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Posted - 2003.12.06 11:19:00 - [1]

Faustian leaning against his window, look across the black void some five kilometres away he could see the immense housing section of the Caldari built space station, the lights of the other housing block flickered, ships flashed by as the station’s commerce traffic slowing for no-one.

He turned from the scene, his gaze filled with his Ammatar body slave, she slept soundly in the accommodation cube’s functional bed, white sheets tousled around her.

The scene seemed like déjà vu to Faustian, his father a wealthy Amarrian commoner had sent his son into service of a Holder whom he had done much of his business with.

He remembered addressing the Holder once whilst serving as one of his advisors, one of the Holder’s plantation moons had been attacked by Minmatar terrorists during his stubborn masters slumber, it was not a particularly startling report, what made this different for Faustian was the location, it was the Holder’s bed chamber, though the Holder was notorious for his open disregard towards his slaves, even by Holders standards. What Faustian had noticed most that morning was the alluring Gallentean concubine, long dark tresses almost covering her attentive gaze.

Though Faustian had paid attention the Holders unusual choice in body slave it did not register until much later.

The whole event had been engineered as it would later become apparent, the Holder was as usual caught in some political struggle with a rival, the plantation attack was ‘fabricated’ a catalyst to the Holder’s scheming, nothing but a chip in a much bigger power play with other Holders, these attacks continued for months and along with his plantations the merchant convoys also came under attack, more specifically Faustian’s fathers fleet bore the brunt of these attacks, the Holders own assets unsurprisingly seeing few losses and this led to his fathers eventual ruin.

Faustian looked down at his slave, she was submissive enough, and applied herself well to her duties, very acceptable the Amarrian thought.

The Gallentean concubine was a different matter, a spirited creature, more than once she had had to be ‘restrained’ by the Holders brutal house master. In spite of this behaviour it seem the wily Holder favoured the svelte Gallentean, with her dusky features, long slender limbs, very different from the an Amarrian female, hence the morning in the Holders own bed chamber, his unusual practice was not the ‘accepted’ norm for slaves to be found in their masters chambers.

Faustian as a member of the Holders household had been forced to watch as his fathers and his own wealth be decimated before him, of course had not stood idly by, Faustian observed the Holders favouritism toward this concubine whilst applying himself to his masters service and fostered plots of his own.

He pulled his robe around himself, sat at the end of the bed facing the window, watching as vessels plunged into the endless night, one hand absent-mindedly stroked his own concubines calf.


Posted - 2003.12.06 11:20:00 - [2]

His patience paid off, the concubine in one her frequent outbursts had injured the Holder, who had required minor medical attention and having been sedated the Gallentean was quite passive, as the house master concern was still for the Holder, Faustian helpfully suggested he would return the concubine to her chamber himself, this he did, dutifully casting her upon her bed.

He then administered a stim patch and slung a draft of ice water over her. Rudely the Galleantean came back to full consciousness, with a headache to match no doubt.

Faustian wasted no time in offering the Gallentean something her race considered a right, her freedom, within the week another serious altercation with the Holder, this time leaving him hospitalised, yet before the his wounds were treated Faustian made sure the Holders slave was spirited away far beyond the borders of Amarrian space, this again not uncommon in Amarrian annuls was notable only by what happened subsequently, the Holder deprived of his favourite concubine became depressed and went into decline never recovering, with him nearly a century of plots and schemes, foes and victims of this vicious Holder came to naught, his estate diminished rapidly, the Holder within eighteen months committed suicide naming his son, an officer of the Amarrian navy as his heir.

Faustian during this time had siphoned and embellished a fortune from the Holder’s estate, the son wasted no time in discovering the ‘bottomless vat’ to his fathers immense wealth, Faustian had never intended to wait for this end game, he had restored much of his fathers finances, of course leaving himself ready for a new life as one of the ‘Elite’ a pilot amongst EVE’s stars

Faustian had graduated swiftly and now was set to begin his own scheme, too long had the Holders held sway throughout the Empire, wasting the resources given to them all by a God that ‘demanded’ obedience.

He lowered his gaze, glancing at his slave, he licked his lips slowly then rose, leaving the room to the sleeping creature, docile in its slumber...

Vel Kyri
Empire Assault Corp
Dead Terrorists
Posted - 2003.12.06 11:55:00 - [3]

Sweet :)

i love it!


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