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Reign Technologies
Posted - 2007.01.24 16:14:00 - [31]

I'm running a Compaq Presario V5000 with a 1.9ghz AMD, ATI RX 200m card and 512mb RAM. I've been able to do everything I've wanted to do so far, i.e. mine, rat, pvp, etc. with no problems other than the occasional lag that we all experience from time to time. Sure, the FPS isn't great, but it gets the job done, and I can run Firefox or Photoshop at the same time. When I upgrade my memory, I'm sure it'll run even better.

My .02isk.

Supernova Security Systems
Posted - 2007.01.24 16:21:00 - [32]

Originally by: Ghostshadow
I got a HP zd8000 2gig of ram, ati Mobile radedon x600 with 256MB memory and a P4 3.4Ghz CPU and an awesome 17" truevision screen Shocked

I can run 2 clients no problems on this... then again it weighs 10+ pounds and the heatvents can pretty much make you sterile if you hold on your lap for a given amount of time.

Duo cores were not out yet when i bought this =(

i have the same computer, great BIG laptop, its cut down on my heating bills since it makes like 500 watts of heat. with 2gb ram and the 256mb x600 card i run in space around 60-70 fps.

Posted - 2007.01.24 20:39:00 - [33]

Thanks a lot to everyone who replied to this thread, it helped me quite a lot. :)

I've got my eyes set on this one now:

AMD Turion 64 X2 Mobile technology TL-52
1024Mb DDR2 667 RAM, 667Mhz.
15.4in WXGA high definition brightview display
NVIDIA GeFORCE Go 7200 graphics.

I gather from the page I've been linked to that the Geforce Go is dedicated, and 7200 is actually quite good, and I also figure that the Turion is a dual core? Plus, it's got a gigabyte of ram, which I guess should do nicely. :)

Mtthias Clemi
The Space Bastards
Posted - 2007.01.24 21:45:00 - [34]

AMD 64 something 2ghz or other....

Radeon mobility X1600 1gb ram....

Runs 2 or 3 eve clients easy :D

CCP Jiekon

Posted - 2007.01.24 22:01:00 - [35]

Originally by: The Wizz117
i have a XPS m1710


I also use this laptop, 2.16Ghz Centrino Duo, 2GB RAM, 100GB HDD, Geforce GO 7900GTX (512mb)

I can run 3 eve clients fine (gets a little hot though) i LOVE this machine.

Spartan Industrial Manufacturing
SMASH Alliance
Posted - 2007.01.25 04:00:00 - [36]

I'm picking up a new laptop in a couple of months to replace my 5 year old computer...

Aurora MLX, 2 gig ram, 400 gig hdd (dual hdd raid), dual 512mb Nvidia GeForce go 7900 gtx(SLI enabled), AMD Turion 64 Mobile ML44 2.4 ghz.

Think it'll run eve ok?

Rote Kapelle
Posted - 2007.01.25 04:36:00 - [37]

I've got a one year old Compaq R4000 with Athlon 64 3500+ and 1gb RAM. It has the Radeon Xpress 200m chipset with 256mb dedicated memory - works about as well as an x300. No major problems running EVE (in fact, it's running right now with IE 7 and Outlook 2007 open - AFK hauling FTW) but the hard drive is slow as crap. Takes forever to load stuff. Gonna order a new Momentus 7200rpm drive when I get a chance - should fix that problem nicely. Otherwise, good laptop.

Shadow Of The Light
R i s e
Posted - 2007.01.25 04:57:00 - [38]

Just bought an Asus G1 Mobile Gaming Notebook not more than 2 weeks ago, is a great laptop. Plays Obivion, BF 2142, X3, EvE flawlessly. My only issue with it being the keyboard, but when ya buy a mobile notebook thats what ya get. Not a Full size keyboard and 21in display that you can carry around Laughing

2ghz Core 2 7600
2gb DDR667
Geforce Go 7700 512DDR3

Band of Brothers
Posted - 2007.01.25 10:20:00 - [39]

I have a Sony VAIO fe and it works really well it handles 2 active eve clients without problems and a third if it's not doing too much. It also keeps my lap warm and I wish there were mini laptops for my feet and hands.

Masuat'aa Matari
Posted - 2007.01.25 12:02:00 - [40]

Originally by: Jiekon
Originally by: The Wizz117
i have a XPS m1710


I also use this laptop, 2.16Ghz Centrino Duo, 2GB RAM, 100GB HDD, Geforce GO 7900GTX (512mb)

I can run 3 eve clients fine (gets a little hot though) i LOVE this machine.

Got the same machine about 9 months ago. Runs 3 accounts with no problem. But because the heat generated on this beast, it burnt out the vid. card about a month ago. Dell sent a tech to the house within a day, and replaced it for no charge. Have since bought a "cooler". Not heard the internal cooling fans turn on since.

Which ever system you decide on, make sure you purchase a cooler for it (cheap, $20 to $50 US).

Mashie Saldana
Veto Corp
Posted - 2007.01.25 12:10:00 - [41]

Anyone tried to play on a Dell m1210?

British Space Corporation
Posted - 2007.01.25 12:39:00 - [42]

I have a laptop I use as a test rig. It is an old Toshiba Centrino (1.3GHz Pentium M), with 1Gb Ram and an Nvidia GeForce4 420Go with 32Mb RAM. The machine is also running Windows Vista RC1.

It plays Eve okay, even for a little mining provided there is not too much going on. I wouldn't recommend it for PvP though.

Sisco Deivas
Real Nice And Laidback Corporation
Black Core Alliance
Posted - 2007.01.25 12:45:00 - [43]

I have a 3.4 Ghz P4 (yes it ****ing burns my lap before you ask :P) 2GB of ram and a x800 256MB gfx card :), runs eve perfectly .

Rover Vitesse
Posted - 2007.01.25 16:37:00 - [44]

I bought an Acer Aspire 5101AWLMI - mine came with 1G of RAM - last weekend for when work sends me away from home. Runs Eve just fine. If you are in the UK PCWorld sell this for 499.99 inc VAT.

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