons. Be able to colonise planets and get income from citys. Posmodules (or outpost modules) for transport to and from plants/moon. Harvesting moduls. Cloning modules. Able to buy homeless (and criminals) on the market and move them to the planet to boost population.

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